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A year ago, I wrote about the left’s civil war heating up in America. Since then, Antifa and company continue their armed marches against freedom and liberty. Initially, Antifa groups got away scot-free, beating Trump supporters bloody while, of course, calling them fascists and Nazis. More recently though, Antifa’s masked thugs have been the ones suffering the thumpings in direct confrontations.

In response, radicals have ramped up their efforts to form what they’re calling a “Red Army.” Why? To “annihilate” their enemies, of course.

Really. From one of the Red Guards Austin manifestos, posted August 19th and still online:

Oppose the Counterfeit! Antifascism Must Take On a Paramilitary Character!

…The fact that no fascists were harmed in the making of this “counter-protest” only proves that the main organizers have no stomach for antifascism—for us antifascism is concrete—it does not mean simply voicing a disagreement it means stopping fascists in their tracks and hurting their efforts to the point where they stop organizing.

…On the basis of our principled united front work, fascists and their collaborators can be drowned out, run out, routed, beaten bloody, and even annihilated. These are our principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish.

The twisted minds of these radical leftists view their unlawful, unprovoked violence against their political enemies as self-defense. In reality, their “self-defense” looks a whole lot like textbook fascism. In other words, using force and violence to suppress opposing points of view.

One thing seems perfectly clear. If the authorities do not stop and prosecute this sort of political violence, peace-loving American gun owners will. The will have no choice but to protect themselves, as is their right.

Looking back to the 2016 elections, the radicals in Antifa and their Black Bloc BFFs freely “drowned out, run out, routed, beaten bloody, and even annihilated” their fellow Americans. Local cops, some ordered to stand down, allowed the political violence to go effectively unchecked.

The Left’s Civil War: Antifa Forming A "Red Army" To Annihilate Us

Or worse yet, cops in some places acted in concert with the violent left. In San Jose, Ninth Circuit appellate court justices have allowed a lawsuit against the police to proceed. Cops there not only failed to protect Trump supporters at an organized rally, but actually routed them into a mass of violent “counter-protesters.”

The Left’s Civil War: Antifa Forming A "Red Army" To Annihilate Us

The Left’s Civil War: Antifa Forming A "Red Army" To Annihilate Us

How did these Antifa types get away with this for so long? Sympathetic local government leaders, coupled with Americans’ reluctance to settle political disagreements via violence allowed this to happen.

It goes without saying that Antifa has no reservations about using violence to achieve their political goals. In fact, these masked thugs who fancy themselves anti-fascists live by Alinski’s Rules for Radicals.

  1. “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
  2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
  3. “Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.
  4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
  5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
  6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
  7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
  8. “Keep the pressure on.”
  9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
  10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
  11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside”
  12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
  13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Particularly when it comes to violence, the left loves Rule #4 by counting on their fellow Americans not to risk possibly breaking the law to defend themselves. The left knows that everyday Americans will avoid resorting to violence, sometimes even when attacked. Since childhood, our society has taught people to eschew, and not embrace violence. And decent, well-adjusted, civilized people do indeed avoid violence.

Couple the reluctance to fight back with Rule #9, “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself,” this allows bullies to make threats to bully and intimidate others into silence. In other words, using the threat of violence is enough to suppress opposing viewpoints. That’s fascism.

Antifa never really believed that conservative Americans might actually answer violent attacks…with violence. It’s one thing for bullies to intimidate through force of numbers. It’s another when bullies see and taste their own blood.

This past summer, the right has organized and successfully pushed back against masked troublemakers. In most cases, it hasn’t gone well for the true fascists. Masked toughs don’t respond well when their intended victims don’t run, but fight back instead. In fact, masked tough guys tend to break and run pretty quickly when faced with violent resistance.

The Left’s Civil War: They Are Forming A "Red Army" To Annihilate Us

Take Mr. Masked Antifa, who tried to wield an expandable baton in Oregon earlier this summer. One punch and he was down for the count. Here’s the video.

In the streets where I live, attacking someone with a baton – with or without a mask – carries the risk of getting shot and taking the room temperature challenge.

Speaking of Portland: the battle of Portland his summer resulted in a near complete rout for the Black Bloc.

At another Portland event, an Antifa member’s crash course in kung fu got him knocked out cold. He learned that going hands-on carries risks. Especially when the other person is not intimidated by a group of Black Bloc bullies.

So faced with these humiliating defeats, the Antifa crowd now apparently is seeking an arms race.

From that same Red Guards Austin manifesto:

we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels. The first being those who are mainly unarmed but are prepared and trained to carry out fist fighting or using blunt weapons like axe handles or flagpoles as well as shields and basic armoring. The second level is the more advanced embryo of a Red Army, which is trained militarily and operates as soldiers all the time, engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed nation’s people. [emphasis original]

The Left’s Civil War: Antifa Forming A "Red Army" To Annihilate Us

I know from experience participating in and teaching Appleseed shoots that gun ownership doesn’t make a skilled marksman any more than piano ownership makes a skilled musician. At the same time, we know that bad music won’t kill innocent people.

Hopefully this is nothing more than fanciful talk from the radical left and will go nowhere. However, they have already demonstrated a willingness to tool-up and to use violence to suppress opposing viewpoints. If and when these “Red Guards” put their two acts together, they may win the first round of bloodshed.

Shortly thereafter, sanity will prevail and they will learn first-hand what Americans are willing to do to defend their freedom.


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  1. The Atnifa are no different than the Nazis; just as the BLM are no different than the KKK nuts.
    They are all thriving on driving violence and extremism, with the data showing the hard left doing so somewhat more often than the hard right.

    • That’s not true. Nazis had good tastes in guns. MG42 and MP40 beat hi-point carbine and cheap AK anyday.

        • The Oligarchy is behind these people. The Oligarchy WANTS violence in the streets, to take the public’s attention away from the real issues (public corruption, insane debt, unfunded liabilities, banksters, deep state, military industrial complex, cultural degeneracy, government overreach, environmental degradation, declining oil availability, and many other issues).

          The Oligarchy WANTS violence in the streets, to scare the public into accepting more and more gun control, and more and more strong handed police state action.

          Never let a crisis go to waste! Cause the crisis yourself if you have to!

          I don’t know exactly who the Oligarchy is comprised of, but they do f*ck over everyone pretty much all the time.

          the want us to fight each other instead of opposing them.

          The educational industrial complex is largely controlled by the Oligarchy. The media -news-entertainment-TV-Hollywood industrial complex is controlled by the Oligarchy. Amazon, Youtube, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are part of it. Monsanto and big Ag. are part of it. The Democratic party leadership, and the RINO leadership are part of it. The Banksters and the Federal Reserve are part of it. Gun control is part of it. Feminists are part of it. BLM and Antifa are useful idiots who work for the Oligarchy. As a Protestant, I think the Pope is part of the Oligarchy (but many Protestant leaders are too). The Oligarchy always seeks centralization and consolidation of power.

          Above all things, the Oligarchy hates the true King, Jesus Christ. The Oligarchy hates the Bible. The Oligarchy hates strong healthy happy families. The Oligarchy hates people being debt free, and financially strong. The Oligarchy hate strong masculine men, and beautiful feminine women. The Oligarchy hates fathers and husbands. The Oligarchy hates wives and mothers. The Oligarchy hates children. The Oligarchy hates Conservative Christians, who are debt free, financially stable, happily married, have babies, and are well armed. The Oligarchy hates the strong free people who built this nation, and the hate the very essence of this Republic.

          By the way, the Oligarchy has been pretty much running the show for a long time. The war between the Oligarchy and the people will continue he until the True King returns.

        • And if the oligarchy gets to the point where they are openly wielding the power they crave, the ANTIFA types will be the first ones shot and thrown in mass graves. Won’t be the last, though.

      • Because your average CCW holder who runs into these people is gonna be carrying a 25lb MG that’s an NFA item… or a subgun, which is also an NFA item…

        • It’s not what you have, it’s how you put it to use. You get someone with a 6 shot revolver who is an expert in knowing how to use it and that person will be at least a match for 4 or 5 ANTIFA thugs carrying semi-auto carbines at say 50 yards away.

        • Ummm, dude…unless you’re talking trained combat soldiers, then the weapons they’re carrying aren’t good for the close quarters engagements they’re suggesting be used, for the most part.

          They want to work in tight, crowded environments…shotguns and other long guns are damn near useless in such circumstances (hence why enlistees in current deployments are being issued pistols, when it used to be pistols went only to officers, MP’s, and (sometimes) tankers/vehicle crews. In current environments, they often have to revert to the pistol to be functional in conditions.)

          IOW, your “average CCW holder” *will* have the advantage over someone carrying any long gun, including a shotty, in the circumstances under which they intend to engage.

          The weapons they’re carrying? For combat engagements exceeding 50 yards, or for aggressively clearing rooms and hallways, when you know anyone in THAT direction is an enemy…not the crowd of mixed enemies and friends Antifa would have to fire into.

        • @Guardiano
          I never said primary weapon. I said that, for the first time in a LONG time, standard enlisted men are being issued pistols. For exactly the circumstances I listed…you can’t use an AR or a shotty in crowded areas at short range, unless you know for a FACT everyone in front of you is an enemy.

          Mid seventies to the early oughts, officers, MPs, and occasionally tankers or crews for heavy mech infantry were issued pistols in the Army…and the tankers and Brad crews were usually using “need to be retired” grease guns, or the M-16 variant guns designed to be mounted from INSIDE, so the infantry passengers can join in the “fun” during vehicle actions, not pistols.

          Pistol has ALWAYS been a secondary weapon in the field, even when on an officer’s hip. But they carry it for a reason…I listed the reason, and specifically pointed out ANTIFA idiots will kill more of their own than of their opponents, using the weapons they’re amassing.

        • One of the reasons officers carry pistols, is so that they can shoot their own men if they mutiny. A pistol is always going to be faster to aim and fire then a rifle. Which is why MP’s carry pistols. The primary reason they carry a pistol is, they shouldn’t be shooting at the enemy much if at all. Their job is to manage the men and the battle. Same reason they have drivers, they shouldn’t be worried about driving from A to B, they need to be thinking about steps C-Z. Officers plan, NCO’s make the plan into steps. low enlisted execute the steps.

