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President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Ahh, the good ol’ days . . .

[E]ven as Trump brags about the overall stock market, which has continued the incredible run that began in March 2009, gun stocks have been shot down. Since election day 2016, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. RGR, -1.96%   has fallen 13% (through Friday) while American Outdoor Brands Corporation AOBC, -0.10%   has plunged 65%. Both stocks soared during the Obama era.

The gun industry needs someone it can trot out to scare people. It now has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has already gotten two gun control measures passed, both aimed at broadening the federal background check system for firearms purchases. The Republican-controlled Senate certainly won’t pass these measures, and even if it somehow did, the White House has promised a swift veto.

But with all due respect to Pelosi, you know what the NRA really needs? A bogeyman (or woman) in the White House it can use to scare its base—which skews older, white, male and rural—into thinking that the government gun grabbers are coming. Plenty of Democrats seeking the presidency have vowed action on guns; the NRA—if it can stop squabbling—will have a new target soon enough.

– Paul Brandus in Why the gun industry misses Obama

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    • Don’t know about the bogeyman but vampires are real. They don’t have to bite you to cause problems.
      Contemporary vampires sap your energy and vitality and don’t mind stealing your wealth. They walk around during full daylight and usually keep normal business hours and government holidays.

    • Why do these people insist upon painting all gun owners with the same brush? Sure, I’m an OFWG but I’m well-educated and live in a resort area. So take that Mr. Generalization…man.

      • Within their own group it’s social tribalism and they’re using stereotypes to define you as being outside the “good” tribe.

        Within the broader society it’s an easy way to politically pigeonhole you as someone who’s opinions have already been examined and dismissed while providing an explanation for doing so. Therefore you have nothing of value to say on this topic and can safely be ignored while at the same time safely slandered when that becomes a convenient way to throw red meat to their base and even those people in the middle don’t mind because, well, obviously there’s something wrong with you.

    • Exactly. Instead of another Obama, we elect a bunch of Constitutional conservatives who do 2 things:
      Pass pro 2A legislation and repeal unconstitutional legislation, and
      Nominate originalist judges.
      So instead of being in fear that our guns will be banned, we can see the increase in manufacturing and sales of select fire weapons, silencers, SBRs, SBS, etc, without paperwork. And if there was National Constitutional Carry (even better than permitted “Reciprocity”), we’d see a tremendous Increase in handgun sales nationwide.
      F@ck Democrat Terrorists

      • And see a surge in sales of “traditional” firearms as firearms become less taboo and countless more people participate in “traditional” self-defense and recreational endeavors.

      • I was watching the news yesterday to see what happened with the school shooting in Colorado. One of the anchors said the death toll was so low because the shooters didn’t have a rifle that would allow them to shoot many people quickly with a lot of bullets. I guess he thinks a handgun is like a crossbow.

        The argument was a handgun isn’t as damaging/deadly as an AR-15. Well, what does the AR give you that a Glock doesn’t? More velocity? If velocity is what makes a smaller and lighter bullet fired from an AR worse than a pistol caliber, then maybe the government shouldn’t restrict SBRs anymore. Shorter barrels will give you more blast and less velocity, thus less damage can be accomplished.

        How often do you hear people turn the anti 2A argument against rifle calibers around on gun grabbers to argue against SBR restrictions?

        • The reports around here (I live in the area) indicate that the shooters did in fact have access to a rifle but decided not to use it.

          The facts are still sketchy on that incident but it seems to me as if it was targeted retribution against a group of people and that it just happened to be at a school due to the presence of all the targets as opposed to a school shooting where everyone’s a target.

        • @strych9

          From what I gather, two kids attacked two classrooms and gave up when police came. It sounds like they attacked their classrooms and only shot students. They are high school age and attend that school. They shot high school age kids.

          This shooting reminds me of the school shooting in Mexico where a kid was mad at his class and decided to bring his dad’s handgun to school. He shot people then killed himself.

        • @User1:

          Yeah, that’s what this seems like at this point. Of course, initial reports are often in error, so there’s that to consider.

          Still like what you mention, it doesn’t seem like a reprisal against the whole school but a specific group of people within that school.

