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Do you know anyone who owns or carries a gun who doesn’t also carry a knife? Neither do I. That’s why a nicely made, affordable everyday carry knife with some style is so appreciated. And that’s why the compact, almost impossibly ergonomic CRKT Pilar has been so popular.

The Pilar’s perfectly blade is a sturdy sheep’s foot design, made of 8Cr14MoV steel, the go-to budget steel for so many Chinese-made knives. Yes, it’s Chinese, but if you can get past the politics of buying from the Middle Kingdom, the Pilar’s excellent build quality will impress you.

The Pilar arrived razor sharp with a perfectly centered blade and no play or slop at all in the action.

The satin finished cleaver-like blade takes an edge easily and does a good job of keeping it reasonably well. It also resists corrosion more than well enough for most everyday use.

The Jesper Voxnaes design features a gently curved edge and deep finger choil.

That makes this compact cutter a full four-finger knife when you need it.

The original Pilar design was slightly smaller with a bead-blasted steel finish. This is the larger Pilar Large which features a G-10 scale giving you a better grip on the knife when wet.

While you can get all your digits on the Pilar Large, it’s still a compact design that carries “small.” The blade is 2.7 inches long (the original Pilar’s blade was 2.4 inches) and a substantial .15 inch thick. The Pilar Large is 6.7 inches long overall when open.

When closed, the Pilar Large measures a mere 4 inches long, weights 3.8 ounces, and carries easily.

The smaller, original Pilar model opened via the blade’s oval thumb hole. The larger version, however, has a much more convenient flipper in addition to the blade hole. The action is smooth, and flips open easily.

The Pilar Large’s sturdy frame lock design allows for tip up or tip down carry.

The original Pilar sells for $25.99. The Pilar Large, with its slightly longer filpper-deployed blade retails for a very affordable $39.99, well worth the extra cash. The flipper makes a big difference in convenience of use.

There’s also a version with upgraded D2 steel for $10 more if you’re feeling froggy. You’ll be happy with any of the three, but the slightly larger flipper design — in either steel — is the way to go.


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  1. Cool knives – but Made in China means “no deal”. Gotta stand strong and not fall for the shiny/sparkly temptation. Maybe this’ll help: simply saying no to China takes a penny out of the Clinton Foundation coffers. If enough of us did this it would reduce them to mere trillionaire’s instead of quadrillionaires… take that!

    • 🙂
      The funny (sad) thing is how little money it really takes to buy a crooked politician. The Clintons and Bidens, Feinstein, Pelosi, et al., are firmly ensconced in the 1%, having raked in millions via insider deals, fake charities, and exorbitant “speaking fees.” They live rich, but in reality they’re pikers. What’s a million here or there to someone like Bezos or Bloomberg, or a billion to someplace like China? Our enemies throw pocket change at these disgusting political parasites like throwing scraps to a dog. If they’re going to sell us out, the least they could do is go big and sell high. It’s humiliating.

      By itself, my couple of bucks matters not at all. But several million of us spending (or not spending) said bucks could matter. So, while I’m not constantly scrutinizing everything I buy for where it’s made, if I can avoid sending money to people who hate me, I will. Less money for the evil fascists to throw at our evil politicians.

      There’s gotta be a knife like this one that’s not made in China, right?

  2. Never buy Chinese. Thanks for inventing gunpowder, but you’ve served your purpose and go away.

    • i recently bought several Chinese made pre-ban “salty weapons”. In my defense, they were made back when China was only oppressing their OWN people!

      • “Damned Leroy Brown, he’s a bad, bad man.”

        I’m surprised you haven’t heard the news –

        “Well the two men took to fighting
        And when they pulled them from the floor
        Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
        With a couple of pieces gone”

        The word is now, you don’t mess around with Slim… 😉

  3. The EASIEST “knives” to carry every day that I have found, are those dinky little key shaped mini-knives that you put onto your key chain. Great for occasionally cutting box tape to open packages or to use as a letter opener and whatnot, but not recommended for battle. (I’ve also carried the infamous P38 can opener on my keychain for many years now, from an MRE meal from way back in the early 1980’s! It’s a solid aged brown now but still works just fine.) Anyway, with prices like $2.99 or even $1.99 at your local Harbor Freight, if I have my keys on me – which is always – then I have a small knife too. The following link is a simple HarborFreight dot com search for “key knife”:

    I carry the cheapest one ($1.99) shown on the right at the above link, as per here:

    These are of course only cheap little “better than nothing” knives, which is exactly what they are, and they’re cheap enough to go ahead and pick one up next time you head in there with a 20% off coupon for something else anyway.

    • For many years I carried a P38 which I found in a basket full of them at a gun store. I think I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face when I asked the attendant what they wanted for one, his answer was if I knew what it was I was welcome to one. Still amazes me that something that simple works so well. Church keys are going to be that rare before too much longer.

  4. I have a LOT of knives, most of them with blades 6″ to 17″

    Never seen a 2.xx” bladed knife, looks kinda cute for shoe carry.

    My every day carry is a 6″ blade stiletto. with the words “Redneck Toothpick” etched on the blade. 🙂

  5. “Yes, it’s Chinese, but if you can get past the politics of buying from the Middle Kingdom.”

    “Middle Kingdom” my ass. Its the damn PLA/CCP. The “Middle Kingdom” failed long ago. Just like every other chinese totalitarian regime with their napoleonic superiority fantasies.

    Don’t but chicom – enemy of the US and free world. Plenty of other options for knives.

  6. So, are the pics of 2 different knives, or did somebody actually make a knife completely different from one side or the other? Boy, that is a strong “NO” from me. I have a CRKT and like it real fine, appreciate the idea with this one that I can switch the end the clip is on, and if I could pick the black one or the silver one I might buy one! But I have enough problems without a schizophrenic knife!

  7. All things Made in China suck, especially things made out of metal, and this one is no exception.

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