hockley, texas drive-in theater shooting manager robbery
Courtesy abc13.com
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Yes, there are still some drive-in theaters around. One of those — the Showboat Drive-In Theater — is located in Hockley, Texas, northwest of Houston. That was where a theater manager found herself under attack early Monday morning by two men, one of whom was wielding a baseball bat.

According to abc13.com . . .

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office told ABC13 two managers were finishing up their shift when they spotted some motion inside the concession stand.

Deputies say one of the managers decided to go check it out and was confronted by two men.

One of the suspects pulled out a bat and started beating the manager, while the other suspect ran.

Fortunately, the manager was armed. She drew her gun and shot the man who’d attacked her with the bat. He won’t be beating any more women ever again.

Once again, this is why millions of Americans choose to carry a firearm. It’s because they’re scared, not because they’re “gun nuts,” not because they’re “ammosexuals” and not because of a deficiency in genital size. I doubt the female theater manager — someone who apparently works late hours around a fair amount of cash — was trying to compensate for a small penis.

The woman in question got to go home to her family because she was carrying a firearm and had the means to protect herself against an attacker with a deadly weapon. Not that that fact will sway anyone in the civilian disarmament community or their willing media stenographers.

Americans use firearms hundreds of thousands of times a year to defend themselves, most often without ever firing a shot. Those who would confiscate civilian-owned guns or make carrying or buying firearms more expensive or difficult are never asked about the crimes that guns prevent. They never address the fact that their proposals will inevitably mean fewer defensive gun uses, therefore more assaults, robberies, rapes and murders.

Next time someone tells you that we need to raise the bar for civilians to purchase and own firearms, ask them how many more of those kinds of crimes they’re willing to live with each year in order to achieve the “gun-free” utopia they envision.

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      • Former , I doubt it. He will be voting democrats for decades. Being dead never stopped anybody from voting democrat.

        • Or voting Republican or any other party. No political party has a monopoly of dishonesty, graft and corruption.

        • Are you suggesting libertarians are rigging elections?

          Why would we do that? To get our 2.0% share up to 2.1%?

        • Casey
          Libertarians pay lip service to the crimes of multi billion dollar tech companies who work to prevent people from making a living, whom they disagree with politically. As for the 1st amendment I have already said Libertarians are hypocrite pigs on that issue. If you want a Link to my previous statement just ask.

  1. Prayers for the attacked woman, I hope she is able to deal with having to do that…

    • No doubt. After she recovers, her head will be on a swivel for years to come, you can be sure. If she obtained the gun herself, good for her. If it was a gift from someone else (husband, father, boyfriend), she undoubtedly is grateful for the foresight.

      I wonder what happened to the fella who decided to run. Would he be considered an accessory under Texas law, depending upon the point actual point in the timeline he ran off?

    • Well we can depend on the fact that the media will never tell her “Good job! Glad you’re OK”. So, she has people like us and herself to support her.

  2. Why doesn’t start a collage of the faces of all the people who had their Lives saved by a firearm. Take the collage to the next anti-gun rally under the false pretense that they all died by the gun. Only after a while Let the cat out of the bag. For good measure some of the bigger faces in the collage could pop up and Let everyone know why they’re still alive.

  3. Wonder what color?

    HHS has been moving many Welfare Demons into the Houston Area over the past 4 years.

    Good on you, Ma’am for dispatching this cretin, whatever his race, color, or creed.

  4. Good.

    I do feel sorry for this woman, who is probably going to be traumatized by this experience for a long time. While I also feel some sympathy for anyone who may have loved him, I do NOT feel sorry for the piece of excrement who is now dead. Good riddance.

  5. Good going! I was surprised there’s a drive-in there…gone in my neck of the woods. Useful for taking little kid’s without hiring a babysitter😄

    • There aren’t many left in America, we have one in my town here.

      Google says “As of March, there were only 348 drive-in movie theaters in the US, down from 443 theaters in 2000.”…

  6. Yikes! Pretty scary. This is the drive-in that we go to. It’s pretty cool. I’ve never heard of any trouble out there, though. If you wanted to jack this place, you might want to give that a little extra thought.

    The thing about Houston demographics–and maybe this is similar to other major cities around the country–is that once you cross the city line into the surrounding middle class and upper middle class suburbs and unincorporated areas, you cross into Conservative Country. Expect a very sharp increase in the prevalence of legally possessed and often-carried, self-defense firearms. Sometimes the denizens of the Inner Loop venture out this way to hunt at night, “I Am Legend” style. Sometimes, like this time, it’s their last hurrah.

    Oh well. As they say, among those living the criminal underworld life, there are no victims, only volunteers.

    • Doesn’t Houston just grow bigger using laws to take over smaller towns? That way, they get the tax base of the nicer areas.

      • I’m pretty sure that the rule book of most cities. Towns even.

        Annexations are cheapest way to more revenue.

        • Not anymore. Now places get to vote on annexation.

