There’s At Least One Brit Who Understands Americans, Freedom, and the Second Amendment

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A post shared by Katie Hopkins (@_katie_hopkins_)

It is an impossible thing for British people to understand the Second Amendment and why Americans have guns. But let me tell you, Americans would never allow a [utility] company to break into their homes and mess with things inside their homes. It’s not even possible.

Americans look at this and just go…their incredulous. It’s not believable that that could happen because Americans are raised with freedom kind of hard-wired into them. They’re told, ‘It’s your God-given right. Your freedom is yours. And your Second Amendment right is yours to defend your freedoms with.’

British people are fed this diet of, you know, mass school shootings and weapons are terrible and Piers Morgan’s pant-wetting. ‘We mustn’t have guns, guns are a terrible thing!’

But the thing is, the Second Amendment is what separates America from about every other country on this planet. Because if you break into an American’s home, you should plan on not being able to leave that home. It couldn’t happen. It wouldn’t happen. And it’s why the Second Amendment is so important. It’s what separates Americans.

And right now, there is the greatest citizen militia of all time in America and I find that to be a very reassuring thing. Because every time Biden does something stupid, Americans buy another weapon and that happens quite a lot. So…Go, the Second Amendment! Go America!

— Katie Hopkins

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  1. “The U.K. government said Thursday it was responding to “deeply shocking” revelations that debt-collectors working for British Gas broke into customers’ homes to install prepay gas meters that left vulnerable people at risk of having their heating cut off.”

    Oil/Gas/Electric companies all made record profits worldwide despite “shortages” and lockdowns. What a fucken joke. Charge now, fake apologize later, never lose a penny. These companies own politics, same as the media.

    • We have a problem in Pennsylvania right now with municipalities and utilities forcing meters with remote wireless connections on customers. I only know of one guy who is fighting it. Most people don’t even know it is being done. They show up at your house and replace your meter while you are at work and don’t even know it’s being done.

      • Not the same type of meter in the story.

        Remote meters mean that gov’t agents are not in your basement to read the water meter. The power co agents are not coming on your property to read an electric or gas meter. Both are GOOD.

        • Do they still have to come to your house to shut off your utilities or can that be done remotely?

        • Wait until the social credit chatGPT thing has the opportunity to review your online posts and bank spending habits as it decides not only how much gas you can use but if turning it off might change your way of thinking.

        • “Do they still have to come to your house to shut off your utilities or can that be done remotely?”

          NO, it cannot be done remotely.

          They have pull the electric meter or turn the valve, put on a padlock and shut off your gas manually. It is basically the meters transmitting a signal and in the end they no longer have pay meter readers.

        • They can still turn the supply off with the remote meters, they do so if you don’t pay your electricity. The gas company around here hasn’t been able to justify the expense of installing new meters. They have the “right of way” in Ca to service the supply line and meter/pressure regulator. You are responsible for everything on your side of the meter.
          The electric company around here had been installing new meters
          (remote). If you choose to sign up with them, they have a reduced rate where they can turn off your power for a few short intervals (like 12min) during the times you really want it, which was their rationalization for installing the new meters. They can and will turn you off remotely. The only advantage is if you pay with an “E” check or a credit/debit card, they can turn it back on quickly as can the cable company.

        • It wouldn’t take much of an “upgrade” to make it responsive to a remote shut-off signal. My house is all-electric so I’d be vulnerable.

        • Then you pull the meter and bypass it.
          It’s actually pretty easy to do.
          The bitch is when they come and cut your drop lines.

        • Underground utilities (handy during hurricane season in FL).

          They’d just open the big junction box on the street and shut me off from there if I bypassed the meter.

        • There are ways to do it and the meter doesn’t know.
          I’m not condoning it but you can find that way on YouTube.
          OR perhaps just pay the bill or work out a payment plan.
          I know people who haven’t paid for electricity for years.
          By the way it is a crime to steal utilities so this is info only.
          As for them shutting off your electricity during high usage periods,
          you have to agree to that which I didn’t.
          My AC is blasting and they cut the power to my units? Screw that.