        • @ Corey Gray, Good thing Kyle Rittenhouse did not agree with your premise. He effectively defended himself in an identical environment as this one. He shot only convicted Felons ANTIFA/BLM members that were a direct threat to his life. Or Mike Day who was shot 27 times and fought his way out of the house he was ambushed in.
          @ MondWolf You don’t do much shooting do you? Or talk to many military or police? An AR or similar style sporting rife is more accurate, with quicker more accurate follow up shots and faster to deploy than a holstered pistol. Why do you think the military and police clear houses with rifles not pistols, which are far more confined and restrictive than any outdoor protest. The military have ALWAYS carried a side arm as the weapon of last resort. We carry handguns because they are more convenient, lighter weight, less cumbersome, less alarming than a rifle. That as the late great Jeff Cooper said “we use our pistols to fight our way to our rifle”

      • FG 42 !!!! A weapon I suggest the US consider resurrecting at the squad or even team level since “overmatch” is such a desire now. I figure they want to get rid of the SAW, and get a squad/team weapon with more reach/power. Why spend a decade and billions on something that will probably get canceled, when we could simply re introduce the FG42 and it’ll fill the exact need that army wants it for.

        • The FG-42 has serious design and durability issues. The firing mechanism alone is a failure to fire waiting to happen. Great gun for WWII, hopelessly outclassed in 2018.

        • Full power 185gr 8mm rifle rounds fired at 1000 rpm out of a compact light weight weapon?…. I’ll pass. MP 40? Open bolt, heavy, over engineered, unreliable. Fired one, not impressed….. I’ll be pwrserg’s a-gunner on that belt fed.

      • Good lord, those are the most obvious photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen, what is this 1995? On some of the photo’s people’s hands are literally backwards.


    • And this is a bullshit article. Let make it seem like these antifa are going to run rampant everywhere. Yeah there’s some nut’s on the far left. But I bet 80% or more of the people who belong to their sites are keyboard commandos, they post but if the shit hit the fan they would run. And there are plenty of small groups that are just as extreme on the far right.
      So there’s folks who call themselves antifa what about sovereign citizens? Or Atomic Waffen? And lots of other small groups of ultra right wing crazies are out there. To bad we can’t round up all the nuts on both sides and dump them somewhere and let them off each other.
      Like dumping a shovel full of ants on another nest.

      • I pray this is a BS article, because a death or mass killing by “Red Antifa” would most surely trigger every right wing militia group, and that would be bad.

        • While Antifa rears its ugly, mob rules head here and there and attack innocent people. There are militias quietly forming and training, they don’t post their thoughts or plans as Antifa does. The answer will come when people have had enough of these Communists and there violence. It won’t be pretty!

      • Did you watch the battle of Portland video? Or how about googling Based Stick Man. Its not a few Antifas, there are thousands of these wackos, and they gain strength in numbers. Smart people would stay far away from these type of events in general, but know the Antifas are violent and there are ALOT of them. are

        • Name 20 more examples. Should be easy if there’s “thousands.”

          It’s a few hundred pros going from town to town, hooking up with a bunch of bored locals for the day.

      • So there’s folks who call themselves antifa what about sovereign citizens? Or Atomic Waffen? And lots of other small groups of ultra right wing crazies are out there.

        Sorry but your post is nonsense. Antifa, Resist, Occupy and BLM are massively funded at much larger numbers and have way more violent adherents and commit way more violence by any metric.

        Adherents and supporters of BLM and Atifa are responsible for 60 people being shot in the past two years (Dallas, GOP baseball team and more) as well as massive number of people inured by steel pipes used to hold up protest signs, concrete filled soda cans, etc, and tens of millions in property damage and policing costs to control their violence. They are not just unilaterally beating and assaulting Nazis, but fully justify their violent attacks on the half the country that voted for Trump

        • Sorry but if you look at this site there are quite a few on here that seem to want to belong to the ultra right wing. . Think I’m wrong? Why the love then for a guy holding a rifle? I wonder how many here know that guy longs to bring back military dictatorship rule to Brazil, disappearances, children taken and adopted by others, no real rule of law. But he is OK because he’s for guns. Sorry but I do not hold just guns as making a politician someone I would support.
          And there are more than a few here longing to be able to start shooting leftist. If what they long for were to happen they should remember the words to a Who song. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
          Most revolutions except our first ended up executing many of those who participated on the winning side.

          Also if you look into who is in the lead as far as killing people the ultra right wing is in the lead still. Since 2011 72 people killed thanks to them. But if you go back, Timothy Mcveigh, Eric Ruldolf, Posse Comitatus members, and others have far exceeded the left wing count. But you probably do not know that or care as it did not come from infowars or 4chan and Q has not told you what to believe.

        • @KenW — Sorry, but if you actually took your own advice — for once — and looked at this site, there are very, very few people that could even be conceivably be classified as “ultra-right wing.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean. We happen to know for a fact that you’re wrong. Nobody here has any love for any rifle-wielding mook that cavorts with communists. There’s no need to wonder how many here, except you of course, long to bring back the Junta in Brazil. Nobody does. Again, except for you, because then you’d actually be telling the truth for a change.

          And there are almost exactly none that actually want to shoot anyone except as a last resort. Again, you — and only you — want it to happen so you’d actually be telling the truth for a change. Also, if you again actually took your own advice, for once, and looked into who’s in the lead for killing people the ultra-leftwing is still in the lead. And will be for the foreseeable future. If you actually do go back, The Weather Underground, the PPK, The Simboanese Liberation Army, The Black panther Party, and others have far exceeded the alleged “right-wing” count. But, you damn well know that by now and simply don’t care as it comes from the Department of Energy and CNN, Tumblr, and Reddit have already told you what to believe.

        • atomwaffen scares me. true the munrders were childisah crap among themselves. thats what lets itself be seen. They were postering up n.w. again, btw. They are probably armed well enough to take on your average polive swat. they want a full on revolution ala helter skelter charlie manson style. the links are there you those willing to work at it. These so called antifa look lijecentral casting and remind me the elite brats who did the jet tour circuit of G5 and trade treaty protests. Also the Canadian expose of infiltration back ab out ’02… uniforn new issue yellow tag vibram boots all in a row, photoed by a true lefty. Antifa is being targeted. and publicity is bringing out the cling on wanna bes who cant control themselves. The right had too much of this with anti abortion killings to be unaware of this story line.

      • ANTIFA is a tool. I fear the forces that gave birth to ANTIFA. ANTIFA isn’t their only tool, not by a long shot.

      • Ignorance is bliss:

        There are multiple blocs of “Antifa” that assemble… Some of those are simply older “comrades” that protest without violence because they can’t fight, some are street fighters that rapidly assemble to punch “Nazis” that come out in public, others are armed with long guns…

        Antifa isn’t an organization, it’s an idea/ideology. There is no central power controlling the groups. They mobilize/conspire online to meet in person to deal with the problematic “fascists.” These types of people are numerous and reside in many countries. It’s like ISIS starting out in Iraq and Afghanistan, then expanding as far as the Philippines.

        These Antifa types are usually young and/or dumb. The only way you can get rid of them is to teach the youth why it’s a stupid ideology, why it’s morally wrong and why it’s regressive. If you can’t do that, you will be dealing with their growth and sustained presence; eventually they will win because a strong minority is able to push the passive majority to the path of least resistance.

        Antifa have a goal and they can organize. Gun owners can’t even put together a well regulated militia or get outside to protest.

        • antifa i have known and admired have no problem with guns, just racists and homophobes who would act out on their beliefs. theres a concealed carry activist group here- in response to gay bashing.

    • Nazis had top notch gear, firearms, vehicles, training, discipline, command structure, tactics, etc. The Red Army was made of brave people, and of people who did not have a choice, and realized they had a better chance to survive by protecting the motherland vs deserting and getting shot by a fellow Soviet. Hell forget about the Reich and the Reds, the average illiterate peasant in early 20th century Europe would shoot the average antifa dead any given day of the week.
      Antifa is a bunch of spoiled clueless azzholes, some are dangerous as they are willing to sucker punch you and it doesn’t take a war hero t throw a projectile or kick someone on the ground. However, in a civil war, they will get a memorable spanking. I have seen many videos and pics, they are pausing (sometimes with BB guns) and sometimes they do not even know how to hold a firearm in a resting position.
      Some in the antifa bunch believe they have a chance, they think they are like the talibans or NVA. Breaking news, antifa don’t fight for their life or for their land, they do not have the motivation or religious brainwashing (muslim fighters) that will lead one to fight dirty until death. Their lives are somehow comfortable, they have more to lose than to win, and if enough of them are stupid enough to start it they will quickly realize it nationwide. They bark a lot, and as many videos have shown it as soon as they make one mistake they get a spanking (I love the one punch video). If they think they have a better chance with guns, we have more, better people, more veterans, people willing to kick ass not to destabilize a nation but to save it and defend our Constitution, for the kids, for the future.
      I am not impressed by them, and not worried. Be vigilant, but remain confidant, we will be fine trust me.

    • Remember when people got into a big huff because the black panthers were going around with guns, and is this really that different? I still believe in the 2nd amendment, without any buts. I’m not going to restrict it because of some hysteria about some groups, screw your emotions, but there is no right to feel secure.

      • It’s different because these clowns are actively taking up arms against the United States. That’s treason.

        • It’s different because…I got nothing, same bozo’s as Charleston, running around like morons who don’t know enough to know their anti-facist group, is a fascist group, and that American Nazi’s is a goddamn disgrace, same goes for the fat militia turds running around the woods playing Red Dawn fantasies.

        • They said the same thing about the black panthers, and then they put in anti-gun laws because they got hysterical about it.

        • Lots of ultra righters doing the same. Like I said before throw both groups of nuts together somewhere and let them fight it out.
          We have some of those dumbasses down here playing militia out in the woods. I view them as similar to the Dentist’s and Lawyers who dress up like bikers and pay way to much for a motorcycle. Lot’s of camo, fairly expensive hardware and odds are a lot would run if it ever got real. Some wouldn’t and those like some in the left wing groups are truly dangerous. And just as Anti-American as those leftist.

