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“At first I was a little turned off by how often the NRA spoke out against the left, but I gradually came around to see how extremely anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment the left was. For a large portion of them, their ultimate goal is a full gun ban and to repeal the Second Amendment — I know I was one of them.” – Ryan Moore in How a lifelong anti-gun liberal became an NRA life member [via]

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  1. So where or what’s your story??? A statement says nothing. I was a card carrying libitard till Billy boy came along in 1992.. What’s your reason Mr. Writer??

    • You know this is a quote from another site’s story, right? A story that’s linked in this post. You also know Dan Zimmerman didn’t write this, right? Right?

    • Maybe the link to the original article was not there six minutes ago when you commented, but it’s there now. In it, the man quoted cites his 2013 mugging in San Francisco, where he’d always lived in secure apartment buildings, and his subsequent move to a house he built in Washington state and its security requirements, as his primary drivers.

      • Nope didn’t see the link at the bottom so it made no sense to my sleep deprived mind.

    • His story is somewhat similar to mine. I was a libertarian Progressive growing up on the west coast anti- gun, Anti God, Anti-Christian and thought the conservative / Bible beaters/flag waving/ gun nuts were the problem in our country

      Then some guy tried to mug me. We fought, I won, barely, after which I bought my first gun and I’ve been carrying a firearm as often as I could ever since for the last 20 years. I joined the NRA, became a conservative/libertarian, proudly fly my American Flag,, and also did One Step better and became a born-again Christian.

      This is why I don’t hate the left or the gun grabbers or those who embrace the murder of unborn children. Because I was once them. I do ask God for their forgiveness because they truly don’t know what they do. Which also means I won’t hate them if I have to use my firearm against them to defend my country their attempts for complete and total tyranny over us all.

      • The old saying:

        “A liberal is a Conservative who’s family, friends, or self has not been raped, robbed, or murdered yet.”

        Of course, today it seems that liberals are advocating rape, robbery, and murder, so…

    • How does the saying go? “The definition of a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”? Something like that…

        • A Liberal is a child that thinks Santa will supply every wish. A Liberal thinks the mayor cares about their safety.
          A Conservative is an adult of any age that knows there is no Santa and only family is concerned about their/your safety.

  2. Dan links to other articles that he thinks (often quite rightly IMO) may be conversation worthy. Seems fine to me. I am just glad he is posting fewer videos of himself talking;-)

  3. I believe it is possible for someone to recognize the error of their beliefs and change their mind. A declaration is not much proof.

    I also know the left works provocateurs into organizations that oppose their views.

    Being a cynical and paranoid old guy I would wait and see what this guy’s writing look like.

    It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you.

  4. Certainly there are still a few people out there who rank the 2nd lower on their list than such pipe dreams as universal healthcare, a $500/minimum wage and various made-up SJW causes they feel compelled to claim they care about lest they be berated by their neighbors as a Nazi who will readily elevate the 2nd when they decide for themselves that “common sense” indeed begets confiscation.

    Let loose the lunatics! All of those “yes, we want your guns” signs are accomplishing great things.

  5. Anyone remember 444 days in the desert? Jonestown, Guyana? Dan Rostenkowski?

    Before all of that, remember the crew, that Hillary was on, that went after Nixon, for 1/1,000,000,000th of the Fing Sh_t that she pulled in the State Dept. and with Uranium 1 (with complicit Obama and crew)?

    Before that, what about the KKK? Racism? Anti-God, anti-Flag, anti-Pledge, Anti-America, Anti-American MFn, satan’s-suck MFn POS (D) ?

    What about globalism? What about the shear monstrousness of the physicality of abortion [much less the loss of life] MUCH LESS THAT PEOPLE ARE USING DEAD CHILDREN FOR MEDICINE AND FOOD.


    “Guns” ain’t the only problem with the “Left”. The Fing (D)NC and all liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, globalist, “green”, MFrs on this planet (and wherever else they may be found) are all a Fing scourge. If you were “left”, you are “left” until your autopsy says otherwise.

  6. It is possible to support the 2nd and to have many liberal views. Most Libertarians are socially liberal and somewhat fiscally conservative. Many of the working class(now past retirement age) had good union jobs and raised their families as Democrats. They believed in the 2nd, owned firearms for protection, hunting and in case of bad government like most of us support. They came through the Depression as children and realized that government programs, and building projects is what kept our way of life and defeated Nazis and the Japanese in WWII.

    Yes, Federalism has grown out of proportion, but we do not have malnourished American children and Hoovervilles full of people ready for work. Safety nets are good things, just not meant for permanent use.

    • They really aren’t. FDR did far more harm than good. In fact, from where I sit, the man was a monster.

      • Spoken like a man who’s been blessed to never have to choose between having a place to sleep safely and going to a doctor.

        • Spoken like a man who has no idea why most people are able to avoid that shit.

