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Troll the intertubes for any amount of time and you’ll run across some truly horrendous advice where guns and self-defense are concerned. “Experts” whose wisdom, if followed, could get you arrested or killed.

Here are a few that come immediately to mind:

worst self defense advice

You don’t even need a gun to protect yourself and your family. That’s what the police are for. 

This one should be self-evident. It’s a favorite of most civilian disarmament advocates.

Even in the best of circumstances, dialing 911 still leaves responding officers minutes away. A lot of very bad things can and do happen in that amount of time in personal and home defense situations. And if you live in a more rural area where LEOs are few and far between, you could wait a half hour or more.

Then there’s the fact that police have no legal duty to protect you. That’s right, in virtually every instance, you are your own first responder. Realize it and act accordingly.

The sound of a shotgun racking is all you need to scare off a bad guy.

Even if you don’t own a pump gun, you’ve heard the sound hundreds of times in TV shows and the movies (sometimes even when the actor is holding a semi-auto). But counting on a perp to abort a home invasion and run screaming into the night at the sound of you racking your 870 is, well, optimistic.

The potential attacker could be under the influence of something that impairs his judgement and the sound could alert him to your position in the house. Expecting the mere sound of racking the action to chase off a home invader and save you is dangerously naive. Don’t rely on Hollywood examples self-defense.

If you hear something suspicious outside your home, fire off a warning shot or two.

This is also known as the Biden approach. The doddering VP’s advice to his wife:

‘I said “Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here – walk out, put that double barrel shot gun and fire two blasts outside the house – I promise you whoever is coming in…”

There’s just one problem. In many (if not most) areas, warning shots are illegal. As our own John Boch put it,

(M)ake no mistake that discharging your firearm in a confrontation will constitute use of “deadly force” to police and prosecutors. If circumstances do not justify shooting a bad guy (or girl) between the eyes, then circumstances don’t justify a warning shot. Period.

Never mind the shotgun vs. AR debate or the fact that those two blasts could leave Joe’s poor put-upon wife out of ammo.

Out here in the real world, a warning shot from a gun owner could provoke return fire. And following ol’ Creepy Uncle Joe’s advice could also cost you thousand in legal fees, land you in prison and deprive you of your gun rights forever. If a prosecutor brings charges, a jury may acquit you, but do you really want to take that chance?

We could go on and on. There’s no shortage of jackwagons out there who are “experts” (just ask them) peddling self-defense advice who can’t wait to share that knowledge with you.

What’s the worst self-defense advice you’ve ever gotten?

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  1. Joe is just a regular, down to earth guy. With a balcony. I wonder if regular gal Warren ever has an awkward beer out on Joes balcony. Perhaps with her husband and her dog sharing the moment.

    • Why does Elizabeth Warren have to be drinking alcohol in this scenario? Is it because she’s native American and you are a racist who believes the drunk indian stereotype? /sarc/

  2. Hockey pucks. Use hockey pucks against an active shooter. PROVEN EFFECTIVE … against others with hockey pucks.

    “Just give them what they want.”

    “Don’t resist. That will just make it worse.”

    “If you have a gun, you might get hurt.”

    Things like that.

    • Or the ever popular one from progressives:

      “Don’t use a weapon. It may be taken and used against you”.

      Also the heavily implied by the media “the perpetrator is a victim of an unjust society, and we as members of the society need to punished for our privilege”.

        • That reminded me of a funny story (a bit of topic). When I was an infantry company commander in the Germany in the very early eighties, it was brought to my attention some of my troops had t-shirts made up that a caption (along with a Soviet flag) “Kill a Commie for Mommie”. Told my 1st SGT to (quietly) take care of it before the fecal-storm hit from the headshed. He came back later and said they would wear them (they were OD) under their fatigue shirts. Told him good job and then we moved on the business of (at that time) preparing for war if it happened. I still have on them packed down somewhere; very high quality. They were a good bunch of kids. Hope life treated them well.

