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There’s been a concerted effort to blame riots and violence on right wing actors since the first George Floyd protests first devolved into burning and looting. That effort is continuing as anti-gun orgs and their media enablers try to deflect the blame for violence from their friends on the left while blaming their political enemies and the exercise of allegedly unfettered Second Amendment rights.

Regardless of their motivations, the presence of armed actors at recent demonstrations has generally led to a similar outcome: escalation.

“The main effect has been to make everything worse,” says Pitcavage, the researcher at the Anti-Defamation League. “It just makes everything into a tinderbox.”

The presence of armed militia groups – even under the pretense of maintaining order and protecting the community – is seen as a tool of intimidation and a way to chill free speech. It also encourages racial justice protesters and other demonstrators to bring their own weapons to already-tense events.

Militias are “showing up to agitate the situation,” says Daryl Johnson, a former domestic terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security who now owns a consulting compnay for law enforcement. “[The militias are] trying to silence the opposition and the opposition is arming itself to protect themselves, and also to intimidate and harass the militia. So now you kind of have this arms race that is starting.”

Analysts say they are concerned that the events will escalate without strong action and messaging from law enforcement disavowing the presence of armed groups, and that the U.S. could see more violence arise from the demonstrations.

“When people are armed in these tense situations, it just makes violence more likely,” Jackson says.

– Claire Hansen in The Problem With Militias and the Constitution

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  1. The Black Panthers staged an “armed protest” in Valdosta, GA last Saturday. AKs and ARs were prominently displayed. The media never uttered the word militia. Instead the local media were gushing their praise for the peaceful protesters.

      • That’s racist! You need to check your privilege you (insert current gold medal mental gymnastics here). Joking aside yes they are and it’s getting worse more quickly.

        • I agree with both of you! The “fact” that the Democratic party was created by the KKK and their 1st few Democratic marches were in White “KKK” robes! Later the creator of PP whom led the fight to allow women to have abortions and says that its the best way to control “Negro” Population’s and that of the low class whites that socialize with them in the getto’s…..a Democrat!!! I’m flat out fed up with the fact the left are already escalating their riots to murder by Firearm and other weapons that are some how showing up as pallet loads of bricks on street corner’s and Case’s of baseball bats and the like at their local Post Office that Antifa/BLM/CAIR/Moslem Brotherhood groups that have now partnered ,stop to pick up! They are “not” just murdering innocent people but children as young as new born babies!!! . But when those citizens of any leaning show up ,exercising their rights to protect them selves and property ,its those people that ,fuel the fire? How about we just say it……BULLSHIT i call BULLSHIT!!!

  2. Bringing bricks, baseball bats, spray paint, firebombs, and fireworks had no bearing on changing peaceful protests into riots and looting. It was not until business owners and citizens displayed firearms that “made violence more likely”

      • I mean, their attacks are just self defense for 150+ year old actions committed by other people on other people or something like that. They are allowed to get revenge.

        In that vein, I will now commence looting and rioting in Rome and London because I think they messed with my people way back when. Oh and Germany, they will need to pay me for ww1 and ww2. And Japan, I mean they owe me something maybe a new Honda? How far back should we revisit sins of the past, pretty sure everyone has got something on everyone else at some point.

        • “Oh and Germany, they will need to pay me for ww1 and ww2. And Japan, I mean they owe me something maybe a new Honda?”

          Good Lord, you people are so clueless about actual historic events.

          Yes, both Germany and Japan paid war reparations to the tune of billions.

          The war on human beings known as the slave trade has never received the proper application of justice.

          We forced the Germans and Japanese to pay billions for their war crimes, even forcing prisoners of war to perform slave labor in camps.

          But there is no justice for the 12 million Africans and their descendants who were maimed and killed in the slave trade in America.

          “The Treaty of Versailles (signed in 1919) and the 1921 London Schedule of Payments required Germany to pay 132 billion gold marks (US$33 billion [all values are contemporary, unless otherwise stated]) in reparations to cover civilian damage caused during the war.”

