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It’s hardly the most efficient or practical LBE option out there (far from it), but few things look as good as well-crafted kit built from the skin of something that had parents. I’m talking about leather and, more specifically, the leather Alex Davranov uses to build his gorgeous chest rigs.

This isn’t a “I’ve used this and it’s awesome gear review.” This TTDS is all about aesthetics. I’ve never put hands on one of these or even seen one in person — but that doesn’t matter. Davranov’s gear is making an appearance here because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Even the stuff intended to be post-apocalyptic.

Post-apocalyptic (maybe dystopian?) gear built by Alex Davronov.
Post-apocalyptic (maybe dystopian?) chest rig built by Alex Davronov.


That isn’t to say the by.davronov work has no function to go with the form, all the talk about it on social media indicates it’s quality stuff. However, I can only attest to the visuals.

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else that would make your Slav squat look more gooder than these rigs. Aside from a good track suit, of course.


It's a classy way to carry all your AK mags. And other stuff for that matter.
It’s a classy way to carry all your AK mags. And other stuff for that matter.
Not exactly ComBloc Casual - but good-lookin' nonetheless.
Not exactly ComBloc Casual – but good-lookin’ nonetheless. It’s a handsome way to accessorize and coordinate with your AK furniture.

I’ve been watching ‘em on IG for about a year and a half, but I’m not sure how long they’ve actually been in business. The Davronov social activity dates back just shy of two years, but I imagine he’s been working leather a lot longer than that.

DAVRONOV gear is all hand-sewn in Brooklyn, NY USA.

Says Davronov . . .

The art is in the finish. The first beauty is staining leather with various colors and shades of leather dye and oils. Second is the beauty of molding leather – exposing leather to hot/boiling water, [then] using special molding techniques and drying techniques to show all that detail.


[This] started out on a beautiful butter soft calf skin. I applied 3 shades of brown leather alcohol-based dye – and 1 black. in product development and design world we call it tipping – I tipped the highs and lows…Oils greases and waxes; I apply them using a piece of shearling for a burnishing effect. I also hit the highs and lows with heat to shock the top grain off the leather, which stiffens it.


You can learn more online here or connect on social here.

He builds LBE for drum mags too.

He builds LBE for drum mags too.



DR Sends.

David Reeder Writes
David Reeder can be found online (sometimes) at or via social, @reederwrites.




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    • You have to be careful when storing metal objects inside leather cases or sheathing. I once purchased a long knife I had custom made (commissioned) for me by a bladesmith, and shipped in a new leather sheath made for it. A couple of years afterward, I removed the knife to show a friend, and found that the leather – even though allegedly cured and oiled – had nevertheless tarnished the blade surface, irreparably etching it. It was ruined.

        • To use leather holsters or knife shears, the leather needs to be veggie tanned not chrome or chemical tanned.

        • The tanning chemicals is only a part of the puzzle, leathers have a knack of absorbing atmospheric moisture, and hanging on to it, keeping it in close contact to metal…

  1. On the list of things I do not need nor do I really want a chest rig like this would be near the top. But, in the pics with this article, the leather work and materials have a classy and re-assuring and craftsmanship look that can’t be beat with synthetic materials if you are going for that ‘Boondock Saints Il Duce’ look or just have a sort of fetish vibe going and like leather.

    I noticed though, on his web site chest rig products he seems to be incorporating synthetic nylon webbing straps for the shoulder straps instead of leather like is indicated in the pics with this article.

    • Nope…this *actually* just happened.

      Disclaimer–okay, so it actually happened a couple of hours ago…but to be fair, I was in a meeting. Still…shaking my head.

  2. It’s hardly the most efficient or practical LBE option out there …

    This TTDS is all about aesthetics.

    I’ve been watching ‘em on IG …

    What are the acronyms “LBE”, “TTDS” and “IG”?

    Friendly suggestion to the author: do not use acronyms if you want your readers to understand your articles.

  3. I ordered new unissued Russian surplus double taco pouches that work on a MOLLE rig. Designed specifically for AK mags, made of 500D cord, and in Russian multi camo. Literally ships FROM Russia!

    I thought it was hilarious I bought a Russian military backpack, mag pouches, knee protection, and AK taco pouches. What I got dropped on my door was a big yellow tape ball with stamps all over it, looked like a drug pack or something radioactive! Under all the yellow tape was the backpack and I thought I got ripped off, until I opened it to find they stuffed my order into the backpack and used it as the shipping container XD Gotta love the Russian way

    • Vut? You think ve hafe empty vodka crates lying round to box up unused gear from special military operation? Nyet! Bag iz good to ship.

  4. I think if you’re going to use a hot chick to model a chest rig, she ought to have big titties. I would want one for AR mags, and a holster for my rp 45. Or my pc9 mags and holster for sr-9. I bet you would like the bandoliers I had a Amish guy make for me. Looks great with both of them on, carrying r92 .357 and model 66 in my gun belt.

  5. If there’s a market, someone will buy.

    Certainly better than trying to micromanage a national economy. Moreso when the input data is at best unreliable if not completely faked.

  6. The AK was designed to get you close enough to your enemies to hit them with the magazines.
    Good idea here on the chest rigs and being made of leather if you run out of something to eat you can always chew on them.
    Wow I just thought of a new invention, beef jerky holsters, shoes, belts, underwear.
    I’m going to get rich.

  7. Escape from Tarkov meets Metro 2033.

    Just stick with one oddity. Add some metal spikes and stick with the Fallout franchise.

  8. I remember when the the TTAG label for articles of “things that don’t suck”, we’re actually out through rigorous use. I’m actually pretty disappointed TTAG would use this label for something the author literally hasn’t even touched. Often times when purchasing gun related I check for TTAG articles because historically, they are honest and review pretty good.

    In other words, I expect this kinda language at Denny’s. But not here.


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