      • They sure as shit tried that with the parkland shooter. They really tried to make him “a victim of the NRA” or of “gun culture”, or “gun rights movement.”

    • My neighbor used hockey pucks against a home invader last week. Unfortunately, the invader had brought his hockey stick with him and scored four goals. Neighbor lost 4-0. We must register and ban hockey sticks!!!

  3. My grandma used to tell us kids to hit the bully in the belly and then run, or kicking him in the shins. doesn’t work, but hitting him in the nose or the Adam’s apple works better. Kicking him in the crotch if you are already down on the ground works, too.

    There are no fair fights with a bully, even a good bite to the neck, nose, ear or chest will work. Even small kids have to learn how to defend themselves.

    • “There are no fair fights with a bully…”

      If you find yourself in a fair fight, you’re doing it wrong.

  4. That a gun is more likely to be taken from me by an assailent and used against me.

    It comes from conflating the Kellerman paper with instances of police having their guns used against them. And not knowing that the Kellerman paper is disproven garbage.

    • And what does any research regarding police having their gun used against them have anything to do with firearm related self defense? Police also have the habit of missing their target 80% of the time. If I did that I would be asked not to return to the range.

    • Do a google image search for “bird shot wound ballistics”….. it’s extremely effective within a nominal range and doesn’t over penetrate, much less pose a threat to the people next door. That being said, I don’t live in an apartment so I have plain jane 00 buck in my gun.

      • God forbid a home invader hide behind basically anything and birdshot is useless. If missing your target and “overpenetration” is that big of a worry don’t use a gun at all

        • Or be wearing a stiff jacket (e.g. Carhartt), or have a little bit of fat on him… yeah, birdshot for HD is a Darwin Award waiting to happen. You’d be better off with a freaking .22, at least that can theoretically penetrate to vital organs more than 3 feet from the muzzle

  5. There are a lot of ‘self defense’ videos out there of people doing disarms and all sorts of fancy pressure points and joint locks that, if tried against an actual attacker with a weapon, would get you killed pretty quickly.

    Then there’s the stupid legal advice people pass along that could (and maybe should?) make up a book.

    • Yes. No doubt there are a small number of people with exceptional training, skill and presence of mind in the worst of threat scenarios. As only a tiny number of us are those Super Secret Agent 007 Ninja types, or Navy SEALs, we will have to be armed and shoot for center of the body, hoping for the best possible outcome.

      • Several years ago our local training academy, for which I’ve been an instructor, brought in a pair of athletic, advanced Jui Jitsue practitioners to assist with our training. In senario after senario they repetitively failed in disarm attempts, and even in controlling the draw/use of knives and pistols. After extensive practice we, the gunners, improved in our ability to bring our weapons to bear despite and/or counter to the BJJ practitioners efforts. The BJJ guys didn’t seem to improve in their disarm/disrupt/control abilities. Incidentally, not one gunner took up BJJ, but both practitioners joined our academy and acquired CCW permits and firearms skills.

        I am in no way saying that disarms are impossible. I am saying they are extremely risky and highly unlikely to be successful in real world situations. I’m also saying that most of the ‘disarm’ camp are living in a dangerously unrealistic fantasy world and that adherence to their assertions on the matter is apt to get someone killed.

        Obviously a few days of practice with our group and these two particular BJJ practitioners doesn’t make me an expert on the matter. But having seen two BJJ black belts repetitively fail to prevail against a dozen or so of middle aged out of shape guys with little going for them except mindset and firearms skills, and their EDC pistols, knives, flashlights and the like was convincing enough for me. Can a successful disarm be done? Of course, but I’d venture it will get you shot far, far more often than it succeeds. Plan accordingly.

        • Pretty much. If you attempt a disarm, you’re basically betting your life that the bad guy isn’t actually willing to shoot you, same as with attempting to draw when you’re already being held at gunpoint. Sometimes it can work, but it should only be a last last LAST ditch move

        • There are a few problems with this whole thing.