  1. You can’t keep a panic buy going forever, those surges were done by people spending money they didn’t have or shouldn’t of spent. Keeping that going leads to poverty.
    What the gun industry needs is to prepare for those surges, so there isn’t ammo shortages when people have cash or 10 month backlogs on AR’s
    Just as we saw with California’s Magazine lift, empty warehouses and hungry buyers is lost profit.

    Nice bonus, good luck getting all those firearms back, that really swelled the stockpile.

    • “What the gun industry needs is to prepare for those surges, so there isn’t ammo shortages when people have cash or 10 month backlogs on AR’s”

      You’ve never run a business, have you?

      In order to do that, companies would have to tie up *massive* amounts of money in products sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere. Doing nothing. Oh, and it costs real money to keep that warehouse open so that one day you can go back to that warehouse and ship out what’s stored there. No company can afford to do that, full stop.

      And as for “no panic run lasts forever” claim, how long was .22lr missing from store shelves?


      • .22 was short because nervous nellies kept buying it, there was no real threat to it.

  2. The one thing Democrats are good at is selling guns. The rest of the economy they flush down the toilet, but the gun industry thrives.

  3. I’d buy an Avidity Arms PD10…not available…
    I’d buy an IWI shotgun…still waiting for it
    I’d buy Walther PPQ M5 matches…waiting for them (polymer and steel)
    I’d buy a Schmeisser SLP9…not available
    Guns are durable. Many people own one or two and want/need no more.
    Now if they eliminated NFA requirements…you would see a huge uptick.

    • I’m all for scrapping the NFA. My wife would be very unhappy with me. 🙂 But I would be having a lot of fun.

  4. Greedy corporate gun industry: “Bad economy, unchecked illegal immigration, and activist judges?” Yawn. We need to scare people into buying more than they can afford so we can be more richer.

    Ruger 2018:
    for 2018 the Company reported net sales of $495.6 million

    Cash generated from operations during 2018 was $119.8 million. At December 31, 2018, our cash and short-term investments totaled $152.8 million. Our current ratio is 3.3 to 1 and we have no debt.

    Wow, over $100 million profit and zero debt? Just think, it could always be MORE!!!

    If we focus on the economy, and you guys turn out decent products, you’ll make plenty of money (in a sustained fashion). Every year can’t be 2012.

    • Actually, a major portion of the “greed” is from gun folks running out and buying everything up they won’t need every time there’s a scare, then hoarding for a while and trying to flip what’s under their bed later for huge windfalls. Never seems to work out that way, though.

      I actually have no problem with the industry trying to get whatever the market will bear. Lots of good buys out there right now, lots of unmotivated buyers, too.

      • I don’t have a problem with that either. I DO have a problem with another Obama in the White House. I DO have a problem with people advocating for shitty governing just so the rich can get richer.

        • What about the corporate tax cuts that is propping the stock market up? And the increased debt and call for currency devaluation [wealth transfer to the rich]?

  5. The gun industry’s 10X larger than it was pre-Obama; whatever panic takes hold now, will be quickly supplied according to the demand. That industry spool-up took time, and money, which is why the stock prices rose so much as companies borrowed to expand. Now we are in a holding pattern or contraction (depending how diversified your company is). Healthy business cycle; there’s nothing healthy about the kind of deadwood & garden weeds that endless demand allowed to spring up during Obama’s panics.

    What the gun industry need(ed), is the Hearing Protection Act to be passed. Probably a literal billion-dollar industry waiting in the wings right there, waiting on nothing more than Uncle Sam to finally get out of the way. Oh well, what’s another missed opportunity, right? It’s a good thing the NRA focused on carry-reciprocity instead (surely their Carry Guard business venture had nothing to do with that decision), since forcing liberal carry laws on bastions of anti-gunnery like NYC and LA was far more likely & possible than point-of-sale background checks on gun mufflers.

    • Not just suppressors. Imagine how many barrels will either need replaced or threaded so a suppressor can be mounted. And some short barreled pistols might need work done to handle the difference in back pressure.
      It would be good for both manufactures and those who work on them.

      For concealed carry though I do not see me wanting to do either of the little Sigs. That suppressor would be hard to hide while running or biking.

