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Starting tomorrow, anyone buying ammunition in California will have to undergo a background check.

“We’ve had a few people who have purchased in excess of 10,000 rounds,” he said. “That’s a lot for one person.”

Ammo sales have also tripled in the past week compared with a normal week at West Coast Ammo in Temecula, Calif., said owner Jason Griffith.

Gov. Gavin Newsom championed the new ammunition restrictions, which passed as part of a ballot initiative in 2016, when he was lieutenant governor.

“Unless a gun is used as a blunt instrument, a gun is not particularly dangerous,” Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, said at a news conference June 24. “A gun requires a dangerous component and that’s ammunition.”

Zusha Elinson in Ammunition Sales Surge in California Ahead of Background-Check Requirement

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    • What, you mean the secret way that anyone can just make super deadly killer assassin bullets that bypass the kind gentle Democrats attempt to protect us from the people least likely to go on a killer rampage?*

      * Sarcasm, for Democrats who always seem to be a few cards short of dealing with a full deck.

    • If a Commiefornia resident isn’t already reloading now would be the time,control your own ammunition production and supply. If one had put 10,000.00 into components and powder ,it would have gone much further over a greater period of time.
      All the Totalitarian left did with this law is create a black market for ammunition.

      • $10,000 will buy a lot of powder/primers/bullets…
        But of course, for those who didn’t load/reload, they never saved their brass, so there’s that too…

        • Brass is just shy of a couple bucks a pound. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t save theirs. It’s also a good incentive to be picky when I’m prepping cases. Anything I don’t use just adds to the bucket of dollars on the next scrap drop off.

      • FMJ bullets now going for $1 a round on the streets of Oak Park in Sacramento. The hood still getting their bullets regardless of background checks or any laws put in place.

        • Doubt its that much, but your right that they’ll be a new “emerging Market” for “banger bullets”.

          The left, and they are really Leftists as they long ago left the democrat party, is going to so confused when this latest lunacy doesn’t work to curb gun violence.

          We keep telling them that creating new laws on the non-criminals does not stop crime, it only creates a new class of criminal.

          That class of criminal is the former law abiding gun owner who just couldn’t keep up with the law of the hour.

        • In Chicago with their draconian guns laws, they blame other states. Talking about lax gun laws and such. I’ve no doubt a lot of ammunition will flow into the state.
          If you haven’t driven into the state, there are agricultural checkpoints where they ask if you have any fruit. I’ve little doubt, the next step will be asking about ammunition and search’s.

  1. “We’ve had a few people who have purchased in excess of 10,000 rounds,” he said. “That’s a lot for one person.”

    No it is not.

    This is economic warfare, plain and simple. By making it more expensive, it drives money away from the political opposition.

    • If one is a active competition shooter 10000 rounds wont cover practice and matches for a year,10000 rounds of 22 long rifle is a crimp on rimfire for the year.

      • When the new law has been fully implemented the left is then going to place a limit on quantity of bullets per gun. Thanks to background checks they will know how many guns a citizen is supposed to have, then they will also know via background checks know how many bullets one has bought and refuse and or limit future purchases. So many ways the background check can work against our 2A rights. Keep in mind, if they know what you have, be it guns or ammo, then at some point they can place further limitations on those too. Of course, as we all know the end result is total confiscation via any means possible and some means that are not so pretty, indeed.

    • Maybe for a single purchase, but you’re right, it’s not a lot if one considers total inventory in a person’s stockpile.

      I love how the article says “ammunition sales have tripled over the past week”. Geez…I’ve been stacking for years, and went into overdrive beginning way back in January. Too many complacent people here in CA who waited until the last minute.

      • I got more than that in various caches in just one caliber. Not including various other calibers. Let’s just call it an investment on the future. With the constant assault on the 2nd A. It could well be a wise investment. Both monetarily and if the SHTF. Either way I see it as a Win/Win. It is simply a commodity just like gold,oil or frozen orange juice concentrate. The same could be said of Brass,powder and shot. Regardless of any other factors there will always be a market for items needed for survival. Keep Your Powder Dry…

      • Sometimes the money just isn’t there, bills pile up. People are probably pulling from their savings accounts to make the ammo purchases because its “get it now or never” week.