          “Historian John Gimbel, in his book Science Technology and Reparations: Exploitation and Plunder in Postwar Germany, states that the “intellectual reparations” taken by the U.S. and the UK amounted to close to $10 billion.[10] German reparations were partly to be in the form of forced labor. By 1947, approximately 4,000,000 German POWs and civilians were used as forced labor (under various headings, such as “reparations labor” or “enforced labor”) in the Soviet Union, France, the UK, Belgium and in Germany in U.S run “Military Labor Service Units”.

          “War reparations made pursuant to the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan (1951) include: reparations amounting to US$550 million (198 billion yen 1956) were made to the Philippines, and US$39 million (14.04 billion yen 1959) to South Vietnam; payment to the International Committee of the Red Cross to compensate prisoners of war (POW) of 4.5 million pounds sterling (4.54109 billion yen) was made; and Japan relinquished all overseas assets, approximately US$23.681 billion (379.499 billion yen).
          The United States signed the peace treaty with 49 nations in 1952 and concluded 54 bilateral agreements that included those with Burma (US$20 million 1954, 1963), South Korea (US$300 million 1965), Indonesia (US$223.08 million 1958), the Philippines (US$525 million/52.94 billion yen 1967), Malaysia (25 million Malaysian dollars/2.94 billion yen 1967), Thailand (5.4 billion yen 1955), Micronesia (1969), Laos (1958), Cambodia (1959), Mongolia (1977), Spain ($5.5 million 1957), Switzerland, the Netherlands ($10 million 1956), Sweden and Denmark. Payments of reparations started in 1955, lasted for 23 years and ended in 1977.”

        • Damn right. My ancestors were Huguenots, who were persecuted and driven out of France in the 1500s. FRANCE OWES ME!

          Later, Democrat Lilburn Boggs, as governor of Missouri, issued Executive Order 44, known as the “Extermination Order,” which declared that my Mormon ancestors “must be exterminated or driven from the state.” They lost everything they had. DEMOCRATS OWE ME!

          When I was a little kid, my family was homeless for a while. Lived in a tent out in a field all summer, until it got too cold, and then we moved into a dilapidated trailer in someone else’s backyard. AMERICA OWES ME! The trauma resounds throughout the generations! (Never mind that the whole time, my dad was digging the foundation for a house by hand and scrounging up enough lumber to start building; that might look like privilege.)

          Anybody notice a pattern? Say…systematic oppression?

          I got plenty more where that came from. How long should we keep playing?

        • How about we start the proper application of justice where it belongs, miner? Africa. I’m not a professional cut and paster like you but I seem to recall that the slave markets were already well established in Africa. Before the european man laid claim to north America there were well established slave trading centers in Africa. Who do we start with for reparations?

          By the way. Was that you that got put on paid leave pending an investigation at MU? Wishing Trump and all his supporters would die before the election? Handsome woman, that.

          Only way Trump will lose is if we all die.

        • Hey Miner49er, don’t forget the middle east slave trade which was still in business well into the 20th century. And still is in some parts.

          The hypocrisy of the religion of peace. It is the peace of submission and subjugation.

        • Nice how Miner conveniently left out those reparations were paid to governments, not individual people damaged by the event’s in question, which is certainly not the case here. Oh, & btw:

          Whilst you’re so concerned about history supposedly, why do you keep leaving large relevant chunks out? Right, I forget myself, nothing but a disinformation campaign intended to sway the ill-informed mind.

        • Well, Miner, if you really look at the record, you’ll find that the slave trade in South America was many times greater and more brutal than it was in North America. So, as long as you’re justifying reparations, why are you not demanding that our neighbors to the south bear at least an equal, if not a greater share of the burden? After all, justice is justice.

