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The NSSF ran this open letter to President Obama in this morning’s Washington Post. Click ‘read more’ to embiggen it.


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  1. The only issue I see with this letter is that it appears to take Obama seriously…and one thing Obama is most definitely NOT, is a serious person.

    • It really isn’t directed at or to Obama–his mind is closed. It is directed to all the people who have been misled by his rhetoric.

      • Exactly so.

        The audience is not Obama, but the audience.

        You get further by appearing to take him seriously, even if you don’t and especially if he’s not serious. Take what he says literally, as if it was in good faith. In public. Loudly.

        For example, the NRA’s Lurch-like spokesthing speaking up convinced nobody in the administration, their lackeys or sponsors. However saying this changes the conversation: “OK, well, one pile of stats here says, you wanna protect kids in schools, give them armed guards like you give your money. We’re helping with that. How about you?”

    • rc, actually he IS serious, and has been serious for last 8 years now about fundamentally changing America. He dislikes almost every fundamental pillar the Founders wrote into the Constitution. He is anything but incompetent. To underestimate him is to do so at your peril.

      Given all that, if the NSSF thinks Obama will give their letter even a moment of thought, in want some of what they’re smokin’.

      • I don’t know, he seems pretty incompetent to me. Outside of Obamacare and his appointed justices making gay marriage legal throughout the US, what else has he done? He has doubled the amount of firearms in private hands nationwide, gun rights are at a higher level than they have been in 50 years or more (and the potential to gain more ground in coming years), conservatives and freedom-minded people are making up an ever-larger percentage of our population.

        Incompetent? More like an unknowing conservative plant.

      • Thank you.

        The idea that this man is an idiot or is incompetent is not only wrong, but dangerous. He is doing exactly what he was put in place to do and is doing it quite deftly.

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      (My thoughts on gun control)

  2. Most red blooded Americans resent the implication that we contribute to gun violence. Here is the thing. The administrators know you resent that label and…just….dont…care.

    No letter needed.

  3. Was this only run in their print edition? I took a look over to the WaPo website and saw nothing… which makes complete sense because the letter exposes all the lies in their narrative.

    • It’s an advertisement.
      Newspapers typically don’t run the same ads in their print and web versions.

  4. A simple Go F@@K yourself or….for the history buffs when the anti gun Nazi’s surrounding Bastone demanded surrender of US forces. General McAuliffe replied ‘NUTS”.

  5. I would agree with the negative comments above except for one thing: the letter was published. Publication was the true purpose of the letter. All publicity that states our views is good publicity. The letter is clear, concise, and puts the gun manufacturers in a positive light. This is all good, and the odds of a rebuttal by the administration slim to none.

  6. It’s a great press release, and worth reposing and sharing with antis, however Obama probably just wiped his ass with it

  7. Nice to see that the NSSF, which represents manufacturers and dealers but not us, isn’t selling us out. Maybe next time it will, or maybe NSSF finally understands that our interests and the interests of the manufacturers and the FFLs are aligned.

    • I have a BIG problem with any national, state or local supposed pro-gun, pro Second Amendment organization that supports in any way NICS, Fix-NICS, or lobbies for local jurisdictions to be more proactive in providing information to the FBI for NICS regarding “prohibited persons”.

      Those organizations, by promoting NICS, have tacitly agreed that the Second Amendment does not mean exactly what it says and that the government does in fact have the authority to create, maintain and enforce a list of Americans who the government has decided may not exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

      The Second Amendment, as are all the other protections in the Bill of Rights, is a PROHIBITION against the government, as in “…shall not be infringed.” It contains no language nor even any implication that the government may decide to whom the right applies, may set requirements for the exercise of the right, nor set standards as to where or when the right may be exercised.

      NSSF and NRA, et al, may do many good and even some great things for our right to keep and bear arms, but until they get on the right side of the 2A argument I will continue to have a problem giving them my whole-hearted support.

  8. I’ll bet that he has not yet been given this letter, nor will he ever. And if for some reason he has or will, will use it as butt wipe.

  9. I liked the intent of this well-written letter, with one possible exception. It claims that “we aren’t your enemy.” As long as the current administration and many of their allied congresscritters pursue their current path, they most certainly are our enemies.

    • You beat me to it. We are not Obama’s enemy, but, assuredly, he is our enemy. If he thought he could get away with it, he would threaten and even use deadly force to disarm us.

      Jesus said to love your enemies–which might be difficult here–but He didn’t say not to recognize them as such and take steps to prevent them from doing harm.

  10. Good effort. The message really isn’t for BHO. It’s for the millions of citizens who’ve been mislead by this administration into believing that we are the problem. BHO already knows his spew is BS. And he doesn’t care a bit. He’s got an agenda and will do whatever it takes to move it along. Our real goal must be to help the less informed citizens (sheep?) understand reality.

  11. Lost me after the first paragraph. All the “background checks” or “laws” in the world won’t stop the misuse of guns, or anything else. Real criminals, intent on doing harm to others don’t submit to them.

    All the “laws already on the books” are as bogus as the background checks. I certainly don’t want them enforced.

    Gun locks and “smart guns” are not going to affect criminal misuse either. Education and responsible use by ordinary people have already reduced the number of “accidents” to microscopic numbers. Those who want to mess with locks and electronics should certainly be free to use them, of course.

    All in all, I’ve seen the NSSF to be just another apologist for gun control when all is said and done.

  12. I don’t understand all the negativity. It may have only been published in the WaPo physical edition, but like on this web site it will be reposted in many other places. It refutes his points without being directly in his face — NSSF acted like an adult while he acted like a baby. And maybe was done to better set up a future lawsuit if the Hildebeast is elected. I think about my own purchases, background checks, pistol permits, all the new and one of the resale guns coming with child safety locks. No, a lot of people will not read their response, but they handled the issue a lot better than he or his minions did.

  13. Y’all have got to pull your head out of whatever it’s in. There is a very simple stepping process for communist to take control. They want to take away your power to worship anything but the state, form ideas differently than the state, discuss your feelings about the state, be susceptible to state intrusion, and most importantly not defend yourself against the state. We saw speech take a hit shrouded in eradicating racism. We saw worship take a hit in eradicating marriage, and we are seeing defense taking a hit in eradicating arms. The new speech on “rights” has begun. Healthcare is a right so you get taxed. College is a right so you get taxed. Environment has rights so you get taxed. Until eventually we are all ants doing as instructed from birth in fear of the boot of the state coming down on us.

  14. Disagree with NSSF’s position on NICS if you want, but it shows class.

    NSSF treats the office of the President with respect, even when he treats them with contempt. They took the high road. Good on them.

  15. The president and some folks over in the Legislative branch don’t give a tinker’s damn about enforcing existing gun laws. They want laws they thought up and got passed and they really don’t care whether those laws get enforced or not either. They just want new laws with their name on it.

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