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The SIG SAUER M400 Tread brings back the freedom of firearms.

Here’s a close-up look at the new SIG SAUER M400 Tread AR-style rifle, thanks to Green Beret Tom Beckstrand.

What you believe and respect, and your freedom to choose those things, makes you who you are. In today’s time, the face of freedom can look a lot of different ways, but for SIG SAUER, it’s nicely symbolized by a new AR platform that’s anything but compromising.

The M400 Tread helps firearm owners recognize the important things in a gun: reliability, versatility, and execution. It’s helping SIG SAUER back their ethos of making purpose-built guns with U.S.-made accessories to allow buyers to make it their own.

Biggest of all, the M400 Tread can be found for around $800, making it ideal as a solid rifle to kickstart a love of Second Amendment freedoms.

It’s clear to us the Tread wasn’t made for any one type of consumer or any one type of shooter. It’s meant to be an ideal starting point, with all of the modern wishlist features of a great AR platform, and a gun that can be customized with different handguards, grip kits, optics, triggers, and charging handles.

Here’s how the M400 Tread comes stock, with seven specific features highlighted. As configured out of the box, it puts all of these premium features on an affordable platform.

sig sauer m400 tread

You can see how several configurations, created by several different kinds of people, were set up on SIG SAUER’s website. That’s also where to go to see all of the accessories, designed and created with the same standards SIG SAUER applies to everything they offer up.

The 7-pound AR is 30.8 inches long with a 16-inch stainless barrel with a 1:8 twist. It’s chambered in 5.56 NATO and sits on an aluminum frame. The M400 Tread also includes a 30-round polymer AR magazine. Several of the most important components are ambidextrous, and the Magpul SL-K six-position telescoping stock.

To get even more info on the new M400 Tread, and to find out how to buy one, is the place.


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    • Wow SIG. Signal much?

      At least it’s a less offensive marketing overreach than the SAINT. Nothing like hijackibg the 2nd amendment for shameless profit.

      • “Freedom without compromise” would be a free machine gun, no paperwork, no restrictions. Instead SIG is offering a candy-coated image of freedom that has absolutely zero to do with any additional rights, let along AR features.

        I guess SIG says you are free to walk around your domicile or workplace rocking your single point. Perhaps TREAD owners should take a minute and read a book instead of playing the neighborhood soldier of fortune game. Might learn more about freedom than street corner posturing.

        If you want to destroy the 2A, make us look like a bunch of potential terrorists hanging out in the doorways of Kabul, Amerika.

        • Yeah… god forbid the spook the sheeple…

          Here’s an idea… the 2nd amendment protect my right to cary any gun I want in any manner I want into any place I am legally allowed to be.

        • I see him at the range and in his garage with the rifle, not posturing anywhere. Are you triggered?

  1. I appreciate the subtle irony that it is 30.8 inches long…but, chambered in 5.56…a case of rifle passive / aggressive envy?

    • Agreed. Especially because it come with an adjustable buttstock and three pronged flash hider. They don’t just give those away you know. And since it’s available in 5.56 Nato, that just completes this Tread package as a truly breathtaking masterpiece. It even comes with a dustcover and forward assist. This rifle is so far ahead of the competition yet it blends in with all the other ARs so you can go grey when needed. Nobody will think you are a wacko unless you tell them.

  2. I wonder if they post content like this on ARFCOM.

    Self awareness of who they are talking to is pretty slim to non, either way. I’d call this a market research failure all in all.

    • I love the “us” part: “It’s clear to us the Tread wasn’t made for… ”

      Mr. Content must have a mouse in his pocket?


    • “Buy our AR becauce ‘MERICA!!!”

      Good enough. The 2nd Amendment would find that acceptable.

      The Tread has decent features, and works. Good enough.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of video’s on this…very nice rifle all you whiner’s!

  4. I’m sure it’s a fine ar. But claiming “without compromise” would mean it’s suppressed, has a second upper with a 10” barrel and the safety selector has a 3rd option…all without having to ask the atf for permission and giving them $600.

  5. Weathered wood, vintage ironwork, a Gadsden flag, two American flags, and a spotless engine on a rusty hoist. And a happy doggo. Plus a bearded model who’s clearly OAF and surely has an a1c of 6.5 or less.

    Strych9 should be happy about this one.

    But wait…why the hell is there a BATHROBE hanging from the eaves of this guy’s shed? I don’t trust this guy, with his overpriced Lego-set AR-15 and randomly placed bathrobes. You lose, SIG Sauer. Come back, one year!

