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According to the, “Shayna Hubers [above] stopped police while they were questioning her to tell them that she shot her boyfriend in the face and then fired again to put him out of his misery.” The fact that victim Ryan Poston was a lawyer has nothing to do with this. Obviously. But speaking of lawyers, it seems Ms. Hubers has found legal representation worthy of her somewhat lacking level of self-censorship. “I’m not going to talk about the facts of the case, except to say that it is a self-defense case,” Wil Zevely told WKYT. “The only thing she did wrong was having bad taste in men . . . She is a very young and kind person. She would never do anything violent: never has, never would.” Ipso facto counsellor.

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  1. “She is a very young and kind person. She would never do anything violent: never has, never would”

    Except shoot a man in the face then shoot him again to finish him off.

  2. As Massad Ayoob says: “We shoot to stop, not kill. If we were allowed to shoot to kill, we could shoot the wounded!”

  3. I don’t know what us more dumb, saying she wanted to put him out of his misery or actually doing it.

  4. I think she could get off with temporary insanity with the 2nd shot. She has already established that she did not understand that the 2nd shot was wrong (which is an arguable point).

  5. She’s quite attractive. She also has that “hot-but-batshit-crazy” look about her which, let’s be honest, some guys are into. (I’m thinking in particular of a guy I knew in Charlotte who preferred to date strippers with Daddy issues, the crazier the better.)

    That said, it’s probably safe to assume that the dead guy didn’t expect this level of crazy.

    • Sticking your dick in crazy can be great fun. It can also wind up with you getting the coup de grace while you’re on the floor choking on your own teeth.

      Stay away from crazy, even good looking crazy. You have to sleep sometime and remember Lorena Bobbit? There’s actuall worse things than a gunshot.

      • But they’re sooo hard (ok, impossible) to resist. As goes the old saw “attractive, sane, single – pick any two”…

        Just keep them away from your guns.

      • Crystal Magnum, who falsely accused the Duke LAX Team of rape about ten+ years ago and was never punished for filing a false report and then lying in court, stabbed and murdered her boyfriend to death last year.

  6. Reminds me of the guy who killed his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan. She’s got valley girl written all over her, and it’s sad to see that they’ve even made it to Kentucky. Perhaps we should call that a holler girl.

  7. “In the fall of 2010, she made the Dean’s List at the University of Kentucky as a sophomore psychology major.”
    — Another brilliant psycho drawn to being a shrink (she can relate). Then again, maybe she got good grades by doing some extra special projects for her teachers.

    Look at her. She is a typical beautiful American girl who has had life served to her on her terms for a long time. BTW, the Daily Mail story reported she shot the boyfriend multiple times. Think “Basic Instinct” type of chic.

    • For those young’ns who haven’t figgered this out yet, let a middle-aged guy offer you just one bit of advice:

      Nothing says “I’ve got serious issues” like “I’m a psych major”. NOTHING. Not even finding her involuntary commitment on the web, or picking her up at a strip club.

      It may be a boatload of fun (really, really, fun), but as the Brits say, “it all ends in tears”. If you’re lucky that’s all it ends in…

  8. I have a feeling none of you knew Shayna. I went to school with her, and she was NOT violent, nor was she crazy. She earned her grades through sheer hard work. She was and IS not a Valley Girl. She’s just a girl that wants to feel pretty, and if makeup is how she does that so be it! Who are you to judge how she looks, or what she does? Were you there? Do you know her? Have you even met her? No. So stop judging, and wait for actual facts to come out, instead of speculation.

    • Have you seen the recent reports of your pal “giving Ryan a nose job because he was vain” by shooting him in the face? Still on board with her?

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