      • Brits are Subjects and subjected to the ruling class using Gun Control for civilan disarmament like Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe wishes he could do.
        When nazis came knocking Brits were caught with their knickers down and had to ask to borrow firearms from America…obviously some subjects have a short memory span about being defenseless when evil came knocking.
        Seeing a commoner use a firearm to smoke a knife wielding terrorist takes glory away from the uppity state that would rather mop up the blood and guts and solve the crime on the evening news and display the perp in a courtroom. Bottom line… History confirms Gun Control is a mental illness rooted in racism and genocide ol’ chap.

        • England had ‘gun’ rights – per their 1689 “Bill of Right”

          Item [7] That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defense suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law;

          The English colonies in North America lived under that Bill of Rights. So Lexington/Concord were ‘against the law’. The English Parliament started ‘disallowing’ arms ownership in the early 1900’s. That’s why “shall not be infringed” ends the US version.

        • @Debbie W.
          The Brits knew the Nazis were coming LONG before they tried to get there. Nobody cared when Hitler went into Czechoslovakia under the Munich Pact but Poland knew it wouldn’t stop there and either did England.

          The Poles actually had a early enigma machine and had cracked the cipher. They knew the Blitzkrieg was coming and it did a year later. The day the Nazis invaded Poland England declared war. Six months later they were in France which surrendered.

          The Brits were not “caught with their knickers down” but Germany and the Soviets were an overwhelming force. The Brits had a great advantage, they had a badass air force (RAF) and navy plus the English channel.

          We were their allies but had no business in a another war in Europe. We did supply them but in the early part of the war the U boats ruled the seas and sank a lot of our ships. We couldn’t get really involved until we were attacked by Japan.

          Thats all for now but read all about it on the Internet.

    • In Texas, (or anywhere in the mid-west ) breaking into someone’s home will most likely get the utility guy a free trip to the morgue or the opportunity to be a mid-day snack for the dogs.

    • They don’t need to break into your house or physically threaten. They just need to cut off your service until you decide to comply. You’ll either fall in line or figure out how to go off grid. If you have some acreage and money, maybe you can dig a well, install wind and solar, put in a propane or LNG tank, and use a septic and leach field. If you’re in suburbia or poor, you’re camping in your house until you bend the knee.

      • You can go 100% electric and install solar panels and batteries for night time and add a gasoline generator for when it’s cloudy for a week.
        Generac PWRcells and solar panels do work.
        No more natural gas bills or electric bills.

        • I didn’t say it was cheap but I literally just got my gas bill today.
          A little under $300 for 32 days which is absolutely nuts.
          I live in the Midwest, we haven’t seen the sun for a month.

          Those Generac PWRcells work well at storing power.
          One of the guys I grew up with works installing and maintaining
          Generac generators and gets that stuff at a little over cost.
          He put up solar panels and went full electric.
          He has a smaller house and saves quite a bit plus he got tax credits.
          In a place that gets 300 days plus of sun eventually you would come out ahead but not in the suburbs of Chicago.

        • SAFEupstateFML,

          I have researched solar panel electricity generation and power storage extensively. Living completely off-grid at the same level of electricity usage (as when you are on-grid) is substantially more expensive than living on-grid.

          What may or may not be surprising is that the super-expensive aspect of completely off-grid solar is the battery storage and inverters.

          Where it gets really fascinating is if you can install most/all of a solar system yourself and still be on-grid with “net metering”. That is where you can draw all of the electricity that you want from the grid–and likewise supply all of the electricity that you want TO the grid with your electric utility giving you partial credit for the energy that you supply to the grid. Depending on your particulars, it is entirely possible to install a solar system which will all but eliminate your annual electricity costs and save you a substantial amount of money over the typical lifespan of your solar panels and inverters (about 20 years).

          And when I mentioned savings in that last paragraph, I am talking about your reduction in electric utility costs over the course of 20 years will be substantially greater than the up-front cost to acquire and install (yourself) the solar system. In my case I expect my break-even point to be about six years. The remaining lifespan of the solar panels and inverters of 14 years of effectively zero electricity bills will be gravy.

