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Kris Koenig has announced the theaters that will be showing his new documentary, Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire on the June 20-23rd opening weekend. Be there or be square . . .

AMC Orange – Orange County
AMC Stony Brook 17 – New York
AMC Barrett 24 – Atlanta
AMC Grapevine 30 – Dallas
AMC First Colony 24 – Houston
AMC Arizona Center 24 – Phoenix
AMC South Barrington – Chicago
AMC Hoffman Center 22 – Washington, DC
AMC Sunset Place 24 – Miami
AMC Westminster Promenade 24 – Denver
AMC Alderwood 16 – Seattle
AMC Barton Creek 14 – Austin
AMC Deer Valley 16 – SF Bay Area
Phoenix Dos Lagos – Corona, CA
Carousel – Greensboro

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  1. More theaters that will do single screening events via TUGG will be announced either today or tomorrow. I believe most of those are going to be California locations though. From what I understand, you can create a TUGG event for your location and try to find enough people to get the event actually running.

  2. On the topic of movies, I’m interested in seeing “The Purge” when it comes out (yes, it’s just another cheap thriller) to see how they handle defensive gun usage.

    From what I’ve gleaned the main premise is that one night a year there are no police/emergency services and the sadists come out of the woodwork to terrorize citizens.

    I see the take on self-defense going two ways: People will either leave the theater thinking “wow, I better start taking responsibility for my safety and learn how to handle a gun,” or “wow, a world without cops is scary, we need police EVERYWHERE!”

    It may even be worthy of a TTAG review/discussion. Maybe.

    • If the sh1t ever hits the fan, anarchy reigns and everyone is on their own, the grabber’s sheeple will be the first to come beggin’ those who are armed up if they can tag along. Suddenly the benefit of firearm competency and ownership will become crystal clear to them.

  3. AMC Hoffman center is actually in Alexandria, VA. It’s a great theater, and ironically, it’s where most of the people from southeast DC and PG county come to watch movies as it’s the first theater off their metro line(southeast and PG are the bad parts of the DC Metro area). Maybe this will inspire the mostly minority inner city crowd to support gun rights instead of electing felons like Marion Barry who stomp on them any chance they get.

  4. I’m lucky, have AMC Theater showing it in Southwest Austin, about 35 miles for me and a chance for a little shopping at Barton Springs Mall to boot.

    Should be interesting since south Austin has gone from Red Neck territory to Red State far left libs territory.

  5. I’m going to go to AMC in Orange, CA, but I haven’t decided on a date. Anyone on TTAG want to join up?

  6. Why make the screening so exclusive? More people, not just us people of the gun, need to know this information. Target audience should be the fence sitters and people that have been deceived by the liberal media.

    It would have greater impact if distributed online or if some sort of special event were held nation wide to entice people to come and watch.

    As much as we like hearing this stuff, the choir/converted is not who you need to preach to.

    • Because this is a small group with little funding. No big producer is going to allow a larger screening until they see how well it does. This is a private group using crowd-sourced funding, not Disney.

      Or you could just wait for the DVD man….

  7. No showing in Midwest but will be buying DVD for friends and family on the fence about 2A. Kind of hard to believe people still on the fence about this issue…

  8. Seems like quite a few screenings are in areas that dont give a fv@% about civil rights, more specific the Second Amendment.

  9. Glad I kicked a few bucks in on the Kickstarter. No way am I driving into, through, and beyond NYC to attend the viewing out on Long Island.

  10. Good call on stonybrook, that school is filled with so many dipstick NYC liberal moonbeams that think they’re getting the “rural experience” a 20 minute drive from the Bronx I can’t come within ten miles of city limits. Need the word out there.

  11. FYI for anyone attending one of the Texas locations: AMC Theaters are one of the worst offenders as far as posting 30.06 (no concealed carry allowed) signs according to

  12. I live in the SF Bay Area and got excited when I saw one of the theaters was supposedly near the Bay. AMC Deer Valley 16 is NOT in the Bay area. It’s way out in bumf#@k nowhere. There are dozens of AMCs around the Bay. Why in the hell would they chose one so far from any population center?


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