        • I believe that. And that’s exactly why the “buy one box of ammo for forty bucks per month” strategy over the past few years would have been more appropriate for those who live on lower budgets.

          But I’m referring to all those who simply procrastinated. Nearly every person I spoke with over the past several weeks at the ammo counter said they knew about the upcoming law in general, but didn’t realize it was becoming effective July 1. This is what happens when people become complacent, choose to disconnect themselves from civic news, and get pounded.

    • This law seems to be a clear cut example of a 2A violation and simply put in place to hassle law abiding citizens.

      How in the fvck does this keep a mass murderer from getting a couple boxes of ammo?
      No mass murderer hauls 10K rounds to their murdering gig.
      There will be millions of Californians buying batches of ammo and just what the fvck do they think that info will tell them THAT THEY DON’T ALREADY KNOW WITH GUN PURCHASE RECORDS.

      Pure harrasemen and an attempt to limit the exercise of ones 2A rights.

    • I live in NY and (so far) they haven’t begun messing with ammunition but it can’t be far away. (Cuomo doesn’t want some low-life state like California to be more ‘progressive’ than him!).

      Since watching what California and some of the other liberal states have been doing or threatening, I’m purposely stockpiling by buying 1000 rounds of the two calibers I use (380 & 9mm) each month. It’s expensive, but buying them on-line makes it tolerable (and they have to be shipped to a local FFL who charges $10 per order). I’m up to about 12,000 rounds and my goal is to get to about 20,000. That should suffice my bi-weekly range time for a reasonable amount of time until (hopefully) SCOTUS reverses some of this craziness.

      (I’m also interested in learning how to re-load, but I’ve never done it so it’ll be a completely new experience!!)

      • That’s $5000, dummy. For $700 or so, you can set up to cast, size and lube 500 bullets per hour, and reload 500 rds per hour. Then you could make ammo for 7c per shot. you could have 60,000 rds for the same money.

      • Start researching. Research the cost of the equipment, the powders, primers, brass, lead alloys, etc. There are plenty of videos online, youtube, and plenty of books you can read. But do the research first. Then if it is something you want to pursue, then go for it. You will find that reloading will save you in overall costs, over time, but it takes time to get things to the point that you would be happy with the time it takes to reload for yourself. You can also adjust your loads to fit what you want and how you want to shoot. I think it’s a fun hobby.

  2. Leftist-“The second amendment only covers arms, let’s go after the ammo”
    Some of us- “keep your powder dry, means we’ll use muskets to revolt if needed.”

      • A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
        He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.
        Don’t understand why pro-2A individuals continue to live in California.
        Sometimes the best strategy is to retreat and set up a more defensible position from which to attack.

        • Believe me, there are a dozen lawsuits making their way through the courts for every stupid unconstitutional gun law here. They take forever. Remember “Freedom Week” a couple of months ago regarding the injunction against our “standard mag” ban? That took three years all by itself.

        • That’s easy.

          We’re hostages.

          Got family that need you here? Got a business or job that can’t be moved? Just too broke to actually be able to afford to move?

          Everyone i know in CA, at this point, fits this description.

          ….or are leftists themselves.

          • And sad to say, Kyle, the Californians that have moved out, have been the ones no one wants. That is, not the freedom-loving kind. Montana, Colorado, and now Texas have been infected and destroyed by Commie-loving Mexifornians that figured out their Socialist policies did not work, moved out, and then decided to “try again” somewhere else. If California is a window to the future of the rest of the country, then the country is finished, regardless of who is president.

        • Joe, one thing you have to know is that California Conservatives, like myself, would be at best moderate anywhere else.

          So when we move out to other states, we just dont move the political needle much.

          We think we’re conservative, we really do, but when we start talking to conservatives in other states, like montana, texas, and colorado, we find we are often more left than we thought. It is a bit of a culture shock.