      If you did want to mount a suppressor on a pocket carry you could cut a hole in the bottom of the pocket and let it stick through. Hopefully folks would just assume you were hung and move on.

    • That said, if you want to introduce protectionist policies so things have to be made in the USA and not come from China, I’m totally fine with that.

      • No kidding. Big screen TV’s, etc. might return to being luxury items instead of being owned by people on welfare, but is that the worst thing in the world? More Americans with better paying jobs means more money for people that already make things in America, plus more customers for people in the service industries. Cheap Asian products are overrated.

        • Tariffs push the cost onto the consumer, therefore, decreasing the size of the middle class. It’s a tax on the consumer of the imports. A huge portion of stuff Americans buy is made outside of America, especially in China. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to fill their gas tanks when the cost of fuel rises a few dollars.

          People calling for protectionism are calling for the destruction of the middle class. If you want more Americans employed and manufacturing done locally you must make the U.S. viable for investment. Getting into trade wars hurts the middle and lower class; it does not have long term benefits, rather it creates long term damage to the average American and helps local businesses/corporations in the short term.

          The stock market is mostly irrelevant to the average American… What’s more important is lower prices/taxes/debt and the ease of starting a business. This isn’t something Trump is focusing on. Instead Trump is focusing on benefits for the corporations and bankers, which he is one of those people. He wants you to work for them and he wants to bring in more immigrants to fill other openings that are left. They rather you work at Amazon for $15 an hour than start your own business that you can pass down to your family.

          America should be focusing on making it easier for the average person to offer a product or service. That is how Americans will become wealthy. You don’t become wealthy by working some shitty corporate job all your life. International corporations will succeed with or without America, the same can’t be said for Americans.

        • “America should be focusing on making it easier for the average person to offer a product or service. That is how Americans will become wealthy.”
          You mean like limiting tax liability for independent contractors? You mean cutting red tape that only favors large corporations? Wake up and smell the coffee dude. What do you think is currently happening? I’m a business owner, and things are definitely looking up lately due to better policy.

          “Tariffs push the cost onto the consumer, therefore, decreasing the size of the middle class. It’s a tax on the consumer of the imports. A huge portion of stuff Americans buy is made outside of America, especially in China.”
          A tax on consumers as in less cheap Asian junk that people don’t really need? Are most of your Amazon orders needs or wants? If the millions of good paying jobs that have left since NAFTA returned, it means more money in the pocket of the middle class.

          “Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to fill their gas tanks when the cost of fuel rises a few dollars.” I agree! If only we had a president that was focused on becoming energy independent so we don’t have to worry about the whims of OPEC…hmmm. Hopefully they won’t screw this up by adding a gas tax to pay for infrastructure.

      • Protectionist policies do not have a positive effect on either the economy as whole or the average citizen. They only line the pockets of a few. Economic laws are natural laws and cannot be circumvented anymore than the laws of physics can. Wanting everything made in the US is as dumb as wanting everything made in your state or even your house.

        • What was dumb was the sucking sound of jobs leaving after NAFTA so that the pockets of a few could be lined. I don’t hear anyone arguing for all products to be produced in America. Trump is pushing for Fair Trade. If China wants to sell us their products as they choose, then they should open their markets to us in return. Any country that cheats and steals from us should also be put on notice.

        • Tariffs are being used as a tactic to bring people to the negotiating table. Trump is for free trade. In other words, you drop your protectionist policies, and we’ll drop ours. The people freaking out over tariffs are worried about their short-term wealth. Trump is trying to right the wrong of the global elitist policies in place before he was elected.

        • Strategic short sight for cheap trinkets is dumb.
          Exporting our steel industry to China now is as foolish as it would have been to export it to Japan a hundred years ago.
          I buy American when ever it’s possible.

      • That’s some communist BS right there.

        You will not pay $2,000 for an iPhone. You wouldn’t pay millions for your 100% made in the USA house.

  6. The Obama years were never ‘the good old days’. Every gun owner living in fear that their most basic constitutional rights could be stripped away at the stroke of a socialist dictator’s pen is and was a very real phenomenon.

