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It’s one thing for when it happens in a state that has just shifted from red to blue. But the breadth of the Virginia movement and the coverage it’s received (not to mention the political hysterics involved) in the national media seem to have spread the #resistance contagion (even if it’s a non-binding resolution) even to a deep blue gun rights backwater like New Jersey.

Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, told NJ Advance Media that the Jersey City shootings do not justify further restrictions on guns.

“No amount of restrictions on law-abiding citizens is going to affect criminal behavior,” Bach said.

The West Milford resolution, which Bach said appears to be the first of its kind adopted in New Jersey, resembles pro-gun resolutions that have been approved by county and local jurisdictions in several other states this year.

Nearly half of the counties in Virginia have adopted resolutions declaring themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” according to CNN. The use of “sanctuary” is a play on jurisdictions using the same term to express support for undocumented immigrants in their communities.

West Milford’s resolution is drawing a rebuttal from a prominent, Washington-based advocacy group working to reduce gun violence.

“A town council cannot nullify or ignore state public safety laws,” Josh Scharff, attorney for Brady — formerly the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence — said via an email from the organization’s spokesperson.

– Rob Jennings in N.J. town declares itself a sanctuary for 2nd Amendment. ‘We’re gun-friendly.’

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  1. Laws are useful in providing the rules by which we punish people for their bad deeds. Laws do not prevent people from committing those bad deeds, they only define the severity and range of punishments.

    Thus even though there are heinous crimes for which everyone knows the death penalty is possible, or life in prison, this does not deter the evil mind.

    There then is the fundamental failure of laws that come from a place of emotion driven Hoplophobia.

    • Don’t understand why it’s a “play on words” when “sanctuary ” is used on gun rights, but is not considered a “play on words” when sanctuary is used with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTIONS! Can someone explain that to me?!

      • because one HURTS your GOP competition and insures they can’t fight back

        and the other in time will gain you DNC voters!


      • That’s been the question I’ve been asking all along. As for the NJ folks declaring themselves a 2A Sanctuary, how do I depict a big, giant smiley face for this post? :-)!

        • They consider it a “play on words” because it was first used to describe states and counties that provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Counties which provide 2nd Amendment “Sanctuary” soon followed after this. Had it been the other way around, it would be considered a “play on words” to describe states and counties which provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

  2. The We will not comply movement was started by the Socialist Liberal Democrats. With refusing to comply with Federal Immigration Laws and invoking sanctuary status for Criminal Illegal Aliens. Now those tactics are being used against their Anti Constitution/ Bill of Rights tactics. The time is here to remove these people from any and all political office and possibly from society as a whole. Once the leaders are dealt with their minions will melt into the background. The one thing they fear most “Is fear itself”. Hero’s with words… Cowards in actions. Hail Timothy Murphy and Daniel Morgan whose keen eye and exemplary courage carried the day on many occasions. lending to the victories that gave Us a great nation. Free of Tyrannical leaders. May their resolve be a lesson to those. Who now face Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Was going to post the same thing….. “A town council cannot nullify or ignore state public safety laws,” …. sure we can. The left tought us that trick.

      • Actually, it was determined well over two hundred years ago on a national scale.

        “The Constitution of these U.S. is the supreme law of the land. Any law that is repugnant to the constitution is null and void of law.”
        — Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137 (1803)

        • Absolutely correct. All so called gun laws are infringements on our 2cnd Amendment Rights. Period. The left will use any means necessary to take law abiding citizens means of defending ourselves, because the real end game is total domination by the left. They cannot make their Utopian dream of domination over the unwashed masses come true until that happens. All their words regarding safety, and for our own good, etc. etc., is nothing more than a means to that end. We lose the 2cnd, we lose everything.

      • Well, a city or county cannot nullify a state law, but since all law enforcement is discretionary, the police/sheriff sure as hell CAN ignore any law by failing/refusing/declining etc to enforce it.

  3. The question I have is, how serious are the local politicians about this? There is a difference between saying, on the one hand, “we will not send our police to arrest someone for X and will not help the feds or staties,” and “our local police will defend someone against being arrested for X by the feds or staties.”

  4. I live in a bordering town to West Milford in a much more red county. I dont recall a Democrat running for anything in my township during my lifetime. There are a lot of us behind enemy lines and we need this to spread. Towns in Sussex, Morris, Monmouth and Cape May should be doing this ASAP or out right by the counties themselves.

