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Ammo (courtesy

Anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg is the man financing The site’s a thinly veiled attempt to “sell” civilian disarmament with “objective” reporting. In other words, it’s a Trojan horse. A trap. A way to lure unsuspecting firearms freedom fence-straddlers into the gun control fold. To that end, Bloomberg’s cracked open his checkbook for one Adam Weinstein. (Click here for TTAG’s greatest hits, Weinstein-wise.) Adam’s a professional anti-gunner with a difference: he owns guns! He’s the perfect anti to disguise his and his benefactor’s anti-gun agenda. But the girl can’t help it . . .

I have an ammunition stockpile. Please don’t be scared.

As a third-generation gun collector and shooting enthusiast, I’ve learned how easy it is to burn through a lot of rounds in a short amount of time. Ten trips to the firing line with an AR-15? That’s a relaxing Saturday afternoon, and a good way to stay proficient and circumspect when it comes to shooting. It’s also 100 rounds of .223 Remington, 30 bucks worth of ammo. If you can find it — which, given the way the ammunition supplies work, is no sure thing.

If you know about guns – and we know you do – the alarm bells are sounding by the end of paragraph two of Sometimes There’s a Perfectly Logical Reason for Hoarding Ammo; What I’ve learned about the economics of ammunition through a lifetime of shooting, and what it means for gun politics.

Namely, the fact that .223 is no longer in short supply. Also, Remington UCR .223 55-grain FMJ runs $7.88 a box at Cabela’s. One hundred rounds cost just under $40, not $30. I’m thinking the picture illustrating this article [above] doesn’t show Adam Weinstein’s ammo “stockpile” and the author hasn’t shopped for ammo quite some time. Anyway, Weinstein soon gets jiggy with it. 

But there was another factor at play in that 2008 shortage: the election of Barack Obama, and widespread fears that the new Democratic president would crack down on firearms ownership. The one constant in every fluctuation of ammunition availability and pricing is the deployment of FUD, or “fear, uncertainty, and doubt,” a marketing tool used liberally by gun lobbyists and gun-law reformists alike. To this day, the NRA and other pro-gun groups continue to scare members into believing that Obama is a gun-banning fascist prepared to go house-to-house to take their rights away.

Gun-safety advocates often feed directly into this fear with ideas to further limit the ammo market, giving gun lobbyists the grist they need for their latest scaremongering press releases. Some reform proposals, such as one to require ID from online purchasers who buy more than 1,000 rounds in five consecutive days, seem innocuous to all but the most curmudgeonly of Second Amendment Men. But exorbitant taxes on ammo sales and direct limits on availability can be punitive to everyday gun owners already paying handsome sums to pursue their hobby. Absent clear evidence that limits on ammo sales reduce gun violence — something that deserves more study but is yet to be proven — well-intentioned gun reform advocates help fuel the insecurity that drives ammo hoarding — which, in turn, makes ammo even more valuable.

Weinstein wants to kill your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms with kindness. But make no mistake: there’s an iron fist inside that velvet glove. Weinstein’s comment about ammo registration legislation being “innocuous to all but the most curmudgeonly of Second Amendment Men” reveals this article, indeed, as the smiling face of evil. If you didn’t already know. [h/t BA]

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  1. Hang on, ten trips to the firing line with an AR means a hundred rounds? What kind of slow range is this guy (not actually) going to?

        • +1

          And Weinsten cant be trusted with high capacity – mags or the logic of his trojan horse prose.

      • “He’s in a ban-state where ten round capacity mags are the rule.”

        What state bans how many magazines you can bring to the line with you or limits how many cartridges you can fire?

    • And it must have a pinned magazine, why would you have to leave the firing line to reload the rifle?

    • That ARs gotta be jamming *a lot.* Disassemble the upper, clean out all the shipping oil and sludge. Scrub that bolt with Hoppes #9, brass brushes, and maybe even a soft metal scraper. Wipe all metal surfaces thoroughly until clean. Clean and lightly lube the rails, bolt, and BCG. CLP, Otis Ultrabore 085, etc. are all good. Reassemble and have at it!

      Oops, silly me, we’re talking about a fictional AR. My bad.

      These gun banners really need to talk to a good DUI attorney or politician for advice on lying in a convincing manner.

    • LOL – my thoughts exactly.

      “Ten trips … 100 rounds ”

      You’re doing it wrong, libtard.

  2. Good Lord , is that a picture of a stockpile of ammo ?
    Where I lack in variety I make up for in quantity .
    …………….. Thanks for the heads up Fargo .

    • It’s under a CC free-to-share 9with restrictions) license. If they gave attribution, they are good. (I’m not giving them the click to see…)

      • Creative Commons licenses are typically for non commercial use. A publication such as this could be construed as a commercial use. He should send a DMCA notice to them.

        • “Creative Commons licenses are typically for non commercial use.”

          Wrong. There is no “typically for non commercial use” in CC licenses…

          You have to specify in your license that it’s not for for commercial use.

          Let’s look at the ACTUAL license this particular individual licensed his image under:

          Which I copy here:

          You are free to:

          Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
          Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
          for any purpose, even commercially.

          The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.”