          Still, we are conservative, we did leave CA to escape this nuthouse. We generally can be moved in your direction.

          Unless, of course, the person who moved to Texas, Colorado, or Montana, was simply a liberal all along.

          Me, I think the problem is that the schools are raising liberals now. In every state in the union.

        • Not EVERYWHERE in Montana. At least not yet. Now it’s mostly Missoula, Helena (Capital cities always crawl with government worshipers . It’s why they’re there), and what we call the “California triangle” of Kalispell to Whitefish to Colombia Falls and back to Kalispell.
          Here in the NE of the State we get the spillage of people born here fleeing the leftist invaders.

        • Kyle: If one is a politically moderate Republican or Democrat, i.e. live and let live, for example when it comes to the usual hot button issues – LGBTQ, abortion, etc., but is a gun owner, like many Fudds in California, there is nothing stopping one from NOT being a Fudd when it comes to the 2A. Also, be aware, people in red states are getting tired of Californians, moderate or liberal, bringing their bullshit to other areas after they’ve wrecked California with their “moderate”, “progressive” political ido;ogies. Food for thought if YOU move.

        • Kyle….“Me, I think the problem is that the schools are raising liberals now. In every state in the union.

          You think?
          In reality, the schools are raising committed Leftists from K-12 and then graduate school.
          And it isn’t “now” but rather 30+ years ago.
          It now starts in kindergarten with kids being told they now have to pick their gender.
          We live in a fvcked up world.

          • This reminds me of the quote from Lenin (if it is truly attributed to him), where he says, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seeds that I have sown will never be uprooted”. 30 year of dumbed down education, and telling these now-adults that freedom and the Second Amendment is “evil” and “bad”….no wonder California, and those who move away from there-are places Lenin would be proud of.

      • The intent of the law?

        “That’ll be $25 for a brick of .22LR, plus $16 acquisition fee. ”

        “Screw that”

        Dealers finding it next to impossible to turn a profit selling ammo in CA tend to quit selling ammo in CA.
        That’s called a win-win proposition if your name is Gavin Nuisance.

  3. I can see the California SS Brown Coat Police kicking in doors seeing if Tax Payers are hiding ammunition.
    Vee Vill make you talk citizen..

    • lol, no need to go to that extreme. Everything is illegal in CA anymore(and for that matter the entire US), they can merely watch and wait for you to break some obscure law and then pounce.

    • Brown shirts; Browncoats were the people who wanted Independence in the Firefly series.

  4. Are green tip penetrators effective against Gestapo?!? Asking for a friend😏

    • Only one way to find out if they’ll drop a gestapo man. Shoot an antifa member. They are identical.

      • But, wait ✋ until some foreign national, illegal ALIEN, or unhinged liberal DemoCRAP assassinates one of THEIR own Politcians with a triple razor broadhead, or a poison dart! Or someone uses a slingshot or atlatl !

        • that the best yu can do? it’s not hard to make a repeating springbow that’s concealable.

    • 55gr .223 from a 20 inch 1:12 barrel has remarkable penetration and will go through many lvl 4 steel armor plates.

  5. I’m stocked up. I have a few years left for hunting. I have enough for practice and self defense. And if not, I road trip to Utah fairly regular.

    • Same here. Stocked up lots to last me and the wife for years. Plus there are the trips to outside states from time to time.

    • “…I road trip to Utah fairly regular”

      Is importing ammo from out of state legal under the new law?

      • As I understand it, yes. Just very limited amount. And I understand the penalty for overdoing that amount is basically confiscation of the ammo.

        When the fascists back you into a corner you have to decide if you will resist.

        • As George Carlin once said of airport security “You notice the drug smugglers don’t seem to have a lot of trouble getting their little packages on board, do they? No and God bless them too!”

          I think that the basic logic is applicable here.

      • I looked up the Califas law and it appears that ammo cannot be “imported” by citizens…it HAS to go through an FFL or “approved ammunition vendor”….period.

        Gazing at my crystal ball indicates that California will have roving traffic stops for “illegal” ammunition searches on vehicles entering California in the near future.