    • West Milford-ANJRPC range member here. West Milford is a deep red town, filled with lakes, forest and wildlife. There are enough liberal democrats here to make it a little ‘diverse’ (They don’t want to live in the
      crappy democrat run towns at the other end of the county) Anything involving a firearm still gets you dragged to Paterson (County seat/ghetto) and the Passaic County Court, which is quite anti-gun. Two thumbs up to the Republican town council, but it is still better to stay under the radar, here behind enemy lines.

  5. “All my liberal friends agree we have the moral highground so while we can ignore laws, assault people, steal from people, harass people, doxx people, vandalize property, write mean tweets and still present ourselves as the compassionate side it’s an affront to civilization itself if you do.”

    These children are going to stroke out trying to wish anyone who doesn’t agree with them to the cornfield.

    • “These children are going to stroke out trying to wish anyone who doesn’t agree with them to the cornfield.”

      The reaction in London and and Glasgow last night to BoJo’s win suggests that we’d be lucky if these folks just stroked out.

      Interesting that such things occurred on the same day that the enviro “Child of the Corn”, Greta Thunberg, suggests mass murder is the “green” way to go.

      “Unfortunately, we probably already know the outcome. World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities but we have to make sure they cannot do that. We will make sure that we put them against the wall and they will have to do their job to protect our futures,”

      • “The reaction in London and and Glasgow last night to BoJo’s win suggests that we’d be lucky if these folks just stroked out.”

        Hell yeah, some real comedy *Gold* –

        Remember the temper-tantrums of “Not my president!”?

        “‘Not My Prime Minister’ – Radical Left Marches Against Democracy In Britain”

        And the ‘oup de grâce’ of how not tolerant and accepting they are of others not like themselves, I present to you, ‘Antifa’ :

        “”F**k Boris” – Antifa Protesters Clash With Police Outside Downing Street As Furious Leftists Revolt”

        As someone adroitly observed, this puts the nail in the coffin of how the election of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump were flukes, anomalies.

        I ran across numerous comments on US political opinion websites (Huff-Po, Koz, Beast, etc.) warning them that this is no populist fluke, and how they damn sure better be concerned they don’t let this happen next November by going hard to the Left.

        The beauty of this is, their voters are so rabid about their personal pet policies, they seriously risk large chunks of their voters not bothering to show up and vote next November if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination for the general election.

        May their primary season be a long and vicious one. *Boil* with hatred if your guy doesn’t get the nod… 😉

        • I cannot see that violently protesting the duly elected (by a strong majority) president/prime minister upholds democratic traditions. It is instead an attempted mob rule, and the mob must be controlled or democracy will die. It is, contrary to what these rabid idiots believe, truly one party rule fascism.

    • Off topic, but Greta Thunberg aka Scoldilocks is becoming a latter day Little Anthony Fremont. She wants her critics put up against the wall, but maybe wishing them into the cornfield would be more humane. There you are, another Swedish advocate for human composting!

      And why don’t we get the little creep started on gun control? To a Euro-socialist, nothing is more in-your-face to Yanks than foreigners demanding that our guns be taken away.

  6. THIS! Jersey has never been about “gun right’s”. MUCH more important than Virginia in optics. They have ’em and the dem shite stains are trying to take them away. As in ILLinois they’ve put giant roadblocks into a right. Keep it up!

    • If Shannon is clutching her pearls over New Jersey 2A sanctuaries, the five families will be positively livid and will make their position known to their representatives at Tamany Hall.

  7. Anyone on this forum have enough mental wattage to recognize that the states that are the most active in attacking Gun rights are also the same states most active in attacking parental and family rights? NJ latest state to deny healthy children access to schools while allowing sick kids access to school because of existing discrimination laws.

    • PeeGeeTwo,

      Absolutely! State imposed medical tyranny is just another sign that our local and state governments are being purchased.

      The people who want to take away our guns, want to impose mandated medical treatments, silence opposing viewpoints, eradicate learning about the Constitution in the public schools, turn education into propaganda (Common Core), and erase our borders. We have to fight on all fronts.

      We, in our house;it is tiresome, but we can never stop fighting back.

      • Absolutely. I’ve been posting this here for years, the blowback on this forum from the alleged gun owners and supporters of the US Constitution is comedy gold.

