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So far in 2015 our enemies killed four US military service personnel in Afghanistan and three in Iraq. On one day this year a terrorist killed five US military service personnel within the continental United States. That’s right, there were more U.S. servicemen killed here in the U.S. than in either of the two wars we’re currently fighting abroad. That’s easy, ugly, math. As reported by the Marine Corp Times our current administration is dealing with this threat by closing offices and telling recruiters not to wear uniforms . . .

The President of the United States has told our Marines there is safety in hiding amongst the sheep. I don’t think we can get much farther from “The Few, the Proud” than that. And if that’s what the Marines have been asked to do, what’s happened to the Air Force recruiters? Do those folks have to put on a burkah before they head into the office now?

To much of America, the recent terrorist attack on service members at a Chattanooga recruiting station has led to a debate on whether or not all members of our armed forces should be allowed to carry weapons when on military facilities. How on earth is this a debate? Of course they should. See right there? It’s in the name: armed forces.

Our leadership’s response has been, quite literally, to close up shop and hide. Yes, the administration has posted additional security at some bases. But there is still no plan to allow members of our armed forces to carry weapons on post or during their duties off post. How’s that working out?

When I was a reservist and came to drill, I was always armed. I joined just after September 11th, 2001. Just like now, I was told that uniformed service members would be specifically targeted by terrorists. When I drove on post, my vehicle always carried a shotgun or rifle, and I almost always had a pistol with me as well.

Yes, this was against the rules. No, I didn’t hide it and no, I never got in trouble for it either. This was under a different administration with officers in my unit who were bigger gun nuts than I. And it was in Texas. I would recommend each service member consider their own responsibilities to determine if they should carry a personal weapon while in uniform or on post. I did, and I carried.

But service members shouldn’t have to break the rules to keep themselves, civilians and their brothers and sisters in arms safe. The civilian leadership of our military, as well as a lot of our top generals and admirals, should be ashamed of themselves for creating the disArmed Services out of our military. As American civilians, we should doing all we can to shame them. Senior NCOs and field grade officers out there, it’s your voices calling for change that should ring the loudest.

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  1. I hope this doesn’t get me banned from here but…..what do we expect from our pansy in chief? He has no cojones.

      • Actually he probably loves America. But he has a very bad understanding of love — you know, the sort that leads to abusive relationships and all that.

    • Hope it doesn’t either Mike. Otherwise the PC police would have locked me up a long time ago.

      • They would’ve water-boarded me without asking me any questions.

        But seriously. . . don’t blame the pres. he’s doing a great job [for the other side (we’ll, better than they’ve been able to accomplish on their own because Arabs/Muslims are wet POS’ [just a splash-can and a left hand away from a clean a_ _])]. Blame everyone that voted for him (some several times [in the same election] [at different polling places] [in different states]). I blame all of them, and I will tell my great grand-kids about those a-holes and how they tried to f-up America. Long after Obama is a forgotten dipsh_t in a history book a 12th grader can’t read, the word will be passed around about the Phantom Menace army of sh_t evil house of blue state (D) bag m-f-r’s. And slowly we will figure out a way to inoculate America from their sh_t.

    • Man , if a comment like that will get you banned , you would be on the wrong web site . Our Barry in Chief is worse than anything anyone could say about him . This guy is raised without a dad by a red lovin mommy and mentored by a devout USA hating communist . Questions about the real father abound , was it the anti-colonialist , Muslim Sorrento , was it Malcom x , or what’s his name , that other communist guy . He comes out of obscurity with money from some Saudi family royal lawyer to go to college as a non American to jockey into state politics with the help of a home grown police murdering terrorist , from community activist to state congress to national congress to president of USA in how many years . He teaches radical Luciferian crap briefly in college . He wins the presidency and immediately starts downing the scriptures by asking his audience what they should follow in the Bible . ” should we go with Leviticus and still practice slavery ………. ” blah , blah , blah , boastfully raising himself above the word of God . He talks about peace and then takes down three kings ( Egypt , Libya , Algeria ) and he’s been working on Syria for at least 3 years now . He disregards law in the legislation he boastfully puts his name on ( Barry care ) and in my opinion he has no real regard for the law of the land , the US constitution . I think he is a lawless one . He disregards 50 years of tradition and disrespects the nation of Israel before the world , He actually shows no respect for the religion of his ancestors even though he talks like he does . He seems to support any and all forms of baby killing and his regard for the US military and the American soldier is pathetic at best . A real gem . Man I wish Americas first black president could have been someone I could like . What a waste .

