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If you’re a regular reader here and you saw my name in the byline, it probably means something different to you than the other writers here. I’m guessing a common reaction is probably “Not again.” After all, I’m not your stereotypical gun rights activist. I’m more rabidly pro-gun than most people on the right, but I don’t agree with most Republicans and other social conservatives on things like gay marriage, abortion, and drug policy.

But, I wouldn’t ever call myself “woke.” I may disagree with many of my fellow gun folks on some key issues, but I will always defend your right to hold those beliefs. We can have different ideas about life without trying to get people fired or use the power of government to force other people to do things my way. We can disagree on those things without being disagreeable, and I think it’s worth finding whatever common ground we can to come up with answers we can all live with.

I don’t know what you’d call that position, but whatever it is, it probably doesn’t sound a lot like I’d fill in the bubble or check the box on a ballot for Donald Trump. Over the last few years, I’ve been very critical of the guy and his associates. Not only do I disagree with them on a lot of things, I think they needlessly act like jerks on many issues.

So you may be surprised to hear me say that I’ll probably vote for the guy if he wins the Republican nomination next year. Here’s why.

It All Starts With NYSRPA v Bruen

Last year’s NYSRPA v Bruen decision changed the entire gun control landscape. Instead of applying interest balancing and deciding that pretended a purported interest in public safety is more important than the individual right to keep and bear arms, governments at all levels must now actually prove that their anti-gun laws are constitutional.

SCOTUS didn’t make that easy, either. Not only is the burden on the gun controllers, but they’ve got to show that similar laws were widespread at the time that the Constitution was ratified…or maybe between then and the ratification of the 14th Amendment. Then, and only then, can a law restricting gun rights doesn’t violate the Second Amendment. Given that there were practically no such laws that meet most of those tests, the gun control party is largely over.

But no one expected the civilian disarmament industry fold in the face of what looks to be certain doom, and they haven’t. The gun controllers are basically pretending that it didn’t happen so they can keep the donor money flowing to pay their salaries (I mean, who doesn’t like money?), and the governments involved are dragging their feet any way they can to delay the application of the Bruen test to their gun laws that have been challenged.

Supreme Court protest demonstration
Courtesy Kevin Hulbert

Bruen itself technically only applied to “may issue” and “no issue” concealed carry laws, so all of those other gun control restrictions — “assault weapons” ban, magazine capacity limits, waiting periods, gun purchase permits, age restrictions) have to be dragged through the legal system to have the Bruen test applied to them.

The anti-gun side is doing this in a variety of ways. The first wave came in the form of “Bruen response” laws. These were clear attempts to rewrite current restrictive laws to maintain limits on gun rights while appearing (to those not familiar with the laws) not to run afoul of Bruen.

These new laws, of course, required court challenges. And the strategy for defending the other challenges to gun control laws and ATF regulations has been to slow-walk the process.


Why play these delay games? Because the Supreme Court’s conservative justices aren’t getting any younger. NYSRPA v Bruen was a 6-3 decision, so that means only two conservative justices need to shuffle off while there’s a doctrinaire anti-gun zealot in the White House. If Biden lives long enough and is reelected and replaces those Justices, subsequent gun cases will be decided very differently, and that would put a stop to the losses for the anti-gun side.

In other words, they’re time and electoral politics will limit the damage done by Bruen to the remaining gun laws.

That Puts The 2024 Race In A Different Light

There’s a little more than a year until January 20, 2025. The two oldest justices are both-solid run rights votes — Clarence Thomas is 75 years old and Samuel Alito is 73. They’ve got a very good chance of living another year or so, but anything can happen.

Joe Biden angry point gesture
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

If Biden wins the next election, the next inauguration day after that will be in 2029, a very long time from now. By then, those Justices would be 79 and 77 years old respectively. The Chief Justice — another majority vote for Bruen — would be 74 years old. Even if they live that long, it’s always possible that health issues could require them to step back and retire.

Because the anti-gun side only needs to flip two justices to halt the advance of gun rights or even reverse its progress, their chances are significantly higher if they can win a second Biden term…assuming he’s actually the Democrats’ candidate next year.

What About Those Other Issues?

I’m not a single-issue gun voter, but I have to keep in mind that I already got through four years of Trump and that voting is a chess move, not a love letter. He showed in his first term that he’s too disorganized, too self-absorbed, and too busy fending off attacks to get around to screwing my family over. I don’t see any of that changing in a second term.

Looking at the next four years, C.S. Lewis probably put it best . . .

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

As a useful exercise, let’s look at the worst-case scenarios for both presidents.

This isn’t likely, but for the sake of argument let’s assume the hysterical Democrats are finally right this time and Trump goes full-on Handmaid’s Tale fascist in 2025. The people who want to resist would at least still have their guns. I don’t think the entire federal government is full of violent bigots who would make us a priority, but even if they did, I’d at least have some small chance.

Donald Trump
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

For a worst-case Biden scenario, he’d leave my lesbian marriage alone, but there’s a gang in my neighborhood that the police refuse to deal with because a bunch of Californians moved in and turned formerly purple New Mexico into a solidly blue state. The only thing keeping them from victimizing my family and me is my guns. I know this from experience.

If Biden manages to reverse NYSRPA v Bruen and lets the state disarm us as they dearly want to do, I’ll have to sell my house for next to nothing (if not just straight-up abandon it to them) and live in a van down by the river. My other option would be to risk prison and keep the guns, and then go to prison should it become necessary to shoot a fentanyl-head in self-defense.

I know some people will say another Biden term wouldn’t result in that, but if there’s violence (real or engineered) over the election results and he manages to stay in the White House, I’d expect a crackdown and a bunch of new anti-gun nonsense. Between his rights-abrogating goons and the criminals his side has enabled, I think my chances would be a lot worse than under another Trump term.

So if it’s Trump versus Biden, I’d be the most reluctant Trump voter ever, but I’ll probably check the box next to his name. For me, that will be the safest move I can make.

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        • Sounds like the ifs, ands, butts long on words writer has a personal problem that they want to lay on the doorsteps of others. What he/she/it appears to be saying is they will vote for DJT “this time around” otherwise they have no basis for an article that requires “holding one’s nose” to vote for DJT. By all accounts the writer has no podium.

          Furthermore…It is not about “gun rights.” It is about Protecting and Defending the Constitution of The United States from enemies both foreign and domestic. History is filled with bloody reasons why the writer should cut the crap and do the aforementioned without any ifs, ands or butts.

        • “It is about Protecting and Defending the Constitution of The United States“

          Not if you’re Donald Trump:

          “Former President Trump called for the termination of the Constitution’s rules regarding elections to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election following the release of more detailed information about Twitter’s role in suppressing a story about Hunter Biden.
          “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump said in a Truth Social post.“

        • Thank you once again, miner. You’re almost as good a gun salesman as biden.

          And you’re on record as saying rights have limits. You should applaud Trump for following your lead.

        • MINOR49er, I don’t give a flying fx888, if you don’t like Trump. You go right a head and vote for that dementied individual now occupying the White House. As far as “The Hill” goes, it’s just another one of your Leftist propaganda outlets.

        • “And you’re on record as saying rights have limits”

          Well yes, all rights have limits, you can’t exercise your ‘absolute’ rights to the detriment of another person even though you wish you could.

          For instance, speech is free, but lies you gotta pay for. Just ask Donald Trump or Alex Jones.

        • MajorLiar,

          And leave it to MajorLiar, of the VERY minor IQ, to conflate the prior restraint of the exercise of inherent rights with the responsibility for the manner in which someone EXERCISES those rights. I would commend to you the study of SCOTUS precendent in re: prior restraint of 1A rights as a useful example, but you are FAR too stupid to follow that chain of precedent, and even make a feeble attempt to understand it and its relevance.