    • Bathrobe? Looks like an oil skin coat such as a Drizabone.

      And the rest is just set dressing.

      • I did too. 🙂 Like Southern Cross said, whether it’s a duster or a robe, it’s all set dressing anyway.

    • The V8, with the blower on top, looks like it was photoshopped in. I haven’t seen a V8 side mounted on a engine stand before. The image does have a decent amount of Murcia.

      • Not just any V8, that is a Flathead ford, worth a lot more than the Sig. They make good hand guns but i’ll keep my ruger ar556

  6. I dont know whats with Sig lately. Want to show me some freedom. Hows about me keeping some of my money in my pockets. Whats with all these $400 guns costing over $800???????

  7. Hahaha you guys are spot on! My wife handled one in a local shop with a price tag of $850. It was almost an impulse buy of an AR she liked out of the box, but I found one online for $675. It’s much nicer than my bare bones Anderson and ATI rifles, and if it makes her a shooter, it’s worth it to me. I think this rifle is aimed at new shooters who might turn up their nose at the $400 rifles, but don’t want to spend $1200+ on one right now either. The more AR pattern rifles out there, the better. I suspect even newb shooters don’t want the commie government taking their property away, so lets make lots of new gun owners however we can.

    • The article may have been a advertisement or may not have been,however you nailed it for a entry AR you get a lot for your dollar.with the extend controls,ambi features,rail and or rail upgrade available.

      You won’t get the features that are standard on the Tread on a S&W M&P 15 or Ruger AR 556 or many other entry AR’s.

  8. Had an opportunity to go for a range day/photo & video shoot up at the Academy in NH.
    Got some really cold (it was 20 and nasty) and dirty hands-on with Sig’s ARs, the 1-4x scope and their 77 grainers. It’s good kit. Any range gun, and it was heavily used and dirty, that is still that tight is GtG in my book.

  9. That has to be the most cliché photo I have ever seen……is that supposed to be the stereotypical American gun owner?

    • If they’re gonna do stereotypes:

      Needs more dogs to be realistic…add in a rusted out M151, Piece of railroad iron for an anvil, a light drizzle and empty Jack bottles to the photo and you have the setting for The Perfect Country and Western Song (with apologies to David Allan Coe).

      • Well, you didn’t say anything about mama, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or getting drunk

        • Sure I did…Drizzle, empty Jack bottles and railroad iron…the M151 is classed as a 1/4 ton utility TRUCK…referencing Mama and prison was up to you and you did…thanks!

  10. The picture might just be the most pandering cringe I’ve seen outside of Mother Jones, Slate, and Huffpo. Good lord, how dumb do they think we are?

  11. I examined one at Scheel’s the other day. I like it better than the Saint. It has a sturdier feel, especially the hand guards.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been spoiled by piston systems. DI is SO yesteryear 😉

  12. It’s never going to be freedom as long as there is a serial number that is registered

  13. I understand TTAG needs the advertising dollars. But have to agree the ad writer language lays it on kinda thick. On any case, that gun doesn’t fit my needs or wants.

    I have two cheap ARs. My Bushmaster Carbon 15 is my super light weight plinker. Bought over a curiosity for an ultralight shooter. Not suitable to battlefield work but is hell unleashed busting clays and dinging steel plates.

    The other is a Frankenstein build when I first tried putting one together. All 7075 upper and lower at least. Been thinking on a long range build, varmint whacker. Maybe I’ll get around to that, keep upper and lower but change barrel, trigger ………..

  14. What a corny picture, it’s over the top. Lol @ companies that use the “I’m more merican than you” sales strategy.

  15. It has some nice features, but I wouldn’t trade it for one of my SIG 556’s. What really pisses me off is the closure of the 556 platform. It’s a great mix of the AR & AK in my humble opinion. This is just another AR & I would buy a DPMS before I bought this. SIG marketing has gone to shit over the past couple of years. Trying to be competitive, I guess. I really like the Aussie in the picture, tho.

  16. The ad is over the top but if you really want to stick with the ‘Merica theme it should have been a American Staffordshire terrier or a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Just sayin’

  17. Okay. It’s made by Sig, but it’s still only an AR-15. So. It’s a piece shit. Just a well made piece of shit. After all, there’s only so much you can do with a turd.

