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It’s baaaaaack! After a hiatus, the Daily Digest returns. Here you’ll find a quick summary of gun-related news, odd stories, and all the other stuff we didn’t otherwise have a chance to get to today. We’ll start with an old favorite, Mayor for Life and emperor wannabe, Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is at it again. Still. His MAIG anti-gun group is spending $350K on an ad to diss Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) for voting against the background check legislation. Welcome to politics Bloomberg style, where you don’t campaign for any particular candidate, just against those who won’t kowtow to your very specific demands . . .

And speaking of Hizzoner, he found time to give the commencement speech at Kenyon College in Ohio. Never one to accept defeat gracefully, rather than inspiring the graduates with hope for the future or offering advice on how to get ahead in the world they’re about to be tossed into, he decided to flagellate the deceased equine and deliver a tirade on gun control. Was anyone really surprised? If you have the stomach for it, you can listen to it below.

Bloomberg wasn’t the only one to abuse a commencement invitation to get in a shot for gun control. Former Congresswoman and Mr. Gabrielle Giffords spoke at Bard College in New York. She talked for less than two minutes then turned the stage over to hubby Mark Kelly. He used the rest of the time rehashing her shooting, recovery and professional victim status. He also managed to get in a few digs against the NRA.

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly at Bart College courtesy
I wonder what would have happened if a pro 2A speaker had used a commencement speech as a platform to speak in favor of gun rights? Exactly.

The NY Times is still aghast over the background check vote.  “A strange thing happened after 45 senators killed a bill to expand background checks for gun buyers five weeks ago: many of those same senators suddenly discovered a profound affection for background checks. They had been for them all along, it turns out, and wanted nothing more than to keep guns out of the hands of felons.” Maybe they should let Mayor Bloomberg know these senators had a change of heart so he won’t waste MAIG’s money campaigning against them.

Convicted felon Matthew Parker claims illegal guns aren’t that easy to get so we must control the legal ones.  “The NRA says gun control won’t work because illegal guns are so easy to get. But as a convicted felon, I know Adam Lanza never could have gotten an illegal firearm.” Uh…aren’t stolen guns illegal?

Of course, you could just go to LA and buy your guns directly from the SWAT team.  How long do you think it’ll be before some of these show up at crime scenes?  And how many of the people involved will ever be prosecuted for selling them? (*Cough* “Fast and Furious” *Cough*)

And finally, today’s quote that didn’t make it to QOTD status comes from Illinois Rep. Mike Bost: “Criminals are cowards. If they know there’s an opportunity they’re going to get caught or get shot — because they don’t like a fair fight — they’re not going to commit the crime.”

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  1. Nice, Bloomberg is so despised that the only university that would have him is one with only about 1,600 students.

  2. I support Bloomberg’s efforts to unseat red state democrats. If he is successful then maybe the Republicans can finally take the Senate.

    • This was my reaction, too. What exactly does he think will happen if Pryor loses support? If he thinks Arkansas will elect another democrat, but even more liberal than Pryor, Bloomberg is living in cloud-cuckoo land. If Pryor gets the boot, a republican will almost certainly replace him.

      On top of all of this, if I were Pryor, I’d be pretty happy with these ads. Think about it. You’re a democrat in a red state. Pro-gun voters think you are mushy. How do you prove you’re not? Well, the emperor of NY and gun-grabber-in-chief is running ads against you. You can stand up to Blooomberg to prove you are not mushy! Pryor is already singing this tune – a few weeks ago he tweeted: “I don’t take gun advice from the Mayor of NYC. I listen to Arkansans.”

      • My thoughts Sertorius. This can only help him if he is seen as supporting gun rights against the likes of Bloomberg. Red state dems like Pryor often have to disguise who they are and what they truly believe, here is a case where he can be honest.

    • MAIG has been running ads against R Kelly Ayotte of NH for over a month now. Same ad, over and over. Everyday during the local news on all the stations in the morning and evening.

      • I wonder how much security his royal highness has at these types of events? I could think of a couple of friends I graduated with that would have been up for trying to stand in front of Mr Nanny on stage while we slurped down a couple of Big Gulps.

  3. Someone point me towards a proposed scheme short of total confiscation that would have prevented Nancy Lanza from owning guns. I’ll wait.