  2. My military ID doesn’t say “Armed Forces” it says “Uniformed Services” because we are disarmed and force sounds too aggressive.

    • Actually it’s a “Armed Forces of the United States Geneva Conventions Identification Card” ; )

      If you’re active-duty, or current Reservist, it’s called a “CAC” card.
      And, with the proposed military lay-offs, that makes Obama a CAC-SACKER.

  3. A few years ago I was enjoying a breakfast buffet in Las Vegas when about 50 uniformed Air Force privates and noncoms came in for a bite. It struck me that out of all of us, I was the only one not in the military, and I was also the only one who was armed.

    Pitiful. Just pitiful.

  4. As a Iraq veteran and reservists it’s fucking’ sad to hear this unacceptable bullshit! Why do people have to be made an example for the population to see the consequences of nonsense? Think about it for a minute, if some shit like this could happen to our American warriors what would happen if our citizens are disarmed by our “Democratic Dictatorship”? I’ll be damned if I go out like a pussy!!!!!!

    “We do bad things, to bad people”. To any terrorist, jackass or idiot with a death wish, come get some!!!!!!

  5. There will be more attacks. Just as the terrorist killing people entering the Langley Building parking lot, the next one will be just outside a military base at an intersection. The military windshield sticker will be the identifier. Jihadist will walk the traffic line firing into vehicles and we’ll lose more in a day than 6 months overseas. Once the Jihadist are done, as they’ll wait for death, will celebrate what they accomplished.

    Our leadership doesn’t have a clue what’s coming.

    • That scenario has been discussed. Why do you think there is so much emphasis now on non-excetric/professional haircuts (think fades, not high and tights or horseshoes), not wearing cammies off base, etc? Also, they are transitioning away from base decals for cars. All of this is for force protection

  6. As long as well will tolerate people who are security risks living in the US, these kind of 5th column attacks will occur.

    • Maybe Vitsaus meant the Evil House of (D) Blue State POS stains that have been here a little while, in places like Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Detroit (check the map, they’re relatively small, pissant pockets here and there, but too many to list here).

      Maybe Vitsaus meant CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NYT, NYPost, HUFFPOO, (again, check your local listings, they’re relatively small, pissant outlets here and there, but too many to list here).

  7. What a great way to sell your service, by wearing civvies.

    Tell a potential recruit:
    1. Do well in basic.
    2. Spend 5-7 years or more, being the best in your MOS.
    3. Go through a grueling selection process for recruiting school.
    4. Go through a grueling length of training
    5. Pick up the family, and move to where the closest military support (PX/BX/NX, commissary, medical) may be several hundred miles away.
    6. Learn quickly to adapt your education, training and life experience to some geographic location that’s completely alien to you.
    7. Make your mission and then some.
    8. Watch as your P**Y Commander in Chief and his administration stand by and do nothing.

    • Serve your country , maybe get a limb or two or more blown off , be exposed to traumatic stress , come home to a airport welcome of maybe some family and friends , if your lucky . Find a VA where they try and talk you into a PTSD diagnosis so they can medicate you on mood and personality altering chemicals and permanently deprive you of your constitutional right to protect yourself your family and your state from those very people that you thought you were serving . Sounds lovely . You , the American soldier , are always in my prayers .

  8. The administration cannot/will not admit that self-defense is a viable option, even in this case. It would undermine their position on civilian self-defense.