    Had President Trump not been elected, you may rest assured that by now many of our worst fears would have become manifest, and that the US Constitution would have been quickly thrown out the window in favor of a Marxist totalitarian regime run exclusively by sociopathic Socialist Kleptocrats, the likes of which would make Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro look like school kids.

    No Dan, the answer is not for the NRA to invent imaginary threats when real threats to our freedoms abound in DC and around the nation, and we are truly only one election away from losing every freedom we have.

    • Totally agree with every word you wrote. The most consequential thing about Trump’s victory….. the ongoing reformation of our Federal Judiciary (100 new justices and counting) and Supreme Court (2 with the possibility of 3 more). Even if you hate Trump as a person, continuing to have him nominate these fantastic judges is reason enough to give full throated support in 2020. Folks can think of it this way, if Hillary had won, just imagine the judges she would’ve nominated. We can’t allow that to happen. These judges get lifetime appointments. They are much more consequential than any president.

  7. While I was waiting for my post to get posted, I noticed “Waiting for platform twitter.com” written at the bottom of my screen. Is this comment section owned by twitter? Maybe that’s why some comments get “lost”.

    • Add something like privacy badger to your web browser. You might be surprised at who all is tracking you.
      I like Privacy badger since it is created and maintained by EFF.

  8. The next time Congress and the White House are controlled by Democrats, banning ARs, maybe other semi-autos, and mag capacity over 10 rounds will be the first item passed. How much will that hurt the industry’s profits? Some companies are built around only selling AR rifles. Whoever wrote the above article is a fool.

  9. Oh yeah, I’m waiting to buy that $500 M&P15 I can buy now until its $1500 when the next democrat takes office. I also am waiting to buy more 5.56 when I cant find it anywhere……

    • I got a S&W AR-15T durring the Obama years along with 7 other firearms. I also went from shooting once a year to every month. Recall the 2013/2014 ammo hording when prices were ridiculously overpriced?

  10. I that’s not true…How about helping US citizens living in Eastern Bloc Socialist Utopian Police States like NY, NJ., Massachusetts,etc…Places that have draconian anti 2nd amendment laws in place that infringe upon those citizens rights to lawfully purchase a firearm, or next to impossible without Mulitple local/State police permisisons, and other longstanding roadblocks…If there was NH style instant checks here…I’m guessing a lot of residents would be buying firearms….How about helping us reinstate our constitutional rights so We can!

  11. To be fair this wasn’t the firearms industry calling for this. This was actually written for Market Watch by someone who with an apparent anti-Trump bias.

  12. Yes, Obama Derangement Syndrome sold more guns, ammo and accessories to the general public than any other single factor in the history of the Republic. For the gun industry, Obama was a godsend without even trying. Utterly ineffectual at passing new gun control laws, a total failure at being any sort of real threat to gun rights, the emotional panic of seeing a black centrist liberal with a weird Islamic sounding name in the White House had large numbers of gun buyers going way off the deep end.

    The industry could use more panics like that, sure, for a little while. Eventually the gun buying public would learn, calm the hell down and put away their credit cards. Then as they wait for prices to fall they will get out their shovels and dig up the ammo cases they buried in the back yard.

    I was at a gun show where a seller was offering zip lock baggies of mixed brand .223/5.56 ammo, 100 rounds per bag. All 55gr FMJ. He’d bought out a hoarder who had 250,000 rounds in white plastic 5 gallon buckets stacked in the back of a garage. The hoarder bought all he could when Obama won the election. For some reason he thought it best to unbox it all, putting it in those plastic buckets with snap on lids. But he mixed it all in.

    Maybe that’s a worst case, maybe not. But that’s the sort of stuff panic makes people with credit cards or cash money do.

    • If you don’t believe Obama had serious intentions about banning semi auto rifles after Sandy Hook, you weren’t paying attention. Just because he didn’t get the votes in Congress (which is the ONLY reason a ban wasn’t passed), doesn’t mean that revisionist history gets to label him as an unserious threat.

      • That’s hilarious. The only Presidential candidate in the 2012 election who had an actual track record of success in passing gun control and doing harm to the Second Amendment was Mittens Romney.

        Oh, sure, intentions matter. Even more than that, track record and the ability to succeed on a goal.