        • If you aren’t a troll what exactly did you mean by allowing sick kids access to school? Is that a fancy way of saying we can’t forcibly inject them?

      • Careful, Life Savor.

        Peegeetwo is the same troll who’s been disciplined multiple times by TTAG staff, and has had to change his username several times because his previous ones have been banned by Dan Zimmerman. In fact, if you write any comment containing any of his previous monikers (without the parentheses), the site filters will block them. That’s how much TTAG disapproves of him/her/it.

        Don’t fall into the trap and feed the trolls.

        • LMAO!! “Disciplined…”. Translation, the guesty-Geoff profile user threw so many temper tantrums and hissy fits that TTAG banned a profile that drew a lot of traffic here by posting controversial truths, truths that do not sit well with interests who pretend to support the 2A while supporting the attacks on other individual freedoms. Can’t make this stuff up.

        • That’s not how much Dan Z. disapproves; it’s how obnoxious that peegee-whatever monomaniac made himself. No one was disappointed when he disappeared from the comments.

        • Right, because you can speak for all the posters here because 1or 2 persons uses all these pretend 2A supporting profiles? Got it.

        • “Translation, the guesty-Geoff profile user…”

          Damn, Guesty, little ‘peeegeeetwo’ still thinks you and I are the same!

          Pretty solid evidence the anti-vaxxx folks are either delusional (my belief) or simply butt-fvcking stupid.

          Nah, it’s both…

          *snicker* 😉

        • Still on that old trip? I challenge you to find and compare anything I say alongside anything he says. Completely different writing styles. For example, you’ll never find a vulgar word in my comments, while ‘ol Geoffy Boy loves his colorful expressions. And I believe he’s at least a decade older than I.

          I no longer believe you’re Vlad, because at least he wrote consistently coherent (if not misguided) rants. You’re just a 15-yr-old poking the various bears here to get a response. You never have anything constructive to say about any of the articles – you just look for ways to slip in your anti-vaxx diatribe.

        • Watching you and ole Geoff, and I do believe you are the user, cry and throw temper tantrums like spoiled children is worth every post.

        • I like responding to your comments because it’s the merciful thing to do and gives me a warm feeling knowing I’m helping the disabled.

          Speaking of which, has your mom fixed the Lift-O-Matic Stair Genie yet? I know you’ve been stuck at the bottom of the basement stairs since the motor went out a while back.

        • You didn’t answer the question. I guess you’re the one who can’t read.

          Oh well. Ya just can’t get angry with a mentally handicapped person. It’s not fair.

        • Guesty, ordinarily, it’s not nice to mock the stupid, but ‘peeegeee2’ no longer qualifies as a legitimate human with rights.

          Anti-vaxxxers should all go for a ride in Serge’s attack helicopter and “see the sights” of the ground rapidly rising to meet them… 😉

        • What’s even more funny than watching Geoff throw hissy fits and temper tantrums like a a little girl? Watching him have pretend conversations with his other profiles(guesty) on this forum. Priceless.

  8. Keep spreading! Even if it has no teeth, it sends a message that large swaths of the state they are trying to control don’t give a crap about their unconstitutional laws.

  9. It is interesting to think what this could mean in the very big picture. Suppose it becomes obvious that certain urban coastal areas share a core value of complete disarmament while inland, mountainous and forested areas in the countryside do not. As the counties and cities self-define, are they not defining where the true state boundaries ought to lie?

    For Virginia, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Loudoun are basically south DC while in MD PG County and Montogmery County are the same. This extends up to Baltimore and out to Annapolis while in Virginia it appears it may extend down to Richmond and over to the Tidewater region.

    Let those of a similar mindset form their own state. Call it “Columbia”. The western regions could either join with West Virginia or form their own state which, for giggles, let’s call “Freehold.”

    Now the socialists can implement their policies with wild abandon on their own supporters while people who have to work for a living and see firearms as tools to secure themselves, their families, farms, food and so on can remain free. Nobody gets hurt, everyone gets what they want.

    When this suggestion is violently rejected you will see what the socialists really want. They want control over everyone and want to destroy freedom. They do not believe in free association. They do not believe in free speech. Only their own power.

    • @Cadeyrn
      Oh hell no! My Virginia is not up for grabs. We’re restoring the rule of law when we don’t comply with illegal unconstitutional laws! Virginia is going to be where socialism goes to DIE!

