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The Windy City likes to tout themselves to tourists as “Chicago: Second to None.” The more cynical among us might say, “Chicago: Come for the food, stay because you got shot.” Why? The indispensable, via Twitter, reports that Murder City USA has as of March 1, the city has endured 1461 consecutive days of someone being shot and/or killed.

The mainstream media in Chicago have maintained radio silence over the grim milestone. NBC Chicago reported on the two-year mark. They must have heard from city fathers about that, because they haven’t reported on achieving three- or four-year milestones. After all, real news reporting like that doesn’t help the city’s case for luring businesses, conventions or tourists to the blood-soaked city by the lake.

Imagine, 2,588 homicides and almost 12,000 wounded. To say nothing of the rest of the violent crime. No wonder Chicago’s crime scene clean-up services thrive.

The single biggest problem Chicago police face: A complete lack of support in many parts of the city. The common refrain “Snitches get stitches and are found in ditches” sums it up.

In fact, the growing “no snitch” culture in the poor African-American segments of Rahm’s paradise have contributed to the abysmally low homicide clearance rates.

From USAToday:

Chicago’s clearance rate – the calculation of cases that end with an arrest or identification of a suspect who can’t be apprehended – dipped to 26 percent in 2016 from 46 percent in 2013, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab. Most of the killings, largely fueled by gang violence, take place in a smattering of low-income, predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods on the South and West sides of the city.

You want to know what the Chicago Police clearance rate for 2019 (as of February 18th) stands at?

It’s 5.6%. Five point six percent. Chicago PD have identified the assailants in two of 36 murders. Four of 38 if you count the two justifiable homicides – one by police and one by an everyday Joe. But while all murders are homicides, not all homicides are murders.

Clearly, Chicago could benefit from more guns in the hands of more good guys. That would help drive down this problem of criminal gangs intimidating local residents into cowering in fear.

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  1. What do they expect when it is a cartel hub for drug distribution. Of course, they blame it on the guns but some section of ChiTown haven’t had a homicide in decades. Is Rohm still mayor?

    • Rahm is mayor until the runoff election is completed. There are two candidates, both Democrats, both black females, one of whom is a former prosecutor (but from what I have read, appears to be a political operative like Kamala Harris)..

  2. If they start distinguishing homicides fom murders, they might have to recognize that there’s different kinds of “violence.”

    After that, what next? They might have to consider that whether a gun is dangerous depends on who’s got it; whether shooting is wrong depends on who, when and why.

  3. No sympathy. This problem is way past being a political issue. Regardless of who is running the asylum. The people have given up control of their lives. They have adopted the attitude of as long as it isn’t me why should I care. At this point Chicago can be written off as lost cause.

  4. Is there any correlation between the number of homicides in a precinct and how they voted in the last presidential election? Oh….. never mind.

  5. Ya’ know what Boch? It was WAAAAAY worse in Chicago in the 70’s,80’s and 90’s. I know I lived there in the 80’s and did lots of business later. But it wasn’t breathlessly reported by the lamestream newz. I went everywhere unarmed. The Daley machine kept a lid on it. NOW the inmates run it…what’s really changed is the highway shootings and endless teen murder. The shootings ARE reported downstater…

  6. The mindset of both the news media and official CPD outlets goes something like this: (we in the Chicago area hear it almost weekly, if not daily)

    “Police took 200 illegal guns off the street this week” As anyone reading TTAG knows, it is not the firearm that is illegal, but the individual in possession of the firearm is a prohibited person under Federal, State, Cook County, and Chicago laws.

    Only when the anti-gunners acknowledge that it is not the firearm that causes “gun violence”, but rather, the individual who chooses to use the firearm to harm another person will we see laws that address the true problem: Failure of “the system” to hold people accountable for their actions.

    • I’m wondering if anti-gun progressives must be followers of paganism, wiccans, or animists because they believe guns have a bad aura or spirit that causes owners, or anyone nearby, to commit acts of violence.

      Perhaps they need to realize some people are just bad and are violent because they revel in the fear and respect they think they get from their actions. These people will never be productive members of society. Only a statistic at the end of their short lives.

  7. Maybe they should just get rid of all the cops they now have & start over with real police instead of the corruption filled bunch they now have. And where are the thugs getting their guns at?? Seems to be a lot of guns in a city that’s so hard to get a permit in… & maybe if they would actually prosecute the perps when they catch them instead of saying that they didn’t know any better because their a minority & didn’t get the education that whitey got so they go easy on them. As long as they stay on the east coast they can eat their own as far as the rest of the country cares.

    • Again, someone who knows nothing about gun laws in Chicago. If you can pass NICS you can get a Illinois FOID. There is a online site to do it. You put in your info in send the state a whole $10 and you get your FOID in the mail. Is is NOT hard at all. Carry permits are not that much harder. Yes you need to take a class, and pay 150, but it is shall issue. It’s enough of a hassle that it really weeds out anyone who is not committed, but there is nothing actually stopping you if you are a resident.