        We are damned lucky that Obama was President after Sandy Hook. Had it been Romney, all these modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines would have been in for a rough ride and a close fight against an actual Gun Control President. Not a wannabe, but a politician who actually knew how to get shit done that would hurt us.

        There’s a whole lot of irony in that reality. But that’s the way of it, plain and simple.

        • The only thing that saved our asses from Obama on gun control was the fact he ‘shot his wad’ and had no political capital left over after he rammed that shit-sandwich of ‘ObamaCare’ down our throats.

          The Leftists will have learned from that. I fully expect we will lose in 2020. We had better hope we don’t lose the senate by a filibuster-proof margin or they will do to gun rights what they did to us on ‘health care’…

        • Obama ultimately failed to get much anti RTKBA legislation passed, that’s true. But it was not for lack of trying. Do you remember his angry speech about “pretty shameful day” after his gun control bills crashed and burned in Congress?

          Today it’s easy to laugh at those who panicked and bought anything and everything they could, but they had very good reason to be afraid.

        • Someone:

          It should be remembered that Obama even had Democratic opposition to new gun laws when he took office. The Blue Dog Coalition, 65 House Dems, sent a letter to Eric Holder urging him to drop his call for a new assault weapon ban. The Blue Dogs fought Obama on gun laws and health care reform.

          Their numbers have been much reduced since then.

  13. It wasn’t only gun industry prices or stocks that surged under Obama.
    My health care premiums surged to over $10,000 annually, partly thanks to having Obamacare shoved down my throat.
    I wasn’t eligible for the subsidy, but my brother & a neighbor were.
    A temporary spike in both their incomes last year, means they both now owe the IRS thousands in repayments for Obamacare.
    Be careful what you wish for!

    • Yet gun owners argue against defending your personal property from criminals because there is insurance instead. And a lot of those people are fine with the government summarily executing thieves on the behalf of the owner of the stolen property.

  14. The Gun runner Obama got two border patrol officers killed and hundreds of mexican citizens murdered. I’m glad he’s gone. He should be in prison. Obama is a war monger.

    • Wasn’t the “Fast and Furious” program being run under Bush then passed down to Obama? Didn’t Bush start multiple illegal wars and create the environment for ISIS? What the Patriot Act, DHS, etc, under Bush? How about the illegal and secret torture facilities Bush had and Gitmo?

      I think Obama’s most destructive actions were his identitarianism and the further dumbing down of government/public school. Bush couldn’t race bait like Obama could.

        • Did he say anything that wasn’t true? Commie? You do realize that the cold war is over right? Big Bush Jr fan were you? Why? Id love to hear about something that dufus did right?

      • Yes, “Operation Wide Receiver” was run during the Bush administration and allowed guns to go to Mexican cartels. It was much bigger under “Operation Fast & Furious”, but it was under Bush where the problem began. Among other problems.

        • Don’t lie.

          Bush’s gun running was with real attempts to keep track of the firearms but they soon realized that it was a futile effort. The program was stopped.

          Obama regime restarted the program with zero tracking and just throwing the guns to the wind.

          Plus the intent of the programs was polar opposite.
          Bush to understand the cartel smuggling.
          Obama to create an incident/reason to ban guns.

          Big difference.

  15. Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary profits (in a certain segment) deserve neither liberty nor profit.

    We do NOT need another Obama!

    • “We do NOT need another Obama!”

      We could, and might, get *worse*…

      • No kidding…
        I’m pretty sure the Democrats are actively seeking the Antichrist as their presidential candidate. I was fairly convinced they had found him(her) with Hillary…they’ll keep looking though.

        • Anybody old enough to remember Groping Joe previous campaigns knows he’s a clusterfark and will say stupid sheet the whole time.

          The media will drag him over the Democratic primary finish line.

          Google/Fvckbook will try to drag him over the Nov2020 finish line.
          They likely will succeed.

          Regardles he is an idiot.

    • The industry was really hoping to get Hillary. They got ready to make bank. Then they got upset that Trump won just like other investors did.

      After Trump won I heard people say they weren’t necessarily angry at him, they were angry about all the money they lost, they needed to put the blame somewhere.

      A lot of gun sellers are labeling the end of the half white half black Democrat [Obama] years the “Trump slump.”