          First, BJJ doesn’t really have many “disarms” and those that it does are not focused on in training because they’re, at best, an afterthought. Really, going up against a gun or a knife is pretty much outside the scope of BJJ in general. Where it’s been added it’s been shoehorned in and generally done so poorly because BJJ is a hand-to-hand skill designed primarily to give a smaller or weaker person an advantage over larger attackers in a physical confrontation. Though BJJ is effective at preventing weapons from being added to the fight it’s not meant to take on a weapon that’s already in play.

          Second, but related to the first item, matching a BJJ person up and asking them to try to prevent a gun or a knife draw isn’t really useful. First, again, outside the scope of BJJ but also a triple disadvantage. Not only are they not armed but for the whole thing to be remotely realistic they have to react to the aggression of the weapon being brought out or being attempted to be brought out. On top of that you KNOW who’s going to be attacking you and how meaning that on offense or defense you have the advantage since all you have to do is make space and there’s no surprise factor.

          Third, no matter how you cut it, disarms are very difficult to pull off regardless of if they’re against a knife or a gun and regardless of the “art” employed (though arguably the gun disarm is easier than the knife). The person attempting the disarm has to get a ton of things absolutely perfect while basically all the person with the weapon has to do is get one thing right. Disarms also require extreme proximity (the gun guy fucking up basically) and that the attack is conducted in a specific way. There really is no “fluid approach” to a barehanded gun defense. If the person with the gun stays out of arms-reach or doesn’t handle the weapon “as expected” a disarm becomes a near impossibility.

          None of this is to suggest that disarms are impossible nor, conversely, that they are wise to attempt. They’re an absolute last ditch attempt that should be reserved only for when you believe that the person is going to use the weapon against you regardless of what you do.

      • You guys are talking about me again. I have an official T-shirt proclaiming me a legend in my own mind.

    • Just ignore the inconvenient fact known as the femoral artery which when hit will cause death from blood loss within minutes.

      And shooting someone in the arm, provided you could hit such a wildly flailing appendage, will probably cost the person at best temporary, if not permanent, loss of use of the limb if not loss of the limb.

      • On a camping trip when I was 17 a boy in a neighboring campsite slipped with a hand ax, hitting his left thigh and severing his femoral artery.

        He was dead before they even got him loaded into the back of the nearest pick up truck,

        • Yup.

          I know a cop who was involved in a freak accident that severed his partner’s femoral artery.

          His partner bled out in under a minute.

          A severed artery is one of the most serious injuries you can inflict on a human.

      • In some of the pistol training I’ve received, the instructor suggests that “2 to the body, 2 to the pelvis” is the new “2 to the body, 2 to the head.” Being that the pelvis provides a larger target than the head, and (if the attacker is wearing armor) a pelvis shot will still take an attacker out of the fight essentially immediately.

        • Having fractured my pelvis, I can say that ‘just hitting the pelvis’ is not a fight stopper. you’re actually aiming for the hip joints, which are relatively small targets. Tell ‘that guy’ to stick to the tried and true Mozambique Drill.

    • That’s just cruel. If I’m GOING to shoot somebody, I’m going to have the common decency to go for a clean quick kill. Intentionally maiming somebody is a real dick thing to do. You’ve got to have something wrong with your head to purposely go for a non-lethal shot. It’s like hiring a hooker to just cuddle.

      • What’s wrong with hiring a hooker just to cuddle? Just because my wife doesn’t want to any more.

  6. Form Joe Biden “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.” great advise Joe….NOT! Moron.

    • Thank you: I was waiting for someone to quote Joe Biden’s advice to blast someone through the door.

      • Yup, but I can vouch that advice has been very popular for over 50 years. First time I heard it I was in the process of obtaining a carry gun for the woman who has now been my bride for a bit over 51 years, and that was 1965.

    • I’ll add to that: “Well, then just don’t go any of those places.”