        • Hello, miner (troll) 49er. Came out from under your bridge again? What? Someone didn’t know the answer to your sparrow riddle? No matter. I agree with you. I also think the Egyptians should pay reperationations to the Isrealites. We should tear down the pyramids too. They are symbols of slavery that lasted for thousands of years. It took the hand of God to intervene and end it. Never mind a civil war. It took a parting of a sea to end that. Let’s not forget the Mayans. Yesterday I read an article where a slave ship had been discovered by divers smuggling Mayan slaves from southern Mexico to Cuba. They deserve reparations too. Who’s going to pay? (Remember, slavery and the forced removal of Mayans had been outlawed.) One of my great-grandfathers emigrated from Cuba to Florida to work in the cigar industry. He probably had Mayan blood. At least as much as Pocahontas has Native American blood. I want a check. Now! Or I’m going to set a building on fire! It doesn’t have shit to do with Shinola, but that’s what I’m going to do. There are many other cases of enslavement of one nation over another. I think I have ancestors in every enslaved race dating back to at least the Romans and the Greeks. Both slaveholders. I’m offended by all those ancient buildings and art. Dynamite them to dust. Especially those nude statues. Old school pornography. Don’t forget my check.

        • Oh! I forgot. Uncle Leland is still waiting for his check from Japan. That whole Pearl Harbour thing. An ugly misunderstanding. Uncle Willie and Uncle Jeff would like their checks from Germany. Uncle Jeff also needs a hearing aid. That German shell blowing out his right ear drum and all. Miner. You think the United States of America sucks? Get on an airplane. Tramp steamer. Shit. Start swimming. Wait, hire a coyote going south. See how they like you where you land. Better, see you like where you land. Sure as shit won’t be missed on this continent.

        • Hey miner, why don’t you go to the Arabs for reparations for the slave trade. They took many times more African slaves than Europeans ever did, and treated them far worse. In fact the Arabs took more European slaves than the Europeans took African slaves. So it seems like the net result is that the Arabs owe us all reparations.

          Or we could all forgive and forget and move on, because none of us ever owned a slave or were a slave. I am not responsible for the actions of other people, especially in other times and places.

          This isn’t some other time, this is 2020, and most likely everyone here who is voting for Trump and you would characterize as right wing actually believes that natural or God given rights apply to everyone.

        • Miner, reparations are paid by government of the country that lost a war to the government of winner country according to a peace treaty.
          It makes no sense to talk about reparations in context of descendants of freed slaves. They didn’t win a war. Americans dont owe them anything.
          But what about the Civil War?! I hear you squeal. War between states was fought predominantly by free whites to keep the United States together, not to eradicate slavery; Union States kept their slaves after it ended. Peace treaty between Union and Confederation doesn’t prescibe any reparations to be paid to freed slaves either.

          And don’t even let me started on the idiotic idea that one race owes something to other race based on slavery. Both slaves and slave owners came in many colors.

          Whites don’t owe anything to blacks. But I’m sure that you will be able to get voluntary donations to fund one way tickets to Africa for those who are unhappy that they live in the most free and prosperous country in the world, no matter their color.

    • “It just makes everything into a tinderbox.”

      Actually, it was bringing gasoline and matches that turned everything into a tinderbox…

      • The “tinderbox” was certainly extinguished when the McCloskeys merely displayed firearms to a mob of criminals who broke into private property and willfully trespassed with probable intent to create chaos and inflict damage.

        Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense measures certainly took an edge off of the Kenosha rioting.

        The media and Left is obviously more concerned that their little darlings with the bricks, bats, molotov cocktails, industrial fireworks, high-powered lasers and other tools to damage, maim, destroy and tear down traditional America and its citizens might well, and rightly so, become “victims” themselves of their own merry-making. They’d much rather see burning businesses, crippled and dead everyday Americans and complete anarchy than a few dead and injured, actual, on-video perpetrators of crime and violence. The Left needs to know that they are playing for keeps, not just having fun and getting a free flat screen or some new Nikes. The American people already know that.

        I’ve always supported protest marches and large gatherings, even for causes which I do not support. That is America. I remember watching MLK in the mid-late 60s- he was the champion of non-violent protest and activism and his efforts in maintaining order in the large gatherings is one of the reasons racial equality became within reach of blacks and other minorities. In his time, these people were victims of sorts and King’s restraint painted that picture to many seemingly disinterested Americans and moved their efforts forward against the democrat party’s own efforts to quash. In 8 short years, the actions of obama and his minions took all of his efforts back nearly a century and were MLK take center stage today he’d most-likely be disregarded as an “Uncle Tom” by a majority of American blacks, along with the “guilty” white Left.