          MajorLiar, NO ONE on this site has, to my knowledge, EVER argued for lack of accountability for the way in which you exercise your (for example) right to carry . . . there are frequently quite heated discussions on this site about open vs. concealed carry, and the fact that “open carry” often upsets the Dims.

          We all KNOW we are responsible for HOW we exercise our rights, we just reject the notion that babbling nitwits, such as yourself and dacian the demented, presume to tell US how we should be allowed to exercise our rights. An intelligent person would understand the distinction, and why we take the position we do, but . . . that obviously excludes you.

          And an even more intelligent person would understand that “Trump” may or may not be a favored candidate among us (some like him, some don’t), but that he is, to the Leftist/fascists “Baba Yaga” (watch John Wick, you might understand) makes us MORE inclined to support him . . . anyone you hate that passionately MUST be worth a second look. While he is not my favored candidate, I almost hope Trump does win next November. I will listen for the sound of your tiny head exploding.

    • Timbo.
      You’re supposed to add a bit of oxygen to that balloon full of nitrous oxide to avoid brain damage…

      Ooops. Too late.

  1. Jen,
    The “anti-gun” side is better described as the anti-Constitutional side. They simply don’t care about honoring their oath of office in any way. Not only do they want to end the 2nd Amendment, the 1st is in clearly in their firing line as well. I understand the other issues you may take umbridge with, but any vote for the modern left is a vote to destroy this country. They are the divide they claim the right is. Whatever they blame the big bad orange man of doing is exactly what they are doing. All evidence points to the fact that our current President is a traitor and has been selling his power to the highest bidders regardless of the damage to our country. And the truly sad thing is that no matter what, 34% of our country will vote (D) no matter what. I’m glad you feel that the Constitution is important. Not the DJT has any clue what that means either. But at least he is simply ignorant and not actively working to destroy it.

    • Except he said out loud that it would be acceptable to suspend all or parts of the constitution to keep him in the White House. All he cares about is himself and his bank account. He’ll throw anyone including his children under the bus to stay out of prison.

      • And yet he did not do that when he had the chance, and enough justification that half the country might have backed it..

      • mho…That’s right bubblehead, DJT’s children have the makings of a treasonous self serving dirtbag that screws around with the wife of a deceased family member and both of them throw a firearm in a dumpster, etc. Pull your head out of your behind and cease blindly participating in what anyone with have a brain knows is a political witch hunt…Look at what woke whining about nothing has done to America under Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe et al…and Apologize.

        • RE: “All he cares about is himself and his bank account”

          That’s right POTUS DJT refuses paychecks for being POTUS and all he cares about is money. Of course there are marxist democRats and their useful idiots who will try to denigrate that so DJT is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t in the minds of those with poop for brains.

        • “That’s right POTUS DJT refuses paychecks for being POTUS and all he cares about is money”

          “Donald Trump reported making more than $1.6 billion in outside revenue and income during his four years as President of the United States, according to a review of his financial disclosures by CREW. While Trump publicly took credit for donating his taxpayer-funded salary, that ended up being less than 0.1% of the revenue and income he disclosed during his presidency. Far from being a sacrifice, the donation was merely a fig leaf to cover up four years of brazen corruption.

          Despite seeing a major dropoff in hospitality related revenue in 2020 due to the pandemic, in total Trump disclosed at least $1,613,583,013 in revenue from the Trump Organization and other outside income.“

        • And the bidens became millionaires on a civil service salary. But not to worry, hunter isn’t an elected official.

          miner, you aren’t even a sad parody of yourself anymore.

          Fascinating and pathetic at the same time.

        • MINOR49er, so friking what? Unless you can provide proof that he did so using his office to make the money you allege, you are going no where fast. It seems you Lefties tried that in court already and were shot down.

        • Just because Biden and his offspring are bad does not mean that Trump is necessarily good. There are plenty of Republicans who think that Trump is just the lesser of two evils.

        • Trump’s a billionaire businessman. Of course he was still making money. It has been well documented that Trump LOST money as a result of being president. We’ve had this conversation before, but you never learn anything because you don’t care about the truth. All you care about is your shallow partisan battles.

        • Cry me a river Mark N. What have the Republicans been doing for the past five decades? The only reason we finally have a prevailing America first ideology is because of Trump. Your longtime Republicans (with power) oppose that btw.

        • So, MajorLiar, how much money did the Biden crime family make from “the Big Guy’s” influence-peddling while he was VP and POTUS (I won’t even go back to his long, useless tenure as the stupidest man in the Senate)??? Hmm . . . inquiring minds want to know. But Dimocrats and other Leftist/fascists scrabble to cover for him – and make themselves look like (as my dear daddy used to say) “a cat trying to cover sh*t on a linoleum floor”.

          You pounce (term used intentionally) on ANY and EVERY hint of a Republican scandal, and shuck and jive to cover up for worse and more obvious defalcations by Dimocrats and other Leftist/fascists.

          Like ALL your values, your ‘morality’ changes with the identity of the perpetrator. “Oh, you don’t like my values? That’s OK, I have others!” You are a sad, sick, pathetic little @$$clown, and your idiot propagandizing and posturing on this site impresses no one, and the only person you’ve EVER convinced of ANYTHING is dacian the demented (or perhaps jsled). Personally, I could live with being unpopular and ‘right’, or be reviled for an honest belief I arrived at through rational thought. Equally, I would never espouse a position I didn’t believe in, because it was ‘stylish’ with my (in your case) woke, Commie, idiot fellow travelers.

          But that’s the difference between someone with intellect, moral standards, and personal honor, and a Leftist/fascist. Happy to know that, no matter what, I can at least counteract your vote.

          I have an idea – move to Portland, or Seattle, or San Francisco, and live with the government you espouse and vote for, you cretinous, lying quarter-wit.

        • “You pounce (term used intentionally) on ANY and EVERY hint of a Republican scandal“

          Certainly not every scandal, I haven’t mentioned the fact that lying, cross-dressing Republican Representative George Santos has a couple dozen federal indictments and is being expelled from the House by his fellow Republicans.

          And I’ve made no mention of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders hilarious corruption, $20,000 stolen from the taxpayers so she could party with her gal pals in Paris.

        • MajorLiar,

          Oh, you mean the “Republican” representative who has been condemned by basically EVERY Republican in power?? AND has already said he wouldn’t run for reelection? THAT George Santos?

          As for partying on the public fisc, . . . AYFKMRN????? When Eric “Fangbanger” Swallowswell and Dianne Feinswine both had Chinese spies on their payrolls??

          Show me ONE time you condemned a Dimocrat/Leftist/fascist for obvious instances of corruption. Oh, you haven’t. That’s because you never have.

          Look, I’m not a major fan of DJT – I can read you, chapter and verse, all the issues I have with Trump. And I have commented on them, on this site. I have issues with ALL the major Republican pols, and I’m happy to discuss them.

          I know what my basic principles are, and I vote for politicians (out of the available options) who are most likely to advance those principles. I know having principles, and honoring them, is a foreign concept to you, and I DGAF.

          Now, list for me all the Dimocrat scandals you’ve commented on you lying sack of excrement. I DARE you.

          As usual, you are a clown. And you continue to be too stupid to insult.

      • Yes YOUREAHO…

        So, what do you propose we do about all the illegal voting activity that is now finally seeing the light of day?
        (Or haven’t you been paying attention?)
        (This should be good..)

  2. I have no idea why you’d be concerned about Trump and gay marriage, or other gay rights. He was in favor of it back when “progressives” like Clinton, Obama, and Biden were against it.

    • He was giving lots of campaign cash to the Clintons back then. He only ran as a “Republican” because he thought (correctly) that he could use them to be elected president. The only real reason he and Hillary bumped heads was because they were fighting for the same job. Everything else is just lies and bluster (on both sides.)