      2A activists are depressed by more gun control being passed with Trump than with Obama and people being lazy because they falsely believe they can rest while Trump is president.

  16. “The Gun Industry Needs Another Obama”

    Instead of being worried about the “gun industry” we should focus on the rights of the citizens that are under threat…and let’s face it, nobody is worried about the “gun industry”, they’re worried about the $$$ lining their pockets…

  17. The gun industry can go to hell. Any gun company that wants my business better pledge never to sell a firearm to any government that doesn’t allow its subjects to own that same weapon.

  18. I’d rather not have to deal with a bunch of retired boomers ripping me off for my 22LR because they can sit around at walmart for 5 hours a day while I have a career to do.

  19. More guns = yes… more Obummers = NO…!
    One way to sell more guns would be to make the whole country a open carry country, just like everyone wants a fancy sports car , they would all want to show off their new weapon on their hip… Bingo, sales of guns go up, guns everywhere,,, wooo hooo…!!!🔫🔫🔫🔫

    • It would be better to stop focusing on old white men. The average age for a hunter is about 60 years old!

      The percentage of divorce in white and black families is high, which means the mom raises the child. Most women do not like guns and don’t want them around their children. The gun industry and 2A organizations don’t put much focus on women (nor non whites).

      White people in the U.S. are shrinking in population due to them not wanting to have kids or get married. The poor and non whites have a lot more children. The stereotypical white male is dying off. The young whites lean more towards socialism and they are anti gun ownership by non government citizens.

      Second amendment activists need to focus on the future instead of the past if they want to retain their human rights under law. They need to reach out to the non traditional demographics. make them feel welcomed, educate them and create a feeling of empowerment. The current youth and non whites do not have a culture of exercising their 2nd Amendment protected rights — that’s the fault of the older generations.

      The mere sight of a non uniformed gun carrier causes most Americans to feel a sense of terror. That’s because they don’t know history, they don’t have experience with weapons, they don’t have trust in their countrymen, the anti 2A machine has control of their emotions and thoughts, politicians/judges/police pretend keeping and bearing arms is illegal and morally wrong.

      If more people openly carried their pistol they could educate the people about their rights. You have to be committed to protecting rights because you will have a lot more trouble trying to live out of the closet. Most gun owners don’t want to put up with the trouble and they make the excuse of being assassinated due to them being the ones carrying the gun.

      Angrily protesting in your military gear and carrying around your long gun will only make people feel more terror and lash out for more government. Openly carrying in your daily life is a much better form of protest.

      • If “The mere sight of a non uniformed gun carrier causes most Americans to feel a sense of terror” it means that antis succeeded in brainwashing the populace just like Eric Holder wanted.
        Leftist mainstream media do their best to help. Leftist schools want their students to believe that even thinking about guns is bad, never mind talking or writing about them. Actually using guns will get them in deep trouble in those progressive indoctrination centers. How to fight back in such environment?

  20. No thanks. I have no want to line the pockets of ammunition companies with 20x the real cost of a product because a bunch of morons are panic buying. This is how capitalism works.
    The morons who kept their gun stocks when Trump got into office deserve to lose money for being bad investors. Sorry, not sorry.

  21. Wow! Such scary talk. Of course LaPierre omitted some pesky facts, like how a president can’t just change the Constitution on his own. It takes 1) a two-thirds vote in the House and 2) a two-thirds vote in the Senate, or 3) by three-quarters of the states. Since Republicans controlled both the House and Senate, and most state legislatures for most of Obama’s eight years in office, he couldn’t have done a thing. But when you’re in the business of peddling fear—and that’s Wayne LaPierre—why let facts and Civics 101 get in the way?

    Apparently Obama wasn’t as aggressive as Trump considering Trump got the AG to redefine law without the House and Senate. Trump was able to make thousands of gun owners into felons without having to sign any law.

    Imagine what Obama could have done if he was trying very hard to turn gun owners into defiant criminals. Very few states had gun confiscation powers back then. The future Democrats are going to love all the new power and potential to “no knock” gun owner’s castle.

  22. It just means they have to innovate products people want to buy, rather than open a machine shop churning out AR lowers and M4 knock offs and expecting to hit the jackpot. I still want to buy guns and ammo, so make something exciting.

