odessa texas shooting
Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke talks to the media in the Odessa Police Department in Odessa, Texas, Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, following a shooting at random in the area of Odessa and Midland. Several people were dead after a gunman who hijacked a postal service vehicle in West Texas shot more than 20 people, authorities said Saturday. The gunman was killed and a few law enforcement officers were among the injured. (Mark Rogers/Odessa American via AP)
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The latest available on the Odessa Texas shooting sheds little light on what was known at the end of the day yesterday.

According to various reports, the shooting began yesterday about 3:15 pm as two Texas Department of Public Safety officers tried to stop a gold Honda sedan on I-20 yesterday. Before the car pulled over the driver opened fire on the DPS car behind him using a rifle, hitting one officer. The shooting rampage ensued from that point.

Here’s the AP’s latest report . . .

Paul J. Weber and Jake Bleiberg

At least five people are dead in West Texas after a man stopped by state troopers for failing to signal a left turn opened fire and fled, shooting more than 20 people as he drove before being killed by officers outside a movie theater, authorities said.

The shooting began Saturday afternoon with an interstate traffic stop where gunfire was exchanged with police, setting off a chaotic rampage during which the suspect hijacked a mail carrier truck and fired at random as he drove in the area of Odessa and Midland, two cities in the heart of Texas oil country more than 300 miles (483 kilometers) west of Dallas.

Police initially reported possible multiple shooters, but Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke later said there was only one male suspect in his 30s.

The suspect shot “at innocent civilians all over Odessa,” according to a statement from Odessa police, which did not name the man or offer motive.

The terrifying chain of events began when Texas state troopers tried pulling over a gold car mid-Saturday afternoon on Interstate 20 for failing to signal a left turn, Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said. Before the vehicle came to a complete stop, the driver “pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several shots” toward the patrol car stopping him. The gunshots struck one of two troopers inside the patrol car, Cesinger said, after which the gunman fled and continued shooting. Two other police officers were shot before the suspect was killed. The condition of the three law enforcement officers injured was not immediately released.

Gerke said there were at least 21 civilian shooting victims. He said at least five people died. He did not say whether the shooter was included among those five dead, and it was not clear whether he was including the five dead among the at least 21 civilian shooting victims.

Shauna Saxton was one of the terrified drivers who said she encountered the gunman during his rampage, during which multiple witnesses described gunfire near shopping plazas and in busy intersections. Saxton was driving with her husband and grandson in Odessa and had paused at a stoplight when they heard loud pops.

“I looked over my shoulder to the left and the gold car pulled up and the man was there and he had a very large gun and it was pointing at me,” she told TV station KOSA.

Saxton said she was trapped because there were two cars in front of her. “I started honking my horn. I started swerving and we got a little ahead of him and then for whatever reason the cars in front of me kind of parted,” she said sobbing. She said she heard three more shots as she sped away.

Gerke did not go into detail about the chase, but the movie theater where the suspect was killed is more than 10 miles (16 kilometers) from where state troopers originally pulled over the gunman.

The shooting comes just four weeks after a gunman in the Texas border city of El Paso killed 22 people after opening fire at a Walmart. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this week held two meetings with lawmakers about how to prevent more mass shootings in Texas. He said he would visit the area Sunday.

The shooting Saturday brings the number of mass killings in the U.S. so far this year to 25, matching the number in all of 2018, according to The AP/USATODAY/Northeastern University mass murder database. If it turns out the shooter is not among the five dead, the number of victims for this year has already reached 140, the level of all last year.

Seven people remained in critical condition at one hospital hours after the West Texas shooting, said Russell Tippin, CEO of Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. He said a child under 2 years old was transported to another hospital. He also said one person the hospital had received had died, although it was unclear if that victim was among the five dead that Gerke reported. Tippin said 13 shooting victims were being treated at the hospital Saturday.

Dustin Fawcett said he was sitting in his truck at a Starbucks in Odessa when he heard at least six gunshots ring out less than 50 yards (46 meters) behind him.

He spotted a white sedan with a passenger window that had been shattered. That’s when he thought, “Oh man, this is a shooting.”

Fawcett, 28, an Odessa transportation consultant, “got out to make sure everyone was safe” but found that no one had been struck by the gunfire nearby. He said a little girl was bleeding, but she hadn’t been shot, and that he later found out she was grazed in the face.

Vice President Mike Pence said following the shooting that President Donald Trump and his administration “remain absolutely determined” to work with leaders in both parties in Congress to take such steps “so we can address and confront this scourge of mass atrocities in our country.”

Pence said Trump had spoken to the attorney general and that the FBI was assisting local law enforcement.

Trump has offered contradictory messages in reacting to recent mass shootings. Days after the El Paso shooting he said he was eager to implement “very meaningful background checks” on guns and told reporters there was “tremendous support” for action. He later backed away, saying the current system of background checks was “very, very strong.”

Most recently, Trump has called for greater attention to mental health, saying that new facilities are needed for the mentally ill as a way to reduce mass shootings. However, some mental health professionals say such thinking is outdated, that linking mental illness to violence is wrong, and that the impact of more treatment would be helpful overall but would have a minor impact on gun violence.

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    • You’re not wrong. See how in the article he calls for more mental health facilities, which people have been begging for, for YEARS, and instead of going “oh thank god”, they go “that won’t help!”

      I swear he could cure cancer and some leftist a hole would come out saying that the cure for cancer is homophobic and racist or some such nonsense.

      • That reminds me when my girlfriend told me I wasn’t even sorry about something because I didn’t apologize. So I did something else that upset her at a later date. I don’t even remember what it was, but I thought this time I’ll apologize. So I said I’m sorry. Then she says SORRY DOESN’T HELP!

        • Dude exactly!

          The Dems and the feminists are one and the same, and their platform has adopted all the anger of the crazy ex.

          There is no reason, and the only truth is their ever changing feelings.

      • W single handedly saved the lives of 10 million people in Africa and look at all the love he got for that from the left.

      • “Trump Cures Cancer, Throwing Thousands of Oncologists Out of Work!”
        “”How will I feed my family?”, cries one doctor’s wife.”
        “Hospitals and Hospices in Panic, Fearing Massive Layoffs”
        “Entire Subdivisions Turning Into Ghost Towns!”

    • Your to late with that thought. A post on Facebook blamed the President in the first hour after the story broke.

  1. Am I the only one thinking this murderous prick wouldn’t have gone on a “rampage” if occifer friendly hadn’t tried to stop him for a TURN SIGNAL?!? The “news” is going spaztic that Texas has even better er looser gun laws😫

    • Yea, I paused when I read “turn signal”. They already knew they wanted to stop him. They just needed a legal reason. Not saying he wasn’t guilty of something else e.g. drugs etc. Just sayin’…..