      • He had a very good reason to pay off the Clinton’s back in the day. The were the ‘Mob’ in control of Washington and he needed them in order to do business. Just like he was giving $$$ to the political leaders of New York, as well as the ‘Mob’. He was asked this very question during his campaign for President. he gave a rather interest education to the reporters and those watching. About how business has to be done in order to get things built in New York. Nothing gets done until the proper people are taken care of and their favorite thing outside of power, which they already have…Is $$$ Is it right? whose to say, but like Mr. Trump said. It is the price of doing business.

      • “He was giving lots of campaign cash to the Clintons back then.”

        The ultra-wealthy tend to donate to both parties…

        • He gave pretty much exclusively to the Clintons and appeared with them often for PR opportunities. They were buds -don’t RetCon history that is only a few decades ago. Many of us were alive then and paying attention.

  3. That’s nice Jennifer. We all have lines in the sand. Mine is baby murder & 2A rights. Most Dims want dead babies & me disarmed. There’s no perfect vote…

    • Trump is the only candidate the Democrat Leadership is afraid off. Because they know he can win. Regardless of anything people find negative about him. He is still better than anyone the Democrats, have to offer. Because regardless of who they offer, nothing will change for the better.

      • “Trump is the only candidate the Democrat Leadership is afraid off. Because they know he can win.”

        I’m seeing political commentary on several levels warning them they risk losing the young vote over Biden’s mis-handling of the current Israel situation. Seeing the LGBT-whatever contingent falling over themselves to ‘Free Palestine” is beyond amusing, considering those folks would love nothing more than to to literally throw them from the rooftops of high buildings.

        The whole “bin-Laden letter to America” is paying off in ways I didn’t think was possible, with some of them going as far as converting to Islam…

        *Boggle* 😉

      • The Democrats real problem is that other than JB, they have no one else to offer. But they are stuck with him because he is the sitting president. Their other real problem is figuring out how to sideline Kamala. There is practically no one who does not shudder at the thought of her becoming president.

        • Just to let you in on a little secret. Gavin Newsome will be the Democrat nominee. Thats why he is debating DeSantis Thursday night on Fox News.

    • @FWW,

      Same here. I scrolled down to write that I have a difficult time understanding how someone can advocate for gun rights using the argument of protecting innocent life, then out of the same mouth advocate for taking innocent life.

      To many people it’s all about power at the end of the day. They don’t want tyrants to have power over them and affect their lives, but they also want to retain their own power to remove the “inconvenience” of a child from their lives.

      Selfishness to the utmost degree.

      • What’s the deal with female TTAG writer’s going off the rail(in my best Seinfeld impression)? I’ve seen several in the 10 years I’ve perused this forum. One gal said men are evil. Another red haired gal featured her young daughter as a “prop” like it was ok. And other’s. Just my take🙄

        • The female curse.
          They have to be in the popular clique no matter what.
          Sometimes they have interests or desires that go against the popular clique and they’ll always toss those aside to remain in the popular clique. They’ll sell out themselves, their homes and their nations just to be liked by their peers.

          Men pretty much just want food and sex and really couldn’t care less about having friends or belonging to groups unless doing so increases their chances of getting food and sex.

          Women have to be liked and need to belong. They’re basically insecure yet narcissistic middle-school girls until the age of 60 and they hate themselves and each other for this reason. These things I have been taught and had explained to me by the women in my family so I’m not just running my patriarchal mouth. Like any other human being they can be objective and rational and like any other human being it’s hard as fuck to be objective and rational.

  4. “I think they needlessly act like jerks…”
    maybe. overall solid policy. i’d expect him to be more effective a second time around, being aware of what was working against him.
    hold your nose and pull the lever.
    have you seen a list of what voters consider to be priority issues? your mattress is pretty far down the list.

    • “i’d expect him to be more effective a second time around, being aware of what was working against him.”

      The downside is that a second Trump presidency will be much like the first; no political capital. EOs and EAs are temporary, and actually limited in effect. The current bag of Rebuplicrats is even more hostile to Trump than when he was first elected. The best result of a Trump second term (making him a lame duck immediately) is watching him take revenge on all the people added to his enemies list since 2020.

      If Trump is president, and the Senate has sufficient Republicrats, the best outcome would be replacing either Thomas or a coupla lefty Justices.

      If Trump is the nominee, I will unhesitatingly vote for him.

      • “The best result of a Trump second term (making him a lame duck immediately) is watching him take revenge on all the people added to his enemies list“

        Thanks for your moment of clarity, confirming that for the republican party, the cruelty is the point.

        • MajorLiar,

          Oh, all the absolute liars who deliberately tried to sabotage the Trump presidency should not face consequences? Peter Strozk and Lisa Page should avoid accountability? And James Clapper?

          OF COURSE an amoral clown such as yourself wouldn’t understand such a concept as “accountability”, but it is a concept you Leftist/fascists ought to acquaint yourselves with. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”, MajorLiar. Yes, if DJT wins, y’all Leftist/fascists gonna have some tough times . . . cry me a f**king river, @$$clown.

        • MajorLiar,

          I would assert that WILFULL failure to honor your oath to your Constitution and your job is criminal. Their obvious perjury to Congressional committees would be another.

          Are you REALLY this stupid??? Or are you just playing stupid on the Internet??

          That was a f**king lame-@$$ response, and you should be embarrassed for even asking that question, but . . . “embarrassment” or shame are not emotions available to Leftist/fascists.

        • Thank you for your vague response.

          Specifically, what did they do/say that qualifies them for indictment?

          And why didn’t Donald Trump’s Attorney General and justice department pursue the charges that you can’t name?

        • “Peter Strozk and Lisa Page should avoid accountability?“
          And just what crimes did they commit?

          Conspiracy to undermine a Constitutional election, overthrow a duly elected POTUS, having lousy taste in sex partners, adultery (if they hooked up in VA or MD) or how about just being shitty people and fucked up representatives of the FBI… Under the broadest definition (as applied by the left and MSM and Minerva to Jan 6 participants) of “insurrection” they could probably be charged with that as well…

        • MINOR49er. We are always glad to keep Leftists like you informed. You see, your political “prosecutions” are deserving of retaliation. You people talk a good game of “inclusion”, “diversity,” and “working together”. But what you real means is all of those good things, as long as we acceed to your Leftist ideology and agenda.

        • How about deprivation of rights under color of law, dumbass??

          How about wilful malfeasance in performance of official duties??

          How about blatant breaches of professional ethics (both are lawyers)??

          How about abuse of office?? (Both were being paid by the government, and certainly NOT to pursue an INDIVIDUAL political vendetta)???

          How about lying to Congress under oath (perjury)???

          Why are you willfully stupid??? Ah, because YOU think it advances your narrative (you are wrong, but that is par for the course for idiot Leftist/fascists such as yourself).

          Most of those charges could be levied against at least two Republicans I can think of . . . Lyin’ Liz Cheney, and Little Adam “Cryin’ Boy” Kinzinger. But then there are Jamie Raskin, Adam “Schiff-for-Brains” Schiff, Eric “Fangbander” Swallowswell, Alexandrea “America’s Dumbest Bartender” Ocasio Cortez, Gerry “I Shat Myself” Nadler, and about a hundred other Dimocrats I could name. ALL of them blatantly lied in alleged performance of their duties, as well as misused their public offices in pursuit of PRIVATE, PERSONAL political agendas . . . but you’re all good with that, because you agree with their agenda, and like all Leftist/fascists, you believe the end justifies the means.

          Now, WITH SPECIFICITY, list the alleged “crimes” that DJT is supposedly guilty of (I’ve got a list a mile long for Senile Joe, but you made the assertion, so the burden is on you).

          I would call you a clown, but that is an insult to actual honest clowns. You remain too stupid to insult.

        • for the republican party, the cruelty is the point.