        • I’m a Californian. Here’s the actual text of the law (per the CADOJ website) that states the specific exceptions for importation without an FFL. Basically, if you inherit it (no limit), get it from a family member (no limit), bring back leftovers from a hunting trip (max 50 rds), or have leftovers from a competition or instruction class (max 50 rds):

          As amended by AB 1235:

          CA Penal Code 30368

          (a) Commencing July 1, 2019, a resident of this state shall not bring or transport into this state any ammunition that he or she purchased from outside of this state unless he or she first has that ammunition delivered to an ammunition vendor in this state for delivery to that resident pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 30366

          (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to any of the following bringing or transporting into this state any ammunition:

          (11) A person who purchases the ammunition from an immediate family member, spouse, or registered domestic partner if the person brings or transports into this state no more than 50 rounds.

          (12) The executor or administrator of an estate that includes ammunition.

          (13) A person that at the time he or she acquired the ammunition was not a resident of this state.

          (15) A licensed hunter who purchased the ammunition outside of this state for use in a lawful hunting activity that occurred outside of this state if the person brings or imports no more than 50 rounds into this state and the ammunition is designed and intended for use in the firearm the hunter used in that hunting activity.

          (16) A person who attended and participated in an organized competitive match or league competition that involves the use of firearms in a match or competition sponsored by, conducted under the auspices of, or approved by, a law enforcement agency or a nationally or state recognized entity that fosters proficiency in, or promotes education about, firearms, and the person brings or imports into this state no more than 50 rounds of ammunition designed and intended to be used in the firearm the person used in the match or competition.

        • Correction:

          Gifted from family member is subject to max 50 rds.

          The “no limit” pertains to a person who obtained the ammo as a non-Californian. That person may bring in as much as he/she wants upon moving into the state to set up residency.

      • 30314. (a) Commencing January 1, 2018, a resident of this state shall not bring or transport into this state any ammunition that he or she purchased or otherwise obtained from outside of this state unless he or she first has that ammunition delivered to a licensed ammunition vendor for delivery to that resident pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 30312.

        Except you know people are going to do it all the time. Do not doubt that CA will have spies at the Cabela’s in Verdi, NV, just across the border, and other dealers near state lines, recording CA license plates for harrassment.

        LoL, this happens in reverse for Mossbacks buying liquor. Spokaneans go to Idaho and a lot of us buy in Oregon or fill the vehicle with cases at All Star Liquors less than a mile South of Oregon if we go down to California. (WA has the highest excise tax at $32.52/gallon for in-state produces. At retail there is the “liter tax” of $3.77 per liter AND a 20.5% sales tax. It basically makes a $20 handle bottle cost $30 at the register.

        • An LASD detective friend of mine confirmed that CHP has indeed entered into collaborative agreements with LE in both NV and AZ to nab suspected Californians. Just don’t be dumb and make an ammo purchase, then head straight for CA from the store. Buy instead during an overnight stay, take it back to your hotel, visit a range, or otherwise break up LE’s ability to construct a “probable cause” case.

          Or so I’ve read.

  6. We should have no problem with this. We’ve conceded the right is a privilege with background checks for guns and “right to carry” permits. Kalifornia is just the first state, it’s going to happen in many states.

  7. I’ve just stepped up my reloading capability with a power trimmer and a 3 way cutting head. Also just ordered another 2K Lake City 7.62 brass.

    I can see reloading equipment and supplies being regulated soon.

    • One word: Dillon RL650. I guess that’s two words. Mine has been turning out rounds for over two decades, and still going strong. Today’s XL650 is basically the same machine with case feed.

      • I think a progressive press is next for me. I have never heard anything except good things about the Dillon.

        I’ve just always wondered how it does on full sized rifle cases. Think it’s sturdy enough for Magnums? I shoot mostly 308 and 25/06 but a (strangely) large number of 300 and 257 Weatherby as well.

    • You can bet that primers and propellant are next. Here in Illinois we need to show the FOID card to purchase either.