      • Yup. Might have been PC for a DUI check or they might have just seen him freaking out behind the wheel when he saw them. That said, it’s also an outside possibility that it was a slow day and they figured they’d just throw the hook out there and see if they caught a suspended driver or wanted subject.

        If you don’t want cops pulling people over for something, don’t make it illegal. Don’t complain, then, when nobody ever follows something that isn’t a law.

        • It’s a good thing police pulled this guy over. That triggered him to start his spree haphazardly and with LE right there. If he had time to sit and prep a surprise massacre it would’ve been far more catastrophic.

    • Yeah… because I’m sure this nutjob would’ve went on to be an absolute upstanding citizen because he’s clearly not mentally unhinged, going on a wild shooting spree is a perfectly acceptable response to having to pay a traffic ticket. You’re a fuckin dumbass.

      • Drejka was looking to kill someone over a parking spot confrontation. He got what he was looking for, but he forgot this is 2019.

        This guy was likely already going to do this but happened to get pulled over before he got to his target.

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought. Maybe in the grand scheme of things it worked out for the best. Maybe if he hadn’t opened fire then and there he would have started his rampage in a situation where more people would have been hurt or killed. But what a trivial thing to get pulled over for. My guess is that they were just trying to pad the government coffers by a couple hundred bucks when they just happened to run across a homicidal maniac.

        • Cops spend most of their time pulling people over and trying to catch them with drugs or guns. Get rid of those laws the amount of police interaction will go down significantly. Violent crime has been going down, but police contacts are not much different.

        • Well yes, ultimately they were right to be suspicious of him, but it would sound a lot better if they said they pulled him over for erratic driving. Failing to use his signal when making a lane change makes it sound like a petty cash grab.

        • Some of us understand that a LEO must have an actual reason that can be articulated for pulling someone over, not some vague reason.
          Thus, the failure to use a turn signal.
          The officers may have noticed him driving erratically, or have seen him acting him acting as though he was irate, or any of a number of things. But the stated (articulated) reason was the failure to use the turn signal.
          This is so that people wouldn’t say they pulled him over for no reason at all.
          Which is exactly what’s being done anyway.

    • Could very well have been a “pre-emptive stop” because someone had reported him as being “on-the-edge” and he wasn’t having it. The “stop” sent him over the edge. What surprises me a bit is that there wasn’t ANY ONE except Police that fired at him? We ALL KNOW what it takes to stope a rampage with a gun… Good Guys WITH GUNS…. Are they suddenly in short supply in TEXAS or have their over eager Anti’s convinced them to stay home? Obviously the odds are BAD going “pistol on rifle” but if you’re out there already what choice do you have? Tuff one!!

  2. So far, no ID on the shooter. Maybe he wasn’t white.

    Maybe the tactic is to hold out and spin as much as possible before the truth comes out?

    They are about to be knocked off the air by an illegal alien named Dorian.

  3. How anyone can think mental illness isn’t a factor is beyond me. For a person to do these horrendous acts is a sign of mental problems in my opinion. No one in there right mind can shoot innocent people. I’m so sick of this violence, and tired of the political correctness trying to use these acts as a way to disarm good people. I truly believe gaming violence has affected the mind of many not only training them indirectly but softening the mind of people to this kind of violence in ways only done in law enforcement and the military of the past.

    • I believe you’re wrong on this one. Mass shooters are mentally ill, but the mentally ill aren’t mass shooters (a tiny percentage only.) Plenty of people deal with depression (it is being lumped in with “mentally ill”). On average, they don’t seek help until 10 years of it. We don’t need to stigmatize these people and make it less likely for them to seek help.

      I’m sick of the gaming excuse. Do you realize how many young men have played these violent games? Almost all of them have played these games. How many want to go out and kill people just because they have played a game? I would say none. Are there other common denominators outside of gaming? Always.

      • Not gaming per se

        But lack off actual physical contact with society at large…being with other actual humans doing human things.

        Being alone and gaming constantly probably contributes to decreased empathy.

        I’m no scientist..just what I, as a layman, thinks.

      • In the 1950s, when I was a kid, westerns were popular on TV. My playmates and I used to reenact the climactic scenes from shows. None of us turned into mass murderers. We knew the difference between TV and reality.

        Neither do I think the absence of fathers is as important as many claim. My father was absent (for good reason) during my teenage years. I was raised by my mother who was an untreated paranoid schizophrenic. Even though she did a bad job, I became a successful adult after getting out on my own and away from her.

        In my opinion, the source of the problems in minority communities is unwillingness by the rest of society to replace “snitches get stitches” with “gangbangers go to prison or get shot by their victims or the cops.”

    • It takes being mentally ill to do something like this, however, it’s a moot point unless you can and will do something about it. How many people are you willing to throw in the looney bin (which don’t really exist anymore) without a crime having been committed in the hopes that you will stop one mass shooter?

      • Military males do things like this all day long. I don’t think you will say a militant Muslim is mentally ill when he commits an attack on his enemy. Nor do I think you will say Native Americans were mentally ill when they fought back and destroyed colonists approaching their lands.

        People are animals at the end of the day. On average, most people are dumb and bad to varying degrees. Unfortunately, Americans don’t look at each other as one family like other peoples do with their society. Bad and dumb people will segregate/isolate themselves and attack their own people out of anger or dominance like a wild animal. In the time of death and destruction Americans fight each other instead of joining together to display positivity and unity against the bad. The only time people really came together was after 9/11.

        • So those other “homogenious” peoples would be what? Australians? the folks who have been denigrating their aboriginal tribes for almost TWO HUNDRED years? The Africans? Who sold their brothers and sisters into slavery? Or the Africans who massacred hundreds of thousands in genocide? Or the Eastern nations that have been at war and killing each other in large-scale lots for about 4,000 years? The orientals like the Chinese? Who murdered almost 20 MILLION of their fellows who did NOT want to be ruled by Communism? Or the Japanese? Who murdered about 100,000 Chinese, because they were Chinese? Mass murder is a very human trait, on every continent, among virtually every people group, across thousands of years of history. To eliminate it you’ll have to lock-up virtually EVERY PERSON on Earth.

      • quote—————————–Billy-bob says:
        September 1, 2019 at 11:54
        Evil exists in this world, and doesn’t have anything to do with mental illness.————-quote

        Your right out of the 1700’s . That is what the religious fanatics said when they were burning woman for witchcraft. Can you really be that ignorant or are you just mentally ill?

    • Chicago is gangland violence. Much different than a mass murder of innocent people as the target. White people don’t care about gangsters and black people like they do innocent white people.

      By the way, I don’t think this is a mass shooting, as defined by the government, because the shootings happened from a vehicle.

