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Everyone knows “that guy” at the range. Don’t be that guy.

[via Reddit]

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  1. Funny song. Reminds me of a range I used to go to in the Cleveland area. I got muzzled by one-too-many loaded ARs and decided to avoid that place if it was busy. Seemed the weekend was the time for idiots to come out. The problem was no enforcement of any kind of safety rules. Folks would load weapons on the bench behind the stalls and then casually muzzle everyone as they turned around and sauntered up to the firing line having swung the muzzle around horizontally instead of holding it vertically. Most ranges won’t let you un-case weapons unless you are up at the firing line… I prefer this policy for my safety.

  2. That is the *not* the singing voice I would expect that guy to have. Sounds good – much better than most parodies I’ve heard on youtube.

  3. I nearly died laughing and was nearly late to work. This is why I do most of my range time solo and looking around.

    I have banned two of my friends who own Springfield 9mm XDm models (incidentally enough not because of the firearms) from accompanying me to the range for safety reasons. Irony that hurts listening to this tune.

  4. I was at a shooting range with my dad and we were just starting to set up targets when we started hearing bullets whiz over our head. we got in our car as fast as we could and had to drive by the group of idiots who had been shooting. We drove by and saw15/16 year old girl straight out of suburbia with her daddy. She was b ik mp firing an ar15 with all sorts of cheap doo dads hanging off of it. She was shooting into the bushes, no target set up or anything, just blasting away into the treeline. This was in colorado springs now I know why there is no official public range here. We stopped and had a chat with them and they just seemed to shrug it off. We had no less than 60 rounds whiz over our head that day. Fortunately there was a decent decline on our side of treeline so I dont have any extra holes. But it could of been much worse. I regret not throwing there guns in a river that day.

  5. A few years back wife & I went to local public range- benches under shelter, tire & sand backstop 300 yds downrange. We set up for handgun practice 8yds back, just getting going when I noticed people back at the shelter. They were setting up targets 8-10 yds from shelter, swinging long guns around, oblivious to us. We tossed gear into Jeep and got out ASAP. Driving back to shelter they stared at us and started firing. And no, we were not in camo, and the Jeep was bright red. Have not been back there since, complaint to local PD did not seem to be taken too seriously. FWIW, it was my first time back there in years, got real tired of cleaning up brass and empty beer 12 pks & cases shot to shreds sitting on the ground 10 yds in front of shelter. Unfortunately, that’s what passes for deer hunting sighting-in for a lot of morons around here. Great song ! wilco40

  6. This clip is about to turn viral in the shooting community in Sweden.
    Good one. 4 rules is all it takes but that seems to complicated for some people.
    Bad Bear

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