  9. Closing offices is good. The Corps may be the proud and the few, but they’re still beholden to the Government. And closing government offices is always a good thing.

    Not that The World’s Most Successful Nigerian Scam is likely to figure this one out all by himself, but he really ought to start his office closing at the top; with the Commander In Chief. Then rely on trickle down, as I seem to remember a senile tax feeder once holding his job once advised.

  10. All branches of the armed forces swore an oath, and collectively they should literally be turning their backs on this administration. And for fvck’s sake stop saluting the bastard.

  11. Our Armed Forces are PROFESSIONALS. This means that they are armed when the mission requires it and disciplined enough not to be armed when not appropriate. Just like a football player does not wear shoulder pads to Walmart just because he is a football player, so do our Armed Forces not carry weapons outside of the range or combat areas. Part of being a disciplined professional is to only do what is appropriate and to execute orders without questioning your civilian leadership even if you disagree. Our Armed Forces are great professionals

    • Part of being a disciplined professional is to be shot down like a dog to please the C-in-C.


    • Asking them to suffer attack without defending themselves, may not be a lawful order. It certainly isn’t and ethical one.

      • Beirut , Lebanon , sometime in the early 1980’s , Truck loaded with explosives , driven by a hell bent Islamic suicide punk , runs the checkpoint outside of the US marines barracks where it drives into the barracks and explodes , killing more US marines at a single time than ever before or since . Our soldiers at the checkpoint had no ammo to shoot the driver or disable the truck . This shit has gone on far too long and if I was able to advise any young man today about joining our military I would say , HELL NO !
        Learn a trade and stay home .

        • One of my high school classmates was in that barracks.

          His girlfriend at the time (I don’t know, perhaps they broke up between graduation and his murder) definitely understands that we have been at war since 1979.

    • Part of being a disciplined professional is to only do what is appropriate and to execute orders without questioning your civilian leadership even if you disagree. Our Armed Forces are great lap dogs. Maybe my youngest engineering daughter was right after all.

    • No. Being a professional would imply that they are trusted to maintain their arms at all times, as they used to and other real professional armies do. Soldiers in the U.S. military are not treated like professionals, they are treated like children. Do you know what nick name French soldiers gave US soldiers in Afgahnistan? They called them the “babies.” Because that’s how they are treated in comparison to their French counterparts. Our higher ups flat out don’t trust their own soldiers. It had nothing to do with “professionalism” and everything to do with control. If you had actually served, you would know better. Perhaps do some research before you go spouting off babeling nonsense of which you know nothing.

    • bull shiite, surfgw. i am ALWAYS armed when legally allowed. I spent 21 years in the Army. It is never appropriate for a mentally competent, law abiding citizen to NOT be armed.

    • So what would you call US soldiers being shot down and killed with a semi-auto rifle by a dedicated muslin jihadit that has declared war on the US.

      I would call that being on the battle field.

    • And so, their officers should ORDER enough of them to be armed to protect themselves and the force. Pretty obvious isn’t it. They are qualified – more qualified than most civilians. To the extent that their qualifications ought to be improved the DisArmed Forces ought to be given the resources to MAKE them more qualified.

  12. The non PC military guns have now been replaced by politically correct walkie talkies.

  13. I am certain I am in the minority on this one, but I have no sympathy for our active military. You (and I) volunteered. You allowed yourself to be thrown into whatever meat-grinder some suited jackass thought you should be in and now you want to complain about being disarmed on a whim. Quit. I mean it. Quit supporting policies, attitudes and principles that you don’t condone or agree with. I think its stupid that the military in general does not allow it members to be armed when not in a theater of war (even though the last few administrations told us the entire world is our theater of war), but the fact remains, you joined. You surrendered your say about the rules you would be living by – you surrendered you rights for the “privilege” to serve and then chafe at servility. You can be forgiven for not realizing those implications at that time, I know I didn’t, but by this point you should be be able to recognize that you are just an expendable pawn in service to a paranoid and power hungry edifice, that cares too little for too few. You are even less capable of affecting change in your situation than people who live in slave-states are of affecting policy there. Stop letting the grandeur, the honor, the history, and the tradition blind, intimidate or shame you into subservience as expendable fuel for a political war-machine. I repeat, quit….get out.