        • It’s more than past due to bring back the water cannons.
          And I’m talking the moderns ones that essentially knock you out of your shoes.
          Can you imagine the fun watching those get turned on Antifa/BLM?
          Put some Bob Menery voice-over on it for the cherry on top.

      • I just thought of something…

        If ‘they’ win in November, what a delightful way to say ‘fuck you’ than to grant cert. on a few 2A cases. They will still enact their draconian gun laws, and the Thomas court will cut them off at the knees in about 1 year’s time…

        *snicker* 😉

        • Which is why you see them losing their minds. They know they’ve already lost if the SC Justice gets the nomination since their positions run against the Constitution.

        • Geoff,

          Welcome to the CA experience. Our Dem supermajority pushes all sorts of anti-2A garbage out as law, the challenges from the people are made, the lower courts often side with the people and declare the laws as unconstitutional or at least “void for vagueness”, the State appeals and sends the challenges into the painful years-long limbo…

          …and meanwhile the laws remain in effect while the appeals drag on. Imagine this at a national scale. No thanks.

          Let’s keep Trump and avoid all that.

        • I always couch it with an “if” but things don’t appear to going well for Biden.

          Driving across seven states Thursday to Sunday, and before yardsign season really kicks off, my wife and I counted the signs we could see during daught hours. It was a win for Trump 37-1.

          Which isn’t much different from Colorado at this point. The only car I’ve seen with Biden stickers was quite obviously sticker-bombed.

          The Leftbin Boulder is prissy because they can’t have voting drives at the University and the truth is that they don’t want to anyway because most of the kids, like the vast, vast majority are burned out on lockdowns and currently voice the opinion that it’s all a political scam run by certain governors.

          The biggest stir I’ve seen caused was buy a kid who said that he hoped the University shut down so that he could go back to Tennessee “where everyone is Conservative so we’re actually kinda free”. He was interrogated hard aboutvwhat was allowed by students from places like Cali and NY who are ready to vote for whomever lets the restaurants reopen. The kids don’t care about bars they just want to not be harassed by the 5-0 over social distancing outside a Chipotle.

          I obviously haven’t done a scientific analysis of this but it seems from what I see daily that Newsom, Cuomo and their ilk have largely killed the <40 vote for Democrats this year.

        • I hope so. Failure couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people.

          Where I live, in a little dark blue bubble in a rural sea of red, there’s a handful of Biden/Harris signs and stickers around, vastly outnumbered by all the faded Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton bumper stickers. They hate Trump with an insane passion, but NOBODY is excited about Biden. He’s not as hateable as Clinton, but he’s not going to get the “break the glass ceiling” vote either.

          Driving to the Willamette Valley in Oregon a couple weeks ago (giving Portland a wide berth), just about everything between here and there, in the normal America that hasn’t been infested by Marxist academics, was Trump. Nary a Biden sign to be seen. It was refreshing.

          I’m not predicting a Trump win, though. Not predicting a loss, either. I’d rather just keep expectations low. It won’t be the end of the world or like winning the lottery. No matter who gets elected, I’ll still have to get up and go to work the next day, same as always. It’ll just be a little less worrisome if Trump wins, is all.

        • San Fran bay area here. No love being shown here for biden. hillary was the same in 16. Have seen pro Trump activity here.

        • All around central PA from York to Selinsgrove to Lancaster the Trump signs have been appearing for several months. Biden/Harris signs started popping up about 2-3 weeks ago. Trump signs outnumber Biden signs about 20 to 1. As someone else said, Bernie bumper stickers outnumber Biden signs.

    • I had to take a different route to work today because there was a Trump train going through the main drag of town that went literally as far as I could see (maybe 1-1.25mi on the long open straight drag I could see). This is in the deep south, but in a majority black city. Draw your own conclusions.