      Those places: down the street, to work, walking to the car at night, driving anywhere at night, out anywhere with friends…etc.

      • The Saudi’s formalized that strategy, making it illegal for women to leave the home unless accompanied by a male relative. I suppose like many suggestions, it’s likely pretty effective in preventing crime (rape in this case) but the civil rights issues raised are beyond the pale.

    • However, some version of that advice is good advice for either gender: “Don’t be where bad things happen.” Avoiding danger is the first and best means of self-defense, whether you’re a man or a woman.

      • -Peter, you said it’s good advice to “Don’t be where bad things happen”?
        Do you have a magic crystal ball that tells you “where bad things” will happen today?
        How about tomorrow? How about next Saturday night?
        Of if you say, “Just don’t go out on a Saturday night,” then how about Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m., when a child was killed in a drive-by shooting?

        Nobody knows “where bad things” will happen today, tomorrow, or next weeks.
        Also, some of us are required to work in cities “where bad things happen”.
        Some of us can only afford to live in areas “where bad things happen” (we can’t all live in gated communities with private security forces, like the politicians do).
        Many of our kids go to school in places “where bad things happen” (they can happen in any school, these days, even in Parkland, Florida).

        So how is it GOOD advice to say, “Don’t be where bad things happen”?
        It sounds to me like another case of blaming the victim for not being rich enough to live in a gated community and send their kids to private schools and work from home rather than driving to a city to work.

        • You’re over-thinking it. Have you ever heard the saying “nothing good happens after midnight?”

          There are some places and times at which bad things are statistically and logically more likely to occur. Avoiding those won’t make you 100% safe. Just 95% safer.

        • I think he meant where bad things are known to happen, not normal places where bad things happen. For example, do you know a house that’s pretty much to be used to sell drugs? Don’t be there.

          IS there a good shortcut through a Dark alley with bunch of homeless people residing in it? Take a long way.

          Gotta a local Honky Tonk set up like the Bar from Road House with rough customers? Don’t go there.

        • I’m thinking of that video that’s been circulating the last day or two where the guy came across the counter in the McDonald’s and started assaulting the woman behind it because he didn’t like that he had to ask her for a straw. Pretty sure she didn’t think that was going to happen at her job that day, ya know?

  7. Biden was so very close to being correct, 100% on target. Aside from what has already been stated:

    1. Most Americans do not own homes with balconies. So do adjust the floor level down to what your home does have.

    2. Most Americans do not own expensive double barrel anythings. More likely it will be a pump gun for most of us. I have two, a Mossberg 500 and a 590A1.

    3. After those two blasts, his wife’s gun was empty. That made it a club. Unless the nice rich lady keeps spare shells in her nightie.

    4. Firing both barrels is not unreasonable, but the direction was entirely off. Rotate the barrels down about 90 degrees. and then turn towards the bad guys, instead of the trees on the back lawn of your fine estate.

    5. For most homes, bird shot is not really all that bad an idea. At the distances typical in a home the shot column is still closely packed and devastating. Although my own 500 uses #4 Buck Shot, not bird shot. The 590A1 has #00 Buck shot and slugs, but that was all about a bear problem back when i lived in bear country and I just never broke the habit.

    So anyway, Old Joe had some good advice, if you just adjust it slightly for ignorance and partisan foolishness, it’d be perfect.

    • 1 1/8oz of 7.5 shot at close range will do enough damage to stop an attacker. A face shot will blind the attacker. Body shot will cause a several inch wide area to be perforated and the impact would be substantial. Anywhere else is going to be so unpleasant, burning, and painful whatever the perp had in mind won’t be important.
      If you’ve got a scattergun handy and a box of target rounds are all you can lay hands on you’ll be able to defend yourself.

      • Glad to see that there are at least a couple of people here who understand the likely distances for a home defense shooting and who also understand the ballistics of 12ga birdshot!