          Conservatism is how we get along and get by, not Liberalism. Liberals are communists and they are the fucking scourge of the earth, wherever they are found, shit is circling the drain and picking up speed.

        • Son… I was born in the Soviet Union. Soviet immigrants aren’t exactly known for having tons of cash.

      • pwrserge:
        I take it that you’ve read “The Real FDR” by Phillip Foner then? If not, here’s a first edition for 17 bucks:
        No way to read that book and think of FDR as anything less than a complete criminal that should have been locked up for life. A great book that’s been out of print forever. Inquiring minds want to know why.
        That’s what’s great about dead tree media. Books don’t just vanish like digital data. They can go out of print, but they still remain, just floating around, waiting to be rediscovered.

        • Wow, I tried googling that book to find a synopsis of it, all I could find was used copies. No other information came up about it at all, not even a Wikipedia page.

        • Ironically, no. I just have a dispassionate view of history without the hero worship that worthless commie got by dying in office. He’s literally the only president in US history to put US citizens into concentration camps based on the color of their skin.

        • trapped: not at all strange. The strange part is that the powers that be haven’t bought up and destroyed all copies they can get their grubby little paws on. It’s that good. The more truth something contains, the more censored and vilified it will be.
          “Truth Passes Through Three Stages: First, It Is Ridiculed. Second, It Is Violently Opposed. Third, It Is Accepted As Self-Evident”
          The source is in dispute, but no matter who first said it, it’s the way it is.

    • Socialism is communism’s “eggs”, Libertarians are communism’s cack sack residue, and FDR was a professed socialist POS (D).

      He got through the Great Depression by printing money AND BY HAVING WEALTHY PEOPLE PAYING TAXES AND STILL USING THE DOLLAR IN THEIR BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS. The U.S. Great Depression was really only ‘solved’ however, by WWII mass production (that’s why our 1950’s were so happy). Without WWII, we would have been right back in (D)headville, because we’ve only been able to outrun their F’d up SH_T by having a slightly Conservative President serve every 10-14 years or so. Libertarians (like all liberals) need Conservative to ‘float the boat’, without us [or with us doing the same bullshit, anything goes Liberalism] you’d all just shoot yourselves in the face with a flare gun.

    • And those same union voters gave us the same scum who gave us the NFA/GCA/Hughes/AWB, etc etc etc…As for Federalism, its gone total insane, we do have “Hooverviles” they are called ghetto /barrios, now we have tax payers funding illegals/immigrants on welfare…

      Yeah, that is a real improvement/sarcsm.

  7. Yes it’s sadly possible to be pro-gun and a leftard. I see it in black folks ALL THE TIME. “They lie about Obama” and other drivel…Barry is chomping at the bit wishing he was still potentate.

  8. The paradigm needs to shift from “left and right” to “free and not free”. As a 2A absolutist, I still support legal weed, and eventually, legally everything else people use. You’re either free to do what you want without hurting people, or you’re not.

    • Yep, the left-right paradigm is a false one, constructed to give us the illusion of choice and the illusion of having a say in our government policies.

    • Yes… because clearly there is no ideological difference between the GOP and a party that supports a regime known for chopping up political prisoners for their body parts.

      • You don’t recognize that both parties are beholden to the same power structure? Not surprising unfortunately.

        • Yeah… I’m going to go with the side NOT associated with hundreds of millions of deaths in genocides continuing to this day.

        • Missed the part where Republicans were the anti-war party, smaller government party, less intrusive police state surveillance party, Israel first party….the list is as endless as the similarities between the parties because they are the same. Were given social hot button issues to argue over and pretend the parties are different. Again, you’re either a fool or a troll. Back to the start.

        • Yes… because all those are morally equivalent to forced organ harvesting from political prisoners.

        • Stick to your neurologically disabling vaccines serge. At least you might avoid the week-long inconvenience of the measles rash and fever.

        • Measles easily a killer? You’re a fool serge. The measles death rate was near Zero in the US prior to the vaccine programs. Measles might be a problem in impoverished countries where people are dying of starvation and lack of sanitary drinking water.

        • @trollserge, I’ve never actually said this to anyone with an IQ over 60 before, but maybe you should watch MORE tv. When are you going to follow up your ridiculous measles statement that chicken pox is a serious illness? Can’t wait.

      • “Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” — Mayer Amschel Rothschild
        “Mr. Rothschild loaned his promissory notes to individuals and to governments. These would create overconfidence. Then he would make money scarce, tighten control of the system, and collect the collateral through the obligation of contracts. The cycle was then repeated. These pressures could be used to ignite a war. Then he would control the availability of currency to determine who would win the war. That government which agreed to give him control of its economic system got his support. ” -Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, DOD, ONI, Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
        Doesn’t sound like these powers-that-be much care whether their minions have a “D”, an “R”, or a “Your Majesty” after their names. Only that they do as they are told…

        • Kenneth, dropping truth bombs like that around here might cause some people to seek safe spaces.