  3. Classic cause the problem then blame the gun. Wait isn’t it all TRUMPs and Kyle Rittenhouses fault? Along with the scamdemic, lockdowns, defund the police, businesses burned down. They still want you to vote for them. Libby Democrats are just being who they are Liars who lie to get what they want. These are the kind of people who threaten you with a knife, then you pull your gun. Then they run away and call the police (who they hate) and try to prosecute you for brandishing a weapon. Stick together Patriots we need each other.

  4. If you defend yourself, others and property you are the bad person. It’s a typical marxist tactic, “Blame others for what you are guilty of.” The democRat Party has been trying to scrub their long, long history of racism off not by admitting guilt and paying Reparations but by shifting blame. The democRat Party just decided to make it easy on themselves and make the Party of Lincoln the party of Jim Crow, etc. They do it with propaganda and the results are politically inept history illiterates marching around, holding stupid signs, broad brushing the police and labeling all others outside their group as racists, etc. All of it is to be expected coming from those who stand for nothing and fall for anything. The guilty as sin democRat Party and their useful idiots need to stfu and take responsibility and pay the Reparations the democRat Party owes for their centuries of race based atrocities.
    Throwing tantrums, blowing smoke and removing statues the democRat Party erected may pacify useful idiots but it does not and never will scrub off a history of race based atrocities that belongs to the democRat Party lock, stock and barrel.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • Debbie,

      Quit using a euphemism (democRat Party) instead of the correct name, communist party USA? That is what they are.

      Democrats adopted the full communist agenda decades ago. They are just now “coming out” and admitting it.

      They think their time has come and they can reach their marxist utopia.

      Be Prepared !!!

    • I’ve seen the video…broke it here last night. Obviously young Kyle was not the aggressor. Then again right now the daughter of satan is being eulogied as a “champion” of baby murd er women’s right’s😳😢😕 Keep your powder dry!

      • They are terrified that it was a child who defended himself. The scariest thing in America is an articulate black person with a gun. The second most scariest thing in America is a child, of any skin color, trained with a gun. The first is proof that the 2A is for everyone. The second is proof that the next generation is learning this too.

    • It’s a good move to get out in front like this. Might sway enough jurors. At the least force a change of venue which his team can use to get a better jury pool.

      It showed him to be cool under fire and amazingly calm.

      • “It showed him to be cool under fire and amazingly calm.”

        And it clearly showed the cloud of pink mist that used to be a thug’s bicep… 🙂

      • “It showed him to be cool under fire and amazingly calm.”

        He didn’t even mag dump into his attackers like many trained LE would have done. He did the least amount possible to defend himself.

    • It’s decent.
      They didn’t do enough setup up the red-shirted perv (1st fatality) where there is ton of video of him being a hothead and picking for violence.

      My #1 question is……………
      Where is the video from the “reporter” McGinnis that was running directly behind Kyle & the perv through the parking lot???

      I want to see the perv go down.

      I’m guessing that it was confiscated by the cops.
      But if you were that “reporter” why wouldn’t you have first saved a copy or uploaded it to cloud before handing it over. It looks like he was just using a cellphone which should have been easy to offload.

      • BTW, that “reporter” was lucky that Kyle was a good enough shot that the perv caught most of the rounds.

        I think I recall seeing an interview with McGinnis that a round whistled by him or brushed his clothes.

      • Also the video was deficient in showing the different angles of the No-Bicep thug preparing to shoot kyle.

        Also they didn’t red-circle the gun in the hand of No-Bicep thug.
        Many first time viewers wouldn’t notice that.

        Plus, after Kyle tripped, the narrator said that the no-named white shirt person ATTEMPTED TO JUMP ON Kyle. No, the thug was trying to KICK HIM IN THE HEAD and incapacitate him.

    • Wow!!
      I just watched this video. This is now the war, and it is a war, that the founders warned us about. A war for our Liberty. And if the attacks are not stopped?
      The battle will not be with just lawyers in a court room.