    They tried to capitalize on potential regulations so they either succeeded or failed based on how much they invested and whether they knew when to get out.

    Kinda like how the silencer market, after capitalizing on the 41F rush, pretty much killed themselves on “HPA is a sure thing, with tax stamp refunds!” Suddenly everyone was good to hold off until the legislation passed…. And didn’t.

    Ultimately this is the government’s fault for infringing on a right, but then companies do try to play the game and speculate on what they can sell, like bump stocks. A gun hobby is a strange thing, it is like being into golf but having regular threats to regulate where you play, what clubs you can use, and potential jail time or confiscation for owning certain clubs or balls or seeing them removed from the market.

  23. have you forgotten how (rightfully) savage commenters were here to ‘Firearms Concierge’ when he said he was voting for Hillary because it was good for business?

    Panic is no way sustain an industry.

  24. Nope. Panic buyung always leads to higher prices. What us good for stockholders isn’t necessarily good for me.

  25. My biggest complaint with the firearms industry is how the people that run the gun and ammo companies expect the average gun owner to do the heavy lifting on protecting gun rights.

    Does Ford expect their customers to lobby congress for laxer vehicle laws? Expect their customers to spend their own time and money protecting Ford’s right to exist?

    It is way past time that the gun and ammo makers spend a large portion of their profits on pushing for a better future for gun buyers.

    • The industry does spend money on lobbying. The NRA needs our donations to pay for executive salary, perks, and retirement.

    • I’m not really sure that’s a fair comparison. No one is trying to designate pickup trucks as “assault vehicles” and ban the sale of the F150. In that regard the industry is relatively unique.

      You see this kind of asinine over-regulation in things like research chemistry but that’s never going to change because virtually no one cares about research chemistry unless the lack of it creates a serious problem that’s noticeable to the public. And… that’s not gonna happen.

      Personally, I’m rather wary of the concept of corporate activism in the political realm. I don’t much care for the idea of a company “protecting me” because that’s exactly how you end up with the Google story that follows this story and at that point whether or not the company is “doing the right thing” is merely in the eye of the beholder.

      • The statists are saying they want to ban trucks and SUVs because of global warming. They want you to only have self driving electric cars or public transportation.

        They always say they want to control guns like they control cars.

        Car companies do fight back government regulations that restrict the things they can sell. They rather have the market decide what they should make…

        • “They always say they want to control guns like they control cars.”

          I never said the people on the other side argued wisely or in good faith.

          They don’t care about banning a pickup truck or an SUV. They’re not proposing blanket bans on either class of vehicle. They want to regulate the type of engine the machine runs on. I agree that it’s dumb but it’s not like gun control where they want a flat out ban on numerous items, not a work-around that makes them function slightly differently.

          Under the proposed “green” rules Ford can still make a F150, it just has to be electric. Ruger cannot make a Mini-14 or a AR because that entire class of rifles is just flat out banned.

        • Government regulation of the auto industry has been a driver of innovation and freedom of choice. It’s why you can get a pick up truck now that gets 30 miles to a gallon instead of 12 and hybrid or electric versions of every kind of car in addition to combustion engine. None of that would have happened organically through market forces. Your freedom of choice, convenience and safety as a consumer has only been improved by government regulation of the auto industry. You want manufactures to be “free” to produce unsafe, inefficient, unreliable, dangerous vehicles that are bad for the environment? Cause that’s what most cars were even just twenty years ago. Gas is more expensive due to environmental regulation yes, but every conceivable car you could buy now uses much less of it now also due to government regulation.

        • “You want manufactures to be “free” to produce unsafe, inefficient, unreliable, dangerous vehicles that are bad for the environment? “

          Statements like this always make me wonder about the people who make the statement. No one said this. No one said anything close to this. Attributing made up shit to another person and then arguing against it is called a “straw man argument”.