          {my emphasis}

          The only restrictions he placed were

          * “with attribution.” That’s the ONLY hook he’d have to fight ’em, and as I said, I have no idea if they attributed to him or not.


          * Share Alike (they can’t claim a more restrictive license than he placed on the original image).

      • I realize that. My statement that Mr. Barrie would not approve is not based on a usage violation but rather that Mr. Barrie, being a firearms enthusiast, would be less than thrilled to have his image serving Trace.Org’s agenda.

  3. Such annoying euphemisms. “Gun-safety advocates” (what, like people into Cooper’s rules and Eddie Eagle?) and “gun law reformists” (people trying to reopen the full auto registry?). He’s desperately trying to avoid just saying what he really means (foes of gun rights) to bias the piece.

  4. “To this day, the NRA and other pro-gun groups continue to scare members into believing that Obama is a gun-banning fascist prepared to go house-to-house to take their rights away.”

    Yeah, it’s not like the administration’s ATF folks have recently banned possession of certain types of previously-legal 40mm ammo, or anything like that. It’s all a figment of our overactive imaginations…

    • ” . . .Obama is a gun-banning fascist prepared to go house-to-house to take their rights away.”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. The interesting thing about progressive pathology is that they’ve managed to convince themselves that denying the obvious is an effective communication strategy. In this they’re like the abuser who, repeatedly beats the crap out of their spouse and then denies that anything like that happened. The only problem with Bloomie, The Moms, and the sundry minor players in the gun-control movement is that we ain’t gonna be anybody’s enabler.

  5. Never trust a man that uses the term “curmudgeonly”… Ever… 🙂

    Judas would be proud of this puke…

  6. Fear Mongering? Better safe than sorry. Or better yet, better stocked than empty. 😀

    Keep stacking those boxes gents. And ladies.

  7. I pray for the day a pro-gun TRILLIONAIRE takes Bloomberg to “town”. Ah, I pray and pray….

  8. I see that I’m not the only one who laughed at the “ten trips to the firing line / 100 rounds / a relaxing Saturday afternoon.”

    • 100 rounds of ammo with my single shot rifle takes about 25 minutes. If I take my time. And walk to the target after every 3 rounds. I’ve gone through 900 rounds in an afternoon.

  9. I keep inventory records for my 16k rounds of ammo, plus a wet bar with approx 40 bourbons alome and thousands of cigars. ATF would be proud. Bloomy can suck it.

    • Wooooop Wooooop Wooooop , alarm just sounded off on server number 367452 .
      Wake up Utah , record buttons everyone , satellite fixed on target , drones in the air .
      Let them local boys have first shot on this one , those cigars would be good at the next raffle .
      Gooooooooood morning NSA.
      Save some of that bourbon for WSHTF.

  10. It’s not like Obama has been saber rattling on the subject at all during his presidency, nor has the ATF tried to restrict or ban certain forms of ammunition.

  11. Is Adam Weinstein Mike Weisser’s boyfriend? Because they do make a cute couple, dontcha think?

  12. I agree with calling BS. Ammo price is off, as noted, 100 bullets is only a stockpile to people who don’t shoot or are trying to vilify guns, plus 10 shots per firing period? Every club I’ve been to that has an outdoor target segment has 15 minute firing periods. Being from CA, I have an AR-15 with a “bullet button” and 10 round magazines. I still easily manage to shoot more than a single bullet every minute and a half. Alarm bells, indeed.

    • That’s not really fair. 100 rounds is a lot to have on hand. I can’t keep more than that because I just have to shoot. can’t help myself. They just keep calling my name.

  13. What crime spree or mass murderer executed their crime while using 5k+ rounds. What crimes would a law requiring requiring reporting of such transactions would this law have prevented?

    Let me guess…..a total of zero.

    • The biggest example I can think of is that the LA bank robbers fired 1200+ rounds. Then again they had full autos and (obviously) poorly aimed fire.) If you look at Columbine they fired under 200 rounds and I think that was high. On average I wouldn’t be surprised if a typical mass murderer was well under 50 rounds if you tabulated it. I’d also be curious to see how many times they actually changed magazines. Then again it may be a bad idea to bring it up lest the protectionists try to use it as an excuse to reduce the magic number below 10 rounds.

      • James Holmes used less than 100 rounds during the Aurora theater shooting, IIRC he was only taken alive because the piece of shit beta drum in his AR malfunctioned. Well, that and a lack of armed resistance, of course.

  14. Adam Weinstein is a progtard for hire. A presstitute for Bloomturd.

    I have nothing to say about his writing, except that:

    I wouldn’t walk across the street to pi$$ on him if he were on fire.
    Or anyone else writing for Gawker, or Trace.

  15. Everytown for Gun Safety and Gunsense. Adam Weinstein is only concerned about all the unqualified radical gun owners roaming America and only wants to educate them. The radical gun owners will need to be educated at an Education Camp.
    So is Adam Weinstein a ( gasp ) Bolshevik Jew?

  16. “Anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg is the man financing”

    If Bloomie & Zombie hoard have taken even $0.01 of foreign $ to overthrow our Constitution, there’s a name for that.

  17. Oh wow, these people stockpile ammo too? I think they’re legit, yo. Let’s listen to what they have to say about common sense legislation!

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