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Gun guru Todd Jarrett tells it like it is. Allegedly.

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  1. what happened to nobody past the shooting line? when he got to 15 yards (?) there was a number of people in front of the 15 yard mark.

    on a side note i demonstrated this to a friend of mine. just because you have a shotgun, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to aim. he had a “but the movies told me so” moment.

  2. Even with #8 at 25 yds the pattern isn’t all that large. It will kill a bird, but it (most likely) won’t kill anything larger. It WILL probably make it want to flee/lay down for a bit.

  3. The SHOTGUN (with TAP 00Buck, not Birdshot) and the .223 ARE truly THE MOST Superior Home-Defense Weapons by way of hardest-dumping and least over-penetration of all Home-Defense-class Weapons. YES, the .223 as well!

    They are THE LOUDEST, EAR-DEAFENING of the bunch too, unfortunately, disqualifying them for most families.

    • Having shot some rather telling holes in brick (not cinderblock) walls with 5.56×45 I can’t agree with the assertion that it is less penetrating than most, if not all handgun cartridges.


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