The Not the Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day

As you might know, TTAG has major wood for the Chiappa Firearms Rhino revolver. Even before Guns & Ammo made the weapon its cover girl, we recognized the Rhino as the first major advancement in pistol design since the Mr. Browning revolutionized the semi. A gun that fires from midships? We’ll bring that bad boy into port anytime. Well, once Chris Dumm blesses the trigger job (story on Monday). We’ve also acknowledged that the Rhino was not Emilio Ghisoni’s first stab at this design. That honor belongs to the Mateba Autorevolver. Which had its issues (blowback?). Which have been resolved with the Rhino. Which doesn’t take away from the fact that Matebas like this one are, now, extremely collectible. And, from the looks of it, a hoot.


  1. avatar IGB says:

    With all the Rhino posts, I was going to ask why the Rhino will succeed in the market where this one failed. Is it the "auto" feature that was flawed?

    Neat gun.

  2. You got it: the automatic (blowback) part of the program was fundamentally flawed. The Rhino will succeed because it really is a better gun. IMHO.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    It wasn't the first semiautomatic revolver — most people give "credit" to the Webley-Fosbery self-cocking automatic revolver a hundred years ago. It worked, but so what? Did we really need the firearm equivalent of an electric fork? But the upside down configuration of the Rhino is brilliant, and it looks cool. What a revolutionary gun. As a died-in-the-wool revolver man, I hope the Rhino proves to be a big winner.

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