  8. For those who want to buy online, a C&R FFL and a Certificate of Eligibility from the state (total cost about $130 for the first year and about $30 per year thereafter) allows one to buy ammo online and have it shipped directly to you without needing to go through the background check. There’s no other privacy implications (the CoE just says that you passed a NICS check) and the state doesn’t get to register your ammo purchases or know when you’re buying ammo. My local gun shop is charging a $0.02/rd fee for centerfire and $0.01/rd for rimfire, so there’s quite a bit of savings to be found by ordering directly.

    Sure, it’s completely unnecessary and irksome, but it’s explicitly written into the law, so why not benefit from it?

    • The problem with this is out of state FFLs have one by one stopped shipping to CA. Lucky Gunner stopped, even LAX Ammo which is BASED IN CALIFORNIA will no longer ship to your door even if you have a COE and FFL3. The only option right now sems to be PSA and Brownels. Hope that does not change

      • I’ve recently bought ammo from Lucky Gunner and Ammoman using my CoE and FFL. Both had no issues whatsoever doing that.

      • It has something to do with whether the business has a California license. If they do, they can’t sell direct to Ca. residents. If they don’t,than no problem. Of course,this could change 22 times by next week.

      • It appears that I was mistaken and owe you an apology: it does look like Lucky Gunner has stopped all California sales, as has Ammoman. This is most unfortunate.

        It appears that section 30352 of the California Penal Code doesn’t exempt C&R FFLs w/ CoEs from the background check system. I’m not a lawyer, but that would explain the lack of intrastate sales (since an in-state ammo vendor can’t sell to someone without going through the process). I’m not entirely sure why interstate sales are restricted, since it would seem to me (again, not a lawyer) that the C&R FFL w/ CoE would continue to be exempt.

        Anyway, there’s a lawsuit (Rhode v. Beccera) that has been assigned to Judge Benitez (who overturned the CA mag ban, but later stayed his ruling on appeal) so assuming the plaintiffs don’t screw up too badly it should hopefully work out in favor of freedom.

        We shall see.

  9. Sorry, 10,000 is quite a small amount if you’re Jerry Miculek.

    So, what the Governor is saying that I can get a M1 Garand and add a bayonet without being that deadly and is ok for self defense.

  10. What does anyone expect from the Communist state of California? I am waiting for them to decide to just implement door-to-door gun confiscation, because you know that is next. Also, does this state seriously expect that gun owners are not going to figure out a way around this law? Probably not.

  11. The next thing will be the state requiring that they get a copy of and computerize all 4473’s

    I moved out of commiefornia and I understand the economics of staying but kalifornistan is for commies and, regretably, commiefornians are (mostly) P*$$ies!

    Give up your guns dumbasses

    Get me more beef jerkey and kettle corn…………..

  12. Once upon a time, the US grew by adding new states. Why can’t the occupied parts of broken states split off n apply to join on their own? (Or start as a territory — still US, but no federal representation?)

    I’m remembering that right, right? Once upon a time territories were working to get into the US? Once upon a time there were standards to becoming a state?

    The US civil war was about states seceding, not parts of states splitting off. US civil war was enforced by the feds.

    If the central valley of CA, or the free state of Jefferson want to split off, n the imperial city of Sacramento says no, perhaps the right response is “You and what army?”

    Somehow, the occasional “liberal” “more states” plans always make more chunks each dominated by a liberal city. And somehow the organic state splitting plans always make chunks with different lifestyles n preferences.

    It’s like the one scheme is about people doing what they want, while the other is about imposing harder. It’s like the one scheme is about local autonomy to do what works for them, while the other is just a Trojan horse to grab more federal power.

    Really, I think a heat map of ammo purchases would help draw a border for The Golden Territory, split off from the remaining Sacramento-stan.

    • “Why can’t the occupied parts of broken states split off n apply to join on their own?”

