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I gotta tell you, I love this stuff. Covering this story is like peeling the layers off an onion. Only with this story, every layer we peel back reveals more detail, and gets us closer to the truth. Case in point, today’s story from the North Plate Telegraph, a paper that apparently employs reporters who like to report, rather than editorialize. (Huzzah! So THAT’S where all the reporters ended up when they were replaced at bigger papers by cheerleaders for the Left.)

Today, we hear directly from the hero of the story, Harry McCullough III. We also get a glimpse into the forensics of the crime scene. I don’t want to steal the North Platte Telegraph’s thunder. But, in the interest of those of you hanging on my every word (both of you), here’s the 20,000-foot view:

  • McCullough remembers firing four rounds. Evidence suggests he shot eight rounds. (This is not at all unusual. Even eye witnesses are notoriously unreliable when it comes to shot counts and other details. It’s an adrenalin thing.)
  • McCullough hit the perp with four rounds. One additional .40 round was found inside the perp’s shotgun barrel indicating that the perp was aiming the weapon directly at McCullough.
  • The perp, one Marquail Thomas, 18, was armed with an unloaded shotgun. (Which is almost as dumb as bringing a knife to a gunfight.)
  • Thomas yelled “Nobody [expletive┬ádeleted] move!” (I’ll leave it to your imagination, but my money’s on a word that rhyrmes with ‘truck.’)
  • McCullough didn’t wait around to see if anybody would get hurt. He acted. (Every situation is different. This sounds to be me perfectly justified.)
  • The police are not pressing charges, choosing only to cite McCullough for carrying without a permit. (This reinforces the idea that it was a righteous shoot.)
  • McCullough subdued Thomas’ 17-year-old accomplice until police arrived. A third moron, a 15-year-old driver, was apprehended later by police. (Nobody credits McCullough for not putting a cap in the ass of the accomplice. This shows he was using restraint and used force only when necessary.)
  • McCullough’s not sleeping a lot – all three perps have been ID’d as gang members. (Let’s hope the authorities don’t force McCullough to give up his guns. He may need them.)

I’m sure the Brady Campaign guys are wishing this story wouldn’t unfold as a textbook case of why having an armed citizenry is a good idea. But the truth will out – and the truth is, this guy stopped a robbery and could have very well prevented future violent crimes by these same thugs.

Nice job, Harry. Way to go.

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