    Background checks, waiting periods, feature restrictions, magazine capacity restrictions, none of these things would have made a damn bit of difference, because none of them address the issue. There are people who wish to commit horrible acts and we leave fat juicy targets completely undefended as a matter of policy.

  4. I have a dream….that one day people are judged not by the color of their skin but by the logic or lack thereof of their position. It my hope that a mentally deranged shooter takes an AR something and imposes his will on an anti 2A blow hole.

  5. Ahhh… “background check” just means that my neighbor and I have become felons if my neighbor has an old .22 I want and he owes me a hundred bucks. Just a buddy gun-swap; I’ve done this more times than I can count. If they outlaw neighbor gun deals, does this mean I get back that really cool 20-gauge lever-action Ithaca single-shot (dumbest gun deal I ever did, but I needed the bucks) I sold to the guy down the street back in ’85?

    • ^This.
      I have been collecting Guns for a while, and the majority of what I own is loved and cared for with frequent trips to the range. However, some of the guns I have picked up over time don’t appeal to me in one way or another (To many of that model, lack of accuracy etc.). I think of these unappealing firearms as “Trade Fodder” and use them just for that purpose. Selling guns on consignment at the LGS just seems like a waste of equity.

    • Please explain why single-shot weapon would have a lever action. Simply to cock the hammer? Or did the lever also break open the action and eject the spent shell casing?

  6. First it was large sugary beverages, and then salt. This Napolianic nicompoop nanny needs to take his bag of cash and move to Australia where he will be welcomed with open arms.

  7. Can’t think of ANYONE I despise more than Bloomberg.

    Well, maybe ONE person.

    At least Lord Mike doesn’t try to hide what he’s about.

  8. Actually, to be fair, Bloomberg spent relatively little time on his pet issue of civilian disarmament, and most of his time on the standard “go forth and conquer” inspirational rhetoric that informs most commencement addresses. BTW, to Mk10108, your own rhetoric — “It (is) my hope that a mentally deranged shooter takes an AR something and imposes his will on an anti 2A blow hole –” seems poorly calculated to improve the public perception of us pro-2d-Amendment types as being reasonable and emotionally stable, not prone to spasms of homicidal rage.

    • Not to mention it would just martyr the bastard. No, I want Prince Humperdink to live a long life, alone with his cowardice.

      • Yea, if he’s gonna be taken out by a crazy, it needs to be done with a brick. Then we can start our campaign against big brick. Just think of how many brick buildings fall on kids every year. It’s for the children!!

    • It’s is rhetoric and wishful thinking. Do agree with the big brick. I see no need to persuade anti 2A gang to grant me existing rights nor concern about what their perceptions are.

      Bloom and crew are laying down smoke to deflect from the real issue. Failed local, state, & federal policies that recycle criminals to create cash flow for the legislative & and judicial branches of government. Violent crime funds war gear, corrections, pensions, lawyer, judges, parole officers and welfare. It’s a system that must be gutted and replaced not with police but armed citizens minding their business and only employing their weapon when attacked or unlawful taking of their property.

  9. Criminals could have just gone to Milwaukee & stolen them from the atf when they went out for burgers, they are still missing a machine gun etc. As an aside, libs wink all knowingly at the futility of resisting the guberment & its machine….made up BTW of people who got the job by having the right ethnicity, right sex, etc etc, something that o has pinned his entire hopes & dreams on, oh well, I’m sure they won’t let him down, Randy

  10. I jumped to one of the You Tube videos and listed to a woman whinning about background checks. I was going tomleave a comment and give it a thumbs down but realized comments and likes were turned off! Apparently they want to suppress discussion so no one can post a discouraging word. I guess if you don’t have a problem with infringing 2A rights you will eventually have no problem infringing on 1A rights too.
    They must be afraid of losing the argument on facts and logic.

    • Progressives never want opposing viewpoints. They want to pontificate without discussion. They are so rock-back-and-forth deluded that everyone agrees with them that any desent is attacked as an absolute aberration. And since it’s hard to tow the “peaceful” anti-gun line with frothing anti-gun rage in the comments, they turn comments off. It’s not to silence us, it’s to keep their mask from slipping.

  11. I am very proud to say I’m from Arkansas. Senator Pryor voted for the people, not himself. The last time an Arkansas senator voted her mind instead of the people’s mind, Blanche Lincoln D. Voting for Obama care got her tossed out quicker than cold Chinese.


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