  4. Just going to be another reason for why we can’t have nice things. The evil element among us is giving the socialists plenty of events to sway discussion.

  5. Likely a felon with loads of contraband who shot a bunch of people as a way to create confusion to facilitate his escape.

  6. For mental health professionals to say violence should not be associated with mental illness is lunacy. Worse, it shows that political correctness trumps science. And that illustrates a real danger with Red Flag laws.

    • One of the things not being talked about or even considered is evil. These idiots are pure evil which is a product of an amoral society. These acts of violence are a product of the Godless society that the atheists have been promoting for years. There is no way to control or deter someone that has no morals.

      • We all need to become Muslims. They are very accepting of every ethnicity that wants to become one of them. Just don’t try to leave.

      • to Ed

        Yeah religious nut cases like you in the 1700’s said that when they burned women for witchcraft. They said they were evil not mentally ill. The truth was they and you got it completely backwards

        • Nut cases like me only like it when we get it completely backwards and what is wrong with Isis burning women and girls who refuse to marry them? You should learn to respect cultural differences and courting rituals.

    • Mentally ill people are not much more likely to violent than the GP. They are much more likely to be victims of violent crime that perpetrators.

      That said some mentally ill people commit violent crimes and a small percentage of those are caused or facilitated by their illness.

      Some mentally ill people are a danger to themselves and/or others and should be supervised more than the rest of society. For their protection as well as ours.

  7. This guy is not European white. If he was they would have his name out Faster than you can saw Furious.

    I don’t think the shooter was an American citizen. The government is hiding that fact.

    I’m sure there are many phone cameras with video out there.

    • There are a lot of videos but none with him in it. The closest someone got to seeing him was when the police fired dozens of rounds into his face while he was in the van. Unfortunately, the cops terrorized the children with all their gunfire, which appeared unnecessary. The media is playing a video of brown kids shaking and screaming as they lay on the ground near the police shooting into the van.

      All Europeans are “white.” Only white supremacists believe Europeans such as Spanish and Italians are not white. American white nationalists believe Mexican nationals are not white although their genetics are of Europe.

    • Sorry Chris you racism is showing i.e. White People are good and all other people not of your tribe are bad. Funny thing Chris, Hitler said the same thing.

  8. According to the Gallup poles
    96% of the American People want universal back ground checks

    75% of the American People want a 3 day wait on the purchase of firearms

    70% of the American People want all guns registered with the Police.


    Thirty studies show that more guns led to an increase in violence and homicides


    After the 1994 Assault Rifle ban gun massacres fell by 37%
    and Mass shootings fell by 43% but when the Gangster Criminal Republicans let the ban expire in 2004 mass shootings more than doubled.

    When Australia banned and confiscated guns thereby reducing their numbers mass shootings dropped by 43 per cent in the 7 years that followed the confiscations and bans.


    It is the Gangster Criminal Republicans that have absolutely refused to fund a National Health Care Plan and they have even REDUCED BENEFITS UNDER OBAMA CARE THEREBY DENYING HEALTH CARE TO MORE THAN 20 MILLION AMERICANS.

    All the while this year the shootings have gotten worse and surpassed the 2018 toll of mass death and carnage, which this year is 252 and still counting.

    • Not my problem. As I explained elsewhere, in a free country, you don’t get to take away people’s rights based on popular opinion. If you don’t like that, move your commie ass to China… they will be more than happy to shove you into a concentration camp.

      • You cannot see the forest for the trees. These polls have tremendous influence over politicians and if the Dems get control of both houses and the Presidency in 2020 its goodbye permanently to assault rifles, and high capacity magazines. Remember it was the Republican Pres. Reagan who permanently banned the sale of new machine guns and the Supreme Court loved it and so it will again if assault rifles and high capacity magazines are banned. Remember the corrupt and disingenuous Supreme Court including Conservatives never met a gun ban law they did not love as it increases their absolute power over the worker drone troglodyte slaves that bring wealth to the filthy rich who regard them as their personal slaves.

        Vote Socialist in 2020 for a civilized America and we can destroy our enslavement by the Capitalvanians and their prostitutes the Gangster Criminal Republicans.

        • You assume we’ll ever let the DNC to hold both Houses and the White House… I predict the DNC being declared a terrorist organization in early November of next year if it looks like that might be the case. You can’t serve in Congress or live in the White House if you’re in a dark hole under GITMO waiting for a bullet to the back of the head.

        • “Vote Socialist in 2020 for a civilized America and we can destroy our enslavement by the Capitalvanians”

          Vlad, the only problem is, Bernie, et al plan to fund their dreams by using money generated by the capitalists. This isn’t a hidden fact. They proudly proclaim it to cheering crowds. So when the capitalist monster’s head is cut off, how will socialist dream continue? When everyone is working for the government, who will create the revenue? Eventually you will run out of other peoples money. When you print more money, it loses value. That’s a nightmare scenario.

        • to Dud Brain king of the Out House Mentality

          Quote————– So when the capitalist monster’s head is cut off, how will socialist dream continue?———-quote

          Study Europe genius they will show you how they have been successful at it for the last 110 years.

          And don’t forget to chime in that since they have been successful Socialists they therefore can no longer be Socialist.

        • “Study Europe genius they will show you how they have been successful at it for the last 110 years.”

          You mean like when Sweden had the highest per capita income in the world before they turned into a socialist country in the 60s? After continuing to redistribute wealth that was no longer being generated, they had to reverse course in the mid 90s after their economy was on the brink of failure. Now they’re once again a capitalist country, but with an extremely high tax rate to pay for their social programs.

        • ” You can’t serve in Congress or live in the White House if you’re in a dark hole under GITMO waiting for a bullet to the back of the head.”

          Vlad’s worth a few hundred bucks worth of jet fuel to spool up the helo for something like this :

        • to Dud Brain

          quote———–Now they’re once again a capitalist country, but with an extremely high tax rate to pay for their social programs.———quote

          Do you even understand what you just posted. Your a laugh. Yep just as I stated since they have been a successful Socialist Country (which they will tell you to your lying face) now you say they simply cannot be Socialist any more. Give us all a break and see a shrink.

        • Hey Vladdy:
          Speaking of shrinks, when are you going to see yours? Don’t forget to put down your crack pipe before hand.
          Oh yes- Yawn…………

        • these things keep happening and it may be hard to put your hands on one of these weapons in the future…right now the political will isn’t there…but that could change…

    • The AWB contributed zero to the decline in crime starting in the 90s. All criminologists who’ve studied the phenomenon agree on this. Violent crime of all kinds continued to drop for more then 10 years after the sunset of the AWB. In fact, as gun ownership increased at record rates from 04-14, gun crimes and all crime fell during that same period. Economics also doesn’t explain the drop in crime, as crime dropped every single year of the recession. It’s almost as if crime is a personal choice, made solely by those responsible for the crime. For reference, I suggest reading actual books on the topic, like “why crime rates fell” and “more guns less crime”. Books offer a lot of reliable information you don’t find with Wikipedia or MSNBC.

