The New Mauser M18 Savanna Rifle With Threaded Barrel

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Mauser M18 Savanna rifle

From Blaser Group . . .

Blaser Group is pleased to introduce the Mauser M18 Savanna bolt-action rifle. This newest M18 features a Savanna tan stock with grip inserts and a threaded barrel for the addition of a suppressor or muzzle break.

Recognized for its accuracy and ruggedness at an exceptional price point, this popular hunting rifle features a cold hammer-forged German-steel barrel, three-position safety, and adjustable trigger that allows you to set your own preferred pull weight from 2.25 – 4.25 lbs. The 60-degree oversized bolt with three locking lugs and two extractor pins allows for quick and smooth cycling of cartridges from the standard five-round magazine. Ten-round magazines are also available.

The Mauser M18 Savanna is backed by a sub-MOA performance guarantee and 10-year factory warranty.

“The new Mauser M18 Savanna presents the opportunity for even more American hunters to experience the benefits of German engineering and manufacturing,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “This ultra-rugged rifle is a true value delivering superior reliability, durability, and accuracy in its class.”

The Mauser M18 Savanna accepts Remington 700 LA-style mounts and is available with a 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel in .223 Rem, .243 Win, .270 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and 7mm Rem Mag chamberings and a 9/16 x 24 threaded barrel in .30-06, .300 Win Mag and .308 Win. For more information visit:

MSRP: $849.99

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  1. It is a weapon of war. This rifle is no different than the Mauser 1898. This rifle was used for 4 decades by the German army before it was replaced by a similar but shorter barreled weapon. By being rapidly reloadable via stripper clips, it could maintain a murderous rate of fire. The high power and longer sight radius enabled by the long barrel enabled it to be deadly at long range. The Mauser ’98 was such a lethal weapon of war that dozens of countries purchased licenses to build it in various calibers. An Italian version of the Mauser 1898 was used to asasinate President Kenedy.

    No civilian needs to own this deadly weapon of war.

    Sarcasm intended.

      • I met Lee Harvey Oswald and he had a Winchester Model 70.

        Ok, not the same guy, this one was born in October 1963 and his parents didn’t bother to change his name….

  2. This looks like an interesting rifle at a decent price. What would be nice is a real review as opposed to a press release. Where’s JWT?

  3. MAUSER or not it will NOT make you a better shot If you already own a good quality rifle of similar calibre and real difference in accuracy will be in the mind. I’ve shot with lot of Rifles whilst in the UKMForces as an Armourer nad Smallarms instructot. THE most accurate rifle I ever used, out to around 400mtrs, was the SA 80 with the SUSAT sight.
    With IRON sights and Standard Issue Ammunition I was in the top quartile of the top quartile in the UK Forces with was none other than the LEE-ENFIELD .303 No4 with which I reguarly scored ‘possibles’ on the BISLEY Long [600mtrs] Range with Standard A Issue Ammunition
    Having said that the PARKER -HALE [PH] 7.62 Conversion may have had the edge because it had a higher MV and a flatter trajectory out to any reasonable range. I only shot half a dozen practices with a ‘borrowed’ PH Conversion so was unable to adjust the sights to my own requirements.

  4. Mausers are great rifles. Never had an issue with any I have owned to include milsurp rifles. If the new rifles are built with the same quality as the older ones, this may be a good deal. May have to get one of these and check it out.

    • I agree that Mauser has been a well engineered and well built platform to include the Springfield 1903 to such a degree that the U.S. was sued by Mauser for patent violations. If they have kept the Quality of the processes, with the innovation of the engineers, It stands a good chance of being another gun of choice.

  5. That appears to be a sweet rifle for the price. I’m a .243 fan also, like my aught six but the .243 gets er done with little recoil.


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