          In case that last paragraph was not clear, I will spend just under $8,000 to install my solar system and all but eliminate my monthly electric utility bill which averages about $1400 per year. Thus, I will spend $8,000 up-front to eliminate about $8,000 in electricity costs every six years, and end up keeping an extra $16,000 in my pocket through the 18th year after installation. And that assumes that electricity costs will not increase in the future, which they obviously will. If I am lucky enough that my solar system lasts 24 years and assume some reasonable annual electric utility cost increase, I will end up keeping more like an extra $30,000 in my pocket.

        • Uncommon know a few people doing the 20 year lease option on solar panels and so long as they end up using less than what the panels make they pay a modest connection fee and about 1/3rd the cost of what most of our utilities charge per kWh. If my house had a better orientation we would probably do that as it is still heavily subsidized but as is solar farm buyins offer similar options. As to off grid possible but need a wide and detailed knowledge of the systems involved and some means of repair/replacement. It can be done but depending on what you are going for you can quickly exceed the cost of the house especially if you are running geothermal heating/cooling off of electric only. Propane works better for a lot of things but lost a friend of mine to a poorly capped line with a slow leak a few years ago.

      • Already have a well, and solar and septic. No propane unfortunately, but a decent supply to get by and refill.

        And yep, that’s pretty much it. You live suburban or city life – you are dependent. Case closed. Hard pass from this guy. Can’t fight all battles and win, but at least all I pay is property taxes and can survive for longer than the suburban/city crowd without needing electricity.

  2. The ONLY thing that keeps us from being subjects……..exactly why they expend so much time, money, energy and criminal behavior to take it away!!

  3. I have 8,200 firearms, 624,000 rounds of ammunition, 54 machine guns (of all types), 14 gatling guns, 6 Napoleons, 1 Dalhgren. All the grassy areas around the house have hundred of bouncing betty mines embedded, and the perimeter of the house has 1200 claymore mines hidden in the bushes. And, I have a evergreen nest of trained attack mosquitos disguised as a compost pile.

    Fact is, I cannot afford my utility bills. Expecting armed technicians to try to gain entry to my house, and remove all the appliances, electrical outlets and switches, and water pipes.

    Be prepared.

      • Piffle. I got a nuke wired to an implanted heart monitor in my chest. My heart stops and there’s a crater where my city used to be.

        They don’t even give me a parking ticket.

      • “Sam I Am, you are the very definition of the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared!”

        I try. Only achieved Star rank, with 12 merit badges (the only two I remember are Cooking and First Aid).

        • Sam I Am, “Cooking and First Aid”. Those are 2 good ones to have for if your cooking was to make you sick, you could heal yourself….I remember getting the morse code merit badge so I could send out an SOS if need be. Those were the days.

    • “I have 8,200 firearms, 624,000 rounds of ammunition, 54 machine guns (of all types), 14 gatling guns, 6 Napoleons, 1 Dalhgren.”

      What’s your address and when are you *not* home? 😉

    • I actually had trained paper wasp with their nest above my front door.
      The process of making friends with them is to long to explain here, however it starts with when they first start to build their nest. And the joyous part is the nest just keeps getting bigger.

      • “The process of making friends with them is to long to explain here, however it starts with when they first start to build their nest.”

        Sounds quite interesting.

  4. Where is Prince Albert the Fake-Limey Ponce to denounce this thought criminal???

    She simply stated truths that we too often forget. Molon labe, mofos. And please, if they are volunteering, put dacian the demented and/or MinorLiar at the front of the stack. The front of the stack gets a special surprise.

    • I seldom reply to your nonsense but I buy guns online and use a Capital One Visa.
      The invoices always say SPORTING GOODS and make NO mention of guns.
      The merchant is the one who puts in the code, the credit card company has no idea.

      The amount of money that I have on deposit with them earning 5%,
      would put a serious hurt your little mind.

      Citibank did add a gun code to the get the Costco Visa
      and makes up for lost gun sales from Costco fees.

      Capital One isn’t going to change their slogan to “Whats in your Holster?”

      • “A representative for Geneva-based ISO said the new code, dubbed “5723 – Gun and ammunition shops” – would be available for financial institutions to use by the end of February.”

        Because criminals buy their guns at gun retailers, filling out the 4473 and passing a background check, and always pay with a credit card.

        Said no one ever.