      • The ONE common denominator in all of this that many of the shooters was or at least a majority were on meds who’s side effects included “thoughts of suicide, homicidal rage or extreme depression”. Who come no one seems wants to address this issue as a contributing factor huh?

        • Ask your lord god and liar Herr Drumpf why he weakened Obama care and threw 20 million Americans off of their health care. Its a laugh when Herr Drumpf says we need to spend more money on Mental Health Care when he just fucked 20 million Americans out of all of their health care. But this is way over the head of the Far Right who shout Sieg Heil Herr Drumpf, Sieg Heil!!!!!!

        • The argument Vlad, is that they would have been better off WITHOUT said medication. I know it’s hard for an uneducated meth addict to keep up, but please try.

    • Vlad suffers from dillusion whenever ANYTHING becomes a projectile. It comes from his mother feeding him with a slingshot while he was in his developmental years. His mom told me that last night.

    • “96% of the American People want universal back ground checks

      75% of the American People want a 3 day wait on the purchase of firearms

      70% of the American People want all guns registered with the Police.”

      What do all of these things have in common? They do absolutely nothing. They entirely place the burden on the lawful firearms owners and do nothing to contain people that willfully break the law and create mayhem. Laws don’t contain people bent on killing. Just reread the story. How many laws did this guy willfully violate? Quite a few. You need root cause solutions, not feel good non-solutions. Lastly, you fail to recognize second and third order effects. Laws don’t do just one thing. They often have significant negative consequences that the writers of the bill either are too stupid to recognize, or willfully ignore.

      • what do they have in common?…none of them would have prevented this….their band-aids on a gaping wound…if that…

    • According to other recent poles, 99.895% of people want Vlad to eat his P30.

      Does Vlad do what the poles want him to do?

      Or is Vlad protected by the tyranny of the majority as laid out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

      Time will tell.

      • The Founding Fathers wrote that 2A was for a well regulated militia not a bunch of maniacs slaughtering the American people on a weekly basis and fomenting terror upon the every day lives of all of the sane America people. There voices matter in a democracy and they are fed up with the every day slaughter by assault rifle.

        • *Their voices, not there voices. For someone constantly putting people down as “uneducated Jethros” you sure do struggle with the basics. Not that I care. It’s pretty informal here. I just take issue with name-calling hypocrites.

        • You try to ban weapons in any real capacity, you’ll see actual terror. I would expect to see commies like you getting lined up in front of ditches. I’ll be sure to bring the popcorn.

        • quote—————-Their voices, not there voices.———-quote

          Look Dud brain the poster cannot correct a mistake after a short period of time and you have fked up way more than I have on misspelling. When you point the finger at someone over something that silly you are revealing that your subconscious is telling you that you are indeed less educated than the person you are criticizing over something that trivial.

        • to Power Brain

          quote——————You try to ban weapons in any real capacity, you’ll see actual terror. I would expect to see commies like you getting lined up in front of ditches. I’ll be sure to bring the popcorn.————-quote

          Its obvious you flunked history. They banned weapons in Britain, Australia, New Zealand , Japan, and many, many other countries and guess what my Mentally deficient Historian they were successful. Remember the majority of Americans want this and if you do not comply every neighbor on your block will be ratting on you and they will be the ones eating the popcorn while watching the helicopter gun ships (which seem to give you a perverse hard on) rocket fire your hovel, I will be sitting at my TV set eating popcorn and watching the fireworks. I am looking forward to it,

          Vote Socialist in 2020 for a civilized America.

        • “Not that I care. It’s pretty informal here. I just take issue with name-calling hypocrites.” Reading comprehension Vlad, reading comprehension.

          “When you point the finger at someone over something that silly you are revealing that your subconscious is telling you that you are indeed less educated than the person you are criticizing over something that trivial.”
          This is very telling since it is you always telling people how uneducated they are. I’ve never pointed out mistakes like this to other commenters, or claimed that they were “uneducated Jethros” or Nazis or racists just because I disagree with them.

        • The way you look down on other people makes me think you must be working on your second PhD. However, the way you talk makes me think you were lucky to scrape by with an undergraduate degree.

        • Oh, you’re adorable… you think you’ll get your hands on helicopter gunships. You commies aren’t very represented in the military. Hell, 90% of the USMC would line up to volunteer for the commie hunting teams.

          I suppose this is where you insult the US military by implying that we only fight for money. (Inherently showing that you’re a retard who thinks insulting the man with the gun is a great way to get him to do what you want.)

        • to Dud Brain

          quote—————–This is very telling since it is you always telling people how uneducated they are.————quote

          I point out serious statements they make that are racist, xenophobic, bigoted and often entirely against known studies on serious social issues. You scream about a spelling mistake made in a rapid type written response that was not correctable because of the forum that does not allow corrections after a few seconds.

          Sorry try again Dud Brain your out of your league.

        • “Sorry try again Dud Brain your out of your league”
          Geez Vlad, it’s *you’re, not your. 😉

          No one name calls as much on this site as you do. Since you only point out facts, as you say, then how am I a Nazi? You constantly put people down because you just aren’t bright enough to have a civilized debate. Your parents failed you, and you’re pissed off at the world (notice correct usage of your / you’re, keep for future reference. You’re welcome. 😉 )

        • to Power Brain

          quote————–Oh, you’re adorable… you think you’ll get your hands on helicopter gunships. You commies aren’t very represented in the military. Hell, 90% of the USMC would line up to volunteer for the commie hunting teams.————-quote

          No Power Brain , for failing to comply with the new gun laws the robotic killing machines will be wound up and pointed at you and your house. They are trained (brainwashed) to do as they are told. Its ironic that your former buddies in the military will now be coming for you. You will be considered persona non grata.

        • Lol… ok honey… you’re going to tell a veteran what illegal orders the military will and will not follow. You’re adorable… Have you forgotten that 90% of the military would far more happily put a bullet into your commie skull?

        • to Dud Brain

          quote———————-You constantly put people down because you just aren’t bright enough to have a civilized debate.———quote

          You are not bright enough to debate anything that is why when it comes to a serious debate you consistently get so beat up. Its not even a challenge any more.

        • Dude. vlad won the argument cause he says so. And right now he’s sticking his tongue out at your comments. So there.

        • Plus I get paid by the word for my drivel and it does not even matter if I write it myself or just copy and paste it and you write your comments for free so who is the smart one?