          Appleseed is a worthy organization and I feel everyone should at least go once and learn from it. I have gone a few times and learned just how bad I sucked on timed shooting drills. However, if they now just try to encourage folks to take sides against each other I have no plans to associate with them .

        • @ Ken

          Agian your post is nonsense. Antifa, Resist, Occupy and BLM are massively funded at much larger numbers and have way more violent adherents and commit way more violence by any metric.
          Adherents and supporters of BLM and Atifa are responsible for 60 people being shot in the past two years (Dallas, GOP baseball team and more) as well as massive number of people inured by steel pipes used to hold up protest signs, concrete filled soda cans, etc, and tens of millions in property damage and policing costs to control their violence. They are not just unilaterally beating and assaulting Nazis, but fully justify their violent attacks on the half the country that voted for Trump

        • So I wonder why even right wing news and sites are not filled with all the violence being caused by these left wing groups? Maybe because in reality there are not that many happening and the noise from some drum beaters makes it seem like more? Keep on reading infowars and listening to Q they will lead you straight for sure.

        • @KenW — Said sites are chock full of the violence that these ultra-leftards commit at each and every event they show up to. You don’t see it because you’re not looking.

    • Took me a minute to realize that BLM wasn’t the Bureau of Land Management. … it still made an amazing amount of sense.

    • Despite its claims to be anti-fascist, Antifa is in fact fascist in both ideology and practice. There’s a lot of agitprop going on which attempts to instruct people to think that political conservatives, who tend to believe strongly in market-capitalism, are somehow the inheritors of the fascist socialist economic and political model that flourished in Italy prior to WWII.

      Despite being popularly known as “right wing” market-capitalist political conservatives are the antithesis the kind of authoritarianism and socialism that characterizes Italy.’s fascist era. It’s also worth noting that America’s progressive political movement was originally heavily influenced by Italian fascism. Modern progressivism continues to be essentially fascist in it’s ideology and practice. Antifa, far from being against fascism, is in fact a perfect example of Italy’s black-shirt fascism. So why does this blatant shuck-and-jive work? Agitpropaganda depend on the relative ignornace of its target populations. Most Americans, including the Antifa protestors, have no idea what fascism actually is.

  2. Whatever. In my experience, Trump supporters gleefully call for a civil war all the time because they think only ‘conservatives’ own guns and that they’ll get to shoot the ‘leftists’. These Antifa jabronis are no more dangerous than the right-wing militias, so the logical course of action is to do nothing about them whatsoever.

    • Right-wingers have killed a number of peaceful, unthreatening people and own a virtual monopoly on tough-sounding, violent talk.

      • A lot of these cowards are Maoists from the Revolutionary Communist Party. Back in the ’80s they were beating other communists with baseball bats. Even other communists hate them.

        If they think they’re going to take on normal people with guns, they’re in for a brief and terminal education.

        This isn’t Europe. It isn’t even Canada.

        If they start going after normal people, they will be ERASED so thoroughly from the face of the earth, it’ll be as if they never even existed.

        But if they insist, to borrow a line from my favorite western, “I’m your huckleberry”.

      • In point of fact nearly every mass shooter has been a leftist. Violence sticks to leftists like stink on a skunk. Most conservatives just want to be free to work and to live in peace, while ANTIFA punks want to live off of the work of others like they are plantation owners. Hmmm yeah they were Democrats too- the same ones who formed the KKK. Know your history.

      • Saying almost all mass killings is X political group is moronic. The common denominator is crazy, period.

        • Let’s accept your premise that the common denominator is crazy. I’m actually sympathetic to that view point.

          If crazy was equally distributed among ideologies, you’d expect roughly equal representation of ideologies in politically motivated violence. We do not observe even close to equal representation in politically motivated violence.

          So, all that remains is to determine causation if possible. So, ether leftism makes people crazy, or crazy is disproportionately attracted to leftism. I have an open mind as to which. We’d have to consider base rates, too of course.

        • All political ideologies and/or religions, when taken to the extreme, will create crazy in any low IQ or mentally unwell person.

          Let us assume for a minute that John Doe is a stressed out guy. He has a normal life, but has above average debt, which caused family problems, thus leading to mild depression and feelings of insecurity.

          Although I would totally agree that consuming too much Infowars, Breitbart, or even Fox News could lead one to snap — the Left controls 90% of the media, alt-media, and massive social platforms. Also, the American Left preaches “no God, no hope, all is lost,” on everything they speak on. “Trump elected! All is lost! Tanks will be on the streets in downtown USA by Tuesday and hauling people off to death camps!” This ultra-extremist fear mongering pushes already unstable people to snap more rapidly… and it is everywhere you look — every single day!

          What of those that are worse off than John Doe? What of those living on public assistance that ARE trying, but were not given the proper skills to struggle to improve and “pursue their happiness?” There are literally millions of people in the US with college educations that are earning far below their qualifications. There are millions more that live in excess of their means. These are the people that the Left specifically targets, exploits, and intentionally weaponizes when they continuously call for unrest and violence. They claim to represent the disenfranchised and then they throw them under the bus as needed. They dismiss all facts that do not support their agendas, no matter how authoritative the source (I.E. Bill Nye Vs. NASA, or US Census Bureau Vs. Vox, etc.). Whenever ANYONE else champions a win for these people, the Leftist leadership orders them to renounce this win, because it came from their enemy… The people who follow this ideology believe that “their enemy” is the same as the enemies of their leadership and have no skills needed to know when they are winning or losing, and their leadership loves this and keeps them in a cult-like state of mental following. It goes so far that even when you talk to friends or family members that are Leftists, and SHOULD know you better, they revert to these stereotypical CNN/MSNBC tropes and catch phrases about how FOX or Alex Jones is thinking for you — even when you did not get the info from either… The Leftist controlled media and social platform thought experiment has been a tremendous success! Their followers will not believe anything unless it comes from their lips — “The sky is red and the grass is purple… okay, we shall protest to tell science it is wrong tomorrow.”

          Ergo, I PERSONALLY FEEL (in my experience), that these political moves are intentional and are, in my opinion, targeting people, through verbiage and related experience, that are already troubled or weak willed deliberately… Like Alinsky taught them to in great detail.

          ANTIFA, BLM, NBPP, and “the Nazis,” are all symptoms of the same problem. These are all people that are afraid that their voices are not being heard and they are willing to fight, and die if deemed necessary, to belong again. People whose lives have been disenfranchised, or at least made to believe so, by the mainstream media and social platforms. The silent majority has allowed this to happen by not speaking up, and now it threatens them as well.

          NOTE: The Right is also guilty of this at times, often more reactionary to another Leftist extreme attack, but this is also dangerous. I honestly think it is time we get away from the bipartisan mentality and vote for red-blooded Americans, not parties… just my two cents…

    • There’s a big difference in the talk actually. I’ve been around these types on both sides, face to face. “Right wing” militia types are defensive in nature, and nearly all are ok with violence only as a last resort, if their hand is forced. They generally want to be left alone. The left however, is HIGHLY aggressive towards conservatives. They see conservatives as backwards subhumans who need to be changed by force. The left is not content with being left alone, they not only want their own views in their own circles, but they have a desire to force their views on all others, because anyone not in agreement with them is a threat. Now, what these left wing terrorist groups lack however, is proper training, supplies, and numbers compared to the “right wing” militias. The left wing terrorists will likely find success fighting like Al Queda. Bombing innocents, mass shooting innocents, shooting unsuspecting people in the back, abductions, and arson. But when the fighting gets toe to toe in an actual fire fight, the “right” has a clear massive edge.

      • They will take inspiration from the Irish Republican Army, Brigado Rossi, and the Baader-Meinhoff Red Army Faction.

        Kidnappings for ransom and political leverage, assassinations, massacres of innocents to promote more gun control, bombings of train stations and shopping centers.

      • That’s pretty much my view as well New Continental Army. There are a lot of ex-military types in right wing militias but only a handful in left wing ones. If the shooting does start expect ANTIFA to quickly turn to bombings and assassinations because they will be losing far too many of their “soldiers” going one on one.

      • Very interesting post. For those who ignore or forgot it, commies and anarchists have committed terrorist acts once upon a time in Europe.

        • “People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.” — Max Noel, FBI (ret.)

          There have been Leftist terrorist campaigns in America too.

      • Must have different militia and sovereigns where you live. The ones I know all pine for the day when it happens and the United States crumbles in some big event. Then they with their weapons will be the new rulers.

        • @KenW — The ones you allegedly “know” hardly account for any statistically significant percentage of supposed militia groups in America, and it’s still nothing but anecdotal evidence anyway.

          Anecdote is not data. The plural of anecdote is not data. You have no argument.

      • It’s like Gavin McInnes always says: “Politics is divided into two groups. Those who want to be left the hell alone, and those who won’t leave anyone else the hell alone.”

        • Let me guess, you haven’t been in L.A. or another big city during one of their ‘peaceful protests’?

          Believe me, there is a ‘them’.

        • You might want to take your own advice, for once, and actually read and watch what happens when these far-leftards gather in large numbers. There is, unarguably, a “them” to speak of and they most certainly do, beyond all doubt, “think about that.”

          Whether you personally like to think so is irrelevant, inapplicable, inadmissible, and inconsequential.

    • “right-wing militias” has only EVER existed in the empty head echo chamber of the prog MSM. Clear back until the Clinton apologist days. The progs still LOVE the fascist twits of Soviet Union and National Socialism. The “Trump/russians” is just a smoke screen to give cover for Obumer and Hellery.

        • @LL — Except that wasn’t committed by any so-called “right-wing” militia. In point of fact, the OKC bomber was rightly turned away by every militia he tried appealing to. He acted alone. Had you actually ever done even a moment’s research into partisan violence, you’d know that and a whole lot more into why you’re categorically wrong. But, you don’t because you haven’t — and don’t try to lie by saying you have, either, because we both know damn well for a fact that you actually haven’t, period.

    • Most left wingers and antifa don’t have a clue on how to properly use their weapons. They don’t have any training in combat life saving, defensive positions, fire and maneuver, immediate/remedial action, and most of them are spindly little twerps. The best they can do is make threats and run about in a mob and get their asses kicked.

      Most of the retired military are on the right, as are the gun owners and establish small, efficient, freedom cells. They cross train and share their expertise with each other. Most of them are good on their own, in a team, they can easily issuing the whippings the parents of anti-fa never handed down.