        For those who still believe total nonsense that birdshot is ineffective at home defense distances I would suggest watching the youtube video Paul Harrell produced on that topic (“Bird Shot in your Home Defense Shotgun”). I would provide a link but the forum doesn’t seem to like posts with links. The video doesn’t really provide any information that everyone who has actually patterned and tested birdshot doesn’t already know – but obviously we have a lot of people who are unwilling or unable to test or think for themselves.

        • One of my ccw class instructors was a former cop who had seen 2 people shot with birdshot. One was missing most of his jaw; the other, most of his head. Assuming he wasn’t completely full of shit, I’d say birdshot is effective.

    • Both Joe Biden and his wife have secret service protection, let them handle the situation.
      Somebody could write a book on just the stupid comments he has made.
      Rumor has it that Hank “will Guam tip over” Johnson will be his VP running mate in 2020.

  8. “Always keep a fmj in the pipe on your carry gun, that way you can shoot through glass if you need”

    I was told that by a guy working at a gun store lol.

    • I was told something similar by a firearms instructor. I was told to keep FMJs in the bottom half of the mag because after the first few rounds the BG would likely take cover.

    • The only legit argument I’ve ever heard for FMJ in a carry gun is that some pistols have trouble feeding hollow point. Of course the counter to that is don’t carry one of those pistols.

  9. I normally don’t comment on stuff like this… but, the worst advice I was ever given ( by a local LEO ) shoot the baddie til the gun goes click, its horrible advice, and if i would have followed that, id have been in prison… even tho shooting the perps would have been justified, it was self defense that left me with life threatening injuries and a wrap sheet. I could not get to my firearm. I had to fight for my life hand to hand, against 3 assailants, 1 with a knife, and 1 with a pistol. research and train, best advice ever ?? Absolutely yes…

  10. Too many to count, several martial art “instructors” who told students they could beat someone drawing a weapon.

    Remote location where I was working in the 80’s there was a huge problem of local indigenous taking cars or parts. The accommodation that came with the job only had open parking near the building. Local police officer actually told me to fire shot in the air. Me being only weeks out of the full time army replied “I would probably aim for centre mass out of habit”. He didn’t appreciate my “humour”

  11. Have a good friend who was a policeman in So Cal. He is Mexican but didn’t really look like it. He attempted to arrest a couple of dip shit Mexicans for whatever. The two were talking Spanish to each other, not thinking my friend understood Spanish. They said the would attack the officer on count of whatever. Before they reached that number, my friend fired a round into the ground. That stopped the the bad guys post haste. He was able to get them handcuffed w/o problem. Yes, there are times when warning shots are appropriate. Our department regulations actually said “Warning shots are generally prohibited”

    • There was actually a self-defense device marketed for women at one point but I have not heard of it in yours.

      It was a small glass vial of skunk scent (liquid) that they were to carry in their panties and break in case of attempted rape.

      • Like, carry this vial of skunk stink in your panties for the rest of your life? Why not just carry a snubby and your damn *dignity* for the rest of your life?

  12. “Don’t carry with one in the pipe. Just rack the slide if you need to.”
    Not only does that waste time but if the round doesn’t go in right your very screwed.

  13. An employee at Academy told the guy next to me at the gun counter than an AR15 is the best home defense weapon for apartment dwellers because .223 can’t go through drywall.

    Dead serious.

    • Wow. That reminds me of a special case I once knew, this guy was building bunkers on this huge plot of land he owned, for the end of the world. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but, his bunkers were primarily made of plywood. And he was adamant that the plywood would “stop 7.62×39, but not 5.56.” I was so dumbfounded by this guy that I didn’t bother trying to correct him and just lost contact with him.

    • The test results on The Box of Truth ( while not scientific, are really interesting. Basically, every caliber above .22LR went through standard construction walls extremely and barely slowed down. However, unlike slower and heavier pistol calibers, 5.56 started tumbling almost immediately, making its path much less predictable. In short, Rule Four is hard in apartments, and doubly so for light and fast rounds.