    • you need to do more research when Australia banned gun the murder rate went up because the people were not able to protect themselves also look at New York ,and Chicago the cities with the toughest Gun controls and the highest rates of shooting

      • Its obvious you only listen to NRA propaganda. The facts are that we have tens of thousands of second hand guns being funneled into Cities that have tough laws from States that have lax laws on guns. The Chicago study proved the average age of the guns confiscated in crime were at least 11 years old and had been through many hands.

        And our Standard of living has plunged so low in the last 50 years that our big cities now have miles of abandoned factories both large and small that once gave inner city people decent paying jobs. Now there have been at least 4 generations of people who never had a decent paying job and are eligible for welfare despite the fact that many have 2 or even 3 part time shit paying jobs that are actually below minimum wage. The balance of the people who cannot even find a job have taken to drugs as a way to escape their miserable lives and since we criminalized drugs rather than spend money on treatment programs it only makes the drug problem even worse. Thank the Gangster Criminal Republicans for refusing to fund a National Health Care program that all other civilized countries have had for decades and decades. Welcome to Capitalvania the most corrupt industrialized country on the planet.

        • “……And our Standard of living has plunged so low in the last 50 years that our big cities now have miles of abandoned factories both large and small that once gave inner city people decent paying jobs…..”

          There is a simple solution, just not simple to implement.

          Don’t live in a huge city or rather we should limit the actual population and size of major metro areas.

          A ant colony will break into two separate colonies after a time based on many factors but it always happens.

          Too many humans concentrated in one area causes problems.

          `just my thoughts

        • The NIJ is nra propaganda ?

          “Supply sources can vary in different parts of the country. An NIJ funded study of the Los Angeles illicit gun market noted: “Results showed that many crime guns were first purchased at local—that is, in county—licensed dealers, rather than from out of state. That is,
          , gun markets can be highly local.”

      • quote———————you need to do more research when Australia banned gun the murder rate went up because the people were not able to protect themselves ————-quote

        No you need to quit making things up as you go along. Read my above post that came from the desk of Robert Reich and unlike you he does indeed research and document his postings. The murder rate and violence rate went down not up in Australia after the massive gun confiscation and bans.

        • And those rates went down in the US as well by greater amounts despite us not having similar bans. Correlation =/= causation.

          Don’t believe me? Check the UCR.

          Spend less time REEEEEEEEEEing and more time educating yourself.

    • You do realize that Vlad Tepses enjoyed impaling people because he had been routinely sadomized while he was a “guest” of the Caliph?

  9. GOP betrayal in 3 …… 2 …..1……..

    Dressed in flowery speeches about Bi-Partisanship and cooperation , Uni party and POTUS will cave in with jelly for a backbone.

    • I don’t think you’re gonna see that quite yet. I may be wrong and we’ll see.
      Here’s my thinking.
      If Trump gets reelected in 2020, which I hope, he’s on his way out after 2024.
      Thats when I believe he’ll throw everything out there.
      He’ll talk for now and then back off a bit. He knows he needs the votes and cutting out gun owners would kill his chances.
      He loses 2020 and a Democrat wins, buckle up.
      I’m not a huge Trump fan but he’s better than any Democrat. For now.

  10. I have some unconfirmed information that the murderer had just been fired from his job and that the police were called because he was going apeshit on the parking lot. Odessa PD and DPS were both responding to deal with the situation. Evidently the murderer drove away just as or just before they arrived and troopers attempted the traffic stop. The murderer started shooting through his own back window before he was stopped. A rookie trooper was shot in the face but will survive.

    • Looks like 5.56 is weak, not the high power rifle the media claims it to be. It’s unfortunate the data to show this is dozens of innocent people being shot over the years.

        • I don’t have that info.

          All I know is he had an AR-15 and ammo ready to go when the cops tried to pull him over. He wasn’t wanted for a crime. He owned the gun legally.

          The cops were pulling him over because the training officer wanted to teach the new guy how to do a traffic stop. When the cops turned on their lights the gunman started shooting through his rear window. He struck the new cop in the face. The cops pulled over and didn’t pursue.

          He then started shooting everyone he could using his rifle. He eventually abandoned his car for another one. He ran up on a female mail delivery worker, shot her in the head and took her van.

          I heard most of the people that died were shot in the head. I can’t verify that info at this time. However, we know the 5.56 he used wasn’t very effective, it had similar results to the Mandalay Bay shooting.

          I have always felt 5.56 is a good round for injuring not for killing, which makes it great for police work. I have seen 5.56 fail in many military situations, especially out of shorter barrels.

    • This comment is why I scrolled through all that b.s. above. I realize it’s just unconfirmed second hand info at this point but at least it makes sense, given what we know so far.

  11. No other civilized Nation on earth permits criminals, and nut cases to buy guns with no paperwork through un-wetted private sales and at many public gun shows. Mr. Strawberry did not mention safe storage but should have as this is mandatory in most if not all civilized industrial countries.

    Lets face facts with today’s latch key children which resulted from the upper 1 per cent economically enslaving the lower 99 per cent so that women were forced into the work place just to pay the bills children today are not being raised as their parents were raised simply because no one is ever home “to raise them”. In the past we may have been a nation of mature 18 year olds but certainly not in todays Capitalvania.

    • I know what you mean Vlad. I just bought a Smith-Wesson 642 air weight and I’m thinking, damn I shoulda went for a Glock 34. More range and bullets to kill the bad guy with. Oh well, I still got the sales slip so…

      • And people like you make damn sure they will always be able to get all the fire power they want because you oppose universal back ground checks, safe storage laws, firearms i.d. cards issued only after a thorough vetting and mental health check.

        Thanks Hank the Rank your a criminals best friend. Did they send you a Christmas gift in appreciation this year.

      • quote—————And you’re opposed to intelligence.———-quote

        Would you care to expand on that rather cryptic statement? A friendly warning I would not if I were you.

        • Your insanse ramblings kinda prove his point. You tout ineffective laws as a panacea, and spout leftist drivel that has no basis in reality. You have pretty much cemented that you are allergic to logic, facts, and any modicum of intelligence, and you only have yourself to blame.

        • I have the whole world to blame and I will never accept responsibility for anything I think do or say.

    • You have that backwards. Ban Assault Rifles and high capacity mags . Do it for the Children they are the most people being slaughtered every week at school.

        • Typical lazy liberal having someone else do your work for you. Oh and I thought the police were racist Nazis so wouldn’t they be on our side 😂

        • to Hank

          quote—————Typical lazy liberal having someone else do your work for you. Oh and I thought the police were racist Nazis so wouldn’t they be on our side———-quote

          Hank your a real LSD trip. Break the law and find out how much the cops are on your side. I will be looking forward to the fun.