        • I live in Illinois so when I fill out a 4473 I go through a FTIP check with the state which means they check that I’m not insane, don’t have any criminal charges against me and don’t have any restraining orders. Then the FTIP check goes to the FBI for a NICs check.

          The last thing I’m worried about is what code was put on my credit card, I just went through a ton of background checks that Illinois is aware of and the Feds.

          As an added bonus what code would Bass Pro or Cabelas have to use? What about Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore? Farm and Fleet?

          “The decision to use the new merchant category code is eventually left up to the users in the industry” so this basically is dacians little jerk off of the day.

        • Rob puts the pint on the silliness of the whole program. If you just bought a gun with a credit card, which means for all practical intents and purposes that you bought in a nonprivate transfer, then you necessarily went through a BGC. Which means that the government already knows not only that you bought a gun, but what kind of gun. Do you really need a second notice to the government of the purchase. In California, the BGC is a state affair, and the gun is then registered with the State. The only think that could be said is that the feds cannot keep a record of the BGC, so this may be an end run around the law–kind of–since they still will not know if it was a gun or ammo, or what kind of gun it is. Useless political posturing charade and a clear invasion of the right to privacy, all the more egregious if the card companies are supplying that information to the feds without a warrant, which would seem to be a fifth amendment violation.

      • To Rob

        If you had bothered to read the link and understand it you would have known that they are indeed going to be able to give this info to the government and anyone viewing this info including hackers will know you have purchased a firearm or ammunition.

    • Credit Card Companies will soon be tracking your gun purchases

      And I should give a shit, why? Government has been illegally and unconstitutionally tracking gun purchases for decades and anyone who does not realize that is more ignorant than you are.

    • It’s why I’ve never purchased a gunm with a credit card.
      Cash is King for now but it wont belong before that is no longer the case. The giverment has been working on a cashless society since 1973, they had anticipated paper money could be eliminated by the year 2003.
      We are getting closer. The ease of using a card instead of cash is going to restrict our right to privacy completely.
      There is a camera watching everything we do and everywhere we do it and credit cards track everything you’ve bought and everywhere you bought it.
      Please to save what little freedom we have Stop using credit cards.

      • The barter system. I’ll trade you this cat that only had it’s front paws and head crushed by a F150 the rest is prime meat for…umm…crap this ain’t gonna work possum.

    • So we will be encouraged to use cash and acquire less interest bearing debt while not being immediately tracked? Cool sounds like a win.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, The solution to that is very simple;purchse a gun in cash. And Capital One doesn’t do that gun code nonsense.

  5. “Because every time Biden does something stupid, Americans buy another weapon and that happens quite a lot.”

    Hear! Hear! My wife is getting frustrated; I’ve purchased a half-dozen firearms over the last year, along with ammo to feed them.

    BUY MOAR GUNS AND AMMO! That’s the only way to defeat the gun-grabbing tyrants. Revolvers, semis, bolt-actions, lever actions, doesn’t matter. Keep buying.

    Take a look at what is happening in the UK, and Canada, and Australia, and New Zealand, countries formerly thought as being part of the “free world.” The trains and camps are coming next in these countries. The populations of these countries are now defenseless.

    I will not get in a box car. I will not submit to forced medical care. I will not vacate my property to eminent domain. I will not be a victim of state-sanctioned criminal activity.

    • The UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all commonwealths of England.
      They are far from “free” countries.
      We had to kick England’s ass twice to be a free country.
      We did it with guns and a F U attitude.
      That is something that Katie Hopkins understands completely.

  6. For half a millennia the UK bled off its best and brightest to the new world and then finished off the project by killing off the rest of what remained with two world wars. It is no wonder that what is left hasn’t the stones to stand up to the tyrants in their government or everyday life!

    • You left off their finishing touch – mass importation of “diverse” trash from across the world as immigrants.

      • Most of the people in this country that are not indigenes are “diverse trash from across the world” or they descended from said “diverse trash”. Most of the whites that came here were slaves(yes, many Irish were brought here as slaves and forced to breed with African slaves, because African slaves were wore worth more on the auction block), as convicts, debtors, or they indentured themselves and families to rich land owners so they could be sure of steady meals.