    • Of course he was wrong… but, it is true that a soft point .223 will not go through as many sheets of drywall as virtually any bullet fired from a handgun. So if you are worried about over-penetration, an AR with soft point .223 ammo is not a bad choice.

    • That comment that AR-15 bullets won’t penetrate drywall (as much as handgun rounds or buckshot) is truth, based on controlled tests.
      Many tests have shows that a 55-grain .223 bullet from an AR-15 is much less likely to penetrate drywall than centerfire handgun rounds or 00 buckshot.
      Notice I said 55-grain, not 62-grain or 77-grain!
      The 55-grain bullet from an AR-15 breaks apart in the drywall without penetrating.

      “Common sense” might make you think that a rifle round will penetrate more than a handgun round, but we’re not talking about .308 Winchester rounds, we’re talking about 55-grain .223 rifle rounds.

      Likewise, “common sense” might make you think rifle rounds penetrate water, but controlled tests have also shown that rifle rounds, including .50 caliber .BMG, don’t penetrate water as well as handgun rounds (the high-speed rifle rounds break up when they hit water, while the handgun rounds penetrate deeper).

      • But .223/5.56 is the ammo fired by the deadliest evil black rifle with pistol grip, collapsible stock, flash hider, etc. It is the deadliest chambering, I know because the Broward MSD “victims,” Democrats and media told me.

  14. “A .22 is big enough. It’s the most lethal round in history.”

    “If you shoot the bad guy outside, drag him back inside.”

    “Birdshot inside your house is as good as a slug, and it won’t overpenetrate.”

    • Yes, a .22 is very lethal. However it seldom stops an attacker immediately. The intent should be to stop an attack asap. I don’t give a crap if it kills a half hour later, I really want to stop him/her before they can kill me. Therefore, a .22 is not a caliber of choice.

      • Claude Werner aka the tactical professor is of the opinion that for us just plain folk the idea is to get the guy to bug out and since getting shot by any round is going to hurt like hell chances are absorbing a 22 will send him packing.

      • You got some bad guy? Shoot the mofo with whatever is handy. If you own something more better, go get it and shoot the mofo with that, too. You’ll know when he’s been shot enough.

    • Those are some good ones! My take on each:

      “A .22 is big enough. It’s the most lethal round in history.”

      Without getting into the truth or falsity of that one, anything is big enough if it hits the right spot. As most of us cannot manage to hit that magical brain disconnecting spot with unwavering exactitude, bigger than a .22 is advisable.

      “If you shoot the bad guy outside, drag him back inside.”

      Doing anything to deliberately alter a crime scene is a bad idea. That act does get figured out, and trouble finds you after.

      “Birdshot inside your house is as good as a slug, and it won’t overpenetrate.”

      While birdshot is not as good as a slug it is more than sufficiently devastating at distances typical in most homes. If you have a bigger house, great long rooms and such like, use something bigger than birdshot. Or a rifle. I compromise with #4 Buckshot in my shotgun. I figure if it travels thru a wall and across the street, odds are good the next wall it meets will stop it.

    • My old man is an attorney. Everytime we go hunting he will pull out his S&W kit gun and tell the story about a case he had where a guy got shot in the head with a .22 three times while laying on the floor. The rounds penetrated the skin and rode the contour of the skull under the scalp. Lucky guy.

      Then he usually finishes with something like grouse skulls aren’t that hard.

    • And yet, there are those who say if you do this while carrying a gun (calling it “clearing the house”), you’re perfectly fine. After watching a few supposed “training” videos where supposed operators supposedly train people to do this, the first several times the student tries it, he dies. Even after surviving it once, the bad guy tries a different tactic, and the trainee dies again. That’s a truly horrible way to do things.

    • “is any body there?” Now that is as funny as it is sad. And somehow I think this is the winner to the original question.

  15. I really really hope the author will address some comments in an article. Redact posters if you think it will help.

    It won’t but it will make it funnier.