  18. I know everyone here is having fun with this over the top ad disguised as an article on TTAG.
    Someone here said it’s a available for $675
    A stainless steel barell, nice stock, ambidextrous controls and mid length gas system, made by a major company for a reasonable price.
    Nothing wrong with this AR.
    I would like one
    I just can’t justify buying another AR on top of the others I already have

  19. This is virtue signalling to the 2A community, and its just as reprehensible as when done by an SJW.

  20. Okay, so I did make fun of the ad, but it sounds like that’s actually a really nice AR build. For an off-the-shelf buy, it looks like you get a lot of rifle for the money.

  21. TREAD on this, mofo! Seen one AR, you’ve seen them all (except AR-10’s.) LOL

    Hey, SIG, demonstrate freedom by making an AK to go along with this AR. Have Maria Butina promote it for you. LOL

    As for “murica”, keep in mind the following (from Wikipedia):

    SIG Sauer is the brand name used by two sister companies involved in the design and manufacture of firearms. The original company, SIG Sauer GmbH, is a German company, formed in 1976 as a partnership between Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) of Switzerland and J.P. Sauer & Sohn of Germany.

    SIG (now known as SIG Holding, AG) no longer has any firearms business. Their firearms subsidiary, SIG Arms AG, was sold to L&O Holding of Emsdetten, Germany and was renamed Swiss Arms. L&O Holding is currently the parent company of SIG Sauer GmbH.

    A separate company was founded in the US in 1985 with the name SIGARMS to import and distribute SIG Sauer firearms into the United States. This company was renamed SIG Sauer Inc. in 2007 and since 2000 has been organizationally separate from SIG Sauer GmbH.

    The origins of the SIG Sauer company lie in the company named Schweizerische Waggon Fabrik or Swiss Wagon Factory (in English) which was founded in 1853 by Friedrich Peyer im Hof, Heinrich Moser and Johann Conrad Neher. In 1860, a state-of-the-art rifle of their creation won a competition by Switzerland’s Federal Ministry of Defense, resulting in the award of a contract to produce 30,000 Prelaz-Burnand rifles. The Prélaz-Burnand 1859 was invented by gunsmith Jean-Louis Joseph Prélaz and an army officer Edouard Burnand and adopted as rifle M1863 (15,566 made by SIG).

    Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG)

    Upon receiving the contract to produce rifles the company name was changed to Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG), German for “Swiss Industrial Company” (in French-speaking regions of Switzerland was known as Société Industrielle Suisse),[2] reflecting the new emphasis on their production.[7][8]

    The SIG P210 pistol was developed in 1947 based on the French Modèle 1935 pistol (the Petter-Browning design was licensed). It was adopted by the Swiss military in 1949 as the “Pistole 49”. This single-action semi-automatic P210 brought SIG much acclaim, due to the precision manufacturing processes employed in its manufacture and its resultant accuracy and reliability. The P210 frame design incorporates external rails that fit closely with the slide, thus eliminating play in the mechanism during firing. The P210 was noted for its extreme accuracy. The Petter-Browning patent which was a refinement of the Browning Hi-Power (P35) which was John Moses Browning’s last design which was created for the French 1935 pistol, but not adopted.

    In the 1970s SIG purchased both Hämmerli and J. P. Sauer and Sohn, which resulted in the formation of SIG Sauer.

    SIG’s remaining firearms business was sold in the year 2000 to L & O Holding. It is now known as Swiss Arms. In 2004, according to Cohen the company was near failure, with just 130 employees. Cohen decided to add AR-15-pattern rifles to the company’s product mix, which he credits with saving the company. By 2016, it had over 1,000 employees and was selling more than 43,000 firearms a year.

    There are now two SIG Sauer companies, one in New Hampshire, US, and the other in Eckenforde, Germany. Since its creation in the US, all new SIG Sauer designs presented by this company have been designed in the US.

    So they may be “murica” now, but they were Swiss and Germans before. LOL

    For the record, I have nothing against any of that – except the fake “murica” crap just because the current company is American.

  22. I see where S&W has issued a safety alert on the M&P 15-22 rifles…it appears that a very few of them MAY go fully (semi)-auto. Too bad that’s a bug and not a feature we can easily and inexpensively purchase.

    [email protected]

  23. I thought TTAG was getting in the tire business.

    I mean, hell, if RECOIL is selling car parts why not TTAG?

  24. Hope this guy is seeing a pulmonologist. He’s gasping for air.
    (A wind screen on the mic might help a little).

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