  3. Antifa will not set foot outside the bastions of leftism they’re protected in/trying to make their own. We will see some city mayors order cops to stand down when these fvcks take to the street around election time. Would love to see a Battalion of them take on a squad of Army/Marine grunts in the woods. Many lulz would be had.

    • That would be an … interesting … choice for a sitting mayor to make in many parts of the country.

      • Its not far off. Look what happened with BLM in Baltimore, “Room to destroy” and the protests at UC Berkeley

  4. I get that a lot of people on the right are desperate for an enemy, but is siding with white nationalists and making a mountain out of the pipsqueek antifa’s molehill really the best way to get sane people on your side?

    Additionally, since when is armed protest not okay? It’s only okay for the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer guys? Is that it?

    • What “white nationalists” is that trollboy?

      Soros/Blimpbergs minion are really out today. New month = new trolling budget?

    • ANTIFA is a terrorist organization and should be hunted down and terminated. Any governor or mayor who shields them or otherwise protects them from the prosecution should be charged as a collaborator and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Last I saw Nazis aren’t much of a thing- they are a bad joke from an old Blue’s Brothers movie. ANTIFA? They are violent thugs out to harm anyone they can sneak up on. Had they the conviction of their beliefs they wouldn’t need masks.

      Honestly, how hard would it be for the FBI to penetrate ANTIFA, gather the huge amount to of easily discoverable emails and texts, identify and prosecute them for actively planning and carrying out terrorist activities? Just more evidence that the higher levels of the FBI have been compromised and that the organization has been reduced to a group of political hacks.

    • When you make your intention of committing crimes, from assaulting innocent people up to basically being a domestic terrorist, sorry but you do not deserve to enjoy the 2A. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of these idiots won’t be able to hit anything or will get a brain fart when they’ll have to reload or clear a malfunction under stress.

    • It’s ok for people NOT supporting the armed overthrow of a democratically elected government without clear self-defense and in favor of a genocidal ideology responsible for more dead bodies than any other group in human history.

    • I believe you mean #Martyrs. The hashtag is the most important part these days. Added bonus, you can use it without even putting on your big girl panties.

    • I disagree. They do not want to be martyrs, they aren’t brainwashed religiously, and they know whatever they fight for is not worth losing a life they are not desperate or oppressed enough for that. What they want is to impress, to scare, to force people and governments to submit to their tantrums, to normalize their actions. They fight a cold war for the most part with the MSM, some politicians, other organizations (BLM, La Razza…). That’s how leftists win “wars”, these people aren’t the NVA or the Red Army, they don’t have 1% of their guts or mindset.

  5. I thought we already defeated the Red Army? And the Red Coats. And a few Red Skins here and there. Pretty much anybody wearing red. Why do they think this time will be different?

    • Well this time the Republicans are the ones allied to the Reds, with several convictions or pleas for lying and hiding russian ties, and more coming

      The right is the reds

      • @LL — Even though that’s demonstrably untrue, and all the Mueller probe has uncovered is past DemoKKKratiKKK malfeasance in collusion with the Russians. None of the convictions or indictments so far have anything to do with foreign interference in the 2016 elections, just shady bank transactions (which doesn’t surprise me either way being that politicians are all whores for sale anyway).

        So, no, it’s actually the blues. Again. Still. More.

  6. Gentlemen and ladies, the above article is 99+% BS and disinformation calculated to scare (or strongly concern) you and prepare you to act violently out of such fears. The majority of the people I have known in my 67 years have been moderately to extremely politically left-wing. Even the most extreme in their opinions and ambitions aren’t violent people. They don’t own or want to own any kinds of weapons unless you count some of the womens’ pepper spray.

    Fear is the easiest way that bad people try to manipulate others. Don’t let their disinformation make you afraid of left-wing people. The left wing here, mostly soft, privileged people with what they feel are benign intentions, are not and will never be a threat to you, your loved ones, or law and order in the USA.

    Appreciate your understanding.

    • First time here old timer?!? I am nearly 65. Most of my acquaintances are NOT left/lib/or progtard. I assume your buddies VOTE Democrat. THAT makes them the enemy no matter their “good intentions”. This article is 99% on target. I would ASSume you remember the 60’s and 70’s when your buddies bombed the innocent? Same deal except there is a quantum increase of good conservative armed Americans willing and able to defend their right’s. Understand😄

      • Richard Turyn is a left-wing radical.

        Aside from that, FWW I come to Highland/Hammond about 4-6 times a year. We should get together one of these days, even if it’s at Hammond Baptist. (I used to attend Central Baptist in East Chicago when Iived there.)

        I currently live in MI but I open carry in Indiana more than most Indiana residents do!

        • How do you know which Richard Turyn it is?!? Or IF? I’m not at Hammond Baptist every week as we are often working. I don’t see a fakebook page so I’m guesssing that’s your real name…how would everything work?

        • How do you know which Richard Turyn it is?!?

          Are there multiple Richard Turyns? Yes, that is my real name…Danny Lee Griffin. I never even thought about inking my facebook page to TTAG messages.

          I’m not worried about putting my real name out there. I used to be very active on another forum. I had cops, actual real cops, threaten me. I then posted my name, address, and phone number and invited them to come see me. Repeatedly I did this. I’m still here, they’re still hiding. And I’m talking State Police on down.

          Anyway, we can meet for coffee if you want one day. A meal is better, but coffee is adequate. I’ll see if I can link my facebook to the website link. Let’s see if this works.

    • Dip derp, people with brains don’t fear disagreement, or even squishy pinkos. The fear is a real and justified response to neckbearded Bolsheviks that masquerade around as Antifa and Black Bloc. That information is literally right in front of you, and you are trying to dismiss it because you are assuming it to be an attack against anyone with left-leaning views. It’s not.

    • “… The left wing here, mostly soft, privileged people with what they feel are benign intentions, are not and will never be a threat to you, your loved ones…”

      Nah Richard, they just flood the county will illegals, register them to vote with motor voter or city issued ID cards, and then tell them they will get free stuff if they vote for the democrats. Totally benign..

      So sick of this…for years the left’s intentions are completely clear, and here comes the useful idiot who starts telling people, “Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears, they deceive you, believe me. There is nothing to see here.”

      Open borders and free health care (among other things) for anyone that can make it here. Why would that be a threat? The left hates this country and that would seal the deal on the internal destruction of the U.S..

    • That’s not true at all. I’ve spent plenty of time around leftists. We all don’t live in some conservative backwater where the only time we see a liberal is on the news. I’ve got a ton in my family. I’ve interacted with actual left wing militias long before “antifa” was some soy bois wet dream. The left actually does have some very dangerous people in it. People who have absolutely no problem using violence as a means of progress. I know of one anti Christian group that physically assaults anyone wearing crosses. The difference is the media plays down these groups and plays up the right wing ones. And the right wing ones are simply far larger and far better organized.

    • Back in the ’80s, they were beating other communists in the head with baseball bats, and trying to con Black people into getting shot by the police as “martyrs”.

      They’re sniveling cowards [and racists].

      If a few of them stop some 139gr. 6.5s, they’ll evaporate like a morning mist over Taesong Dong.

      • Where in the 1980’s did you live? Because you’re just spouting out your ass unless you happened to live in Central America instead of the United States of America. It’s like you saw a history book once and confused the Vietnam War in the late 60’s for Reagan’s shining city on a hill of the 80’s.

        • Actually most of the regular ‘demonstration bombings’ were in the 1970s, not the sixties. Look up the Weathermen. Led by some guy named Bill Ayers, you might have heard of him, but certainly not on CNN.

        • I lived in Chicago where my lawschool advisor, an ANC member followed in their wake, trying to throw cold water on their racist attempts to get Black people to be their cannon fodder.

          There isn’t a dime’s worth of practical difference between the Aryan Brotherhood and [anti]fa. They’re both slimy racists and anti-Semites.

      • You and others who push the fear of “left-wing violence” are inventing threats, and people, and a “movement” that is imaginary and simply don’t exist. Don’t be manipulated by disinformation.

        • Antifa doesn’t exist? Did you read this article? Have you read the countless other articles or watched YouTube videos showing them in action? I’ve seen them in person. They are very real, and they very much want their political opposition dead.

        • You and others who apparently blatantly deny the existence of AntiFa, BAMN, and others while inventing “threats,” “people,” and “movements” on the right are pushing an imaginary fear that doesn’t exist. Stop spreading misinformation yourself and maybe people won’t be manipulated.

    • Richard, it is not about the garden variety progressive who only commit violence by proxy but a very small minority that makes up Antifa. Yes, all statists left and right commit violence by proxy. I have no idea of the relative sizes of left and right paramilitary organizations in the US though.

    • Peaceful good intentions, such as the Fabian Society whose stated aim is “the spread of socialism through covert means“?

      Your agents of influence in government, media, corporations, public service, and education are starting to get impatient for the promised utopia and are starting to act impulsively.

      Perhaps the left needs a purge before the revolution instead of afterwards.

    • Too bad that we have all these “soft” leftists on video trying to cave people’s heads in with bike locks. The left is a cancer. Sooner or later, it will need to be cut out.

    • Your comments are correct, this is designed to stir up hate agaisnthe left, and on a weekend where a state police force was found to have used a fake Antifa list to crack down on innocent americans

      It is propaganda and it is working

      • @LL — Neither his nor your comments are rooted anywhere in reality. This is actually designed to make people aware of current, demonstrable threats. You are trying to spread propaganda and it’s not going to work.

  7. It’s funny how in 2018, being a Libertarian (one who advocates against any environment where one may impose their will upon another) is tantamount to being a fascist.

    I would like to think that some level of intelligent discourse would help illuminate the fact that libertarianism or as a whole, liberty itself, is the antithesis of both fascism and tyranny. And communism. And jingoism. And autocracy. And… you get the picture.

    But the realist in me seriously doubts there could be any intelligent discourse with antifa types, even if we hate fascists as much as we hate communists. Intelligence being the prerequisite.

    • In the US in 2018 there are no “Libertarians”. Either a pot head or a progtard trying to hide. Is a silly irrelevant a classification. As those trying to attach the classical definition of “liberal” to the progtards of today.

