Product designer Montie Roland is a gun guy. One day, not to so very long ago, the former competitive shooter took his two girls to the range. Roland was weighed down by the usual clobber: guns, ammo and range bags. Oh, and a shooting rest. As Roland told TTAG, the “I got to thinking, ‘why is this thing so big and heavy?'” Why indeed. The result: the all-American (down to the smallest screws) aluminium X-Rest and AR-Rests. Not being one to rest on his laurels, especially when customers are clamoring for adjustability, Roland went back the the drawing board. “I didn’t know this at the time, but a lot of gun ranges slope upwards.” Dude: the only way is up. And so Montie’s minion Michael Poorman penned a new design. And the Rest is history . . .

The new Precision Rest tips the scales at 2.5 lbs. Apparently, it fills the gap between shooting stick type doo-hickeys and heavy duty, recoil-reducing rests. If we believe the press release, the P-Rest puts the ability in versatility.

The Precision Rest is made of sturdy powder-coated aluminum enabling steady support for firearms ranging from semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles to shotguns, muzzle loaders, carbines and pistols. It locks together with a quick-release lever that provides coarse height adjustment as well as fast disassembly and transport. Shooters can use the Precision Rest in prone position or on the bench for indoor or outdoor shooting.

The Precision Rest ain’t cheap: $399.99. Strangely, you also have to fill out a questionnaire about your religious beliefs. “No Rest for the wicked,” Roland says.

No he didn’t. I’m just foolin’. He said the Precision Rest is “an heirloom quality work of art.” TTAG will tell it like it is when we see it. Until then, I rest my case.



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