      • The time for that sentiment was last November. Virginia is now very much up for grabs by the Democrats who control the legislature and the Governorship. They *will* pass legislation which a large part of the Commonwealth finds deeply offensive. They have state outright they *will* deploy force to take your guns.

        They *will not* negotiate. They truly believe they have the power and the right to use it and it will occur.

        Do you have any proposition to address that situation which does not involve violence? They can’t be impeached. They can’t be reasoned with. They have their offices and the ability to legislate whatever they want for the next two years.

        • Yes, voters screwed the pooch in November ( but don’t forget tremendous outside interference $$$). But this is not over. The clown car show that passes for impeachment hearings is a national embarrassment for democrats. General Assembly democrats are affected too. The sheer brutality of the proposed anti-rights laws is out there for the world to see. 94 (at this time) out of a possible 133 counties/towns/cities resolving to not comply is NOT insignificant. Therefore feeble attempts will be made to enact these evil bills. Then watered down bills will soon follow. Of course some lesser restrictions will pass. But it won’t be Kommifornia…because of massive protests and massive non-compliance.
          Annnd…The General Assembly stands for re-election every 2 years. If they want to keep their jobs, they will have to scale this whole thing way back.

        • They truly believe the voters are stupid enough to forget things after two years so they don’t fear being driven from office. The bare fact that they keep getting elected to any office anywhere actually helps reinforce the notion that voters are really stupid and forgetful so the notion that there might be consequences will not affect their actions in passing laws and trying to enforce them.

          Remember the old adage: wars are fought when two generals think they have an overwhelming advantage and one of them is wrong.

    • “Suppose it becomes obvious that certain urban coastal areas share a core value of complete disarmament while inland, mountainous and forested areas in the countryside do not.”

      They may discover those in ‘flyover’ country won’t exactly welcome them when they come to vacation in the clean air of the wilderness, which they tend to like to do. 🙂

  10. Alot of people share the same beliefs for their gun rights as the outspoken. Ones a d are just are silent. In Nazi Jersey many gun owners prefer to fly under the radar. Red flag laws, lousy neighbors, strict cops, alse domestic disputes and numerous other things can cause a legal vow er to lose their gun rights so many legal law abiding gun owners choose to just invoke the 5th amendment until the 2nd is needed to defend themselves against tyranny or whatever evil may come their way..

  11. The important thing to remember is that the law is on the books. Just like NY state and others with restrictive gun laws, once the law is there, that is a problem. It can be activated/enforced at any time, assuming they can find law enforcement types to go door to door. We all know how much law enforcement types (like all of us) value their families. I would never wish or assert that something bad would happen to the families of those LE types going door to door. I sincerely hope it never comes to that. It would be a bloodbath. Without the 2nd Amendment, all the others are unenforceable in my view. BTW, for any who don’t know it already; the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting 4 legged animals.

  12. A town council cannot nullify or ignore state public safety laws,” Josh Scharff, attorney for Brady — formerly the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence — said via an email from the organization’s spokesperson.

    Of course they can. When the deputy see the infraction, he just waived them on by. It’s just that easy.

  13. If Virginia falls every Blue State will follow.

    I always wondered what event would be the trigger. Stalinist Democrats in Virginia.

    The 2nd Amendment is the remedy.

    • The Democratic People’s Republik of Kalifornia accepts your challenge. Gov. Newsom and the Sacramento Keystone Kops will not go quietly into the night.

      Look at our now-famous magazine capacity law. It was challenged in 2016, overturned by court ruling in 2017, but appealed by CA to the 9th Circuit, which upheld the challenge in 2018 and sent it back, but CA appealed again, and it was then famously ruled as unconstitutional a THIRD time in 2019 (resulting in Freedom Week). CA will not take it and immediately appealed it yet again, where it’s sitting in limbo for an en banc hearing by the 9th Circuit yet again.

      • And, the President is making great headway in remedying the construct of the 9th Circuit. I can’t wait to see what his second term holds.

  14. “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? …The villainy you teach me I will execute—and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.”

  15. About time. We need 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties blanketing every single US state, along with public servants who understand that their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution ‘against all enemies foreign and domestic’ is a sacred duty, not a choice.