      • Come on now there are but there is no libertarian party that i’d vote for just because you believe the constitution should be followed word for word doesn’t make you a liberal or a conservertive…

  8. Everyone knows who and what Antifa are. But the leftists in the media and government have allowed themselves to be put in the untenable position of being identified with them. So, now they are left with no alternative but to try to convince us that Antifa aren’t really who and what we all know they are. Which just erodes further any credibility they may have left, which can’t be much.

  9. I really wish they’d go back to playing D&D and WoW before hey hurt themselves…

    Remember Folks… Stay away from stupid whenever possible…

        • FedUp-yes plus kind of a coincidence. Honestly, who in their right mind does this **** nowadays. I used to play Zork. I learned C when no one knew what C was. I released PD software. I watch Big Bang Theory (they all should be shot).

          Back to the original topic. Antifa doesn’t want to mess with me, and I don’t want to mess with Antifa. But if it happens, the fight will be very lopsided.

        • Bah my buddies and I spend as much time talking about our new guns and winning with POTUS 45 as we do rolling the ole d20.

  10. Meh. I much more concerned with leftwing voters and pols than I am about tough talk from Antifa d-bags. However, they’re a bunch of clueless yet semi-organized violent, criminal @ssholes who need more serious attention than what they’ve gotten so far.

    Also, I could watch that vid of the Proud Boy one-punching Casper Milquetoast, Antifa Revolutionary, again and again. It’s hilarious.

  11. Off topic- did TTAG change hosting companies? I’ve been getting errors loading pages and empty pages returned for the last few weeks.

  12. Antifa is nothing but a bunch of clueless kids whose brains have been filled up with shit by liberal lefties of my generation (sorry). There aren’t nearly as many of them as media attention would seem to indicate, but local politicians who enable them can be a real problem in some locales.

    They want to start shooting, they will get creamed. After one or two exchanges – if they are really stupid enough to take things that far – I predict they will lose their taste for it.

    This is not the 1960s/early 1970s. Then we had real civil strife. Today we have pockets of punks who don’t represent much besides old lefties getting vicarious thrills and money from Soros types.

    I’m not losing any sleep over this.

    Cheers, everybody.

  13. Most leftists tend to be nice people who only get angry when they can’t resolve disagreement peacefully – by sending you to a concentration camp.

  14. ANTIFA consists of rapists, pedophiles, and betas. However, do not underestimate their stupidity and do not treat them with kid gloves, because kid gloves might turn them on.

  15. Soros and ilk of his genetic makeup want shootouts in the streets so they can disarm the American people. If a few useful idiots die in the process so be it. More where they came from. I suggest we avoid them and let them test their mettle against the police.

    • This is probably the best course of action. Let the state deal with them, and when/if they don’t, and that mob makes it’s way to your house to burn it down, act accordingly.

      I don’t have any desire to go out in public and scream back and forth with these absolutely, dumb as hell, people. If and when they come to me, I’ll handle it.

      • That rootless, restless, discontented, rapacious and revolutionary set of cynical international lenders, speculators and social subversives who dominate all non productive and exploitative industries and sectors (as well as this government) and cryptically—according to the ADL—referred to by the name “globalists.”


  16. Personally, I think this is just more basement BS by Antifa. But if it ain’t, there’s a lot of us they call “enemies”, that are trained, competent, and willing to engage them in battle. I’d not want to see it come to that. But as said and demonstrated throughout history, the other guy always gets a vote on it.

  17. Fascists bring it upon themselves. Use Nazi rhetoric like the alt-right bigots in this country, and you should expect an ass kicking. Literally the whole world went to war to defeat fascism and many of us will be damned to see it come slithering back. In all honesty, fuck anyone who believes otherwise.

    • Quite right.. this is 1933 redux. It must be stopped at all costs. Fascism must be destroyed.

      • You guys really are doing 1933 all over again — communists vs. fascists at the expense of everyone else.

        You’d best take care that your regressive historical larping doesn’t go too far. This isn’t Europe. Americans hate both sides of your ersatz “class struggle.”

    • So, the antifa fascists deserve the end that is coming to them? Glad to see you on board with their destruction, roy.

    • The Antifa definition of “fascist” is anyone who doesen’t hew to THEIR party line as defined at any given INSTANT.

      To these sniveling cowards, Rosa Luxemberg and Leon Trotsky would be “fascists”.

      They’re not “antifa”, they’re just “fa”, and like their brownshirted ancestors, they’re going to come to a bad [for them] end.

    • 99% of the alt right are just trying to get a rise out of intolerant leftists like yourself. Ever been to /pol/ on They’re a bunch of trolls. In the free market of ideas, fascism (and other authoritarian ideologies) generally aren’t taken seriously, and wouldn’t even make the news if not for idiots like yourself shouting about it all the time.

    • The world didn’t give a shit about fascism until Hitler got too big for his briches. I still think we should have just stood back and let the Nazis and the commies slug it out for a decade or two. The world would have been a much better place.

  18. Seriously now, the real threat of civil war is coming from the neo-fascists, the Tiki-torch neo-Nazis like those at Charlottesville. Antifa isn’t much of a threat at all to those who’ve actually seen them, they’re pipsqueaks. The extreme right wants a civil war because they feel threatened by blacks, Jews, Asians, Mexicans, Native Americans, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, women, liberals, et cetera… be honest now!

    • “Neo-Nazis”? More like “Neo-nullities”.

      They shot their wad in the early ’90s when they were threatening to kill me in usenet. They knew what would happen if they tried… so they didn’t try.

      There are about two dozen Nazis living in their mothers’ double-wides, making IMPOTENT threats with multiple IDs and downloading kiddie porn over dialup.

      This idea of some ultra-rightwing “threat” is laughable. They’re only a threat to unsupervised pre-pubescent boys.

      It’s Maoists beating people in the head with bike locks.

    • The only people who have attacked others are ANTIFA. What happened at that tiki torch rally? Nothing, until ANTIFA showed up and started waving guns around chasing cars into crowds.

  19. The first thing to do when encountering these assholes is to point at the biggest one and scream “GUN” at the top of your lungs… The rest will sort itself out in no time…

    • Far-right lunacy will get us to gun control faster than you can say Seig Heil. There’s no better way to discredit the NRA than to associate them with the new Trump Nazism.

      • No better way to get Trump re elected than to spotlight folks like you. More court appointees. Fewer and fewer dems in office. I see nothing but win-win.

        Keep strutting around in a bandits mask. Don’t be shocked when you get treated like a bandit.

      • Newsflash for you, pedophile; already happened… Just set up thesedumfuks, and let cops handle the situation… Go back to NAMBLA recruiting…

      • Anyone who thinks Trumps policies are anywhere near close to that of the Nazis has zero clue what the Nazis actually where, and zero education regarding the third Reich agenda. Idiots such as yourself, who have no clue what they are talking about, are watering down the term Nazi so much it’s losing all meaning. Just like you did with the term racist.

      • If you think Trump is FASCISM you really need to get back the history books, provided you haven’t already burnt the history books as a part of your revisions.

        If you met a real Fascist, you wouldn’t just wet yourself but foul yourself as well.

  20. ANTIFA mostly haunts Leftist controlled Cities. Let them cobble together their new “Red Army”. Most likely any attempt they make to use it will result in a serious confrontation with local PD’s because they will be in violation of “no open carry laws’, “assault weapons violations” and some number of other anti-gun laws put in place by the other Commies running the Locality.

    They NEED to try to force confrontations with “the other side” because those who cause Government entities grief first automatically become the outlaws the authorities have to deal with and forfeits any claim to legitimacy of their cause.

    If you have read any of ANTIFA’s other propaganda, you will know that they HATE EVERYBODY and are anarchists at heart who want no organized Society/Polity. Their only future is their own doom.

    Prepare to defend yourselves and your own, but otherwise refuse to take ANTIFA’s not very clever bait and make them piss-off the Local Authorities and make the Local Authorities use their resources to deal with ANTIFA.

    Sooner than later these amateur “revolutionaries” will screw-up and destroy themselves.

    • I bet you think of Manhattan, NY, Boston and San Francisco as left-wing controlled cities. How dramatic! Those cities are controlled by the real estate business.

      • We actually happen to know for a fact that NYC, San Fran, and Boston are controlled by the left. To argue otherwise is to out oneself as a liar, simple as that.

  21. For anyone who would like to pretend that the left is either not a threat, or that the far right is more of a threat, I would like to bring a few points up.

    Post 2016 election, I lost a good number of “friends” who were in hysterics that Trump had won, and were openly discussing violence as a “resistance” measure.
    One such person who didn’t immediately unfriend me on facebook, despite me calling him out, still posts increasingly radical far left propaganda, such as stuff that calls for a communist revolution, or at least alludes to one.

    These aren’t random schmucks paid to agitate by Soros and co.
    These are people who live in the same town as me, and who I’ve been / had been friends with since high school.

    Second point. Communism has a much higher death toll than any far right ideology, and while we, as Americans, should be wary of either, communist/socialist ideologies always seem to take root supringly easy, with their promises of social justice, and wealth for all.

    Articles like this aren’t fear mongering. They’re facing the reality of the changing politcal landscape of the US.

    • Anarchists and commies are two different animals, they could ally and tolerate each others to fight us, but ultimately one cannot exist with the other, and the idea some leftists believe muslims are their bff is even more laughable but that’s another topic. When I analyze the antifa phenomenon in the USA, I can immediately tell you it is a circus that will never become a huge deal outside of their cities. These people are confused, you see USSR or Che Guevara propaganda, then you see Anarchy stuff, and when they aren’t role playing I bet some wear Nike, Abercrombie…in Europe when the more legit commies and anarchists protest and riot, you do not see them mixing up. It often occurs during protests organized by unions. You have the different unions leading the way, then you have a smaller group of commies (mostly baby boomers, and a minority of millennial and college students), and finally at the end or around the protest the anarchists, some more determined than others. Even in Italy, Germany, or France where socialism and communism is far more normal than in the US, where people do not carry firearms for SD, the show never goes far. Commies and anarchists have killed (bombing, shooting) in Europe in the past, but it was another kind of crazies for many reasons.

