Chiappa Firearms Introducing RFID Trackers in their Firearms

Sometimes I read stuff on the internet and facepalm myself at the sheer ridiculousness I just forced my brain to process. The move’s usually triggered by news stories on Congressional pork rinds or the latest escapades of a reality-challenged reality star. And now I’ve wandered upon something that makes me wonder if the Chiappa Firearms […]

The Not the Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day

As you might know, TTAG has major wood for the Chiappa Firearms Rhino revolver. Even before Guns & Ammo made the weapon its cover girl, we recognized the Rhino as the first major advancement in pistol design since the Mr. Browning revolutionized the semi. A gun that fires from midships? We’ll bring that bad boy […]

The Chiappa Rhino Trigger Job Has Landed

My review of the Chiappa Rhino. 357 Magnum was great fun to write. And the research was no drag either; it’s not every day that you get to blast away with a heavy-hitting concealed carry pistol that has nearasdammit no recoil at all. And when that pistol is also remarkably accurate, weighs only a few ounces […]

Gun Review: Chiappa Firearms Rhino

What’s new about the Chiappa Rhino .357 Magnum revolver? Everything. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about magnum revolvers, or snubnose revolvers, or handgun recoil, or concealable stopping power. If Chiappa can iron-out a few wrinkles in its execution (ergonomics, anyone?), the Rhino could be to conventional revolvers what HMS Dreadnought was to capital […]

Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: Da Do Ron Ron

After my post on my inability to fire the Rhino revolver accurately (toned down paraphrasing), Chiappa Firearms Prez Ron Norton sent me not one but two instructive emails. Literally. First up, the importance of not staging a double-action revolver’s trigger, something about which Mr. Norton knows a thing or two, as he gently reminds us […]