  5. The NWO Neo-Communists have control over the National Fake News media outlets and they are able to spin a narrative of Lies, Deceit, Disinformation, and Communist Political Propaganda…They are able to beam this B.S. 24-7 to the unwashed masses. Lime in my LibTARD Socialist Utopia…These morons eat it up, with little understanding or care of their own constitutional rights or that of others…The Fake News media already has Biden/Harris winning…The Fake News Media in my area interviews all these Demo-Authoritarians, Demo-Commies, Demo-Rat 🐀 politicians as if THEY were part of the presidency and running the country…NOT President Trump…The only time he receives any “Airtime”, is when he is blamed for something, or accused of a crime, etc…It is like living in the old soviet union…

  6. Joe’s latest campaign ad asks Don to stop inflaming tensions. Shows how out of touch he really is. I don’t think anyone agrees with him but rather want to blame Don for the violence. Good luck with that in hard hit areas. The dems think they can lose votes in those areas and still carry states like MN. Time will tell.

  7. And furthermore…When you have democRat mayors tying the hands of the police and refusing Federal Assistance then citizens have no other choice but to defend themselves, etc. To contend guns are the problem is as ridiculous as someone standing empty handed in front of their home or business and hoping a mob of deranged bullies, looters and arsonists won’t harm them. Nobody with guns came out until the filth that latches onto a crowd of protesters then breaks away to terrorize innocent people, etc. So damn right. Any sob that thinks they can do harm to others because the police have been ordered to stand down has a hard lesson to learn and some have…Let their corpses be a message.

  8. “Blame Riots and Civil Unrest on Right Wing Groups and Gun Rights’

    If that was indeed true it would be known and the outcome much different, those types of boogey persons usually have the arms and training.
    However the Left has to sell the idea to further their agenda,Gobbles would be proud.

  9. Generally speaking, people are unwilling to accept that what we’re witnessing this year is a flat out power grab, not really any different than what we regularly see South of the border in Latin and S. America. The Left is dead serious about this. They’re absolutely committed to it, they will use deadly force if nothing else works, and unless they are stopped by force they will succeed.

    This is no longer some friendly political game, where everyone plays by the rules. This is for all the marbles.

  10. “The Effort Continues to Blame Riots and Civil Unrest on Right Wing Groups and Gun Rights”

    I wouldn’t expect any less from the left, HOWEVER, the more they “normalize” this, the more accepted it will become, thereby nullifying it’s affect to sway people, even weak minded sheep…

    • Nah, at least the SS were stylish thugs.

      Antifa are the SA: low level pimps, drug dealers and child molesters… just like the freaks of nature who tried to murder Kyle in Kenosha.

      Now Comey’s FBI, THEY were the SS.

  11. This is the question to the nation at this point.
    Do you have a right to defend yourself or not?
    Do you have the right to own property or not. Because if you have a right to own property, you have a right to defend your property. Libertarians like to say “taxation is theft”. So to them its wrong for the government to steal. But they don’t support you defending your private property. Unless its over a certain value??? Meaning only the rich can defend their property.

    Should you kill to defend your car from being stolen or smashed. You are miles away from home. Perhaps you have a child with you? Does the time of day matter?
    Can you kill to defend your restaurant order from being taken from you??? As has been done now for several years, stolen by “Protestors.”

    The utopian world of the three L’s is one without law enforcement. According to a Netflix documentary it was normal for NYC to have as many as 35 bank robberies in one day. Two to three thousand murders in one year. In Los Angeles having several triple murders in one day was normal. If you think this will only happen in the major cities you are sadly mistaken. The white people of black Lives matter will make sure of it.

    Is this “The New Normal” that the Libertarians Liberals and the Left now want???

    • “But they don’t support you defending your private property.”
      Where do you hear or read Libertarians saying that???

      • Read my social intercourse with strych9.


        2. Or you can read Reason magazine where they have had several stories over the last 10 years attacking people who defended their private property with guns. They called the Oathkeepers racists, who stopped the riots in Ferguson. And they never shot anyone to stop it.