  22. There is a lot of talk about commies and fascists and Nazis these days, but I wonder how many of those using these historical and political terms have ever studied the Nazis or the Communists, how many have ever actually gone beyond the worse than useless education they received in public schools about these complex social movements. And how many that have done so have even considered looking through, past or beyond the wartime and post wartime propaganda and their own native obscurantism to try to learn who were the “good guys” and who were the “bad guys” of WWII behind all these labels. Having only scratched the surface of non-establishment, non-Allied victors’ historiography myself I have come to appreciate the fact that things are not so simple. One could start to remove the blinders by examining the works of David Irving so as to strike a more balanced and nuanced position on these complex matters.

    • There’s nothing “nuanced” about Nazis or Marxists.

      Between the two of them, they’ve killed more than 100,000,000 people in the last hundred years.

      They’re nothing more than homicidal sociopaths with juvenile domination fantasies. Where they gain power, millions die.

      • The Nazis killed a fraction of what Stalin alone did. Add in his buddy Mao and it’s not even a contest. The reality is that in WWII we fucked up by backing Stalin. We should have left Russia swinging in the wind and fought a defensive war in Europe until Hitler got taken out by his own officers and Germany could have been brought to the negotiating table.

        • Eat a bag of wieners, “derp…Nazi’s are alright….derp”

          Between 70-85 Million people died in WW2, including 419K American’s, and neither China or Russia started that one. Oh, other people killed lots of people too, at other times in other places. That’s just other shitheads.

        • Derp, we backed the 1st and 2nd most murderous despots in human history against the third. From where I sit, that’s seems stupid. But hey, I can do basic math.

        • RogueVal wrote: Between 70-85 Million people died in WW2, including 419K American’s, and neither China or Russia started that one,

          RogueVal you fail world history 101. the Soviet t union was ALLIED with the Nazis at the start of the war. They did not ‘start” it??? The soviets invaded Poland and ended Poland’s existence. Their secret agreement to rape and destroy Poland was the REASON for the start of the war!

          And the Soviets killed WAY more civilians in the 20th century and enslaved hundred of millions. your contention that Hitler murdered more than Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin is literally absurd.

          Antifa, BLM and the left wing violent groups in the US are much larger and more violent. their violence also receives support from the Democrat leadership mainstream.

        • Derp, we backed the 1st and 2nd most murderous despots in human history against the third. From where I sit, that’s seems stupid. But hey, I can do basic math.

          The Nazis were the immediate threat.

          We later recruited Nazi scientists to assist us in the Cold War against the Soviets.

          We later allied with the mujahedeen against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

  23. As we have discussed this before on TTAG.
    The police dont have to protect you if they don’t want to.

    The Warren v D.C (2005) case is out of date. Now it’s your elected officials, people you voted for, who say they don’t have to send the police to protect you.

    If anyone decides, to counter protest in the future, I highly suggest you take out “gun fighter” insurance. Because these crazy atheists will seek and provoke a physical confrontation.

    • I’m too old to be playing games with ANTIFA or anyone else. But not to old to pull a trigger, if the need arises. But it will be on my terms, not theirs.

    • Warren vs. DC was 1981.

      If you are going to cite court cases get the dates right or don’t mention them at all.

  24. all i can say is keep wearing the bright orange masks dumbasses

    they stand out extremely well against almost any urban or rural background

    you wont be safe inside of 500 yards

    you will rue the day

    see: isoroku yamamato/a rifle behind every blade of grass/awakened a sleeping giant

  25. Considering that most of the far-left violent types are intercity, urbanites and by their nature can’t grow crops or butcher livestock, a civil war wouldn’t last more than a few months. A country boy can survive.

  26. After reading the comments above, I think to many at TTAG underestimate the possible threat of left wing violence. You have to remember that these people don’t believe in God, the Republic or even themselves. They have never been educated in history, philosophy, politics, or natural law. Government schools have left them unequipped to deal with sophisticated messaging. People that inhabit Anti-fa and the like are easily swayed because they have never actually understood who they themselves were and are. All that is needed is a Hitler, a Lenin or a Mao who understands the mob and knows how to ride the angst, and suddenly the crowd goes from brown shirts to black shirts. (The 1930s-40s Variant) Yeah it’s funny to laugh at the feeble, pasty, spoiled rich kid throwing a punch for the first time in their life but give it 5 years a little training and suddenly they become a real threat to freedom, liberty, and truth.
    People who love the good that our forefathers gained for us better start getting involved, voting, and making public argumentation an art form.
    Finally they should keep there powder dry.

    • That’s one reason I continue to make the Al Queda analogy. Al Queda fighters weren’t exactly strong, well trained, hardasses like Spetznatz. But they’ve killed probably near a million people in their existence through cowardly but brutal acts. Al Queda in Iraq couldn’t even stand against the piss poor Iraqi Army like the other insurgent groups could, but Al Queda killed far more people through their terror style tactics.

      • Religiously brainwashed folks and our antifa clowns are two different beasts. Keep in mind some Al Qaeda, ISIS etc are from horrible countries. Some grew up oppressed, poor, starving, and in the middle of wars. I say “some” as we know Europeans etc have joined ISIS, Al Qaeda, and more will join, but again there is a strong notion of religious brainwashing there. They reach a point of non return where they accept death (martyrs) as part of their purpose on earth. You very rarely find that in anything politically motivated, as people know they have way too much to lose, especially in a country like ours. Antifa also lacks the mindset of the resilient folks defending their homeland (Vietnam, or Taliban vs the Soviets), and obviously they did not grow up in such harsh conditions so they are softer individuals who will give up much faster.

  27. I’m a peaceful person. I don’t scream at people, I don’t get in anyone’s face, and I go out of my way to be no problem for anyone. If I ever walked into some protest or demonstration, I would turn around and walk away from any confrontation rather than contribute to a brouhaha.

    But if you threaten to hurt me or mine for whatever reason, I will end you. And I will feel as bad about it as I do when flushing a commode.

    • ^This. Though I’m pretty sure I’d feel bad about it if I was forced to hurt someone in self defense. Wouldn’t stop me from doing it, though.

  28. Two words: Bring It.
    See, those on the Right have something that the Left will never have. More Guns. They might have a few crappy rifles and some pistols with their allowance from mommy and I’d say maybe one spare mag at most. We have more guns. Guns we can give to our friends and neighbors who are willing to fight alongside us. Most have much better guns. Reluctantly, I don’t have better guns, but I still have multiple guns. However, we also all have some form of body armor. Myself included. Anybody can shoot. Some can shoot well. Very few can shoot after being shot, and we seem to have realized this last fact. We have also spent more time with our guns. We can clear a jam better, perform maintenance better, and more accurately shoot our guns.

    But, I will cede some points to the Leftists. They are more willing to use terrorist tactics. They are more willing to harm innocent civilians. They are more willing to shoot indiscriminately. They are also more willing to run away when shit really goes down.

  29. Antifa will instigate one of two bits of violence that will cause their demise. Choice 1 is a repeat of the Death to the Klan rally as in Greensboro NC 1979. Many Antifa types shot. Some killed. Police stood by. Choice 2 is an action in one of their typical left wing cities that gets out of hand. They physically attack a CCW carrier or a cop, maybe an off duty cop. Antifa shot and killed. This sparks a 1960’s style riot except governor calls in State Police if mayor allows the rioting. Antifa shot and killed because State Police. Antifa crawls back into its hole.

  30. From where I sit, a guy with a commie flag and a gun is no different than a guy in 3rd SS gear with a gun. Both are legitimate targets the second they do anything to present even the vaguest hint of a threat.

  31. There is no discourse possible with ANTIFA, and that is by design. They are not stupid, in fact many of them are college professors and associate professors. They know perfectly well their philosophy leads to violence and civil war – that is exactly the point. They want to provoke a violent response that will trigger a civil war, martial law, UN troops and the end of America. Don’t take the bait. ANTIFA are nothing but stage props in a preplanned fake narrative. The globalists have to take down America before they can impose total control over the planet.

  32. I always find it odd that these antifa pedocrats call everyone who disagrees with them Nazis when the pedocrats/antifa are actually the Nazis. Hitler and the Nazis were leftist pedophiles who hated freedom. Antifa are also leftist pedophiles who hate freedom.

  33. I’ve been mulling this over for part of the day as I ran errands (and I’ve been letting the comment section grow just to see what people have to say). Here’s my $0.02, rather short (for my rambling ass at least) since I covered this in depth like a year ago. (Reposted, most courteously, by John Boch here:

    There are definitely some very, very dangerous people on the far Left. I don’t much care what they call themselves (Antifa, The Weather Underground, Tom’s Chicken and Waffles or whatever). They’re dangerous, violent and looking for a fight. Talking about “right wing groups” at this point is fucking stupid. Whatever you think of Trump or his followers your average person wearing a MAGA hat is not a violent fucktard. Your average person wearing the “Black Bloc” outfit is, on the threat scale, a much higher priority unless you’re a violent fucktard who agrees with them. If you disagree with this then, well, you’re dumb. Sorry, it’s statistics and the current statistics say it’s the Left that are the worrisome ones.

    Now, I still don’t think civil war cometh. I stand by my statements from long ago. However, I would point out that anyone who says this is a bunch of basement dwellers is a fool and unfortunately I see a lot of that flavor of stupidity (or maybe chicanery) here. Such people would do well to read up on how much trouble the Red Army Faction caused in Germany before their eventual demise (which btw was political rather that violent). A small group of assholes can cause a hell of a lot of trouble. Germany had the RAF, we had The Weather Underground (a group that gave up violence only after one of their members fucked up and killed a bunch of WU members when his bomb blew it’s wad early) and the idea that such groups can’t make a resurgence and cause a TON of trouble is, at absolute best, intellectual tomfuckery. They can, and left to their own devices, they probably will return in some form.

    Unfortunately sooner rather than later given the polarized political climate we have today. Fortunately, the chances that you meet any of them is low (unless you go looking for them) and the chances you have a violent confrontation with any of them are therefore, by definition, lower still.

