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Kenneth Percy of Livonia, Michigan manages a pizzeria.  He sends his “Basic Manager EDC” and we share it here courtesy of Everyday Carry.

He’s young (22).  And the fine city of Detroit is just a hop, skip and a short car ride away for Motor City ne’er-do-wells to swing by and visit Livonia.  And maybe victimize its residents.  So I don’t blame Ken for carrying a GLOCK 19 in a Raven Concealment Systems Ambidextrous Morrigan IWB Holster.  Oh yes, and a spare magazine loaded with smiley-faced hollow-points.

Like me, he’s a health club member.  Planet Pizza for Ken, LA Fitness for me.  (Attention health club members:  Do you carry when working out?)

Ken writes this about his set up:

A very basic EDC for a manager and a Pizzeria. Always using one or the other at some point. The only thing that really changes in my EDC is my Fitbit band, Paracord bracelet, and pocket knife. I have several different ZT knives that I had to start a knife of the week so that I could use them all at some point. Other than that everything in the photo stays the same.

There you have it.  A Bushnell flashlight, a Zero Tolerance Rexford folder, and an Uzi Tactical Pen round out the high points of his stuff.

So, once again, do you carry while working out at the gym?

I don’t.  Usually.  One day, I had a gun hater give me a hard time when he saw my holstered GLOCK 19 on my belt.  He quipped some asinine remark like: “I see you have a gun.  There is a lot of testosterone here.  Never know when you’ll need to shoot someone over a barbell.”

Flexing my diplomacy muscle, I just smiled.  “You know, I can handle the testosterone.  It’s the unknowns out in the parking lot that worry me.  After all, parking lots are one of the three places you’re most likely to get victimized by a violent bad guy.”  And with that I walked out.




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  1. “So, once again, do you carry while working out at the gym?”

    No. I leave it in my locker for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is that I don’t need my gun flying across the room for someone else, possibly a kid, to pick up before I can retrieve it.

    • I don’t do the gym but carry on my daily 5 mile run. Wouldn’t be in the middle of nowhere without it.

    • I carry on my daily bike rides. I ride mostly gravel roads in the sticks, quite near the meth capital of the world. There are few houses and very little traffic, and I’ve always felt that makes a lone rider, using technically advanced hardware, an ideal target for thugs. Plus, the four-legged threats! Seems there are no rules for dogs on rural gravel roads, which I am fine with (dumb owners, not dumb dogs), but I won’t be mauled if I can help it. I’ve never had anyone ask about my concealed pistol in workout clothes, which is usually a simple technical T and some padded shorts under athletic shorts, so I must be concealing well. And just like my bike gets dirty and requires maintenance, I maintain my carry pistols similarly, including polishing the cartridges and cleaning the magazines well (I carry a spare mag, right along side my CLIF bars), as I am usually covered in fine dust after a ride.

  2. Extra bedroom in my house is the gym. That and the farm where I walk nearly daily with a rifle. Reference Thomas Jefferson. A friend carries daily in a gym though. If you need a reason see the shooting in the yoga studio in Tallahassee. Anytime. Anywhere.

    • Yep. Kids moved out and we had extra rooms. Weight room for me. Sewing room for my wife. When the weather is good I walk from my house back to my house. When the weather is bad I mall walk.

      I’m always armed on the walks.

  3. No, my workouts involve more then lifting weights. Even with it holstered it has the possibility becoming of a dropped gunm.

    • “No, my workouts involve more then lifting weights.”

      I thought Possums got their exercise scurrying across roadways… 😉

      • Why did the chicken cross the road, ? ,,,To prove to the possum and armadildo that it could be done

  4. JHP: approved. Mag noted.
    G19: approved. I carry a sub-compact in .40, but that’s merely personal preference.

    Re: “smiley-faced hollow-points”

    Do I need to put smiley-faces on all my JHP? With the size of my herd, it could be tedious.

  5. Firearm stays in the locker. I don’t really think the rehab patients or the 60+ (like me) are much of a threat. Also usually only about 4-5 people in at a time and some use walkers or wheelchairs. Late afternoon during the winter the high school boys are in, but I use the gym in the morning. Benefit of a small town.

    • Before most people are up is always my favorite time.

      No lines, no annoyances, everything is clean, people are relaxed …and the old guys who get up at 4, if they do interact with other people, are actually interesting to talk to compared to the younger crowd.

      • yeah but they’re the ones most likely to really want to talk to people in the locker room from like 2 feet away… naked.

      • For a number of years, my work day started at 5 AM.

        Up at 3:30, on the road by 4, in south Tampa by 5 AM. About the only folks on the road at 4 AM are drunks and cops. 85 miles a day round-trip.

        I miss those days…

  6. I actually bring a pistol with me while I lift, but I just set it down with my waterbottle/phone/keys. However I lift at my shop, so not an actual public gym. I would never carry while training, that would ruin the entire workout lol. I couldn’t imagine doing deadlifts with a holstered pistol haha, or trying to lay on a bench. Workout clothing isn’t the best for carry either.

  7. Gym is posted which comes with legal sanction so the gun stays home. You can’t be 100% safe. I take my chances.

  8. My heavy lift days are on base and guns are a no-go, the armory is only for active duty as far as i know. 24hr Fitness, I do not carry, I’m doing cross-fit type exercises. At home, garage gym, my home carry sits on a work bench. BTW, this a great EDC, I wonder how he carries the spare mag, maybe dropped in a pants pocket?

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