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Matthew Desha (courtesy

Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions recently advised the rest of the civilian disarmament industrial complex to avoid waving the bloody shirt. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagators at The Trace didn’t get the memo. Or chose to ignore it. Why wouldn’t they? Reduce the antis’ arguments to facts and rational thought and they ain’t got game. Anyway, surprise! The Trace has added race card playing to the usual bloody shirt waving.

Check this out from their email blast:

A man is accused of fatally shooting a woman after he ran a red light and crashed into her car. Matthew Ryan Desha, 29, has been charged with killing 53-year-old Deborah Pearl, whom he shot after an accident in Solon, Ohio on Saturday morning, reported. Desha, who is white, reportedly ran a red light and hit Pearl’s car, causing his Jeep to flip several times. He emerged from the wreckage holding a rifle, and a witness said Pearl, who is black, had her hands up when he fired [killing Pearl]. Desha was out on bond for his second concealed weapons violation at the time of the crash.

Did Mr. Desha shoot Ms. Pearl because she was black? If Mr. Desha had been black and Ms. Pearl white, would The Trace have reported this story differently? Or is The Trace just another left-leaning media outlet ready, willing and able to stoke racial hatred to further its agenda? Perish the thought.

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  1. I thought Ohio was shall issue? How is he getting concealed weapons violations unless he’s a prohibited person?

    Somewhere in Ohio a trailer park is missing its idiot.

      • And the permits are only good for handguns, not rifles.
        The charges he has were likely added on when he got arrested for something before.

    • Things work differently when one chooses to carry legally. It’s a whole new world you wouldn’t understand.

      • Attention whoring, again, matt? There’s no such thing as illegal carry. It’s not a crime to exercise your civil rights. Murder is illegal.

        Not that i’d expect a proggie marxist gun control advocate such as yourself to understand that.

        • Not true. It’s illegal to carry into a courthouse, a federal building, a prison, a post office, a bar (in some states), Canada, etc.
          Immoral and illegal have some overlap, but they’re not the same.

        • I’m starting to understand why you hold the California individual state record for most defensive gun uses/brandishings.

        • JasonM. Are those restrictions legal under 2a?

          Gray Man. Good to have you on record as supporting gun control. But since you’re nothing more than a troll I expect your stance to change on a whim.

        • Illegal to carry in Canada is acceptable under the Constitution because the constitution does not apply outside the US. Otherwise, those restrictions are unconstitutional as well as silly. I have carried in post offices probably 100 times, who cares? In bars, probably 1000 times, who cares? SHOOTING someone may be illegal, keeping and bearing cannot.

  2. If the shooter was black the story would have looked like this- there was a shooting following a car accident today and now on to Jim with the weather.

  3. Sounds like the system has failed once again. This murdering scum had a history of illegally carrying handguns, threatening behavior, road rage and drug use. He had even been arrested twice for illegally concealing a firearm but was not jailed or apparently helped or institutionalized for his PTSD.

    It’ so unfortunate that Deborah Pearl was in the wrong place at the wrong time, my sympathies go out to her and her family and may she rest in peace.

    I hope that the perpetrator gets punished to the full extent of the law.

    This will of course get used by the antis as an example of a previous law abiding concealed carrier going ‘postal’….

    • Meh. Guy emerges from horrendous wreck with a rifle and shoots you, I’m thinking that if I am faced with that situation I will die. Whuppin’ out my compact 9 while still trying to shake the impact out of my head and then shooting this guy through the windshield before he can get a rifle round to me is not real practical.

  4. The Trace article is more subtle about its attack on concealed carry. They make it sound as if the killer had a concealed carry license, and had violated laws governing concealed carry. I have not seen any mention in any news sources that he had an Ohio CCW. Police had found firearms on him when they searched him on suspicion of other crimes.

    • That’s not subtle. They’re trying to make it look as if all legal concealed carriers are just one fender bender from mass murder.

    • That’s basically what I was going to say; more willful and insidiously false “reporting” by the media. Not surprised, not even a little bit.

  5. The guy was seriously crazy. He ran a red light, caused a major wreck, exited his upside down SUV, retrieved his Stag Arms AR, advanced on the woman he t-boned, and murdered her. Witnesses said they could hear her screaming before he killed her.

    Time for the wood chipper. He needs to be punished for his crime, and the world protected from a rabid dog.

    • How can you get into road rage when *you* ran a red light and t-boned somebody else? This is not road rage, the guy is nuts.

      • I dunno, but a car with three hoodlum looking fellows apparently became angry with me and my wife for being in the intersection of a light they wanted to run. After skidding to a stop they followed us. I had only my S&W 638 with me. This was also before I got my first cell phone back in the mid 90’s. I made several turns that late evening and they kept following so I drove to a police station where I planned to lay on the horn. Luckily they did not follow us in. I suspect they would have harmed us if they had a better chance.

  6. Hey Trace, as long as we’re going all racial, was the murderer a Hispanic white, a white white, an Asian white or a black white?

  7. I was just saying to my wife last night that if the perp is black, race will not likely be mentioned in the article; you have to infer that from the person’s name or from the booking photos. If the perp is white, race is in the first sentence or two. funny how that “works.”

    • Same when a pol gets into trouble. If he’s gop it’s repeated loudly at least 10 times in the first paragraph. If he’s dem you’ll have to do the research yourself to find out.

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