          Plus Houston stopped annexation a while back. The unincorporated parts of Harris county are too RED and the democrats want to keep the city government.

        • With the passage of the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act in 2017, forced annexation no longer holds for much of the state. Cities do still have Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), however, which grants for example a city with 100K+ residents the authority to regulate areas up to five miles beyond their city limits.

          Ostensibly, the power was intended to help plan and unify infrastructure rules in unincorporated areas that would someday be annexed by the city; things like building codes, fire codes, street dimensions, etc. Nowadays, cities like Austin use the power just to harass and tax additional people who don’t receive city services in return, and who can’t fight back at the ballot box in redress.

    • My local drive-in is on the side of the tracks of the low-income folks. 30 years ago, the drive-in on my side of town folded, and a Wal-Mart went in its place.

      We had 3 separate drive-ins here when I moved here in 1982. Now only 1…

      • Geoff PR,

        I have asked before and never found a response from you. What does the “PR” stand for in your screen name?

  7. We have the God given obligation to defend ourselves. Self defense is more than a right. Those men forced the woman to defend herself from them. I hope she doesnt suffer guilt for her required response.

    • Even if the Democrats achieved that utopia, you just know that someone would cork their bat for added velocity. Then we’d be right back where we started, only this time being harangued about “assault bats” and how these “weapons of professional sports don’t belong on our streets.”

  8. Dan,
    Did you mean to say “It’s NOT because they’re scared,…”?

    It’s because they’re scared, not because they’re “gun nuts,” not because they’re “ammosexuals” and not because of a deficiency in genital size.

    • SkorpionFan,

      I read that twice and concluded it was a somewhat awkward way of saying that People of the Gun know that violent criminals could victimize them at any time — and that is the sole reason that they carry a handgun.

      People of the Gun have a healthy fear of violent criminals attacking them, just as they have a healthy fear of drowning if they walk on thin ice.

  9. As colonel Jeff Cooper used to say this is nothing more than a case of “the good riddance factor”!

  10. I’ve Always liked Drive Inns, too bad they’re part of history now… , & I say way to go lady with the gun.
    Brings new meaning to shoot em up…

  11. Drive-In Movie Theater huh? Now that does bring back rememberies. All us kids could fit in the back of Mom’s station wagon, remember those things? We liked it because we got to take our sleeping bags and a pillow from our beds. The back seat folded down and the first order of business was to arrange us kids back there.

    You’d want to arrive early to hit the snack bar, which was one of the planet’s best features I always thought. Mom tended to insist we eat dinner though and sometimes she took it along picnic style. Which for me made no sense when popcorn, ice cream and assorted other junk food was right there waiting for you. Why fill up on dinner and remove room for all those snacks? I just never entirely understood grown-ups, at that time.

    There’d be a cartoon first, then a movie that today folks would call “Rated G”. Then a long intermission for the snack bar to do some business before the grown-up movie got going. If it was something like John Wayne and horses we kids would try to stay awake. If it was a dramatic tear jerker we’d run out of steam and not know nothing about it until the station wagon was home in the driveway and Mom was waking us up to get all the sleeping bags and pillows in the house and go to bed.

    Cannot imagine why anybody would want to hurt a nice lady working at the drive-in theater? That’s not what those places are for you know!!!

    Glad she shot the sumbitch, teach him a lesson that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

    • Our routine was just a little different. Me and my brother and my sisters would fall asleep in the wagon. When we got home dad and mom would take my sisters in asleep and leave me and my brother sleeping in the car for the night.

      They left the door unlocked so if we did wake up before morning we could get in. It was a different country then.

    • There was a drive-in about 10 minutes from where I grew up. They used to have “carload” nights, where you paid a flat price per vehicle, rather than per head. We’d all pile in the ol’ family truckster and make a night of it. Spent most of the night outside the car anyway. Good memories.

  12. I’m glad she was able to draw her weapon and fire before being put of action by the bat-wielding perp. I doubt I could take many thumps from a baseball bat before being down for the count.

    Hope she makes a speedy and full recovery.

  13. Sadly the democrats will use the effect of her trauma (mental state) as a reason to take her guns from her. I pray she is not haunted by her own actions to save herself. Good people sometimes do feel guilty. Bad people don’t.

  14. The last movie I watched at a drive in was Star Wars in 1977. Even then I knew that if some alien was motivated by the Force to attack me with a light saber, I’d shoot him with the little .22 I had in the trunk.

  15. Spi︆︆nK︆iss.︆c︆om – gr𝚎𝚊t prоject f𝚘r 𝚊dults whо wаnt t𝚘 find a sex partn𝚎r

  16. The Showboat Drive In is just down the street from me. Does a good business. Hopefully it gets even more. Of course, we all know a baseball bat is not an “assault weapon”, the attacker was virtually unarmed and if the woman had not had a firearm a life might have been saved. Think about that next time someone tells you it’s a million to one chance you’ll be targeted in your home or even in your yard/driveway. Get those “firearm free zone” signs up. Prevent gun violence.

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