        • It is Vlad’s wish the police and military will be overseen by ANTIFA Commissars who will be empowered to dispense instant justice if someone is found to lack the proper motivation.

        • to Power Brain.

          NO it has not been just 100. Quite making things up as you go along.

          From Wikipedia. And yes Wikipedia checks their facts.

          As of July 31, 2019, 248 mass shootings have occurred in 2019 that fit the inclusion criteria of this article. This averages out to 1.2 shootings per day. In these shootings, 979 people were injured and 246 died (for a total of 1,325 victims).

        • They change the definition of mass shootings to increase the statistics . It says it right there on your Wikipedia quote when they talk about the inclusion criteria. As Wikipedia also states “There is no widely accepted definition of the term ‘mass shooting“. You said that school children are being slaughtered every week in schools with assault rifles. Back up your claim with facts.

        • Vlad… your own citation proves you wrong. If you have less than one dead body per “mass shooting” that proves that they are not, in fact, actual mass shootings. (Defined by the FBI as 4 or more dead at a single public location in a single incident.) That would be check and mate commie. Don’t play chess with a cossack. We use chess pieces as teething toys for our babies.

      • When I am in my mommy’s basement all I have to do is pick up the phone and call the Feds and they will do whatever I say.

  12. ” The shooting Saturday brings the number of mass killings in the U.S. so far this year to 25 ”

    Huh? The talking heads over at CNN keep telling me it’s more like 300. Alas, who to believe?

  13. Once again, the white racist/supremacist rears its ugly head. The hillbillies and Jethro’s continue to revel in their phallic symbols of violence and aggression. When will president to be Kamala Harris invoke the rights of POC to once and for all rid this country of the white racist/supremacist who attack the weak? No red flag laws. No assault weapons ban. No magazine ban. We the POC of America, the immigrant population of America, the Social Democrat movement of America – WE WANT AND DEMAND A TOTAL BAN ON GUNS. Let the K9 teams loose Kamala and dig up every last weapon of destruction hoarded and kept by these hillbillies and Jethro’s. Bury the white racist/supremacist with their own weapons of unceasing violence and aggression. If these racist want their guns let’s sink them 2 miles deep in the oceans and let them dive for them. We want our country back Ms. Harris! We want what was taken from the indigenous peoples 200 years ago. We are no longer slaves to the white racist/supremacists. We will have our country back!

    • Please refrain from using so many exclamation points as I am one of those people who gets triggered by the aggressiveness of exclamation points.

      • The way this country is disintegrating under our feet there is a very good chance you will see a big ban on guns coming and bigger than most of you would even dare imagine in your worst nightmares. Popular opinion counts and right now the Nation is in a panic and is fed up with the mass shootings every day. The other Industrialized Nations have proven their gun control and even bans on some guns worked. If you think this cannot happen you as usual unaware of what has already happened in other countries.

        • Who’s gonna come take all the guns vlad? You? The Nazi rasis police? If the police are such rasis Nazis then why are they gonna fight for you?

        • I would have to disagree with both parts of your statement but rather than argue about whether or not the Nation is in a panic the more important topic is “When did the U.S. Courts ever not shit on the Second Amendment”. Remember all of the assault rifle and magazine bans that were enacted in the last decade have all been ruled Constitutional. I think this history verifies what a farce Second Amendment rights are.

        • to Hank

          quote”””””””””””””””””””””Who’s gonna come take all the guns vlad? You? The Nazi rasis police? If the police are such rasis Nazis then why are they gonna fight for you?=======quote

          If you disobey the law you will find out very quickly. Hint: The cops, the military, the National Guard etc. etc.

        • And don’t forget the Super Friends they will confiscate all the guns plus the Ninja Turtles and the X Men and Wonder Woman she will confiscate sooo many guns and the Ghost Busters not the old white male racist Ghost Busters but the new sassy strong Women Ghost Busters will confiscate a lot of guns.

        • So to right historical wrongs from 200+ years ago you are going to hold their descendants accountable and liquidate 280 million people.

          Do you really think that many people are going to go quietly?

  14. Escaping criminal! Not some nut waking up and deciding to kill people but someone more dangerous. I guess we yet don’t know if the gun was legally obtained. For Vlad, in Emerson v. U.S. the 5th Circuit “rejected a prudential or consequentialist argument that the social costs of the amendment outweigh its utility”.Give me a philosophical reason why a law-abiding populace should be disarmed. Check with the Venezuelans on that one re the laws of 2012. Tyranny CAN and WILL raise its Leninesque head in the 21st century.

  15. is it not strange that the demoncraps start screaming for gun control before any outside information comes to light, also the anti-trump clowns are right behind them .. ODDS ARE HIGH that this jackass is a democrat,on psycotropic drugs, living in his parents home.

    • The Stats have proven the majority of attacks (70%) are committed by Right Wing Religious Fanatics and White Supremacists.

        • Every time you open your mouth you make an even bigger fool of yourself. It does not take much research to verify that. But then again your indolent fingers would protest the movement across the key board of your computer.

        • Every time I open my mouth I make $10.00 unless I am in jail and then I only get a pack of cigarettes.

      • You are wrong on every comment you have made on TTAG. Look at the data from the Mass Attacks in Public Spaces published July 2018 by U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) in the link below. You can even go back to the 2017 report that does not state 70% link below. You are just writing BS without anything to back it up. Where is your data coming from the DNC, Communist party, Socialist party?

        Page 6 of the report states, “MENTAL HEALTH: Two-thirds of the attackers (n = 18, 67%) experienced mental health symptoms prior to their attacks. The most common symptoms observed were related to depression and psychotic symptoms, such as paranoia, hallucinations, or delusions. Suicidal thoughts were also observed (see Table 1). Nearly half of the attackers (n = 12, 44%) had been diagnosed with, or treated for, a mental illness prior to their attacks.”

        All of these were grouped together with no break out involving white supremacy.
        Page 7 stated, “Beyond grievances, some motives were related to the attackers’ mental health symptoms (n = 5, 19%), while others were connected to ideological beliefs (n = 2, 7%). Of the two perpetrators motivated by an ideology, one was motivated by anti-abortion beliefs while the other was motivated by anti-Semitic beliefs. Additionally, one attacker appeared to have been motivated by the desire for fame or notoriety. For the remaining incidents (n = 6, 22%), a motive was not identifiable given information that
        was publicly available.”

        “BELIEFS: While only two of the attacks were primarily motivated by an ideology, nearly one-third of the attackers (n = 8, 30%) appeared to have subscribed to a belief system that has previously been associated with violence. Often the attackers’ beliefs were multifaceted and touched on a range of issues, including white supremacy, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, sovereign citizens, animal rights, and the “incel” movement. Incels, or involuntarily celibates, are members of an Internet-based subculture of heterosexual males who view themselves as undesirable to females and therefore unable to establish romantic or sexual relationships to which they feel entitled.”



