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The concept of concealed, loaded handguns or the reality of concealed, loaded handguns? Either way, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn reckons Illinois is better off without armed citizens walking freely about the The Land of Lincoln. So if a bill “allowing” residents to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms hits his desk, Quinn will veto it. “I don’t think we’re in the business of trying to increase danger to the people of Illinois,” Quinn said, getting it exactly backwards. “We want to work with our law enforcement and prevent bad things from happening. I think the passage of this law by the General Assembly would be most unwise and they should know where they governor stands and where the people stand.” You want more irony? Make the jump . . .

“I cannot imagine a reason you need to carry a concealed, loaded weapon unless you’re willing to use it on another human being,” said Jennifer Loudon, the widow of Chicago Police Office Thor Soderberg, who was shot on the job last summer. “I cannot wish that on anybody else. I do not want another family to ever have go through what our family has had to go through.”

What fails to report: Officer Soderberg was killed by a perp who’d wrestled away Soderberg’s  service weapon. Rest assured that the struggle for Illinois concealed carry continues. Meanwhile, it seems that NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde and I share a similar analysis of gun control advocates’ core philosophy:

“Pat Quinn can talk a good game about being for the little guy or the working stiffs,” Vandermyde said. “What he has shown us is he’s more of an elitist than ever before.”

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  1. You missed the part about how, to that way of “thinking,” people who have firearms are not “everyday people.”

  2. Just passed the Ag Committee 12-1. Illinois Carry is also reporting one state rep’s office is saying that they have received 4 calls against CC, and – wait for it – 4,000 in favor!

  3. I hope they have a veto proof vote, that way they can really stick it to that gun hating fool.

  4. I don’t think we’re in the business of trying to increase danger to the people of Illinois…

    Whenever I see people in suits standing in front of the American flag, I know something very dangerous is going on.

  5. Killed by is gun? Or “with his gun”? I hate to nitpick, but it bothers me when inanimate objects kill people. Yes, I know what you meant to say.

  6. Er, at the risk of repeating myself, in 2010 Chicago had a rate 19 times higher than El Paso.

    The gun control crowd blames “easy availability” for the failure of their gun control schemes. There is an important consideration to this line of thought: if ease of availability was the problem, the murder rate would be the same as the neighboring states, not higher. And certainly not nineteen times higher.

    Now I can just hear it. “Chicago has a hell of a lot more people than El Paso”. Folks, please consider that “rates” of anything are population adjusted.

    Now for another fun fact some have already heard. “The state with the most gun control (California) has a murder rate over 400% higher than the state with the LEAST gun control.” This information comes to us via the Brady Campaign Scorecard and the FBI Crime Report.

    And I am….. E. Zach Lee-Wright

  7. Gun grabbers and control freaks always preach that it’s “easy availability” of this or that. BS!!!! It’s the inability of those in power to allow others to control their future for themselves. The CRIMINALS don’t and wont ever abide by the laws that are inacted. They don’t want to attack an armed victim they want to have the upper hand in any criminal activity they persue. They = Poloticians and criminals.

  8. This is elitist anti-gun hypocrisy, elitism, and class warfare! My own lengthly letter
    alludes to this. Titled, “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” it ran in the January 9th,
    2009 Ashland Daily Tidings in Ashland, Oregon. Letter is archived at http://www.dailytidings. com. To read simply enter “search.” I’m sure this uppity “nanny
    state” socialist witch with a capital B from Crook County, Illinois via their corrupt
    Democratic Machine has her own ass covered and protected by armed bodyguards
    24/7! And of course provided free at taxpayer’s expense!

  9. This is simply elitist anti-gun/socialist political hypocrisy and class warfare! My
    own lengthy letter titled, “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare: Ashland Daily Tidings,
    January 9th, 2009” remains archived at To access simply
    enter “search.” I’m sure the guvna has his own armed bodyguards protecting his
    uppity elitist ass 24/7 provided by taxpayers of course! Cook County, Illinois? Oh
    you mean “Crook County, Illinios” and their corrupt Democratic mob controlled
    political machine. It doesn’t get any more deceitful, crooked, and corrupt than this!


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