        They also called Joe Horn a racist who shot two illegal alien home invaders.

        They supported prop 47 in California. Raising a misdemeanor to $999.00. After that you can be charged as a felon. Shop lifting is now through the roof in the former Gold State.

        But now drug addicts have a $$$ source to pay for the drugs they use. The Libertarians “solved a problem” that needed fixing.

        • No idea whether Mr. Horn was a racist, but he seems to have been a trigger-happy idiot who was looking to shoot the two burglars when they trespassed on his property.

        • If you keep suggesting that I’ve said things which I have not in fact said I’m going to start to assume that you’re an unserious person.

          Again, and for probably the last time because this is becoming tiring and irksome, you don’t get to haul off and shoot people for simple theft. That’s called “murder” and has been for 2000+ years.

          There is nothing wrong with attempting to stop a theft or detain the thief for LE. And at that point if they resist they have moved to “robbery” which is, by definition, violent. You may now use whatever force is necessary to protect yourself.

          The use of force is legally, ethically and morally contingent on the threat the criminal presents to you or another person when you or the other person are within the law.

          The fact that the court system has adopted a “all power and glory to the State” model in criminal sentencing is obnoxious but it does not justify illegal, immoral or unethical behavior on our part in reaponse to the criminal behavior that the court system fails to adequately deal with. If you don’t like the current sentencing structure then vote to change it to an actual “restorative justice” model as the Romans mostly used.

          I bet you property crime drops to near zero about a week after criminals find out that their sentence doesn’t end until they’ve paid back what they’ve stolen plus interest. Making license plates for $5/hour to pay off having stolen a $40,000 car is a hell of a punishment compared to the current system AND you get your car back.

  12. The Marxist insurgency and their Marxist media partners always tell truth in reverse. Virtually 100% of the time, truth and facts are precisely the opposite of whatever their representations are. That is all anyone needs to know to actually get to actual truth.

      • There was a cell phone video taken just after Grosskreutz was shot (it might be on TTAG around Aug 26 or so). It was very graphic. The lower third of the bicep muscle being blown off to the elbow. Left nothing to the imagination. Heard later he lost 90% of the right bicep. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

  13. It’s one thing to stand armed outside a business to protect it, it’s another to show up prepared for war in your mercenary airsoft gear to march the streets in a counter protest. That totally is escalation and makes things into a tinderbox, and I think you are seriously unwise to do that.
    The media loves to twist things around, but the truth is they aren’t wrong in picking up on the fact that the heavily armed militia groups in the counterprotests are fantasizing about a fire fight. Those guys don’t represent the reasonable gun owners, and by reasonable, I mean non-fudd, 2A absolutist men and women that have enough sense to not march the streets in silly war costumes, scaring the shit out of friend and foe brandishing our gear, and damaging our cause as reasonable people.

    • Interesting take on current events.

      So basically you are against the Antifa, BLM, rioters as well? The ones who show up with shields, umbrellas, leaf blowers, fireworks, clubs, rocks, chains, ect.

      or no?

      • While I wholeheartedly agree with the statement “black lives matter”, I do not agree with the tactics or statements that have come out of the organization. The the rioters/antifa should be dealt with like the criminals they are. One can hold this view and still not blindly support anyone and anything that comes from “our side”.

        • You really think black lives matter? Perhaps you should spend some time in various parts of Africa, and ask the natives about that. The answer you’ll get is that the lives of their tribe matters – sort of.

        • Does anyone remember Rwanda in the 1990s? Note to millennials, look it up. Black-on-black genocide. And done largely with farming tools.

      • “You say, “I am allowed to do anything”, but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything,”– but not everything is beneficial”. 1 Corinthians 10:23

        Kyle Rittenhouse is probably covered by the law and ought to escape conviction. Eventually. But, his life is still wrecked and at a young age he has to process shooting and killing another man. His participation in the events leading up to the incident were not worth the price he is paying.

        If we end up with a gun battle on the streets of Louisville between a black leftist group and a white conservative group, we may end up with a civil war at the worst, or another “assault weapons” ban, at the very least. There are a million “legal” ways to do something stupid that will wreck your life, your hopes, your character, or your reputation.