          Booker said, “In American history since 9/11, we’ve had 85 major attacks in our country, 73 percent of them have been by white nationalist hate groups.”

          Booker cited a GAO report that analyzed violent incidents. While Booker said that 73 percent were by “white nationalist hate groups,” the report said that 73 percent were by a broader category of “far right wing violent extremist groups.”

          The same report shows about 45 percent of incidents were committed by white supremacists. The number could rise if we counted additional perpetrators who sympathized with white supremacist ideals but were not labeled as white supremacists by the GAO.

        • I know I am undesirable to female goats so I just type in all caps and repeat lies and make up my own lies and call anybody who disagrees with me a racist.

        • “including white supremacy, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, sovereign citizens, animal rights, and the “incel” movement.”

          So there is our average mass shooter profile, isn’t it strange that it doesn’t say anything about minorities or immigrants?

          From the data it seems we are looking at good old home-grown white boys, with assault weapons and large capacity magazines, ready to kill their fellow citizens for their prejudiced beliefs.

          We should really work together to disarm the extremists before they cost us our rights.

        • We can talk about disarming all socialists just as soon as the entirety of ANTIFA is thrown out of a helicopter.

          Every single mass shooter has been some form of socialist. Every. Single. One.

          You can claim otherwise commie, but the truth is that the Demokkkommie party has always been the backer of hate groups.
          The KKK and Neo-Nazis in the 1920s-1970s
          The Nation of Islam in the 1970s – 1980s
          The New Black Panthers in the 1990s and early 2000
          ANTIFA in the 2010s

        • TO POWER BRAIN

          There are antifa groups around the world, but antifa is not itself an interconnected organization, any more than an ideology like socialism or a tactic like the picket line is a specific group. Antifa are autonomous anti-racist groups that monitor and track the activities of local neo-Nazis (LIKE POWER BRAIN) They expose them to their neighbors and employers, they conduct public education campaigns, they support migrants and refugees and they pressure venues to cancel white power events.

          The vast majority of anti-fascist organizing is nonviolent. But their willingness to physically defend themselves and others from white supremacist violence and preemptively shut down fascist organizing efforts before they turn deadly distinguishes them from liberal anti-racists.

        • ANTIFA are so divided it is only the external existential threat that stops the factions from fighting each other. Anarchists, Socialists, Communists, Feminists, the rainbow group, and other minor factions. The minor factions will first be eliminated or absorbed by one or more of the major factions. Then the major factions will have disagreements over which ideology is the most correct.

  16. Whoo- wee!

    I see the Vlad Tapeworm bot is in full meltdown.

    Its creator must have been evicted from his mom’s basement.

    Looks like a triggering event for a psychotic break.

      • Sorry for only repeating all of my stale lies and insults but they pay me by the word and they only care about quantity not quality and I have my eye on a new sweet tricked out meth pipe so I need the money real bad.

        • Looks like you listen to Booker and did not read the GOA report link below. You and Booker must have not passed basic reading in elementary school or reading comprehension. The GAO report examined only terrorist violence from Sept. 12, 2001 to Dec. 31, 2016. The GOA did not examine mass shootings or shootings in public places in that report. FBI reports only list 4 or more fatalities for a mass shooting and Secret Service 3 or more fatalities for mass shooting as their criteria. Just individual incidents are the concern of the report. So, get you story right instead of listening to Booker.

          Over 15 years, 225 fatalities total is not a large number, which is 15 fatalities per year on average. A closer look at just the far-right wing incidents show that the average fatalities over 15 years were just 7 fatalities per year. If, you look at the criminal fatalities of a large city in the U.S for one year the total fatalities are much more these 225 fatalities over 15 years. Looking at the data in Table 1, a large group has never outwardly committed any of these incidents. Only 9 of the 62 incidents were committed by only 2 individuals and the rest of the 53 incidents were committed by a lone individual. On Table 2, the Boston bomber brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are the only 2 individuals listed in 2 of the 23 incidents, while the rest are lone individuals.

          “September 12, 2001 through December 31, 2016, attacks by domestic or “homegrown” violent extremists in the United States resulted in 225 fatalities, according to the ECDB. Of these, 106 were killed by far right violent extremists in 62 separate incidents, and 119 were victims of radical Islamist violent extremists in 23 separate incidents.” p. 3

          “Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent).” p. 4

          Appendix II: Violent Extremist Attacks in the United States that Resulted in Fatalities, September 12, 2001 through December 31, 2016. Table 1: Far Right Violent Extremist-Motivated Attacks that Resulted in Fatalities, September 12, 2001 through December 31, 2016, as reported in the U.S. Extremist Crime Database (ECDB) show a total of 62 incidents p. 29 to 32 with a total of 106 fatalities over 15 years. Table 2: Radical Islamist Violent Extremist-Motivated Attacks that Resulted in Fatalities, September 12, 2001 through December 31, 2016, as reported in the U.S. Extremist Crime Database (ECDB) on pages 33 to 32 show 23 incidents with 116 fatalities.

          Report to Congressional Requesters, Countering Violent Terrorism, Actions Needed to Define Strategy and Assess Progress of Federal Efforts, U.S. Government Accountability Office, April 2017

  17. Agree with everyone mentioning the “failure to signal” crap. This goes on every day, all over the country.

    Yes, Captain Crazy may have lost his marbles at some point in the future anyway, but the bullshit/low threshold LEOs use to get an interaction with a person as well as an inspection of their car/person needs to be addressed.

    How many times do LEOs force an interaction and it goes sideways? How is that protecting and serving when they are actively looking for ANY reason to start an interaction?

    No, we can’t look at real ways to reduce violence. Nope, the only answer is gutting our second amendment. (Sarcasm)


    Poway: AR 15

    Aurora: AR 15

    Orlando: AR 15

    Parkland: AR15

    Los Vegas: AR15

    Sandy Hook: AR15

    Waffle House: AR15

    San Bernadino: AR15

    Midland/Odessa: AR15

    Sutherland Springs: AR15

    Tree of Life Synagogue: AR15

      • Since the overwhelming majority of Americans want assault rifles banned that means if we all left the country you and cockroaches would only be left. Better we deport you instead and take your cockroach friends with you.

        • Plus I can not leave the US because of my criminal record there is not another country in the world that would let me past it’s borders.

        • And I have no respect for myself or the country I was born in I do not know what gratitude means and I have no sense of duty or honor. In my heart of hearts I know I am vile worthless and corrupt to my core that is why I lie to you and insult you plus I get paid by the word.