          I guess you missed the three year, multi-million dollar “witch hunt” conducted by the Democrats based on a bull shit dossier bought and paid for by The Hildabeast with DNC money… Or the phony bull shit Jan 6 “hearings” and the people sitting in jail for years WITH OUT due process for “trespassing”? Lives ruined by the fucking Democrats AFTER they conspired to steal a Presidential election because they’re feeeelz got hurt, you truly are a Bonafide moron…

        • “or how about just being shitty people”

          Yeah, that’s about the size of it, nothing but personal insult.

          “Adultery” with zero evidence to support your claim?

          But of course it’s OK for Trump, self-admitted 3X adulterer, double standards ho! No really, Trump paid a ho, I mean an adult film star, $10,000 for fornication, and then another $130K to hush it up.

          The fact is, all your claims of criminal activity are total bullshit. The facts show no trump DOJ, federal or even red state prosecutor filed charges against any member of Obama or Biden’s administration.

          Meanwhile, multiple members of Trump’s administration and businesses have been charged, convicted and sentenced for various felonies and misdemeanors against the United States of America.

          Your claims are without merit, you don’t even have one charge, much less conviction to prove illegal activity in the Democratic Obama/Biden administrations.

          Just empty propaganda from a bunch of c-holsters for Putin.

        • Let’s take your claim here for example:

          “the people sitting in jail for years WITH OUT due process“

          Specifically, who of the January 6 attackers has “been sitting in jail for years without due process”?

          Names and arrest dates?

  5. Thank you, Jen, for opening up to us. I know it must not be easy to do.
    All the arguments and speculations regarding laws can be set aside, just for the purpose of realizing what the Left’s most potent weapon is. An overwhelming onslaught of falsely concocted blame. This juggernaut on all fronts of propaganda has been revealed to be simply sinister and lethal gossiping. LYING.
    The real weapon comes out of this process…multiple generations of people who have never seen nor heard the other side of the argument are the embodiment of the new weapon. This onslaught gives birth to the greater power. The power of HATE. It seems an overwhelming percentage of Leftists and Liberals are in full-on HATE MODE towards us. THEY have been birthed as the weapon. Assured of their righteousness by having explored ALL the (local and easily accessed) available sources of information.
    They don’t even know our names., but they blame us with every breath for the concocted reality that exists only in their heads. Good Job, Leftists!!

  6. Jennifer. The fascism is all on the left these days.I would argue that we people of the gun are the true Antifa of these times. We have fascists like miner49er openly stating that your rights have limits to be decided by .gov.

    Hell, the ‘left’ wants to micromanage your life so much they even want to decide what kind of stove you can cook on and install kill switches on your cars.

    Make no mistake about it. Voting democrat is voting for the swastika.

  7. As silly as every other piece by Jenn.

    “According to the most recent data from the Social Security Administration, the life expectancy for a 75 year old American male is an additional 10.46 years, for a total life expectancy of 85.46 years.”

    At 81yrs Biden is a raging senile. No particular evidence that any of the Conservative Justices are so.

    • My hope is that Trumps lifespan is closely related to that of his siblings and adjusted for differences in gender where women live a bit longer than men. In fact I’m anxiously waiting out the clock. The Republican primaries aren’t that far off…

    • My dad made it to 95.

      He really didn’t start going down hill (mentally,) until he was about halfway through his 94th year.

      I took pictures of his checkbook register so I knew what he’d paid because about that time I started taking over his finances for him. The progressive loss of coordination was clearly visible in the sequence of pictures of the register.

      He was still pretty sharp, even in the last month of his life.

  8. ID-10-T-rump hasn’t won the primary yet and there are other candidates in the Republican field who are actually pro-2A. Even if ID-10-T-rump wins the primary next year it is likely that he wont even be on the ballot in some states.

    IMHO if ID-10-T-rump wins the primary he can’t win. They won’t let him win and there are lots of folks who just won’t vote for him no matter how hard they hold their noses. That means we lose the SCOTUS because of ID-10-T-rump’s ego needing to be stroked. if we lose SCOTUS then we are screwed on the 2A and it will be ID-10-T-rump’s fault.

        • You’re right, polls have been incorrect historically. They tend to have a pro Democrat bias. Also a Republican doesn’t need a majority in the popular vote to win the election, because red states have more electoral votes per person.

    • Ok…let’s say a non-Trump Republican wins the oval office and then proves to us all that he is so pro-2A that he manages to repeal the GCA and NFA and wipes out the ATF completely. One can dream.

      Then you see him end American sovereignty and relegate all of us to the whims of total UN rule and control all due to taking this nation over the edge into complete national bankruptcy.

      What good being an anti-American pro-2A Republican?

      • Other than Nikki Haley or that blimpy Christie Cream which Republicans running for office do you think are going to sign over sovereignty to the UN? Mittens magic underwear Romney isn’t running again is he?

        • They had better hope beyond hope the candidate isn’t Haley, because she could win.

          How are they gonna smear a female daughter of immigrants? Experienced at being Secretary of State?

          That will be their worst possible nightmare…

        • geoffsht… you’ve slandered DJT just like a democRat lint licker so do not try to whitewash it. your affection for the fold like a cheap tent n. haley is just as nauseating.

          tesla this one is for you and the shtheadgeoff…TRUMP 2024.

        • MINOR49er, We don’t have to “smear” your ILLEGAL “immigrant (should read ALIENS). They do that when the cross the border ILLEGALLY!

        • The Democrats won’t need to, the Republicans will gleefully do it for them.

          No one will need to “smear” Haley, she’s doing a fine job of that all on her own, not a snowflakes chance in hell of winning the Primary, she’s even 29 points behind Trump in her own state… But hey, YOU just keep running that head and putting the ignorance of your Uber Left Progressives (and you) on display for everyone’s amusement…

    • We cannot lose SCOTUS unless and until a conservative justice dies or retires, and neither appears to be on the immediate horizon. The election in 2028 might be of tremendous consequence as the justices age.

      • Sotomayor is the only Left-Wing Justice approaching 70s (she’s 68) but Roberts is closing as well (67)… Alito is 72, Thomas is 74, both appear in good health but could be coerced to retire near the end of a second Republican 1st term putting both into their 80s as well as Sotomayor with Roberts pushing 80 also, could see 50% of the court turn over in the next 12 years…

    • There seems to be this belief that they will only go scorched-earth on Trump, and once he’s gone things will return to “normal.” I beg to differ. They will do this to everyone going forward. It was a little easier to do it to Trump because shallow people didn’t like his personality. I hear some people also vote based on looks.

  9. It doesn’t matter to me so much about how it’s reluctant. It’s a vote for Trump and for that I thank you.

    However, with your description of reluctance I have just one question. What do you think your reaction will be if *after* you cast your Trump vote, Biden wins by the election getting rigged using excessive mail in ballots tied to names that are completely bogus and illegal?

    • He might not even BE on the ballot in some states.

      We know what happened the last time a presidential candidate was not on the ballot in a national election. States started seceding pretty much immediately.

      History repeats itself.

      • He might not even BE on the ballot in some states.

        The courts have spoken, there is no precedent and no persistent reasoning to keep him off of the ballot in any state… Charges are NOT convictions AND the Constitution does not preclude an individual from holding public office with exceptions for treason, insurrection, the proverbial “high crimes and misdemeanors” etc… Nothing Trump is currently charged with (not yet convicted of anything) can keep him from running for the office or from executing the office if duly elected and NO state has the right to omit him from their ballot…

        • “The courts have spoken, there is no precedent and no persistent reasoning to keep him off of the ballot in any state… “

          Perhaps you missed this:

          “The court found that, “Petitioners have established that Trump engaged in an insurrection on January 6, 2021 through incitement, and that the First Amendment does not protect Trump’s speech.” Donald Trump has now officially participated in an insurrection against the Constitution.“

          The appeals are rolling…

        • Trump was charged with engaging in an insurrection? I haven’t heard about this outside of TDS fantasies. Is this new? Link to the charge?