    • “You surrendered your say about the rules you would be living by – you surrendered you rights for the “privilege” to serve and then chafe at servility.”
      I absolutely did not. Nor has any other service member. A service member’s rights may be curtailed based on the strategic and tactical situation, in exactly the same way that a civilian’s can be.
      An American service member’s rights, as noted in the Declaration of Independence, are just as unalienable as yours, or any other American civilian’s.

      • But soldiers aren’t civilians. They’re not even subject to the same law as civilians.

        You’re government property, deal with it. 🙂

        • Uh, not exactly. Service members have to follow the same rules and regulations as any civilian off base. On base, service members may have to follow additional rules and regulations, particularly under the code of the UCMJ.

          As for being “government property”, it’s just more obvious in the military. There are a predominant number of left-wing Democrats and a few like-minded Republicans that feel all Americans are inherently, in so many words, “government property”.

        • Exactly my point, the laughably misnamed UCMJ is the tool which the government uses to strip Constitutional rights from their property and indentured servants.

  14. I am stumped: all the gun-grabbers keep telling us that the Second Amendment only guarantees that the Militia has a right to keep and bear arms. Where are all the gun-grabbers shrieking to arm the Militia — our Armed Forces?!?!?!?

    It looks to me that, when push comes to shove, gun-grabbers want everyone disarmed, no exceptions. That there is pure insanity.

    I think I am going to go out and purchase another firearm.

    • A standing army is not a militia, and a militia is not a standing army, this is by definition.

      • Actionphysicalman,

        Gun-grabbers never let that stop them from claiming that the Second Amendment only applies to our National Guard and military forces. It illustrates their total lack of a coherent position.

  15. if you don’t trust a Soldier ( or sailor, airman, or marine) to be armed, then your accession standards or training are deficient.

    “gun free” zone really means ” easy victim” zone.

  16. Several of you have stated that service members are to follow orders “without question”. This is not the case in the US military, and the responsibility to question orders is taught at the lowest levels of military education. I was taught it in basic training.
    You are to follow all lawful orders. But you never give up your right to question them. You should always do so respectfully, and through your chain of command, but that opportunity is still there. In fact, if you are an NCO or a commissioned officer, questioning orders that undermine your mission or endanger your troops is your direct responsibility.
    If your chain of command will not address the issue appropriately, you should then take your complaint to the IG and then to your civilian leadership in Congress. That is your job and your duty.

    • The orders disarming recruiters comes from civilian leadership which is way above the IG.
      As for illegal orders, any order coming from someone with courtmartial authority does not get questioned

      • Hence the part about congress in there.

        As far as questioning illegal orders, yes they are questioned, regardless of rank or position, and must always be. Moreover, it is illegal to follow them and a service member can be, and some have been, court marshalled for following them. Orders are not a pass to break the law or engage in immoral behavior that would dishonor our nation.

        • What you said applies to immoral orders to commit genocide against Indian tribes, but has no relevance to orders that affect something so statistically unlikely like a crazed drugged and drunk person who decided to attack a recruiting station.

        • SurfGW, that’s because the order to disarm is not an illegal order. I am responding to your incorrect assertion that “any order from somone with court marshal authority is not questioned.” Because they are. There are many instances of this far below the level of genocide, and they occur every day in the military.
          Quit telling people that service members unquestioningly follow orders, or that they are expected to. Its just not true.

  17. The President needs to set an example for the forces of which he is Commander-in- Chief. He needs to dismiss his Secret Service escort, remove the bullet proof glass from his limos, and get rid of the chaff dispensers, etc. on Air Force One.

