The Gun Snuggler – A Blanket for your Gun

I still can’t decide whether it’s real or fake, but the commercial is hilarious.

[The Gun Snuggler via Reddit]


  1. avatar Texan says:

    Very funny. There’s a link on the Youtube vid – looks like it’s for real. You can buy them here.

    Just in time for Christmas.

  2. avatar TTACer says:

    I bet the guys at Chosin wish they had the Garand size.

  3. avatar Aharon says:

    My guess is that these guys are San Francisco Bay Area creative and fun loving types also into prepping to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. There is an image of the Bay Bridge in one video, they make a reference to California, Trader Joes (an icon out there), and the backyard scene/nearby homes is exactly like the home set up in San Francisco where I used to live.

  4. avatar Van says:

    I have one of these, but I don’t use it on my gun. 😉

    1. avatar HSR47 says:

      Do you use it on your NAA .22 short revolver instead?


  5. avatar GS650G says:

    Makes a great gift.
    As seen on TV.
    19.95 plus S and H.
    Order now and get a second snuggie.
    Operators are standing by.

    1. avatar Mercutio says:

      And if you order now, you get a Ginsu knife absolutely free…

  6. avatar Martin Albright says:

    Well, happiness is a warm gun, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

    So I guess they’re selling happiness – and what’s wrong with that?

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Buy one for your local BATFE agent. You know, a Gun Snuggler for a gun smuggler.

    1. avatar HSR47 says:

      See, what most people don’t realize is that F&F was a HUGE miscommunication; The higher-ups at BATFE(ARBF) and DOJ/DHS asked for gun snugglers, and the people in Phoenix heard gun smugglers. I’m glad we’ve finally gotten to the bottom of this mystery…


      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Wow. No wonder Vin Diesel named the movie after it.

  8. avatar Silver says:

    That pitch man’s voice is so perfect.

  9. avatar Joe nobody says:

    do they come in green?

  10. avatar LC Judas says:

    “It gets cold stakin’ out your ex’s condo all night.”

    I stopped and replayed that, imagining someone being issued a gun snuggler with his restraining order. I mean I never saw a stalker in an “Aww, the poor guy…” light till just then and I was at work trying not to burst out laughing.

    Then there’s cleaning milk out of a 1911 at 4am…I could have really saved myself a job if I had a gun snuggler…

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