        • Dude,

          MajorLiar is engaging in his normal ‘wishcasting’, with his usual grasp of reality (and the law). The Leftist/fascists (like MajorLiar) are in panic mode (and you can smell the flopsweat) because their “Great White Hope”, Senile Joe Biden, the Serial Child Molester, is DYING in the polls. He is even losing ‘head-to-head’ polls to DJT, one of the most unpopular and reviled politicians since Tricky Dick. They KNOW that 2024 is shaping up to be a Republican victory beyond the “margin of fraud”, and they are defecating bricks over the thought. While there are other candidates I would prefer to Trump, the thought of the Leftist/fascist angst on Election Night if Trump does win is . . . sweet.

          Watching DJT win, and knowing what it was doing to the tiny brains of the Leftist/fascists, would give me a major schadenboner.

        • Petitioners have established that Trump engaged in an insurrection on January 6, 2021

          Then fucking CHARGE him… Where is the Grand Jury Indictment, who did he incite? Where are all of the indictments for the participants? Oh wait, NO ONE was charged with INSURRECTION, so Trump incited an insurrection and nobody came?… A Colorado judge has ruled that while Donald Trump can’t be disqualified from the 2024 ballot, he did incite an insurrection. One Left Wing Judges OPINION does NOT constitute an indictment… AND he WILL still be on the ballot in Colorado… You must have missed all of that…

        • MINOR49er. Funnyhow you laud appeals that favor your corrupt positions but whine about Bruen.

        • Donald Trump has now officially participated in an insurrection against the Constitution.“

          Minerva, I’m wondering what part of “going to march PEACEFULLY and PATRIOTICALLY to the Capitol to make your voices heard.” do you and that fucking fascist Judge not understand?.. Just like the “Very fine people on BOTH sides” remark is quoted by morons all the way to that braindead POTUS, BUT they conveniently omit the part where Trump disparages the fucking White Supremacist/neo-Nazis in the crowd… Bunch of fucking liars and hacks…

  10. MADDMAXX November 27, 2023 At 11:33
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    Trump goes full-on Handmaid’s Tale fascist in 2025..

    If you think Trump is a fascist what the hell would you call the power behind Braindeads administration… No one gives more than a passing thought (me, even less) about your gay/lesbian marriage and in fact were the whole culture not being shoved in everyone’s face by the Drag Queens” and the absurd flamboyance of the most visible participants of Gay Pride MONTH, there would be even less… There are haters on both sides of every issue, some straights that hate the LGBTQ—-, some LGBTQ— that hate straights, some whites that hate blacks, some blacks that hate whites, hell there are people that hate PEOPLE… gun-grabbers hate gun owners some gun owners hate gun-grabbers, Left hates the Right, criminals hate cops it’s the nature of the beast called human…
    Live your life however want just keep it to yourself don’t try to force everyone to accept you or your life choices, that’s never going to happen and the more in your face proponents of ANY issue get the more resistance they will encounter… Trump (or any other Conservative) is not coming after gay marriage and if Roe is a concern you should look back at the original decision and the made up grounds it was based on being called a “Civil Right”… (In 1973, a 7-2 ruling by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger’s court, ruled that states could not prohibit abortion within the first trimester and that restrictions in the second and third trimester must take into account the health of the pregnant individual.)… Abortion is now a state issue so Trump would have no say over that, but he would move to get more cops back on the street and protect your right to self-defense while opening up the oil fields lowering your cost of living, strengthen the military, cut your taxes and in general improve your life… The Trump first term was problematic because he took to many “advisors” recommendations and surrounded himself with too many self-serving individuals that did not share his love of country and desire to make everyone’s life better…

    Pretty sure this will be “moderated” and may not even get posted, but the truth is not always pretty and neat…

    Called it…

    • “Pretty sure this will be “moderated” and may not even get posted,…”

      Oops, *wrong*… 😉

    • Trump’s primary requirement is “loyalty”…yet the guy who most seemed to espouse that wound up stabbing him in the back…go figure…

      • frank,

        And I agree that that is the ‘book’ on Trump, and there is objective evidence of such. So what? There is this thing called “chain of command”. Trump was the elected POTUS (unlike ‘President’ LOLEightyOneMillion). Those who accepted positions in his Administration certainly have the right, and the DUTY, to advise him of their views on subjects within their portfolio . . . and he has the right, and the DUTY, to listen to them, and make up his own mind.

        If they want the “final say” on an issue? They need to get off their lazy @$$es and run for POTUS . . . oh, yeah, and win. Frankly, were I ever so insane as to consider running for POTUS, and the world so deranged as for me to win, I would also fire any “advisor” who threw a tantrum and publicly (or privately) tried to undermine my administration.

        If Trump wins, I will get great satisfaction seeing him take revenge on the backstabbers. They accepted their appointments; their ‘remedy’ for disagreement is to resign. Period, dot.

    • “shoved in everyone’s face by the Drag Queens” and the absurd flamboyance of the most visible participants of Gay Pride MONTH“

      Thanks for sharing your struggle with the group, it must be really difficult for you watching those nubile young men cavorting in their skivvies, prancing provocatively in public.


      • ???… Your psychoanalysis is a bit off so don’t quit your (hmmmm want to say day job?), anyway, your description of “NUBILE YOUNG MEN” cavorting in their skivvies hardly describes what I’ve witnessed on the local news but speaks VOLUMES about the content of YOUR fantasies…

      • MINOR49er, as a matter of fact, we do find is rather sick to see those nubile young men cavorting in their skivvies, prancing provocatively in public. I’ll bet you would love to join them.

  11. It is possible like with Roe v. Wade that Obergefell could be reversed should a state revert to the per Obergefell law to challenge the status quo. The reason to do this is knowing the majority’s constitutional philosophy* as evidenced by both Heller & Bruen as well as the majority in Hobbs re due process the odds are if such a case reached SCOTUS they’d grant cert and rule that marriage regulation is covered by the 10th amendment. So like abortion it is up to the individual states to regulate. At least the author can move to a state that will continue to recognize her marriage.
    *Defer to Constitution’s text, history & tradition in 1868

    • Obergefell is based on the 14th Amendment, and given the Court’s tradition of stare decisis, is unlikely to be reversed during your lifetime. Unlike Roe, Obergefell does not invent a constitutional right out of the penumbra of rights emanating from the Bill of Rights, but instead is premised on “marriage” as defined in civil statutes is a civil right shared equally by all, not a religious right available to only member of the same sex; the State does not get to discriminate against persons of different sexual orientations; as such it is on a much firmer Constitutional foundation than Roe.

    • Steven C..

      I’ll go you one better – why should the government have ANYTHING to say about the private relationships between adults? Where is the “Constitutional” basis for the government regulating marriage?

      Personally, I don’t give a fig whether two guys or two girls want to be “married” – not my circus, not my monkey. Just don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses. I have no desire to control the interpersonal relationships of anyone, so long as they are (i) consensual, and (ii) among adults (competent adults, which excludes MajorLiar). In the abortion debate, there is at least the issue of “when does life begin” (I would hope that most humans can agree that once life begins, it is entitled to protection), but . . . what is the “compelling interest” in favor of regulating marriage? And if it’s that important, why not just pass a law requiring EVERYONE to get married by the time they’re, say, 25?

      None of the government’s (state, federal, or local) damn business. If a gay couple buys the house next to me, and I don’t like it? I can move, if it’s THAT important to me. I’ve just never understood why people are ‘threatened’ by gay people/couples.

