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Tonight’s episode will be immensely boring from a firearms standpoint. “Oh look! Some modern shotguns! Hooray!” Isn’t this supposed to be about historical firearms? I mean, the least they could have done was load a cannon with some grapeshot. Thankfully, Benelli spilled the beans about tonight’s offerings in press release format:

ACCOKEEK, MD (February 28, 2012) – This week’s Top Shot episode, airing on the History Channel Tuesday nights at 10/9 PM Central, will feature several Benelli shotguns, including the Nova, Vinci and M4 models. Appearing on this episode called “Shotgun Showdown” is Top Shot season 2 champion, Chris Reed, who returns to instruct the shooters on several modern shotguns along with Benelli’s Pro Staff 3-Gun Team Member, Taran Butler. The final challenge is a head-to-head shotgun battle that sends one contestant packing.

This season on Top Shot, 18 competitors represent the broadest range of shooting backgrounds ever featured on the series. Watch as they vie for a $100,000 prize package and bragging rights as “Top Shot!” Hosted by Colby Donaldson, the hit competition series is in its fourth season and loaded with more twists and history-inspired challenges than ever before.

On Wednesday night at 10/9 PM Central, on the H2 Channel, is a new show called Top Guns that will also feature Benelli shotguns in an episode called, “Shotgun Shootout.” You will see Top Shot champion, Chris Reed and marksman, Jay Lim take aim at water jugs and cinder blocks with three ultra modern shotguns. Host Colby Donaldson goes toe-to-toe with the marksmen in an exhibition shot showdown.

Some of the country’s best marksmen have competed on Top Shot. Now, H2 brings you Top Guns, which highlights the types of weapons those sharpshooters have so skillfully mastered. Each week, host Colby Donaldson will be joined by two expert marksmen who will lock and load three iconic weapons—find out which of these historic weapons prove to be the world’s Top Guns.

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I mean, the M4 is nifty, but this is basically a Benelli commercial disguised as a TV show. Unless they pull out some ancient blunderbuss for the elimination challenge I think I might just skip tonight’s episode…

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  1. Nothing else to watch, so I’ll probably be watching this. I always hope that I’ll learn something new and usefull. Maybe tonight is the night I learn how Colby gets his teeth so white.

    • Actually, this runs opposite Southland and Justified, two of the best shows on TV these days, IMO. Luckily, Justified is re-run at 11 and Southland is re-run at 12. I don’t have a DVR so I have to watch when they’re on.

  2. Now there’s a catch phrase for the ages: “Why don’t YOU stick one more balloon up there?”

  3. The Nova is an ancient model, nearly 10 years. I had one but didn’t like the rattles from the slide, too much play.

  4. I thought it was about ALL firearms, not just historical – oh, and that “shooting skills” thing. And of course, Michelle.

  5. I watched this top shot episode. I actually thought it was fast-paced and entertaining. The filming of the clays shooting was amusing. The mix of guns wasn’t boring, with the M4 up as the slug gun and the Vinci as the wing-shooting firearm. Moving targets kept it lively. The shoot-off between Michelle and Terri was a curious time to bring out the pump action, which definitely favored Terri. Of course, as an ex-Royal Marine he would have had to hang up his guns if he’d lost. The advertiser support (Volvo, Heineken, Bose, Progressive, et al) was surprising. The show must have built a good demographic. Nope, no bikini shoot off.

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