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  1. Veterans with M-1 Garands (and a few carbines) versus deputies with shotguns. Bet on the Garands.

  2. It’s time to relive this battle, but this time it should be “The battle of America”.

  3. The movie is 20 years old. It was called An American Story, fictionalized and set in Texas. Not a bad flick, but not great either. Kinda like “Walking Tall,” but without Joe Don Baker or The Rock.

    • Not a bad flick, but not great either?!

      As opposed to what? Wussy romantic comedies? Lindsay Lohan flicks? Action movies with never-ending magazines and ridiculous slow motion fight scenes?

      How many movies these days have 14-15 minutes of sheer genius?

      • Completely agree with Ralph. Amazing story, but not a “great” film by any stretch. If you consider this to be great cinema because all you are watching are “wussy romantic comedies and lindsay lohan flicks” you need to start browsing through netflix more. I personally think this story is worthy of a much more serious and better made film.

        Not claiming the Hallmark one is bad, not at all. Its simply a good enough made for tv movie.

  4. Wow, I was unaware of that piece of history. Another example of “the greatest generation” at work?

    Interesting coincidence that the road sign illustrated at minute 13 says “2a” on it.

  5. Excellent!

    It’s a far cry from modern movies where “heroes” use guns, and then through them down in disgust afterwards.

    Know guns, know freedom. No guns, No freedom.

  6. Oh there are much darker episodes in American history. Events like the Rosewood Massacre, the burning of Greenwood OK, and more.

  7. I’ve known about this story for quite some time, Guns & Ammo magazine published the story in their October, 1995 issue.

    Someone posted the article online, I saved it to my computer. Great piece of history.

  8. Look up Deacons for Defence and Justice, which was an ad hoc militia formed during the mid-60s to defend civil rights workers from the depredations of the KKK and other violent racists. Condoleeza Rice’s dad was a member. They did not receive much attention because non-violence was the watchword of Dr. King and most of the Civil Rights Movement, but they most definitely prevented a lot of violence against the protesters.

    • Don’t forget King’s message of non-violence applied only to protests. He himself carried a pistol for self defense.

  9. I mention this incident in my novel THE JUSTICE COOPERATIVE. One of the characters, learning of the Battle of Athens, wonders why his history books didn’t say anything about it. I intended to imply that the pro-gun history of the US has been blacked out.

  10. Nice movie; thanks for posting. Never would’ve known about this incident if not for this blog.

    Unfortunately, the reigning majority reads the Second Amendment to say “the whole militia thing is for the defense of the state from outside attackers, not government officials, however corrupt.”

    People may know and accept that our founding fathers rose up in armed rebellion against their contemporary state but they believe such notions are outdated and/or inapplicable today.

    Also, those ex-military folk had a heck of an advantage over the county crooks, whether we want to admit it or not – real experience in the bloodiest war in history beats whatever action those deputies had been in.

    If a similarly corrupt regime takes power in the future we won’t be so lucky – the transfer of information is nigh-instantaneous nowadays and assets are far more mobile than they were back then. Also, our government (both local and federal) has a much, much higher budget to spend on tools of war than in olden days.

    Long story short – any resistance would have to be fought Red Dawn style at best and there’d be a far grimmer prognosis.

    • Unfortunately, the reigning majority reads the Second Amendment to say “the whole militia thing is for the defense of the state from outside attackers, not government officials, however corrupt.”

      I think a lot of people say that because they dont feel like facing sedition charges.

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