  16. joe biden is the dumbest man to ever step foot in the us senate
    we named our dog joe
    hes a dumbass too

  17. My dad said we had to get a gun to protect the four children in the house but eventually we had to get rid of the gun to protect the three remaining children in the house dad’s advice was really bad

      • Yeah- you two brainiacs are prpbably smart enough to think joining GOA, NAGR or any other “gun rights organization” would come under the guise of self-protection. Oh, yeah!

        FINALLY I’m starting to understand what makes you whack-os tick. (sound of black helicopter in the background…)

  18. Move to California. Where crime has been outlawed, taxes are low, and jobs are plentiful.

    Additionally all pigs are fed and ready to fly.

  19. I actually heard a group of dudes in rifle bay one time discussing how the thing to do is get behind a wall that’s between you and the bad guy and shoot through the wall to get ‘im. I guess the idea was that if he couldn’t see you, you had first strike capability.

    Looking at their targets (mad misses at 10 – 15 yards with RIFLES) I wondered if I should say something. Didn’t. Still wonder to this day if I should have.

  20. The report on the Stoneman High School shooting by Nikolas Cruz puts the lie to the “you don’t need a gun, police will protect you.” Of the five people who saw Cruz before – yes, BEFORE – he started shooting – the only one to take any action was the student. Of the four other adults, all had been trained to at least call in to the office a “code red” which meant lock down the school. The one who had been trained to confront a shooter, the deputy sheriff, went and hid in a closet. The other three turned away from Cruz and did nothing. I have no doubt that those four adults, if asked before the shooting, would have said they would have done what they were trained to do, and they would have believed it when they answered. But they failed to do what they thought they would do. They’re not different from any other police officer.

    When death comes for you, whether its with a gun, a knife, or a piece of iron pipe or any other deadly implement, the police CANNOT be relied on to protect you.

    • “When death comes for you, whether its with a gun, a knife, or a piece of iron pipe or any other deadly implement, the police CANNOT be relied on to protect you.”

      And that’s assuming that they have any DESIRE to.

      In 1919, my great uncles had to break into their National Guard armories and arm themselves with M1917s to fend off the likes of Richard J. Daley, after the Chicago Police Department made it crystal clear that they were on the side of the rioters, arsonists and lynch mobs.

  21. “You don’t even need a gun to protect yourself and your family. That’s what the police are for. ”

    My family figured out THAT was a lie when Dick Daley’s pals tried to burn the Black community to the ground during the 1919 Chicago race riot.

  22. Progressives should all be required to post a large “GUN FREE ZONE” sign on the front door of their home. Felons should not be required to risk their lives having to decide who is armed and who’s not. It is decidedly against their 14th amendment right of equal protection!

    • Funny how those who believe only in ‘gun free zones,’ and signs at schools ‘protecting’ the most defenseless — must be effective; they don’t want any guns on the premises — don’t post signs in their front windows and on their doors, and wear t-shirts that say ‘I don’t have a gun.’

    • Yes, I remember hearing about using wasp spray some years back. That has to make it in the top three.

  23. “Guns are for p*ssies, real men use knives…”

    Because if the knives don’t kill you, the Hep C will.

    • Anyone making that claim has clearly never even considered, let alone actually seen, what happens in a knife fight. Unless one of the combatants is special ops, both parties are going to be stabbed A LOT. Even if you win you’re likely to have at least a half dozen scars; I’ll take a gunfight over a knife fight any day of the week

  24. The worst advice for personal defense, other than against an invasion by China or the Russians, is always to let “someone else” take care of me.

    The only sane and innate, human instinctive answer is for me to take care of it myself and blame no one else.

  25. I had (past tense) two friends who kept saying, “It would take you too long to get your gun if someone broke into your house, so your guns are useless!”
    But the same two people believed that, “Dialing 911 will protect you.”
    So, let me get this straight: Guns are “useless” because the 3 seconds it takes to get your gun is too slow, but police can protect you quicker because after you unlock your phone and dial 911, the police can get to your house in 20 minutes?