    • I don’t see the social justice in burning down a house or business. All you’ve done is made someone homeless and others unemployed. If businesses are continually robbed, they will lose so much they will relocate or close. Insurance only pays so much and the fees do increase with each event representing a higher risk. Eventually the premiums are so high the insurance is unaffordable or the insurance company thinks the risk is too high for the return.

      What results is a net loss to the individuals and to the community as a whole.

  14. The 1st amendment was never about public art funding for “Piss Christ”. The 1st was never written to support flag burning. It was not written for George Carlin and his dirty words. All of that and more is a distraction. But the three L’s will make sure you have all of it, while they take your civil rights away.

    They support armed KKK and nazi marches. But they don’t support your civil right to march.

  15. Rioters and looters can run wild, but something has to be fine about those Militias doing LE’s job for them?

  16. Well, in truth Antifa is a White supremacist cult that has been trying to use Black people as cannon fodder for its desired genocidal Maoist “revolution” for decades. Of course I doubt that’s what they mean…

    • That video could have been made last week. This is what they should be teaching in schools instead of critical race theory. Too bad the schools have already been infiltrated.

  17. “So now you kind of have this arms race that is starting”

    …Which makes for an interesting dynamic considering that one side is vehemently anti-gun.

    • And also considering that the other side is already well armed, trained and sick and tired of the anti-police, anti-rights side’s shit.

  18. The ADL might have a nobel intend to start with, but now they’re nothing more than an arm of the democrat party.

    • When you think about it, the democrat party controls all of the long time institutions in this country. Even when republicans control the executive branch, it’s well known that the permanent bureaucracy is mostly made up of democrats. So if there really is institutional racism, I think we know why.

    • I doubt the Anti Defamation League has ever had any good intentions. They have been found guilty of slander, and had to pay big $$$, for their lying.
      They would have been the legal support for the Spartacus League in 1920’s Germany. Back when they smashed shop windows, shot innocent civilians, and bombed buildings. Government or private owned.

  19. Analysts say they are concerned that the events will escalate without strong action and messaging from law enforcement…

    Translation: Antifa and BurnLootMurder were doing just fine before the kulaks got this idea that they might have to defend themselves.

    Had a conversation a long time ago with an anti-gun coworker who said that if you’re facing a criminal (a mugger, for instance), having a gun just escalates the situation. I said you’re damn right, escalating is what guns are FOR.

    I mean, that mugger or rapist or Marxist isn’t going to suddenly grow a conscience and leave you alone, is he? If they don’t want you to believe your life is on the line, they shouldn’t be threatening to kill you if you get in their way. Escalation to “you don’t want to die here” can work wonders in keeping one’s life, body, and property intact.

    • “Translation: Antifa and BurnLootMurder were doing just fine before the kulaks got this idea that they might have to defend themselves.”

      Big (smile)!!!

  20. “I can’t believe all of those gun owners brought guns to the courthouse. That’s terrorism.”

    Please disregard the burning buildings.

  21. When you consider that the Democrats are a flat-out communist party, pretty much any other group is to their political right. No?

  22. Surprise! Not nearly as many idiots out there as thought! We all know (even some of your peers) where the the sh*t’s coming from and who’s to blame.

  23. T oh save the reputations of the peaceful protesters why don’t we all agree the police may shoot all white rioters and looters in the act. That way we will hospitalize either a gaggle of white supremacists or a lollygag of anarchists.

  24. Guys this called (at least) 4th gen warfare. Someone actually wants the riots to go hot so that we can descend into 3rd world suck hole. I don’t know that anyone has it all figured out, but shooting rioters (other than clear self defense or Molotov cocktail situations) only escalates and kills fellow Americans. I mean let’s be honest we don’t all agree but we don’t want each other dead. So non lethal tools is what you seek. Read this thread about this very same sitch that happens every so often down in Bolivia (200x over 300 years)

    It’s scary but not insurmountable we just need to be smart and have God with us

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