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Courtesy Joe Grine

The Spuhr ISMS (Ideal Scope Mounting System) is one of my favorite scope mounts, so I was really thrilled to see that Spuhr is finally releasing a version with a quick detach capability. The ISMS is machined from one-piece solid billet, in 7075 T651 Aluminum. In addition to the quick detach levers,  the new model has all of the same features found on the standard ISMS mount, including . . .

  • 10-degree leveling wedge
  • 4 numbered and indexed mounting torx heads
  • Built in level
  • 8 accessory interface attachment points

Courtesy Joe Grine

One cool feature of the new mount is that the portion that interfaces with the corners of the picatinny rail is scalloped out in order to increase the purchase on the rail, which helps compensate for any rails that may be slightly out of spec.

Courtesy Joe Grine

The quick detach version of the ISMS will retail for $495.

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  1. Are the scope clamping surfaces hand lapped post anodize at least? If there isn’t a 100% guarantee of concentricity and TIR with minimal deviations (less than .001″), I will stick to my $150 American Defense.

    • “I’d rather put money in the scope” but cheap out on the mount? Hmmm…. Let’s see. I’m going to spend north of $2K for a quality Leupold, Nightforce, Kahles or S&B… but I’m going to buy a sub-$60 scope mount made by a company known for making airsoft grade accessories (UTG). Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Oh well. To each his own.

  2. I spent $50 less on my mount, scope, and red dot combined. Go Burris. I’m sure there’s a market for this one given how much top line optics can go.

  3. To those complaining about the cost, when you spend $6000 (AI AT) on a rifle and $4000 on a scope (S&B), $500 for a mount doesn’t seem so bad.

    The pricing is actually a lot less than I expected considering regular Spuhr mounts go for $400.

    • I’m with anon here. My latest build is a Surgeon 6.5×284 with a S&B PM II 5-25 and I think I’ll stick with a Spuhr after seeing the luck I’ve had with some cheaper Leupold mounting systems. I think the market for these is certainly people sticking super high end glass on stupidly expensive rifles.


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