    • Wrong on the Aurora, IL incident. You left out all of the mass shootings committed by pistols and shoot guns. Pistols are used approximately 56% of the time in active shooter incidents, while rifles only account for approximately 27% and shoot guns approximately 14%. You must be getting sloppy. Why not go back to the 1960s to today and list all of the active shooter incidents by weapon type used to get the real story instead of a cooked up one that you comment on.

      Aurora: Pistol

      • J, your post just proves Vlad’s point, POTG are amazingly ignorant of the facts regarding mass shootings.

        For instance, you say he is wrong when Vlad asserts that the aurora shooting was done with an A.R. 15 type rifle. You claim the aurora shooting was performed with a pistol.

        Maybe you’re thinking of the Bowling Green massacre because the aurora Colorado shooting at the movie theater involved a Smith and Wesson MP 15, clearly an A.R. 15 style weapon, a copy of the basic CAR 15.

        “On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. Dressed in tactical clothing, James Eagan Holmes set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms. Twelve people were killed and seventy others were injured, 58 of them from gunfire.”

        Vlad is correct.

        • Getting paid by the word is fun especially when other liars who are paid by the word chime in and we can lie together in my mommy’s basement.

        • Weapons used in Aurora, CO mass shooting

          Two tear gas grenades
          Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport
          Remington 870 Express Tactical 12-gauge shotgun
          Glock 22 Gen4 handgun

        • And with all those weapons, we are supposed to blame the AR rifle as the cause of all the fatalities? The rifle jammed early in the shooting spree and the shooter switched guns to try and complete his insanity. But it’s the “assault weapons” fault!

        • A.R. 15‘s do not cause mass shootings.

          They just raise the body counts exponentially above what is possible with a handgun, shotgun, knife or vehicle.

          And you were still wrong about a handgun being used in the Aurora mass shooting, Vlad was correct.

        • I never said which gun/guns the shooter switched to. I have to assume that you have never been to a S.A.S.S. and watched how fast these people are with 19th century technology. It does not need to be a semi-auto sporting rifle to shoot quickly.

    • that pattern is disturbing…too many guys in here are dancing around the obvious…if this keeps happening some sort of restrictive gun control lies in our future…it’s just inevitable…

    • So you and your ANTIFA buddies had better stock up while they are available. Or do you think you and your buddies can get them from Government stocks?

    • Orlando’s firearm was not an AR-15 it was an SIG MCX which is not a derivative of the AR-15.

      The AR-15 is the weapon of choice simply because of the fact that it is ubiquitous. It is like pointing out that ICE with Automatic Transmissions are the engine and transmissions of choice for mass shooters to get them to their desired location to commit a mass murder. It is also like pointing out that the phone of choice for criminals is mobile phones and not land lines.

      Ask yourself why is the pump-action shotgun the shot gun of choice for mass shooters that use shotguns, why it isn’t it semi-automatic shotguns? And why is it always a 12 gauge? Because pump-action 12 gauge shotguns are ubiquitous.

  19. If ARs only are the weapons of choice for mass killings, what is with those Soviet AKs? You know, the commie guns?
    More people are killed each year by knives or blunt objects than ALL rifles combined. Explain to me how I am supposed to be afraid of folks who own sporting rifles…….

  20. Just more governmental erosion of our U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights…All on the way to the slippery slope of Authoritarianism…Next stop ,dystopian Totalitarianism…Just waiting for the next staged event (Deep State), or the next serial copycat killer (rampage.)…Then the falsehoods to infringe upon the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc….We should already know this by now and working to ✋ STOP ✋ a Globalist takeover!

    • Aaron, you are a fool, your boy Trump is the globalist takeover.

      He’s a ConMan and he has scammed you and other right wingers into believing he’s a patriot.

      In reality, he has handed the American government over to the billionaire global us who want to enslave all American working folks.

      Trump is a Rothchild lacky who is doing their bidding, his primary handler is Wilber Ross, US commerce secretary and an agent of the Rothschild globalist banking syndicate.

      But sure, the bigger thread is a bunch of aging hippie’s throwing rocks in the streets, you should be afraid of the Antifa because they wear black and cause trouble.

      Meanwhile, the globalist billionaires are robbing you and enslaving you as they wrap themselves in the flag holding the Bible. You people are so easily fooled, it’s comically tragic.

      “In 1976, Ross began his 24-year employment with the New York City office of Rothschild & Co, where he ran the bankruptcy restructuring advisory practice.[3][13] By 1998, Ross was involved in 8 of the 25 biggest bankruptcies to date, including Drexel Burnham Lambert, Texaco, Public Service of New Hampshire (now Eversource Energy), and Eastern Air Lines.[12][14]

      Representation of investors in casinos owned by Donald Trump
      In the 1980s, Donald Trump’s three casinos in Atlantic City were under threat of foreclosure from lenders. Ross, who was then the senior managing director of Rothschild & Co, represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.”

      • You should check your medical supplies with all this Trump paranoia. While a flawed individual, everyone of the Democratic candidates is far worse (corrupt) than he. TDS has pushed leftists over the edge in what they believe about him. Of coarse MSM & Co. refuse to inform any one about all the corrupt things that surround the Democrats. *(Being the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.)

        • So you believe that the Democratic candidates are far worse globalists then Trump, Ross and their bosses?

          Perhaps you could point out which of the Democratic candidate has worked for the RothChilds for 24 years, handling bankruptcies of major American corporations as they looted assets and sent jobs overseas?

        • As to your first question – Yes!
          Trump did not work for the RothChilds for 24 years, he was working for him self. Where did you get this information? Trump is not a lawyer so how could he work on bankruptcies?
          Obama was the main reason for corporations moving off shore with all the regulations that his administration rammed down the throats of corporations.
          I have been aware of Democratic corruption since 1964! Tammany Hall, The Daley Machine and “Vote early, vote often” are all makings of the Democratic Party, not the Republicans. And yes the Republicans are corrupt also, which is why I am Libertarian.

  21. This wasn’t a “mass killing,” it was a “spree killing.” Important distinction, because the tactics used in the commission of the act as well as stopping it, the killer’s motivations, and the sorts of options society has to “do something” are all very different from the school/mall type shooting it is painfully obvious the media are trying to conflate this with.

    Panicked, insane criminals who escape first contact with the cops have gone on wild crime sprees in the past; it’s nothing new, and it’s nothing that guns have any bearing on, lest we forget he was also in charge of a *stolen* 2000lb missile. No calls for biometric cars, I notice.

  22. another solid Democrat on Jihad against Trump and all the Heretics as the Quran Dictates, praise Allah!
    Call it Mental illness but its ingrained in Muslim religion spouted by the Imams.


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