The Privilege of Being Anti-Gun


  1. avatar Rambeast says:

    As always, a well delivered dose of logic.

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      Amen!!! Why does he not speak on a national level at black churches or other organizations in places like Chicago, D.C. etc?? It is high time someone who is as eloquent as this start getting the word to the people. I am being serious, some of the worst violence in this country is happening along racial lines. Why are people not complaining about this?

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        Why’s it gotta be a black church?

        I kid.

        …but not really.

        1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

          Because black churches have no interest in what Mr. Noir has to say.

        2. avatar Taurus609 says:

          Because, as has been documented here many times, the leaders of the black communities and their churches have spoken out against guns, and declare that they (the gun) are the problem. So yes, he should be talking to them, and then the national media.

      2. avatar Kevin in CO says:

        Well, my 50 something black coworker’s pastor requested, from the pulpit, that his parishioners arm themselves. It’s slowly changing

  2. avatar Robin says:


  3. avatar Pascal says:

    Amen! Excellent, too bad the otherside is deaf to reasoned arguments.

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      On the other hand, sometimes humor succeeds where reason fails:

      Frankly, I think TTAG should run Chuck Woolery’s video as its own post.

  4. avatar Roll says:

    Again, this man speaketh the truth. Excellent argument, I expect nothing less from you Mr. CN

  5. avatar Pulatso says:

    If he isn’t already a spokesman for a gun right group, he should be.

    1. avatar Flubnut says:

      HE should be giving the NRA announcement in 15 minutes, or at least be a part of it.

      1. avatar Daniel Carmona says:


  6. avatar Bill says:

    This. guy. is. amazing!

  7. avatar rossi says:

    clear, concise, eloquent, and accurate

  8. avatar Nate says:

    The problem is, from personal experience, no matter how logical, polite, factual, or common sensical your anti-Gun Control argument is; many pro-Gun Control advocates will ignore all of the date, common sense, and politeness to emotionally respond to your argument. Even go as far to attack your character or childishly make fun of what you are saying. They never offer any thing to the discussion meaningful beyond get rid of all guns so that gun violence will go down. They don’t care about assaults, robberies, rapes, or any other violent crime going up.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      So true. You never hear murder rates compared with other countries only “firearm murders” as if what implement is used to kill someone makes any difference to the victim.

    2. avatar Spoons Make You Fat says:

      I reject your “anti Gun Control argument” and substitute my “factual response to gun prohibitionists”.

      See what I did there?

  9. avatar Martin says:

    Thank you once again for being the voice of reason

  10. avatar Loyd says:

    You should watch his new vid from last night “Why do I NEED an assault rifle?” Every. Word.

  11. avatar Matt in FL says:

    “You’re essentially telling me to reason with evil and pray that it goes away. Well, my friend, after David prayed to God, he picked up a slingshot and killed Goliath.”

    Sometimes the simplest statements…

    1. avatar Spoons Make You Fat says:

      I’ve posted previously that only force defers to force. My son chimed in yesterday and suggested that density can help. Out of the mouths of babes… and hooray for physics being taught to 12 year olds.

  12. avatar Dave Jones says:

    Absolute bad ass

  13. avatar Paul Weiler says:

    We MUST press the case that firearms are NOT an instrument for evil but a tool for defense

    I was reminded the other day that there is NO such thing as ‘gun control’ only people control.

  14. avatar DisThunder says:

    I think I might be falling in love with this man.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Get in line! I publicly declared my man-crush well over two months ago.

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Get in line. Dammit, Matt beat me to it. Is there such a thing as polygamy man crush?

      1. avatar Gyufygy says:

        Pfft, man crushes will not bound by such legalistic nonsense!

        1. avatar jwm says:

          And thus, a bold new age was ushered in.

        2. avatar AlphaGeek says:

          jwm, you’re killing me. Great finisher to this thread.

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    Mr. Colion Noir is amazing.

  16. avatar Conway Redding says:

    You go, bro! Well-spoken and to the point.

  17. avatar JWhite says:

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – Sum custodis mei fratris.

  18. avatar WLCE says:

    very logical, perhaps the most logical response i have heard all week. i always appreciate his videos.

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