      They can. Unfortunately, the Constitution says, at Article 4, Section 3,
      “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

      Do you suppose the CA state legislature would consent to losing all the counties north of Yolo – or, that attaching to Oregon would really be an improvement? Of course, State of Jefferson, where those counties join with some southern OR counties for a completely new state, would be better, but then there would be the left-wing OR legislature to circumvent.

      • So, the occupied territories need the empire’s permission to exit. Seems like the strategy is to become more trouble to keep than its worth.

        Somehow, that never seems to work with occupations.

  13. What are the details of this Ammo Background Check Bill? Is it a 10-Day Waiting Period like with Firearms?

    • I was wondering that too. We have to show are FOID card to buy ammo here. No waiting.

    • If you have at least one registered firearm in the state and the address on your ID/drivers license matches that in theggun registration records, it’s $1 and takes a minute or two. If not, it’s $19.

      • Actually a two-step process. The first check looks for your name in the state’s AFS database, which contains the DROS and 4473 info. The second check is completely separate and looks for your name in another Restricted Persons database. Note that this second check is NOT a criminal conviction database.’

        Unfortunately, if you purchase a handgun before 1996, or a long gun (rifle/shotgun) before 2014, your name may not clear the check, regardless that you’re a legal gun owner. In that case, you’ll need to go through the full CADOJ background check to get your temporary COE that will allow a one-time purchase within the next 30 days. Oh, and the fee is $19, with a complimentary wait time of up to 10 days.

        So if you’re like me, who has been shooting all his life, has legally owned guns within this state all his life, regularly trains and even takes professional instructor-led courses, purchased guns through an FFL and went through the obligatory DROS and 4473 paperwork, but did it all before 1996…

        …then the state says you shall not pass, and no ammo for you, even though you’re 100x more competent than the young newbie who just bought his first gun last week but is in your precious government system.

  14. Reminds me of when a kindly vendor at a gun show in a large venue was gracious enough to allow me to barrow his handtruck to transport my purchases to my vehicle. I had to make several trips.

  15. What did the government (Dept of Education, Dept of Revenue, EPA, Dept of paper pushers) do with those millions of .22 rounds purchased during Obama administration? The rest of the country had a shortage.

    • The state actually does severely regulate how you take your milk in the USSA. Banning and even swat teaming sellers and buyers of raw milk from time to time.

      • I’m aware of the armed raids against raw milk producers.

        I’m referring to the new Antifa tactic of mixing quick setting concrete into milkshakes and then throwing them at people. Seems like an intentional violation of CCW laws to me.

        • “I’m referring to the new Antifa tactic of mixing quick setting concrete into milkshakes and then throwing them at people.”

          Huh. The point is to ruin the clothes?

        • The point is to increase the mass and density of the “milkshake” so that throwing it at someone, and hitting them, fucks their shit up.

          However, as a “weapon” it’s difficult to detect because it looks like you’ve just got a milkshake.

          It’s a street weapon that’s “low profile” akin to wrapping a bike lock in a sock, but this isn’t well known yet.

  16. “California Ammunition Purchaser Background Checks Start Tomorrow”

    Hopin’ gun owners got their act(s) together and garnered all the ammunition they could afford…

  17. “Unless a gun is used as a blunt instrument, a gun is not particularly dangerous,” Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, said at a news conference June 24. “A gun requires a dangerous component and that’s ammunition.”

    A bullet isn’t particularly dangerous either. It’s requires a dangerous component too. The person pulling the trigger. Idiot.