    • They are basement dwellers sort of speaking. Show me videos of them putting a good fight when: The cops are not ordered to stand down, their enemy is organized and ready to fight back, or they are not in a cesspool like Berkeley or Portland.
      Again I am in a corner of FL where we have leftists, but I have never seen anyone parading as an anarchist. If the mental midgets were attacking people and destroying property, it would go horribly wrong for them. And that’s in a relatively multicultural, politically divided, and touristic part of Florida.
      I tolerate them to be honest, as long as they keep pooping where they are eating. The moment they have the brilliant idea to start their circus here, and give me one lawful reason to use force it’s all fair game.

      • I suggest you read up on the RAF and WU.

        Confrontation isn’t really their style. Bombings and Dallas style shootings are more their kinda thing.

  34. You can find footage (other than the excellent videos above) of the antifa scums getting a spanking in their own playgrounds in Portland and California.
    I live in a corner of FL where I see humans everyday, not just gators, and I have not seen any anarchist or commie showing their colors. We have liberals, we have minorities, immigrants, illegals, LGBTQ, you name it…every once in a while you may spot a “resist” or “impeach” bumper sticker, but for one of those you’ll see 50 Molon Labe, MAGA, Hillary for Prison, God bless America, support our troops etc. Again, I am not even in the most conservative part of FL, and FL is far from being the most conservative State.
    The overwhelming majority of these folks are not desperate or oppressed to the point they’ll risk (consciously) their lives (think revolutions through history, militias in Africa and Asia, Talibans…). They back up very quick as soon as they figure the enemy is going to fight and/or the cops have been ordered to do something. It doesn’t take a brave man (or woman) to throw stuff at people and yell like an idiot. Most of these clowns are soft, they did not grow up in a shiithole country, they did not serve, they never had to work hard, and everything has been handled to them either by their parents or the “government”. This is some sort of role playing, and a bunch of idiots seeking a “clan” because as individuals they know they are mediocre. It’s funny seeing them wearing and displaying Soviet colors. I cannot think of many roles these idiots could have taken in URSS, surely not fighting the Nazis in Stalingrad (or anyone anywherre), not even with a miracle considering the beta males and retarded drugged up “females” I have seen in many antifa videos.
    Anyway, here we are on TTAG shiiting our pants because we are hearing/reading “war” and “guns” from punks in tight jeans, junkies, unemployed lazy motherlovers, attic trolls, nerds gone mad, VIP members of planned parenthood, and the 26 years old “kid” still trying to figure out his future with the community college advisor.

  35. I follow this stuff pretty seriously. Some things you all need to know:
    The organization behind antifa is BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), run by Shanta Driver (who you should look up) and her former law partner Eileen Scheff, who is also a member of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) and said “I call on all progressive people … to defend NAMBLA and it’s right to advocate for consensual sex regardless of age”. NAMBLA is described as an “ally” of the RWL (Revolutionary Workers League), which is the parent organization of . . . BAMN.
    So, if you’re following so far, yes, some (very real) self-described radical communist pedophiles from California are the actual pinko-commie circle-jerk kiddy-diddlers behind all this bullshit. The Mayor of Berkley (the guy who told the cops to stand down during the riots that prevented Milo Yiannapoulos from speaking there) is an admitted proud member of BAMN (look at his facebook page).
    You may have also seen BAMN’s Yvette Falarca appear on Tucker Carlson – here’s a good primer on her:
    It was just a few days ago that Don Lemon was openly siding with antifa on national TV.
    I myself am torn between not wanting to see anyone get hurt and waiting for the day antifa finally does something not even the mainstream media (Pravda/TASS) can ignore or excuse. It’ll be open season.
    #mccarthywasright, #seriouslymccarthywasright, #makethepurgereal, #thestreetswillrunredwiththebloodofthenonbelievers, #imyourhuckleberry, #iwishamotherfuckerwould

    • thank
      s the tucker link that useless trotsky freak (full disclosure- i like the antifa i knew since 1999, not like her. and all very against nihilists. good people. anyway— her history rewrite sucks since antifa in prewar germany had brown shirts on the one side and commies on the other, fighting both, not allied with the soviet totalitarians any more than the nazi totalitarians. I have wondered where the big bucks clothing donations are from. so many say sorros, but im not buying it. maybe two rough trade boys of the tom of finland sort, who met after a church of scientology evening, decided the move to weaponize the mentally ill in austin texas u of t (read about that one, they claimed to be rad commies doing this cause like capitalism drives people psychotic.) was great and what could they do to spread a little chaos. so rather than recruit they did like the old sufi parable One day the devil was defending himself against charges of doing terrible stuff; he told the accusing man to “watch this”, he loosened a goats tether, it got loose. people tried to get it. eventually destruction everywhere. “see, “says the devil. “All I did? , i just loosed that stake a bit.” give em some shinny black boots, a sense of purpose. voila instant recruits. hey we just bought his some clean clothes. poor guy was in rags…

  36. It has happened before and it will happen again. Riots, lootings, murders, rapes, you name it. From Russia to LA.
    If you think “The Government will keep us safe” there are hundreds of millions of dead bodies who will say otherwise.

    If you don’t take necessary precautions like loads of ammo, rations, light body armor for common weapons, first aid kits, etc., all I can say is you get when you had coming. Peace is just fragile state until someone decides to mass murder.

  37. These masked idiots will make EXCELLENT target practice!! I have another piece of advice for them…..the next time they want to burn MY flag…I’d like for them to wrap themselves in it first!!! I have absolutely NO REGARD for these people or their filthy, despicable lifestyle…as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t give them air if they were in a jug!!!

  38. Antifa, Portland and the Proud Boys reminds me of 1918-1919 German Revolution and the Spartacist Uprising of 1919. Socialist and Communists attempting to overthrow the government and the rise of the Right wing Freikorps opposing them.
    Ineffective government, warring socialist and right wing militias in the street, leading to disillusioned citizenry and well we know what came next.

    These Antifa types and their supportive government allies may find the only Nazis they face are the ones they create.

  39. I don’t believe a single everloving word of anything you jokers say to be true. I remember last year when you clods were all hyped up that “Antifa Super Soldiers” were going to start a revolution on November 4 with “weapons to surpass metal gear” and then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED.

    I spent so much money on supplies it put a strain on my marriage. I BELIEVED IN YOU. Do you realize I looked like a damned FOOL to my nieces and nephews? They outright LAUGHED in my face and told me “metal gear” was from a damned VIDEO GAME.

  40. Train, train, and train some more. Be fit and be ready. Hope for the best and prepare for a war. Enough said.

  41. I would not be so quick to dismiss this bunch in Austin or their affiliates.

    From the link in the article:

    “Red Guards Austin is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist collective based in Austin, TX. Working to build the Communist Party alongside Red Guards Los-Angeles, Red Guards Kansas City, Red Guards Pittsburgh and Red Guards Charlotte.”


    Consider one of the ways that Mao accomplished his goals.

    “At a secret meeting in the Jinjiang Hotel in Shanghai dated March 25, 1959, Mao specifically ordered the party to procure up to one third of all the grain, much more than had ever been the case. At the meeting he announced that “To distribute resources evenly will only ruin the Great Leap Forward. When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill.”

    I’m not implying that the Austin group or others at this time have the ability to do this, but it is indicative of how they think. And if given the opportunity and political backing of certain politicians that are running for office, they will do many of the same things that Mao did with the goal of purging the country of all opposition.

    • Oh, absolutely. That’s the reason they are so keen to control healthcare and other basic needs to the greatest extent possible. Denying the basic needs of life is so much safer, effective, and efficient than direct violence. People won’t obey your will, just starve them. And now that people are proportionally even more reliant on others to provide food for them (far fewer family farms now), we are even more vulnerable to the tactic.

    • 74 million people starved to death in Mao’s China in less than 4 years. If memory serves, this was in the 1970’s, long after the “people’s revolution”. This was the worst mass slaughter in human history. Our largest tech companies (and Hollywood as well) cooperate with the oppressive government that still venerates Mao and punishes anyone who dares even talk about this fairly recent act of democide.

  42. Mr. O boasts of a 30 thousand man army at his disposal.. I would say only if the money is good… Patriotism is in the shape of a dollar sign.

  43. “Hopefully this is nothing more than fanciful talk from the radical left and will go nowhere.”

    Don’t count on it. Sure, most “Antifa” are just angry brats who were improperly potty-trained, but there are enough Bill Ayers — Weather Underground — FALN — BLA wannabees among the great unwashed to do a lot of damage.

    Some of them will blow themselves up, like Terry Robbins and Diana Oughton. Some, like Ayers, will blow up government or corporate buildings (which is why a lot of companies are kowtowing to the Left, hoping to avoid being blown up). Some will be shot down like the dogs that they are. And some will become successful Democrat politicians or educators of your children’s children.

  44. Well, don’t worry about it. We have JWT on our side. Heard he was some kind of super duper heavy duty uber operating uber operator. He will kill them with a blow of his thunder fists!

  45. The big bad scary army will have to leave democrat controlled cities for their glorious revolution.
    Shhh…don’t tell the useless idiots that they will be first against the wall should the dictatorship of the proletariat come to pass.

  46. When confronted by the red army ,break out your pepper spray and hand held stun guns.Use them on them and then piss all over them!!!!!!

  47. They should be careful what they wish for. They may just get their wish. I for one say, Bring it!

    Had a conversation with a friend yesterday (not a gun guy) and I invited him to go shooting. May be a convert, we’ll see. He said he did not have a gun, I said not to worry I will take care of that. He asked where we can buy ‘bullets’, I said I will take care of that. He asked how many ‘bullets’ do I have. I half-jokingly told him that I am ready and waiting for the revolution. We laughed. If only he knew……

  48. I really hate violence, but if we are going to do this can it be at 1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. I need to be home by two to mow the lawn.

  49. Just about time for us peaceful gun owners to show them the devastation we are able to carry out on this terrorist group. After the first massacre, they will be done for a long time!

  50. Their perceived power is only in liberal cities and in large numbers. If they attempt their shit by bringing it to the red part of this nation they won’t return alive. Patriots won’t heed to their close quarter tactics. Head shots with scoped hunting rifles from 200 yards away that they won’t even hear being fired….starting with the ones in the back..These fools will run like chickens..when heads start exploding..

  51. Public Officials who in the face of masked vandals order the police to stand down should suffer the following:

    1. Immediate dismissal, with loss of any and all employment related benefits.
    2. Criminal prosecution for grand larceny based on their non-performance of employment responsibilities.
    3. Additionally, the non-performing law officers, aka police agencies should, under penalty of law, be required to explain their non-performance.