        • “Diverse” trash, not “diverse trash.”


          “Most of the whites that came here were slaves …”

          I’ma gonna need a citation for that one.

        • As a white male, I guess I should head to San Francisco for reparations since my family was brought here as slaves….

    • then finished off the project by killing off the rest of what remained with two world wars

      I don’t think either of those two World Wars was Britains idea… Fight or accept German as the national language? Not really a choice… WWI was to keep the Germans out of France and off their border, WWII was the result of a pact between Britain, France and Poland (after Chamberlains weak attempt at appeasement) when Germany invaded Poland… About 1.4 million Brits died in those two conflicts with only about half as many dead in WWII over WWI.

      • Britain entered the First World War over a pact with Belgium, they were not obligated by any treaty to come to France’s aid. It was a popular idea at the time to protect the sovereignty of small nations. Same with Russia’s protection of Serbia. France was allied with Russia and (theoretically) could hold their own against Germany.

        • Britain entered the First World War over a pact with Belgium,

          That was the “official” line.. The main reason, however, was to prevent a French defeat that would have left Germany in control of Western Europe. Franco-Russian alliance ended in 1917… If France and Russia were capable of holding off Germany, why did it require the intervention of the US, Britain, Australia, Canada, India, Belgium, Japan and at least a half dozen others to put them back inside their own borders…

        • Yes, well I was referring to the world in 1914 when Britain made the decision to enter the war. At the time it wasn’t certain that Germany would have defeated France. The French stopped the German advance with only a small British Expeditionary Force backed into the last corner of Belgium. It’s likely that if they fought the war defensively and not squandered their men running into machine gun fire that they would have hung on as long as Russia stayed in the war. And there certainly wasn’t any way anyone could have foreseen the fall of the Czarist regime.

          Germany had the better army, but they were the least capable of outlasting the allies in a protracted war. The British blockade had a lot more to do with Germany’s defeat than their soldiers charging up the hill in Passchendaele or the An-Zacs in Gallipoli.

      • It’s also interesting to note that Britain avoided conscription for the first 16 months of the war, which prevented their generals from squandering their manpower. 6 months after conscription was implemented they gave us ‘The Somme’. They lost nearly 60,000 men on the first day and continued the offensive for 5 months. Conscription not only is slavery, but also artificially cheapens the cost of a generation of young men inviting the squandering of their lives.

  7. There are some Brits who are sick of their nanny government….Americans threw off the chain to the monarchy in 1776 and we bow to only God.

  8. I have always said if you weren’t born in the USA you can not fully understand the implications of having a bill of rights intended to guarantee the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Many come here to enjoy such a thing, but there is no substitute for having it from the very first breath of air you breath in.

    • Some who come to the U S A do get it e.g., my cardiologist sends his children back to India once a year just so they can see how much better they have it in the U S A.

  9. ‘Because every time Biden does something stupid, Americans buy another weapon and that happens quite a lot.’

    I’d like to nominate this quote for Quote of the Year.

    • I can’t afford one Every time Biden does something stupid and if I could I wouldn’t have storage room!

    • I would prefer to change that quote to:
      ‘Because every time Biden does something stupid, many non-gun owning Americans buy their first firearm and that happens quite a lot.’
      I would prefer that every American(other than those that have mental problems that could cause them to misuse a firearm) have a firearm for their own protection.

    • Katie was quite the looker back in the 90s. She’s always been a conservative gadfly pissing off the UK establishment.

  10. @Hush
    “I remember getting the morse code merit badge so I could send out an SOS if need be. Those were the days..I remember getting the morse code merit badge so I could send out an SOS if need be. Those were the days.”

    Cooking, First Aid and Morse Code would be a great life skill combination. Fortunately, I learned to fly after Morse was a requirement.

  11. “Because every time Biden does something stupid, Americans buy another weapon and that happens quite a lot. So…Go, the Second Amendment! Go America!”

    That about sums it up.

  12. @jethro the janitor
    “I got a chainsaw and a bottle opener duct taped to the end of my mosin nagant.”

    That’s a start.

  13. @muckraker
    “The secret is possum chews up his bills that come in the mail.”

    That explains things. Been shredding my bills; doing it all wrong.

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