  16. Face reality, the proletariat will comply “or else” and everyone should know what “or else” means. If not the German Nazi’s will fill you in on the details.

    And remember the sniper who shot Randy Weaver’s wife with a baby in her arms on Ruby Ridge got a raise that year and praise from his murderous boss. That is what “or else” means.

    Lets face cold hard facts the corrupt Politicians Republicans and Democrats alike read the polls and the polls are not kind to the gun owners. Both the corrupt Politicians and the corrupt courts act on the reality of polling and they are stacked overwhelmingly against gun ownership of any kind period.

    Hunting is now only a mere drop in the bucket in compared to what it once was. The average young person has never owned a gun and because of almost weekly mass murder and school shootings both the young and the adult population are now terrified of gun ownership. The bulk of all the millions of guns are owned by less than 3 per cent of the population. The balance of households that do have guns (34 per cent) often only own only one gun so to lose that is not a financial hardship. They probably spend more on beer and pizza each month.

    The votes just are not there to help gun owners and the corrupt Politicians and the corrupt Courts know it.

    Virginia will soon trash 2A and the slight burps in New Jersey are shall we say just “a flash in the pan” ( pun intended) to be soon forgotten as quickly as the 6:00 news is over for the night.

    The courts have been historically rabidly anti-gun and in the last two years all of the gun confiscation and bans have all been blessed by the corrupt power mad courts. They hate guns with a passion.

    As Mayo Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” and the biggest guns and firepower are owned by “The Power Elite” and they have the most money to buy off the Politicians as well.

    Yes 2A like most other Constitutional fantasies is only believed in by the uneducated and the naive. It is “Realpolitik” when one understands the Constitution always has been just a cruel joke on the American people.

    • You American nazis, vlad and miner49er, learned the wrong lessons from the German nazis. You should have heeded the lesson of not committing war crimes, violating human and civil rights before you had actually won the war.

      Now that you’ve lost you will have to face the same pay back that your beloved German fascists had to face.

    • OK Vlad.


      What’s interesting is how you put so much time into all your lengthy rants, yet I wonder if anyone genuinely reads them with the same fervor as what you put into them. I myself always read the first couple of sentences, then skip down to the last couple of sentences. Everything else in between is lost to the ether and never read at all because it’s all the same white noise.


    • Well, we’ll see about that.

      I like how you added naive to uneducated this time. Have you finally realized that most of the people you’re ranting about here on TTAG have better educational credentials (and more brains to boot) than you do?

      • The restrictive concealed carry laws for NJ have been on the books for years. Basically if you are not a retired cop ( only about 15 yrs or so for them and a nightmare to keep between costs and regulations but they can get them) and the few special chosen no one can get one. Have to show ‘need’ before a judge and nothing ever qualifies unless you are a special person. There have been cases including at this time for this law to be changed but always upheld in court and somehow never makes it to be heard in the supreme court (pending case now supposedly). And all the police etc uphold all these strict laws even aside from the ccp.

  17. They stripped away gun rights in Ca, Nj and Md. For whatever reason they easily got away with it. They made a mistake coming after Virginia. There are now 91 counties and municipalities that are sanctuaries out of 133. Many more are expected to join. The ranks. Yes we are doing this to send a message, a pretty darn strong one but we have future phases in the works. Virginia has full intentions of showing everyone how this is done!

    • I wish one of our 50+ Sheriffs here in CA would show some backbone and start the movement here. All I know is it won’t be L.A. County.

    • Yes, We are Brother! And, We, The, and The Citizens of Virginia Will NOT Comply Or Compromise Either!
      These Laws need to be Discarded! No More New Gun Laws! Period!!!
      Enforce what is on the books!
      The Governor says there will be “Consequences” . We say, you have no idea what “Consequences” Mean Governor Northam! Ask British General Gage about April 1775 in Concorde!

  18. The National Guard shot the students at Kent State. They were not armed. I do not think the outcome in Virginia will be the same. The only thing in this country right now that needs restricting is immigrants and Democrats. These Idiots keep pushing this agenda and I do not believe they are going to like the outcome. When guns are outlawed, Outlaws will have guns. Molan Lobe

  19. It is so odd that it is fine for states to have ‘legal’ pot laws and defy Federal Law. It’s always a big deal when a town or county does this and says it won’t comply with laws clearly against the constitution. And the only time when the federal law for weed is enforced is with gun ownership that I’ve ever noticed. Seems the road is one way.