      • Except people that can not afford $160 to exercise their constitutional rights. That’s pocket change to some people, it’s also virtually impossible to save that much for people who are on small fixed incomes.

        When I was in my early 20’s I had a neighbor who only had about $30 at the end of the month for anything that wasn’t bills or top ramen. It’s almost impossible to save up $160 living in a situation like that.

        • The license is good for 5 years, making it $32/year. If you can’t afford that, how can you afford the gun, let alone continual training to keep this depleting skill competent?

    • Ever think that the reason the Chicago cops act like they are in a war zone is because they are in a war zone? More Chicogo residents have been killed since 9-11 than US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  8. Chiraq is the lesson plan for all left controlled cities; a place to emulated.
    And when the left gets total control of the federal government they will work to spread the lesson to everyplace in (no longer) America.

  9. To be absolutely blunt and truthful….who cares?

    Chicago shootings aren’t happening in middle class (dare I say white dominated?) schools or malls. The reported shootings are not threatening well-to-do neighborhoods. The shootings aren’t happening to nice people in nice places. As such, the number of shootings is irrelevant as a political cause, or meme. If a group of people cannot provide support for political agendas, they are useless.

    The voters in the neighborhoods where all the shootings take place have only one choice when it comes to elections; keep doing what they have been doing, and be glad about it. The voters in the neighborhoods where all the shootings are happening are readily and easily replaced (if not increased) by the daily influx of super dooper, really nice, people from below our border. People from outside who believe in the American dream, and are looking to improve their lives. Nice people, not thugs, gangers and criminals.

    Overall, it is a good thing that bad people in bad neighborhoods are removed from the landscape, replaced by hordes of refugees fleeing to a worse hell hole than they are leaving. Look it up…America is the worst nation on the planet, and people running away from poverty, tyranny, murder, rape, robbery and a bunch of other ungood stuff can’t wait to get to a place that is more dangerous, more wretched.

    Sorry, there is no crisis evolving. No story here.

    • Exactly right. But John is a downstater so he just reads the news and thinks that the “money” in Chicago give a flying……

      • I’m thinking that a good investment would be buying into ownership of a funeral home on the south or west sides of Chiraq.

  10. You know, everytime I read a story like this there’s always, ALWAYS at least one person in the comments saying something along the lines of, oh Chicago (or wherever) is actually BETTER now than it used to be, you (outsiders) just don’t understand, it’s not that bad. Ad infinitum. It’s already happened in these comments.

    Either every shitty place in the whole fucking world is not nearly as bad as everyone else seems to think, or every one of these people are completely full of shit Apologists. It has to be one of the other right? Is there gray area I’m being ignorant of?

    • Does anyone else find it too clever by a half that two highly discredited LE agencies, FBI and Chicago PD, are being touted as heros in recently produced TV series?

      • I find Chicago PD to be the most authentic cop show ever to appear on TV. Few happy endings, suspect police behavior and the city has more than enough murders to support the storyline.

        • You know these shows producers could save a but load of money by just broadcasting footage from the camera’s around the city If they wanted a real police drama show.

  11. Put a wall around it. And California, and the Peoples Republic of Austin TX.

    Put walls around all these bastions of leftist stupidity and protect them from dangerous right wingers with their evil guns and MAGA hats.

  12. Currently, procuring votes via welfare state and prescribed poverty and corruption matters more than lives. When this is no longer the case, someone will have to make the hard choice which will cost lives of corrupt leaders and implicating their political connections driving the whole sh!tshow.

    So of course a certain political party wants to keep the status quo.

    • With a population of about 2.7 million and In four years only 647 murders per year and 2,912 wounded per year AW COME ON…you people aren’t even trying…..get some eye glasses for pete’s sake.
      For the simple minded among you I’M JUST JOKING! Get you’re troll fingers off the keyboard already.

  13. The homicide clearance IS horrible. But, it becomes a vicious circle. There is a tipping point where homicides and other violent crimes completely overwhelm the system. More crimes = less time to spend on investigations = an increasing backlog of cases to investigate = even less time to investigate.

    Prosecutors consistently bargain down and/or ignore violent gun related crimes, and wind up putting these beasts back on the street.

  14. The people being killed are worthless to the political class, and every death is more fuel for the gun control furnace. System is working as intended.

  15. How much money does Rahm and others make by looking the other way and diverting the drug issue from the news.

    • Rahm hasn’t been around nearly as long as Illinois speaker Michael Madigan……one has to wonder where the billions of dollars of Illinois taxpayer money collected over the past 37 years has vanished to putting the state in such bad fiscal condition…… won’t find Michael Madigan listed as one of America’s wealthiest billionaires , but I can only imagine he has his wealth locked up in unreported off shore bank accounts…he has used his law firm to funnel billions under everyones nose and has never been suspected of any wrong doing. He is the most powerful man in state government of any of the 50 states…..power corrupts….absolute power corrupts absolutely…….it is the ongoing corruption that has ruined a once great state and turned it into the swamp that it is.

  16. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. He pays you off, you let him do whatever he wants. That’s the Chicago way.


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