  12. Didn’t the gay marriage thing go through under Trump?
    What makes these people think Trump will install himself as dictator now if he didn’t do so when he had control of the government his first 2 years in office? Or any of the other things he is supposedly going to do if he gets re-elected?
    Most folks out here in the real world outside the DC and media bubbles are fairly reasonable folks. We may not agree with the abortion on demand crap, or believe same sex marriages are a good thing, but are more or less willing to allow people to make their own choices and mistakes. Sure, there are some loud mouths and idiots on the fringe demanding we do away with anything that doesn’t fit their world view. But are there not just as many if not more on the progressive left who would happily kill off the opposition? Or force people into “Re-education” camps? be honest.

    • What makes these people think Trump will install himself as dictator now if he didn’t do so when he had control of the government his first 2 years in office?

      It’s all about projection, accuse the other guy of doing exactly what THEY want to do and hope everyone is watching the other guy while they make their move…

  13. I decided during the Carter admin to vote for whoever was not actively trying to destroy my 2nd and 4th Amendment rights – l haven’t been allowed to vote for a dem since.

    If time-travelers brought Karl Marx forward, he would be so impressed by capitalism’s progress he would join the GOP and beg to stay.

    • “I decided during the Carter admin to vote for whoever was not actively trying to destroy my 2nd and 4th Amendment rights – l haven’t been allowed to vote for a dem since.”

      Those are good rules to live by. Grew up in an all Dim family; never voted Dim, just because.

  14. Well that is interesting in your reasonable reasoning.
    But if you believe Trump is a fascist, you have been duped by MSM.
    He clearly showed support for the gay community after that one shooting in FL. Yes, some of his supporters are against gay marriage. The rest, to quote the late, great George Carlin, “And now gay people want to get married… Haven’t they suffered enough?”
    If you look back at Trumps policies, not his words or tweets, his policies were good. Even a former Google CEO, long time Democrat admitted to that.
    The majority of the average Americans were far better off under the Trump admin, up till the COVID lockdown nonsense, than they are under the Biden admin.
    Biden’s policies, from gun rights, to the green new deal, censorship look a lot more fascist than Trump.

    • marriage was a social invention designed to protect the children…how is gay marriage relevant to that?….

      • Once upon a time when people lived short lives and unless you were a King, divorce did not exist after the fall of the Roman Empire. And it was not just children, but the spouses’ property rights during marriage, in death, and in divorce, and those of their heirs, whether heirs of the marriage or not. All of these are civil matters, not religious ones. During the HIV epidemic back in the ’80’s, there were multiple lifetime partners who lost everything when their partner died because the states refuse to recognize a lawful union.
        As to children, the State’s prime interest was in determining patrimony and requiring parents to financially support their children during minority. For example, many in many states, including California and NY, there is an unrebuttable presumption that children born during marriage are the children of the husband, and it does not matter one whit that today actual paternity can be established with 99.9% probability as being someone else.

    • Epsteindidnotkillhimself, how about the Puppet using the power of the state to go after his political rival? How about the Puppet using the Secret Service to retrieve his daughter’s diary? How about NY mayor Adams cancelling his appointment to complain about illegal immigration after he got hit with an investigation? The Puppet is everything the media pretended Trump was, right down to the rape allegation. It’s amazing how many people are still influenced by the blatantly lying media. Everyone should have tuned them out after they got caught pushing the Russia, Russia, Russia lie.

  15. Trump practiced terrorism on refugees applying for asylum by deliberately stealing the children of refugees much the same as the Nazi’s did in their concentration camps in WWII, Trump ran a from of a modern-day concentration camp.

    Trump tried to destroy the National Health Care Act

    Trump supported the privatization of Social Security which would have destroyed the entire system.

    Trump ended up INCREASING the trade deficit with China with his idiotic trade war. If the Moron had enlisted the help of our European Allies he might have pulled it off. Many of our small family farms also went out of business and many of the Lobster Fisherman went bankrupt. The average consumer lost $3,000 a year because of higher prices on consumer items being imported from China.

    Trump caused American businessmen millions by refusing to sign on to The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) is a trade bloc agreement by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations supporting local trade and manufacturing in all ASEAN countries, and facilitating economic integration with regional and international allies. … AFTA now comprises the ten countries of ASEAN.

    Trump’s trade war with China increased Global warming because China then went to Brazil for foodstuffs and for Brazil to meet the demand they increased global warming by cutting down the rainforest to make more farmland which only lasts 2 years because of the poor jungle soil.

    Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord so the U.S. could continue to pump billions of tons of pollution into the air. Trump did away with Obama’s climate protection orders which poisoned our water and air and led to more cancer deaths in the U.S.

    Trump promoted more coal and oil usage instead of going on board with the “New Green deal” so tons more pollution were poured into the air and water.

    Trump lost the support of our WWII Allies and Britain stop sharing intelligence information with us and Britain has one of the greatest spy networks in the world.

    Trump border wall was a farce. He only repaired a small section of the existing wall and due to the meandering Rio Grande River it is impossible to put up a border wall especially clear across the U.S. It would cost trillions.

    Trump cut off Muslim immigration and all foreign immigration to the lowest level in the counties history but the Moron did not realize it is immigrants who make a country great. Example: The son of a Syrian immigrant invented the cell phone which brought billions of profit to the U.S. yet Racist Trump banned all Syrian immigration to the U.S

    Trump lied about the election being a fraud as Republica overseers were at every voting place and watched the proceedings like hawks.

    Trump took away many voting places in poor districts to implement voter suppression as well as pulling out many mail sorting machines to slow down the mail which created a catastrophe with the U.S. mail and now many seniors are having trouble getting their life saving medications.

    Trump did nothing to lower drug prices and actually increased the number of people who cannot afford a Health Care Plan by weakening the National Health Care Plan and he threw 30 million Americans off its rolls. 150,000 people died last year because of it. Trump and Mitch Mcconnell took thousands in bribes from the crooks in the drug and insurance industries to keep prices high and bankrupt the people.

    Trump because of his rabid racism did nothing about the Daca children who have been here since they were toddlers.

    Trump did nothing about the Covid19 crisis and actually tried to hide it from the American people when he first learned about it and how deadly it was and would be to the American people because he wanted to be reelected and not hurt the stock market.

    Trump passed a tax rape bill that ran up the deficit by 2 trillion dollars and let corporation like Amazon make 2 billion in profit and pay no taxes and not give their workers a livable wage or health benefits or even holidays off.

    Trump was against Universal Background Checks which would have prevented thousands of people from buying second hand guns who were crooks and nut cases.

    Trump was against safe storage laws which would prevent on average 1,300 children being killed with loaded guns laying around the house.

    Trump did not make low cost loans available or Federal educational grants available for students wanting to go to college and not go bankrupt for the rest of their lives.

    Trump did nothing to increase teachers’ salaries as they are one of the lowest paid professions in the U.S. and as a consequence our best and brightest have abandoned the teaching profession resulting in a lowering of our teaching standards.

    Trump did not follow through on infrastructure repair and our roads and bridges continue to be a hazard to the American people. The Gangster Criminal Republicans said that it would cost too much money and that people are expendable.

    Trump rose to power by playing the race card and pitting citizens against not only “legal immigrants” but pitted them against their fellow Americans. He let the Racist Nazi’s out of their sewers of hate and racism became “cool again” with racist Nazi’s openly marching at Charlottesville and Trump called them “nice people”. The racist Nazi’s openly gave him their stiff-armed salute.

    Trump did rescind Obama’s plans for Police Reform which gave bad cops “open season” on black people and the George Floyd murder took place in broad daylight within site of an entire crowd of people begging the Murderous Thug Nazi Cop to stop the murder while he glared and sneered back at them

    Trump tried to take over the Government by force when he lost the election and tried to get the election commission to declare the election corrupt.

    Trump committed treason by trying to take over the government by force and establish a one party system with himself as dictator for life.

    Trump raped women and got away with it

    Trump tried to change the outcome of the Georgia elections.

    Trump got caught cheating on his taxes.