  20. a rifle behind every blade of grass
    a rifle…
    behind every…
    of grass…
    if theyre lookin for a fight they cant possibly win theyve come to the right place

  21. It amazes me that people still believe the politicians and media when they tell you control is for your protection, as every knows, laws have no effect on criminals. Gun control is to control law abiding gun owners, which in fact is the only people it can control. The politicians and media, aren’t afraid of criminals, they are afraid of the law abiding gun owners. Gun control ain’t about the guns people, it is about the CONTROL and as soon as they have your guns, you have no control over anything anymore.

    • Yep. Pretty much this.

      I wouldn’t say laws have no effect on criminals…just very limited effect. Some small amount of deterrence, maybe, and punishment *after* a crime has been committed.

      If you want to know what the true purpose of a law is, look at who it affects the most. Who are they targeting with all their so-called gun safety laws? Us. You and me. Gun owners who already obey the law. We’re the ONLY ones affected by it.

      These laws are abhorrent in every possible way because their true purpose — and their only possible effect — is to *create* criminals, not to prevent or punish criminal behavior.

  22. That’s a cute statement but it’s entirely vapid. They could have made some small actual change but they didn’t. For example, West Milford has a local ordinance that prohibits the “possession, use or discharge any firearm or weapon in an open space and recreation area.” as it relates to public rec areas. They could have eliminated that provision, or at least the “possession” part of it. They also have a police department, which they could have had draw up an order that the police would not enforce laws prohibiting the carry of firearms by lawful citizens.

    But no, they just put out a flowery statement. Whoopie.

  23. This is from The Virginia Constitution; In Addition to The USA Constitution
    Take note of Section 13! 2nd Amendment on Steroids
    Article I. Bill of Rights
    Section 7. Laws should not be suspended
    That all power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, by any authority, without consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights, and ought not to be exercised.
    Section 13. Militia; standing armies; military subordinate to civil power
    That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

  24. Politicians may be a threat, but the police are our truest and most vile enemy. Truest, in the sense that they, not the politicians passing these laws, are the ones that have chosen to forgo their own decency and humanity to enforce unconstitutional edicts. They are thus vile, in that they present themselves as agents of goodness, while being the purest form of evil in modern day government.

  25. Don’t diss Virginians just because one town in blue NJ has declared 2A sanctuary status. Virginians are far outstripping any efforts by any pro-2A people in this country since the Revolutionary War in stepping up to show government they can’t be pushed around. If you’re able, set January 20th aside. Contact the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. They’re planning a massive rally that day and need all of our support.

  26. Immigration sanctuaries and right-to-keep-and-bear-arms sanctuaries are both based on the same principle, whether those who advocate for them realize it or not: victimless crimes are not crimes. Leaving the dirt you were born on and crossing an imaginary map line is not a real crime because there is no victim. Possessing and carrying weapons is not a real crime because there is no victim. Punishing an immigrant for the act of “going to a place” because he *might* commit an act of violence is equivalent to punishing an open/concealed carrier because he *might* commit an act of violence. A just society does not punish people for things they might do, but only for things they actually have done, which are real crimes with identifiable, individual victims.

  27. True. December 15th 1791 to be exact.
    That was the day the Second Amendment was ratified and became law.
    Which prohibits the US federal government from ever violating the Second Amendment right of We the People. The American citizens of the United States of America.
    The Second Amendment makes every single gun law passed into law since then, ILLEGAL, NULL, AND VOID!!!!! AND NO U.S. COURT IS BOUND TO ENFORCE THEM. AND NO AMERICAN CITIZEN IS BOUND TO OBEY THEM! Need proof? Read the information at the link below. Then keep sharing this post until it goes viral.

  28. Josh Scharff says localities can ignore “public safety laws”. Let call it what it is. Public endangerment laws because making people helpless never enhanced public safety.

  29. “A town council cannot nullify or ignore state public safety laws,” Josh Scharff, attorney for Brady — formerly the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence — said via an email from the organization’s spokesperson.

    Wanna fucking bet?

  30. Your either with us the Patriots and the constitution, or your with the democratic Terrorists. I hope Americans think long and hard about who are they going to support once this starts. Hopefully Trump will intervene and stand down the National guard. These will be telling times for all.


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