        • Yeah. I’ve noticed.
          Truth bombing is my life…. I love watching heads explode. Even when they aren’t libtard heads. IMO conservatards are even funnier. You gotta love watching people suggest that republicans AREN’T pro war at all costs. One would almost think they didn’t watch their precious “R”s drooling all over themselves during the last Syrian false flag/provocation at the thought that this time around they might manage to provoke the bear into a proper world war.

      • Generally speaking, the GOP is more prone to meet me at the “free” side of the issues. Generally. The idea being that without any knowledge, I can say I lean left, and it doesn’t sound bad to people who don’t necessarily understand what that entails. However, if I were to say I am a “no freedom” supporter, it would tend to give people a bad taste.

  9. ‘From Gun Owners Of America —
    Trump’s Regulations Can Affect AR-15s

    But there’s another problem: If the proposed regulations can erroneously deem AR-15/bump stock fire to be “automatic fire,” then a future anti-gun administration could easily deem AR-15s as full automatics under those circumstances.After all, under 26 U.S.C. 5845(b), any firearm that can be “readily restored” or “converted” to fire automatically IS a “machinegun.” Period. End of story.And, as with bump stocks, there would be no grace period or grandfather clause for post-1986 semi-automatic rifles.So please contact Donald Trump and tell him that the implementation of his proposed regulations would turn between 500,000 and 20,000,000 law-abiding gun owners into immediate felons.You can email him, tweet at him or call him at (202)-456-1111 or (202)-456-1414.
    Sincerely,Michael Hammond , Legislative Counsel

  10. I keep thinking about the gradual shift in the two parties in the last say, 50 years or so. A lot of the values that the Republicans hold true are what the Democrats preached 60 years ago, if I read my history correctly. The shift was gradual and not really noticeable but explains why a lot of older folks are forever Democrat but realize when they really read the issues decide they don’t agree with their party anymore. As far as socialism is concerned, Ayn Rand wrote their playbook. Atlas Shrugged. Should be required reading to anyone of voting age. Who is John Galt?

  11. Personally I think the whole left vs right, red vs blue, R vs D nonsense needs to stop.
    The whole concept of the two party system was that they’d work together and reach compromises. We seem to have lost that along the way.
    Nobody ever seems to want to recognize that most Americans are moderate in some fashion.

    • You don’t “compromise” with people who support an ideology that chops up political prisoners for spare parts.

    • There was a period of time (not so long ago) when most politicians from both parties supported gun rights and the BOR.

      It seems to have been gradually downhill since about 1968.

    • That’s ancient history. There will be no reconciliation. Both sides hate each other to the point the USA is verging on powder keg territory.

  12. Repealing the Second is just the boot in the door of repealing the entire Constitution.

    Thus it was in the beginning (as Mr. Jefferson noted), is now, and ever shall be.

    Semper paratus, fam. A republic. IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.

  13. I wasn’t either liberal or conservative and wasn’t either anti-or-pro gun until after the all out attack launched on free speech on college and university campuses as a result of the 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter from the Department of Education.

    I work at a university and was quite put off by the “diversity” and “sexual harrassment” training that had a substantial chilling effect on speech and professional interactions.

    Once I started investigating in detail what was happening to the 1st Anendment and the Bill of Rights in general (civil asset forfeiture, etc.), I became a strong advocate for the Bill of Rights (including the 2nd Amendment).

    Because the ACLU seemed to go against the spirit of the founders and did not completely support the BOR, the NRA seemed to be more protective of the BOR than any other large political organization.

    I now see myself as a 2nd Amendment absolutist (to protect the rest) and a Constitional Originalist.

    In case the colleges and universities don’t know it, they are surrounded and infiltrated by 2A supporters (they just aren’t normally professors). We fill a substantial portion of the ranks of middle administration and staff. We keep or mouths shut (while on-campus) for the time being.

  14. I read the passion that exists on this platform and have the clear understanding that each of us pro and troll want to protect our children and grandchildren as they attend school. I think we can agree that every school that has been attacked has failed to secure their campus. If they had these events would be unsuccessful or had more limited result. I would like to challenge everyone here to contact their local school board or attend a local school board meeting and demand that school systems engage in conducting a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) for both physical security measures and security staffing levels. Far too many schools have 3-4 janitors per school but only 1 resource officer for six schools. Many also fail to have adequate perimeter fencing, modern CCTV and access control. After TVAs are conducted we need to stay on these school officials to implement the recommendations made quickly.

    For those that don’t know Threat and Vulnerability Assessments are required for federal funded new projects this requirement came post 9-11. Many schools were built long before these project guidelines were thought of. The process of a TVA can easily be conducted on existing sites and provides recommendations to mitigate the problems identified.

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