  16. Trump. First time I ever saw him, I was passing through a living room with the television on. Some egotistical arse-wipe was yelling “You’re fired”. I paused to watch him for a couple minutes. I commented, “If he were talking to me like that, his big nose would be broken before I walked out!” I’ve never learned to like the guy at all. I don’t respect him. If there were anybody on the ballot I could respect, I’d vote for him/her, in a heartbeat.

    Alas – I’m back to voting for the lesser of the evils.

    I think Jennifer nails it down. As stupid, as egotistical, as arrogant as Trump is, he’s not smart enough, nor motivated enough to hurt the common man.

    Biden, on the other hand, cares nothing about the common man. He only cares about divisive policies that advance special interest groups. Surge the border is probably the most evil thing the sumbitch has done, and gun control the second most evil. But, everything he says and does is evil, because he is a self loathing white male. I don’t know why he never had a gender fluidity operation, had his skin burned brown, and changed his name to something African. He probably wanted to do all that, but senility caught up to him first.

    • Biden…and the left that control him…are “control freaks”….Trump…except for those in his immediate sphere…not so much for most of us….

      • No Sam. The candidate has to believe everything I believe, or I’m voting third party because in my mind that’ll fix it.

        • “The candidate has to believe everything I believe, or I’m voting third party because in my mind that’ll fix it.”

          There ya’ go. Sounds like a plan.

    • Biden’s biggest problem right now is that he is shedding voters as fast as a flea bitten dog sheds hair. Trumps biggest problem is that no one can get him to shut up for his own good and his proclivity for raining hellfire on anyone who crosses him.

      The good thing for both of them is that there do not appear to be any viable candidates in the wings.

      • If Trump could just stand there with a thumbs-up, without saying anything, he’d probably win (hypothetical assumes no foul play).

    • “…he is a self loathing white male.”

      The people at the top don’t actually believe the anti-white stuff. They only push that ideology for power. It’s totally a coincidence that white males tend to vote for their political rivals.

  17. The dummycraps have proven mostly impotent on the 2A front, and Tr*** with his army of morons scares me a lot worse

    • Really?

      The ONLY reason that the Demokkkratz have been “impotent” is the make up of the USSC.

      If O-Bribeme gets another 4 years, along with people like Chuck You Schumer pushing for a 15 seat USSC, you can KISS YOUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS GOOD BYE..

      You pay attention to the lower court appointments by Trump? Say, the 9th ‘Circus’, which is actually leaning less leftist because of the change in makeup of the panel?

  18. Jen, I have never heard Trump say or seen Trump do anything fascist. Certainly he has never said or done anything in the vein of real fascists like Hitler and Mussolini or communists like Stalin, or Mao.

    The idea that he would impose some conservative Christian hand maids tale style dictatorship is leftist propaganda. If he tried, virtually all of us right wing extremists would oppose it. If he said we would stop supporting him. I don’t know of any conservative Christians who support such a thing.

    I certainly don’t like everything Trump did. I certainly wish Trump had dome some things he didn’t do. But he is the best choice we have after Vivek, and sadly Vivek is not a contender. Though I think he would be a much better VP for Trump than Pence was.

      • Maybe he’d like to change the rules so you could make a similar profit in America.

        Our government intentionally drove business out of this country. They recently passed the $300 billion CHIPS act to bring some of the stuff back that they sent away. Then they high five each other like they did something great. Of course the lapdog media fawns over every extra dollar being spent during a high inflation period.

    • “…better VP for Trump than Pence was.”

      VPs are chosen for their ability to bring in votes. Nothing more. Nothing less. The key is to choose a VP that isn’t like the Prez so they would appeal to a broader audience. Glenn Youngkin (VA gov) would be a good choice. The best choice would have been Georgia’s governor, but both Trump and Kemp have ruined that.

  19. A marriage license. A Concealed Carry License. A Drivers License. A Plumbers License. A Hunting Fishing License.
    A Federal Firgunm License.
    A Liquor License.
    A Manufacturers License.
    For most anything you want to do you must have permission from a government agency and pay to get your License
    I have the Right to Apply for a License.
    Freedom at its finest.

    • possum,

      Why, the gummint is doing it for YOUR OWN GOOD!!!! Just ask them! They are trying to protect you from ‘shady characters’ . . . like Jeffrey Epstein, and Sam Bank-Fraud, and Bernie Madoff, and Michael Avenatti, and about a million others who were approved by the government to do what they did.

      But Senile Joe wants to make you register and get a license to make a firearm (something that Americans have been doing since before there was an “America”). Fascists gonna fascist.

      • like Jeffrey Epstein, and Sam Bank-Fraud, and Bernie Madoff, and Michael Avenatti,

        Funny how they all end up dead or in prison or both… Useful idiots all….. Until they’re not… Useful that is…

        • MAXX,

          True, they all remain idiots. Apparently, disagreeing with, or dropping a dime on, Shrillary is one of the leading causes of death among Dimocrat pols and apparatchiks. I am waiting for notice of David Acelrod’s tragic suicide – you know, the one where he shot himself in the back of the head, nine times?

        • I am waiting for notice of David Axelrod’s tragic suicide

          Well he does live in Chicago so, a dozen stray rounds from crossfire during a gang shootout?

  20. I want to thank Jen for her article. It is thought provoking, and the perfect example of why we need to come together over a mantra of “we CAN agree to disagree” and let’s work together instead of further fracturing our society.

    I just finished a podcast this morning that is profound and speaks to this.
    It is about politics. And it highlights what the current regime under Our Glorious Leader Supreme Commander Bidumb is working towards.
    I found a video version on YouTube, but you can find it as a podcast as well.

    It is a punch to the gut to say the least.
    It is in fact straight from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.
    I weep for our children.

    Modern Wisdom podcast #463
    General Robert Spalding – China’s Secret Playbook For War

    • “we CAN agree to disagree” and let’s work together instead of further fracturing our society.”

      Already fractured beyond repair. “In the end, there can be only one.”

        • “Dude… here, eat this Snickers…”

          Thanx for the offer, but no thanx. To eat a Snickers, I would have to go find my teeth. A soft fudge square would work.

      • Sam,

        And, unfortunately, you speak wisdom . .. . there are two diametrically opposed philosophies of living and governance. Talk of “compromise” is, frankly, silly. How do I “compromise” with some idiot (like, say, MajorLiar) who views my inherent rights as something to be negotiated? If the philosophy of the Leftist/fascists is that we ‘need’ government to tell us how to run our lives (and that IS their philosophy), what is my POSSIBLE compromise with such idiocy??? “Well, OK, you can run my life a LITTLE BIT”???

        Since, having worked in government for a couple of years (my secret shame), I am VERY familiar with the people who inhabit it. I wouldn’t let them run a lemonade stand.

        There CAN “only be one”. Individual liberty, or subordination of the individual to the “beneficent Government’, and those are diametrically opposed. I choose individual liberty (and, YES, that means people have the right to be, for example, racists . . . I wouldn’t deal with them, or do business with them, but they have the right). Hell, even MajorLiar has the right to spout his idiocy, and advocate for his objectively STUPID policies . . . and I have the right to mock him, or ignore him.

        • “. .. . there are two diametrically opposed philosophies of living and governance.”

          On US soil, 1781, 1814, 1865 harshly demonstrated “in the end, there can be only one”, when two diametrically opposed theories of life collide.

          “What communion hath light with darkness?”

  21. We’re living in a post-Constitutional America. It is only a matter of time until the left gets plus one seat in the Senate and a majority of two or three in the House, plus the Presidency. We were there in 2020, but two Senators, Manchin and Sinema didn’t play along and would not nuke the filibuster.

    We were very, very, very lucky.

    There is no guarantee such a thing would happen in the future. Even if Trump wins and manages to replace/add to the Pro 2A justices in SCOTUS, the Dems will just vote to increase the number of justices. Gun control groups are already calling for it.