          To put a finer point on my comment to User1, mandating electric only is dumb at this point in time. It’s dumb for a variety of reasons, the foremost of which that it doesn’t yet work at a level that’s useful for a lot of applications and therefore mandating for those applications is a fool’s errand. If the tech comes along that makes a serious all-day heavy hauling work truck electric or creates an electric big rig, great. However, crafting regulation such that all pickups be such a thing on Date X when you have no particular reason to believe that battery tech can even be made to do such a thing given the physics of the known universe is just stupid because you may well be mandating the impossible.

          There’s nothing wrong with setting goals and putting resources towards R&D to see if those goals are achievable, then once they’re determined to be feasible setting some regulatory goals and letting the market take over. But to simply set an arbitrary goal which may literally be prevented by the laws of physics or the resources available on this planet makes no sense at all and doesn’t help anyone, let alone the consumer who now has no options remaining. The automotive version of “microstamping” isn’t a laudable thing, it’s asinine.

  26. Protect the 2nd Amendment
    Import hordes of immigrants who have no cultural connection the the Rights Guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

    Pick one.

    • What other country has the same human rights protected under law? Europe doesn’t have it…

  27. The conditions that created all the buying was an Obama strategy meant to plump America with guns, knowing that with so many firearms ‘out there’ they would inevitably fall into the wrong hands. When the crime sprees inevitably happened they knew the calls for gun control would do their dirty work for them.
    It was crafted by people who knew what they were doing, just as illegal voting for America’s next “brown wave”, just as Eric the Red’s “Fast and Furious”, just as cash for Mullahs, just as trannies in the military… and a thousand other cuts Obama gave to “fundamentally change America”.
    And it was all supposed to be handed to the woman who said “at this point, what difference does it make?”

  28. Claiming the gun industry needs another Obama is like saying the economy needs another World War. Yeah…..no.

    The gun industry would benefit most from stable sales in a political environment that does not pose a daily existential threat to it. Then they could focus on research and development on next generation firearms, without skittish investors always worried about their multi-billion investments being wiped out in a regulatory minute because some pimply faced punk with chip on his shoulder and no date to the prom decided to go postal.

    Same with the NRA. For about a century following the Civil War, the NRA’s mission was to improve shooter proficiency and safety. The Second Amendment lobbying, litigating and politicking didn’t come into play in earnest until after the assassinations of the 1960’s, the 1968 Gun Control Act and the continuing assault on people’s civil rights.

    Think of all the money that could have gone into Eddie the Eagle presentations, or Refuse to be a Victim programs, or even just financial and design assistance with new firearms ranges. Instead, the NRA has to pour it into asinine political campaigns, lobbying efforts, and marketing efforts just to keep from losing gains we’re already clawed back over the past five decades.

    No, we don’t need another Obama. We just need a halfway intelligent electorate with a wider than a range-of-the-moment attention span and a farther than the tip-of-their-nose foresight, who will elect leaders who know not to try to pull this anti-2A B.S. and instead go fix something that’s actually broken.

    • Where can we find some of those “leaders who know not to try to pull this anti-2A B.S.”? Democrats across the board are racing each other in gun grabbing rhetoric, aiming for total civilian disarmament.
      Even Republicans turn into gun grabbers when it looks like it will bring them profit – see Florida for an example.

      Until “leaders”, who push the unconstitutional legislation stealing our rights from us, start meeting some very bad luck, why would they stop doing it? I’m afraid that since there seems to be no lawful avenue left to stop attacks on people’s rights and to get existing infringements overturned, some of the worst offenders may discover that their actions have unintended consequences.
      Let’s do everything we can to not let it get so far as in Unintended Consequences.

  29. You could argue that repealing onerously restrictive laws would spur the gun industry as well. Legalize cans and a cornucopia of small businesses would pop up. Deregulating autos would give hun and ammo sales a shot in the arm. Lift import restrictions would put money in for c&r stuff.

    The money is there and you dont need fear mongering to get it.

  30. Why in the hell would I or the gun industry need another Obama in office? They may just some day get guns banned then the industry would be done. No I will take a Trump any day of the week. The gun industry can operate in a climate of normalcy . We don’t need some gun grabber threatening us at every turn. Whoever wrote this article is stupid.

  31. The NRA needs to learn how to stop compromising and get their own house in order. Left them a long time ago for Gun Owners of America. No American Rifleman magazines, just fighting for our rights with ZERO compromise. What a concept!

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