    • Unfortunately he is not an idiot to his acolytes. He is no different than any other leader with a message a group of people want to hear. Be it environmentalism, socialism, democracy, terrorism or even religion. He has simply found his congregation. President Trump who I choose to listen to. Is doing the same thing. He found his message and a receptive audience. That is the way with people. They gravitate toward the people who have common beliefs and goals. Regardless of the good or bad of the beliefs. All of Germany and Italy fell under the spell of Fascism. While Hitler got most of the blame. Mussolini played a large part in the crimes of the Nazi’s. Stalin, Mao, Hugo Chavez, Ho Chi Min. Even George Washington,Thomas Jefferson and John Adams among others found the message and audience. Oft times the message is the real problem. Leaders seeking power simply take advantage of the desires of groups of people. To craft a message they want to hear. Even if they don’t truly believe in it themselves. Knowing full well that once entrenched in power. They can lead their followers any place they want them to go. So what we see happening today has been happening for millennia. It will have to be dealt with as it has always been dealt with. Destruction of the message and those who believe in it. That is what those on the Liberal/Socialist/Communist Left want to do to OUR beliefs and ways. Why should We treat The any differently… Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • Darkman said it best: “Destruction of the message and those who believe in it. That is what those on the Liberal/Socialist/Communist Left want to do to OUR beliefs and ways. Why should We treat The any differently… Keep Your Powder Dry.”
        Darkman has seen the light and it ain’t nice! Have you seen the light?

  18. Please calm down. Californians will be crossing state lines more frequently now. That is all…

  19. Requiring a license to exercise a right.
    Requiring payment of fees and taxes to exercise a right.
    Restricting the amount of ammo you can load at one time.
    Requiring payment of fees and endurence of a bureaucratic procedure to purchase ammo.
    Banning common firearms without a scientific basis for so doing.
    Requiring registration of firearms which we have a right to own.

    All of this is infringement. If you live in California, New York, New Jersey, Illinnois, or any other state that disregards the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and you support these regulations, please stay where you are. DO NOT move to Pennsylvania because your taxes are too high or because property prices are too high. You voted for that mess, live with it. But if you are a strong supporter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and you want to escape those fascist states, we will welcome you here!!! The left is trying to turn us blue. Join us. Paraphrasing that which the President who reignited racial tension in the country once said: “They cling to their religion and their guns in the hills of Pennsylvania”.

    • I live in Illinois. I can’t wait for my girls to get out of college and to move out of this crap-hole state and move to a free one where I do not need permission for Illinois to use a FOID card to exercise a right.

      • Liberty Toad, ignoring the Philadelphia and Pittsburg metro areas, you can find great property values here in 2A-friendly PA. Also, extensive wilderness areas.

    • Up yours. I’ve been voting against this crap my entire life here in CA. All of us conservative gun owners are simply being overwhelmed and out-voted by the Dems and illegals that have their hands out for the free goodies Sacramento (and L.A., and San Fran, etc.) promise them.

      It’s idiotic comments like yours that prove our alleged “2A brethren” outside our state have no interest in helping us in our efforts to overturn the tide. You just like to sit on your porch, sip your beer, and point fingers at those who cannot enjoy our rights to the same extent you do.

      • Hey, “I Haz”, not sure what you found to be offensive in my post. I said, paraphrasing, ‘if you support the gun regulations of CA, NY, IL, etc., then we do not want you here in PA.’ It may be that my wording was unclear and caused you offense. For that, I apologize.

    • I sure as hell did not vote for any of the gun grabbing progressives who have super majority in Illinois’ legislature and now even the Governorship.

  20. Until now, never in the histroy of the country have people been willing to freely give up their rights.

    • Americans have been willing to give up their rights freely for over 100 years. The allusion of security and the offer of free stuff has been very appealing to some.

    • Mexico will annex the state claiming a historical precedent.

      And then the cartels will move north. What we’ve seen so far in northern Mexico will be a Sunday picnic in comparison in the new California.

  21. Mark tomorrow down on your calendar as the day crime stops. Gang members will have to carefully select their victims and squeeze off a shot. Gone are the days of bullets flying around indescrmintly hitting unintended victims. Thank you Gavin Useless for your efforts at/to/for ok I give up. Tomorrow absolutely nothing will change. Oh wrong again tomorrow your gas is going up another 5 cents a gallon. So I saved $1.08 per gallon yesterday when I had to visit. Filled up on the az side before I entered the forbidden zone.

    • It’s all part of the plan. If they raise the price of gasoline, you won’t be able to drive to Nevada to buy ammo. Never underestimate a gun-grabber.

  22. RE: ““Unless a gun is used as a blunt instrument, a gun is not particularly dangerous,” Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, said.