    Eventually the left will get what they want.

    So, the ultimate question, the long term concern, is not who to vote for, but are you prepared to fight for your rights??

    • Apparently, the dysfunctional millennial chick’s prime directive that demand promoting infanticide. Keep your pants on gal.

      • It’s my understanding that she has zero chance of accidentally becoming pregnant. The abortion stance seems to come from principle/ideology.

    • He used mean words sometimes.Burning the planet to ashes is totally fine as long as the people doing it only use nice words. Peace and prosperity are good and all but not worth the high high cost of mean words.

      I have this vague memory of a saying involving some sticks and stones. Apparently that’s either a false memory I have or somewhere along the timeline kids started saying: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words are the most horrific form of soul destroying genocidal violence ever known to mankind.”

  22. Jennifer,
    Some of your writings lead me to believe that you follow the propaganda of the MSM. Trump was the most pro-“LGBT” president ever elected until Biden. Trump also made efforts to stop gay people from being persecuted across the world. He nominated the first openly gay person to a cabinet position. The only reason Biden was “pro” is because he has zero personal convictions. He goes along with latest thing the Party supports. Look up Biden saying marriage was between a man and a woman. Obama came into office specifically opposed to gay marriage.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t matter anymore. The questions of both gay marriage and abortion have now been asked and answered. They are off the table at the federal level. If you want an abortion, you can still get one in every single state! States are now allowed to make their own restrictions. I don’t think any state has outlawed it. Some states merely moved their regs slightly closer to some European countries, and further from countries like China and N. Korea.

    Now let’s address Trump is worse than Hitler/fascist, etc. I feel sorry for anyone that bought that lie the first time. There’s no excuse for buying that transparent, desperate lie again. We already know how a Trump presidency looks because we lived through it. If peace and prosperity are wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Biden gets elected, and the world is on fire. And you still have to hold your nose because Trump’s a big meanie? No offense, but people who would vote for Biden because they don’t like Trump’s personality, are shallow.

    I appreciate this article. It shows the mindset we’re up against.

  23. Some say the 2-party system is broken and needs to be fixed.

    I say the 2-party system is working exactly as intended and needs to be ripped out.

    We are not the same.

    You may vote for Biden, or Trump. My only vote anymore is an abject vote of no-confidence in the entire established status quo.

    If a single person can hold that much power and influence over an entire nation, perhaps we should get rid of that position entirely.

    In fact, I’m downright tired of any person holding any kind of authority over others. Maybe it’s just me.

  24. I am not a single issue voter either.
    There are good things and bad things Trump did.
    I would rather have Trump than Biden.

  25. What are these big plans Trump has for attacking your family that he just couldn’t get to during his first term?

    I know what the Democrats plans for attacking mine is. They go on MSNBC, CNN and NPR everyday to announce their intentions and call me names.

  26. @Nicea;
    You write very provocatively, and with a note of despair in your voice. Please let me counter your thoughts with a kind explanation:
    Voting machines, ballot-box stuffing and dead people voting have enabled a criminal takeover of our once-fair elections.
    Once a thief commits the crime of breaking into your house, they commit the crimes that they actually came in for.
    Look at America and tell me I’m wrong!
    The “System” only works as long as free people, NOT criminals, control it. Our “elections” are predetermined by the not-very-hard-to-rig “Voting Machines”.
    History remembers Herr Goebbles promising Hitler “Give me control of the schools, newspapers and the radio and I’ll give you the German people!”
    He made good on his promise, as those who jury rigged our “System” have very obviously done as well.
    Get rid of these TRAITORS, and our two-party system has at least a chance…

  27. if you are having to “hold your nose” to vote for trump, you have not been paying attention.

  28. @LampOfDiogenes
    “And I get it, but there is no “middle ground”, and . . . “there can only be one”.


    • Sam,

      I’d love to hear the “moderate” position on slavery – “How about if you can ONLY be a slave for 10 years?”, of “You can be a slave, but only four days per week!”, or “We’ll permit slavery, but ONLY for left-handed, green-eyed redheads!”, or “OK, but you have to have at least one white slave for every black slave!” The entire concept is stupid, as is the concept of reconciling human individual liberty with MajorLiar’s insane Leftist/fascism. “We’ll ignore/abuse your inherent rights, but ONLY a little bit!! We pinky-swear!!”

      Once I cede the right to allow fascist/statists to abrogate my rights “just a little bit”, but only “for the common good (as we define it)”, I’ve started walking down the slippery slope, pouring axle grease ahead of myself. And the chances of my allowing MajorLiar and his ilk to decide what abrogation of my rights is “reasonable” for the “common good” are slim and none, and Slim just left the building.

      I ignored California’s (unconstitutional) ban on concealed carry, ban of semi-automatic rifles, ban of NORMAL magazine capacities, and I will continue to ignore such nonsense, whether it be local, state, or federal. Compliance with unjust, unconstitutional laws is no virtue. If they pass (as many statist/fascist politicians have proposed) “hate speech” laws, I will immediately begin intentionally breaking them (I normally wouldn’t say most such things, because it is simply bad manners, but pass such stupid laws and the gloves come off).

      I purely hate fascists, and Leftist/fascists are the worst. If it weren’t for the fact that I have kids and grandkids, I would wish for those idiots to achieve their “socialist utopia” during my life, so I could watch them deal with their idiot fantasies in real life.

      • BTW registration rate for Illinois from Bearing Arms..

        “As of November 21st, fewer than 3,500 gun owners have registered some 6,600 newly banned firearms with the state police; about 0.001 percent of the state’s 2.4 million legal gun owners.”

        Yep. Working really well, there Gov. Pissker…

        • “Yep. Working really well, there Gov. Pissker…”

          “doing something” is an achievement. in today’s world, ‘intentions’ are important, results not so much.

      • “If they pass (as many statist/fascist politicians have proposed) “hate speech” laws, I will immediately begin intentionally breaking them…”

        Thought there were already “hate” enhancements for every law.

        • Sam,

          In many states (not all) there are, but . . . I have no intention of breaking LEGITIMATE laws, so those ‘enhancements’ mean bupkus to me. I’m not likely to call the guy who normally mans the gun counter at my local gun store (a very smart, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful young black man) a n*gger while I’m trying to buy a gun, I might have to cross my own boundaries when addressing one of our local school board members, however.

          The fascist Left is effing around, and they are about to find out. I DGAF about gay people, or “trans” idiots, or blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, or what have you, but . . . COMPEL (or restrict) my legal speech? Then let the fun begin.

    • The MSM originally tried to portray Trump as antisemitic. The ignorant media consumers (AKA Dem voters) probably didn’t even know he had Jewish people in his family. He ended up being the most Pro-Jewish president in history.

      Jews finally get to join Christians, pro-lifers, men, straight people, and white people as groups that are NOT off-limits to hate. They no longer get to use a particular characteristic as a their shield. Now Jews are basically “white colonizers.”

      It’s kind of amazing how wealthy, influential Jews were fine with the anti-white and anti-Christian hate being preached on college campuses for many years. As a matter of fact, they financially supported it. Now that it’s their turn, they’re ready to stop funding it. Funny how that works. Never forget! (Yeah right)

  29. @LampOfDiogenes
    ” . . . I have no intention of breaking LEGITIMATE laws, so those ‘enhancements’ mean bupkus to me.”

    Until you use the wrong pronoun, and are accused of doing so out of hate for alphabet people.

    • Sam, these SOB’s can “accuse” me of “hate” to their heart’s content. I will sell use the pronoun that is used for their birth gender.

  30. @Lamp: Thank you for expressing the fact that you are sick and tired of this “Gay Parade of Crap” we are constantly being subjected to. It is all simply THEATER, to distract us from the real threats that they are advancing.
    Thank you for your anger.
    Thank you for your resolve.
    I find it very, very refreshing.

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