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You heard it here first. The press release accompanying Mr. Snyder’s pronouncement was slightly more taciturn. “It’s time to close the national personal self-defense loophole,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today. “Congress should enact national reciprocity for citizens issued permits to carry concealed firearms by individual states,” he added.  A former National Rifle Association [ED: All by himself?], Snyder is Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA). “An individual who has a state-issued permit to carry a concealed firearm ought to be able to carry in any state in the same way an individual with a driver’s license can drive anywhere in the United States.” How about a national license then?

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  1. A national permit, allowing 50 state (or 48, let’s say) would have to appease CA/NY/MA/NJ/etc–which would have to have some tough requirements. I just don’t see it happening, given the clout that NY/CA would have in shooting this down.

    Given how hard it would be to obtain such a license, I’d probably not apply–unless if they were to somehow cancel the current state programs. A national permit would be nice, no doubt; but I’m not paying $$$ for what I consider a right.

  2. I would rather see this happen at the state level than to see the feds meddle in the states’ affairs any more than they already do.

  3. Yeah, I’m liking the state permit system. This way limits CA and NY’s right denial to their own states.

  4. A national license is uncessary if going by the drivers license model. In order to cross into another state, you must meet the requirements of that state. So if Kanasas has a minimum driving age of 14 and Nebraska’s is 16, the 14 year old is “illegal” to drive in Nebraska for two more years.

    The same principal could hold true with National CCW reciprocity with a little massaging.

  5. Actually, I’d like to see the Fed’s abuse NY a bit. Living in New England means I really do fear driving out of New England. I’ve read that NY considers 5 or more handguns in the car as grounds for confiscation. Regardless of how it is stored in the car. And, you’d better not do any “unnecessary” stops either, in order to stay in FOPA requirements.

    I don’t know how true it is, but I do know NY is not a state to muck around in.

  6. My state does things the right way and doesn’t require a permit, so if anyone’s “50-state permit” idea involves making a permit a national requirement, bite me.

    • Now now now… Try using that sentiment when leaving your state. Won’t take you far.

      I’ve thought about supporting such a national carry (assuming it actually came up), if only so that citizens in non-free states could have the same rights that I do. Would I be willing to give up some of mine (you can read that as my “easily gained CCW license”) so that others may have similar rights? I find it hard to say no. I’d like to take a stance, and say “bite me too”, since freedoms, once given, are usually gone forever–but I’d have a hard time not having sympathy for bretheren in other states.

  7. Screw national licensing. I don’t want the ATF involved in my guns at all. And as far as national reciprocity is concerned, it will never happen for reasons already mentioned here. Get your local permit if your state issues one and get a Florida or Utah resident or non-resident permit, ’cause that’s as good as it’s going to get.

  8. Why don’t we use H.R 218 as a template and rewrite it to include all citizens and not just LE…

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