  52. In Virginia it’s against the law to wear a mask in public. In the two recent protest in Charlottesville, why didn’t our prior Democrat governor and the current Democrat Governor (Governor Ralph Northam) order the arrest and prosecution of any and all ANTIFA members wearing a mask, be arrested and tried in court. If the radical right had worn mask you can rest assured they would have been arrested.

    The fact Governor Northam didn’t apply the law equally speaks volumes as to his allegiance to the leftist and Socialist radicals identified as “ANTIFA”

  53. Hey, we already had to defend ourselves against the Left’s primary voting block of welfare druggies, criminals and illegals. Then we had to protect ourselves from the Muslim terrorists the Left loves to cozy up to. Now, they’re pushing it up to the next level just like Chairman Mao teaches, to open insurgency. The Left has always been the home of the loonies, the haters, and the people who want to destroy society but have nothing to rebuild in its place. All I can say is “Bring it.” Everyone in my family is trained, legally armed at all times, and prepared to defend ourselves from whoever chooses to try to target us. In other words, this changes nothing.

  54. If antifa truly wants to stop the fascists they will have to stop themselves. They are the brownshirts of the 21st century.

  55. I am concerned that leftist professors have corrupted thousands of our children into becoming hate filled zealots for the DNC Socialist Party. The attacks on innocent people that dare support a strong economy, safe streets, prosperity for all, over democrat demands to end free speech, and spread socialist limits on our freedoms are real. The DNC has corrupted Federal Officials and promoted a Coup D’Etat against our President for doing his job. They want another Obama to spread racial hatred and support Islamic terrorism.

  56. if we dig will we find Hillary and Obama behind door number one? and if this is supposed to be a “red guard” why are they wearing orange? they really that stupid? and red guard has been done before, aarp standing behind Hillary, those in venezualla, and the communist countries, well guess I am right about them being communist after all. and also they are anti gun right? but now they have guns, AND passed a background check to get them. and I ‘ll bet they have the demoKratic ( communist scumbags) party behind them supporting their every move.

  57. Exhibit N * answering: “Why does anyone need** an assault-style weapon***, or high-capacity magazine?****”

    * Where “N” is a large integer.

    ** Demonstration of “need” is not required.

    *** Meaningless in use. But if y’all want to ban it, I’m making the argument that it’s useful.

    **** Also meaningless. Mags are made things. Whatever a mag’s size — and sometimes size does matter — it has the *appropriate* capacity. A “high-capacity magazine” has the appropriate capacity for whatever is being done with it, or whoever is using it would have chosen a different size.

    “High-capacity” bans aren’t bans on things; they are bans on uses.

  58. Soon as civil unrest happens then martial law will happen. There isn’t anything this civil war is gonna solve.

    • Martial Law certainly isn’t going to do anything but keep the pot from boiling over, and only for a short time at that. it will do nothing to simmer the heat causing the tempest in the first place.

      • The truth is, we needed martial law back in 1993.

        There were drive-by shootings daily. Children slept in bathtubs to avoid getting hit by stray gunfire. Kids were being killed for the shoes on their feet.

        In the meantime, we had this huge United States Army, and the Cold War recently ended. With the threat overseas dealt with, why could we not deploy them here to deal with the enemies at home?

        We needed to abolish the civil authority that failed to protect us. We needed APC’s and tanks driving down out streets, with pillboxes on every corner.

        We needed to give the Army total control, so that they could conduct searches, detain people, and requisition supplies as they saw fit to deal with the crisis on our streets. We needed to give them unlimited funding, just like the Office of Independent Counsel had unlimited funding.

        That was what should have been done then.

        We were at war. Make no mistake, we were at war.

        • Nah. Been there, done that, in a manner-of-speaking. Did a tour in Iraq. That was more than enough for me. Don’t want to see that shit Stateside. That’s some 1984-esque shit you’re proposing, right there.

  59. Let’s be really clear here on the political name calling we have going on.
    first off as I was reading the comments I saw a response to the term Ultra Right wing.
    The young person responding did not even know what Ultra Right Wing meant.
    So let us clear that up right now. The extreme right wing of a political group or of the political spectrum.
    Ultra Left Wing. The extreme left wing of a political group or of the political spectrum.
    This is about opposing political views to the very extreme.
    An yes both have the potential to cause violence, to misdirect for political gain and so forth. Here what we are talking about is a group who’s ideology is corrupt from the beginning. They are very clearly stating their first choice is violence and to entice violence against our current form of government. This is hate speech and is punishable under current American law. You may counter and say it is protected under the 1st
    amendment to the Constitution. You would be very wrong in thinking this and so are they. The physical acts of violence makes them a hate group and they should be dealt with harshly and swiftly. Their only function is to cause unrest amongst the ignorant.

  60. Antifa are a bunch of ignorant cowards. Let a bunch of bikers pull up, and watch those punks run home to mommy. These idiots are the product of the left wing nut jobs!

  61. If you did any real research (I did, curiosity is worth a lot) you’d know the true history of Antifa, their fight against nazism in 30s, to modern beliefs in NO gun laws and arming the masses as the best way to guarantee justice for all. They dont see “us” as enemies, only those that are openly supporting racism and violence towards whitewing opposition. They hate ignorant liberals too – so there is that…

    Seeking out doctored and edited youtubez vids, plus other factless propoganda to support a personal belief is the exact opposite of “truth”…

    Ill err on the side of the people that hate nazis, versus the people that just “dislike em, but meh, they’re white and vote republican…” (See UVA, where proud boys and oath kreepers held hands, waved nazi flags, and fired shots at kids – plus some guy that ran over a crowd, killing a young woman…) Id say arming up is a fair reaction to the violent rhetoric of those guys.

    • No, I’ve read the ‘true history of antifa’ where they were just as bad as the brownshirts, and acted identically. They beat up on fascists and people who refused to join the Party alike. Most modern antifa are little kids that want to play communist revolutionary before going home to their parent’s spare room after Daddy bails them out for the fifth time.

      Proud boys and oathkeepers fired no shots. If they did, the police would have dragged them to prison, considering Charlottesville’s mayor is so blue he is shifting to ultraviolet.

  62. I trained with a Right Texas Militia and these Leftys don’t want to go against the Firepower of this Professionally Trained Unit that is formed into 3 Brigades. The long gun is your appendage. As ranges close, it provides depth. Until it’s time to transition to Hand guns and eventually Hand to Hand. There is no backing up, aggression is King. Separation comes only when Civil Authorities Request/Demand or the Threat is neutralized. We trained once a month with Range time at every opportunity. These Leftys better bring their A game because anything less is gonna be a Rout. God Bless Texas/ God Bless America.

  63. The 13th Texas (light) is basically made up of Conservative Tradesmen who are tired of illegals taking our Work/ our livelihood by Underbidding us because they don’t pay taxes, pay a fair wage, even to their own people. But when we Bid a Job, we can only hope the Homeowner recognizes that we are Professionals that are gonna use quality materials and are gonna be there to warranty the Job and not run off with half of their property. We are about 1/2 Ex-military and half 4Fs that couldn’t get in the military because of minor medical conditions (Flat Feet and the like). So we are the everyday people you see at the Gas Station or Stop to really answer your questions at Lowe’s. I won’t name specific numbers, but we are in the 4 digits, in at least three locations.
    But we are the Free Thinking Guys. These Leftys have a Bigger Problem and that comes from our Ultra Conservative Neighbors. The ____ Texas Militia. These are the Guys that sleep good, because the bring their sheets. We have very little to do with them. Basically to agree on the Flank positions. And just enough Training to have an understanding on Tactics. These Are THE Guys that Scare US. They are Definitely the PIT BULLS. The Leftys better have Good Insurance when these Boys are off the Chain. That’s all I can say, don’t want them pissed at me.

  64. Antifa doesn’t deserve this publicity. They will however get their names in the paper if they start that crap down here in the South! Look under the obituaries to find them!

  65. WOW so much misinformation in one article! Ignorance abound, and you just keep spreading the lies!

    • Tell that to the old man who just got a crowbar used on his head by Antifa Terrorists. Same to the reporter who got violently attacked. Your the misinformed one!

  66. The article you posted is dead wrong about Antifa or Anti Fascist Action. Antifa DOES NOT want a Civil War. The photo you have posted of the people in the red bandanas with the yellow hammer and sickle logos are called the Red Guard and have several small outfits throughout the country.

    Antifa is not an organized group with a chain of command and have NOTHING to do with Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals. They operate on some simple rules.

    1)The idea in Antifa is that they go where they Right Wingers and Hate Groups go.
    2) That hate speech is not free speech.
    3)That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that.
    4) And so they go to cause conflict, to shut them down where they are, because they don’t believe that Nazis, Fascists, KKK, Homophobes, Neo-Confederates, Racists, White Supremacists, Islamophobes, Fake Christians, Proud Boys, and any Militias that protect these people of any stripe should have a mouthpiece.
    5) They don’t cooperate with the police by giving them information.
    6) They never ask for police protection or permits.
    I didn’t just make this stuff up for my health. When you post stories about one side or the other talking or wanting Civil War it’s irresponsible at best. I doubt you will post this, but I hope you at least read it.

    Thank you,
    Mark Rosen
    US Army Gulf War Vet

    • Mark, I call BS. Sorry. I remember before I moved out of L.A. stuff that happened to an antifa gathering (where there were no eeeevul right wingers, this is L.A. after all) because they stepped outside the terms of their permits…

    • You’re either retarded, pantyfa or a liar. Antifa not a group? With the uniforms, identity flag and such? You commies say you aren’t a group so you can try and doge accountability for your actions but guess what you aren’t fooling anyone. The mafia used to say they weren’t real either. You’re dumb.

  67. HELLO ! It’s NOT difficult to get “GOOD” quality guns in America dummies.
    Ummm, criminals use STOLEN guns.

  68. The British Redcoats wore red uniforms specifically to hide blood when soldiers were shot.
    It seems Antifa is aware of this historical fact.
    That will serve them well.

    • No they wore red uniforms because they were cheaper to make than other colors. Do some homework.

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