    When I repeatedly pointed out to my two ex-friends that it takes only 3 seconds to retrieve my gun from the safe, faster than I can unlock my cellphone, faster than calling 911, and MUCH, MUCH faster than waiting 20 minutes for the police to arrive), they were too dumb to realize their hypocrisy.
    They just kept repeating ad nauseum, “It would take you too long to get your gun if someone broke into your house, so your guns are useless!”

    I finally started replying, “Okay, to test your theory, try breaking into my house in the middle of the night. We’ll see what happens.” Strangely enough, they didn’t take me up on my offer!

    *Modern handgun safes are designed to open in two or three seconds (to a fingerprint or three-digit code), which is quicker than I can unlock my cellphone!

    • You must have a 15 digit alpha-numeric passcode on your phone or something. I have a simple pattern that I can do without looking in less than a second.

      Your point stands true though as the time it takes to unlock the phone and just place a 911 call is, without a doubt, longer than retreaving a firearm and that’s not even accounting for police response time.
      Heck, I can jump out of bed and load 5 rounds of 00 into the shotgun in probably 10 seconds or have a loaded handgun in hand in a fraction of that.

    • Have your friends ever tried to call emergency services? In my part of the world you can wait 2 minutes or more before our equivalent of 911 will actually answer the phone.

      And the wait on the secondary number is even longer.

      • Yikes! A lot of bad things can happen while your waiting on the phone for two minutes.

        Even in the BEST of scenarios it will easily take a person probably 30-60 seconds to pick up the phone, make the call and then explain that there’s an intruder and give them your address. In that amount of time I could casually get up, load a dozen different guns and literally have every (shooting aged) member of my family armed to the teeth.

    • I was recently involved in a severe life threatening accident. 911 put me on hold and hung up. It took a few minutes to get through.
      Once, I was trying to help a chocking stranger and called 911, got through quickly, but fire rescue took over 45 minutes to arrive (btw the closest station was a few blocks away).
      I had my cellphone stolen after a violent assault; four calls to 911and several hours of waiting before police arrived.

      • And I live in what is considered a major metropolitan area (at least if you count the number of Democrats).

  26. The advantage of a shotgun is that many judges and jurors are gullible enough to believe the Elmer Fudd defense. The idea that it is just a PC pump action shotgun loaded with “harmless” birdshot can seem very plausible to many jurors. A marijunna bootlegger who fire two rounds (probably slugs) from a Remington 870 at his landlord’s children was recently acquitted in Yamhill County after his scum sucking whore of an attorney put his marijunna bootlegging grandson on the witness stand to testify as an alleged expert that attempting to fire slugs or even buckshot through a shotgun with a choke will cause the barrel to explode. He even cited what happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot into the muzzle of Elmer Fudd ‘s shotgun as an example.

    Birdshot can be very lethal even at medium range.
    Buckshot and slugs will shoot through choke like crap through a goose.

  27. Never bring a gun to a knife fight…. Don’t wanna be labeled Racist….!! Especially if you have to submit 3 years of social media & web traffic reports to be deemed ” FIT” to own a gun….. LMAO

    • I love me a new perspective! If I ever have to shoot a black man, he is going to get the same top-grade ammo a white man would receive. Not racist at all!

  28. The absolute worst I’ve heard is from college people. They believe they’re so intelligent that they could reason with the criminal and talk their way out of it. Haven’t heard of anyone using it successfully.
    Next worse is comply with the criminal because he’ll leave once he gets all your stuff, and stuff is replaceable. Except, the criminal may also want to eliminate witnesses, get his rocks off, etc. A more reasonable one is comply until the criminal wants to move you, where he’ll have more time and privacy to commit vile deeds, but you may not have the time or ability to respond at that point.

  29. Regarding #2, though it’s not the best tactic and I wouldn’t depend on it, I can tell you without question that at least once it worked EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.

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