  18. They are armed to be unleashed like wild animals on the political enemies of the US government. They are not armed for their own protection. 🙂

    Don’t forget, the soldiers are disarmed whenever their politician masters visit to express the pretend gratitude they have for their voluntary indentured servants.

  19. They are armed to be unleashed like wild animals on the political enemies of the US government. They are not armed for their own protection. 🙂

    Don’t forget that the soldiers are disarmed whenever their politician masters visit to express faux gratitude for their voluntary indentured servants.

  20. Most of us can only conclude the system is so corrupt and you know, a bunch of other expletives which cause comments to be not posted, there is a total disconnect. What is obvious and simple has become cloaked and complex.

  21. A friend of mine was a Vietnam vet…he always said-“The Marines-the few ,the proud ,the dead”…I WAS lobbying my sons to join the military. I pointed to my 40 yearold son from another mother who had an 8years hitch and now works at DoD. Not anymore…my wife said over her dead body. Now I’ve joined her. This is pathetic…

  22. There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must be not attacked, towns which must be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed.

    – Sun Tzu

  23. This administration stands for everyone but it’s citizens. We just restored relations with Cuba , a Communist country. The nuclear pact that was made with Iran in m opinion resembles the non aggression pact Neville Chamberland made with Hitler in Munich.
    Troops were taken out of Iraq and now ISIL is using it as a base.
    We have lost and are forced in courtrooms to fight for our God given rights and are losing. Do you ever see our president go visit a disaster area such as a tornado or Hurricane ?
    This last incident of the recruiting was domestic terrorism. Just because one does not travel to get terrorist training and is quiet does not mean that he wasn’t one.
    There are thousands of our enemies in this country right now and the seem to be more protected than we are.
    On the other side of the coin , he was elected twice.

  24. The Government trains these men and women in the use of Weapon,s yet hinder their self protection because of these rules and the ROE”S over seas,
    might actually hurt them so let call them names so we feel we are doing something! Lets give Islam easy targets, pinpointing our unarmed Military recruiters!
    coming from a Muslim loving Democrat Party which stands for, Racism, Treason, Sedition, Incompetence, Illegal Laws, Apologists for any thing American, an Illegal President with a criminal Justice Department, this O’Bama Government is so corrupt that they give Blacks a Bad name! manipulating this bloated Bureau of Government for their own gain, they make rules they do not have too follow! and most of the rule making gives the rich and Super Rich more money while taking it out on Us Peons, They want absolute Control from Cradle too Grave! all the Politicians are robbing us of our freedom in the Name of Security, making themselves rich at our expense!

  25. WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS POLICY , IMMEADIATELY ! We get these young men and women to swear to God to protect and serve the constitution of the United States of America and then prevent them from doing it . Some things are just to STUPID to go unchallenged .

  26. Progressives like Obama don’t care if the great unwashed get killed raped or just dissappear. They put on a pretty smile, as you are violated by a newly paroled thug.

    A murder in San Francisco or a riot in Baltimore is just the cost of doing business in a city with elected progressive leaders.

    The cost of ammunition has dropped. I’m stocking up for a rainy day.

  27. So, because of the policy on armed military, the decorated combat veterans at that recruiting station were left to face an armed attacker with their only their courage and resolve.

    Apparently, their courage and resolve was enough to save a bunch of other people’s lives – so says the FBI, who are of course under no pressure or preference for perhaps spinning a different narrative. (/sarc) As reported by the NY Times, which … well, when you are a consistent, blatant partisan, when you eventually tell a story that supports the other guys’ position, it carries a bunch more weight.

    The FBI says their action saved lives. As reported by the NY Times. I think I’m inclined to believe that one. (Because this is the interweb, I’ll be blatant – I’m inclined to believe that one, because the FBI and the NY Times would never, ever report such a thing unless they absolutely had to. Backed into it so hard, trying to spin it holds more pain than dissing their own preference and agenda.)

    Re: those Marines, well done, and of course they did.

    Shame on us for putting them in that situation.

    Link here:

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