    Blunt objects are used in a lot of murders. You really have to be a NPC to listen to, and accept what, Newsom says.

  23. I know of someone who LAPD was after to try to shutdown his business that had his home raided to determine if he had over 20 pounds of gunpowder. You cannot have over 20 pounds of powder at your home without a permit. Lucky he had about 19 pounds and LAPD could not charge him and shutdown his business. So be careful with your powder. If you have over 20 pounds store it in two different buildings.

    • LOL, 20 lbs? That has to be a fire department thing. Or a black powder thing. I mean, I may or may not have more than 20 8 lb jugs on my shelf right now. And way more than 20 1 lb.

      • It’s Health and Safety Code – 12000 defines black powder and smokeless powder as explosives; 12101 requires a permit for some activities; 12102 provides some exceptions to needing a permit “12102. This chapter does not apply to any possession or use of 20 pounds or less of smokeless powder, or one pound or less of black sporting powder, provided that … “

  24. Congratulations California, your politics and Law have created a new Black Market Ammunition Resale Industry. Lets not be nieve and think criminals pulled ammo from thin air, they surely could’ve purchased ammo in stores by themselves. Now, there’s profit oppertunity in providing ammunition to restricted persons that can’t “illegally” buy it at Stores anymore due to the TWO Background Checks that must be completed and have a Required Federal Standard “REAL-ID”. The Real ID requirement stops otherwise lawful background check passing folks from buying ammo unless they bring additional ID like Birth certificates or Passport. That Sanctuary State “undocumented immigrant” DL with “Federal Limits Apply” on it: doesn’t work either. ONE OF THE CHECKS looks for your Firearm Registration Records, nothing registered: why you trying to buy ammo or a caliber of ammo when you don’t own a gun registered for it?

    California will need to build a Wall to try and keep Black Market ammo out. Other measures didn’t keep drugs out. Lol

    • Nice try, but CADOJ confirmed last week that the Real ID is actually NOT a requirement, and is not scheduled to be at this time.

      • You’re right, for now.
        Much talk coming out of Sacramento about even MORE RESTRICTIONS. Just a matter of time.

  25. Which is the greater threat to the public safety, California’s elected legislature, or individual officials and the bureaucracy they supervise and run? There is one other possibility, that being the electorate, lest I forget.

  26. The fact that California voters voted for this is a great example of how a population has been de-educated about their civil rights.

    That de- education process started in California when Tom Ammiano, the second openly gay elected person in California (after Harvey Milk) voted to end all rifle teams and 2A education classes in the San Francisco city public school system. In Sacramento where I went to high school, we had firearms education class as a elective in 1978.

    Sacramento was much more conservative than San Francisco back then.

    What I don’t understand is why the NRA never advocated for 2A education in the public school system???
    Rifle teams have been a part of formal public education since the early 1900s.

    • Commie kalli “education system” ? LOL LOL LOL. Controlled by corrupt unions that feed even more corrupt political types. WAKE THE F UP!

  27. “We’ve had a few people who have purchased in excess of 10,000 rounds,” he said. “That’s a lot for one person.”

    Hell, that’s just a starter kit.

  28. I’m stocked up for over 5 years if keep shooting once a month. If I bring new shooters with me to the range, I will run out faster, but I can always shoot more 22LR. A progressive reloading press, for reloading 9mm and 5.56, will pay itself off in 3 years if i buy one. Reloading will cut into family time, unless I enlist the help of my kids. For every problem, there’s a solution.

  29. When you state hypotheticals meant it jest it gives government motive to make it reality. When they take one step towards gun control you fill in blanks and cowrite the next ten doing the work for them. In short state the law and conditions that you oppose and suggest what you want to happen instead of fear mongering and using sky is falling mentality. It makes you look weak and scared and government will use that fear against you to take more of your freedom.

  30. 4-11 million LEGAL firearm owners in commie kalifornia. Many of those, rushed to Wall-Mart and stocked up. If these same lazy couch sitters got off their ASS and voted, this shit would not be law. Shame on you that let this tyranny run amok.

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