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David Linsky courtesy John Stossel and Twitter
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Most shocking news of today: a Massachusetts legislator is opining on something about which he knows absolutely nothing.

Seems kind of like a pointless fight to me, because in the short time before Defense Distributed withdrew its post, hundreds of other websites had copied it. They still host the blueprints.

(Massachusetts legislator David) Linsky hadn’t realized that. When I showed some to him, he said, “I understand that some people might think that the genie is out of the bottle, but let’s put as much of that genie back into the bottle as we possibly can.”

But we can’t put the genies back. Today, once information is out, it’s out there forever. No government can pull it back.

Nevertheless, gun control advocates and the childish media will demand that “something be done!”

CNN warned, “Tomorrow morning, the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing and anyone will be able to legally download instructions to 3D-print their own fully functional plastic gun!”

I liked Blackman’s response:

“That happened. The world’s the same,” he said. “People are just fear-mongering.”

– John Stossel in Right to Print Arms


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  1. i’ll be putting jeannie back in her bottle right after i tell samantha to stop wrinkling her nose in my general direction. after all, her mom’s name was moorehead.

  2. As much of the genie as we can?
    Like there is some finite volume of genie?
    It’s bad enough that legislators are so out of touch and ignorant but their constituency must be even more so to believe their insane ramblings.

    • The information is infinitely available….. He wants a sizable fraction of infinity subject to government restriction. Like say 75% of infinity. Those are the kind of numbers that voters like to see!!/s

  3. “The 3D Genie Is Already Out of the Bottle, Gun Banners Just Don’t Know It”

    As is the entire debate over AR platform rifles and magazines over 10 rounds. Stop Americans from using the most popular rifle in use today? Good for raising money and the fear factor but not much else in the end. Keep buying and using your stuff, often. A right unexercised is a right relinquished.

    • As far as the magazines go, and even if they could get compliance, which is unlikely, there are as I recall over ONE BILLION AR-15 magazines in private hands at the time.

      Per the 5th Amendment, if the government were to confiscate those mags the would be required to compensate the owners. Fair market seems to be int he $17.95 range so that would cost around $18 BILLION, not including administrative expenses.

      And what about the “ex post facto” concept? Can the government legally make an object you already legally own illegal and subject to confiscation?

      • And my buddy Eric Swalwell is more than willing to pay that price. $18 Billion of YOUR tax dollars spent to advance his political agenda is a cross he is willing to bear. Do not feel sorry for him dear peasants, he is mearly a humble servant of the people. /s

      • “Can the government legally make an object you already legally own illegal and subject to confiscation?”

        Yes. Next question?

        • Yup. Everyone is forgetting that those 30 round magazines make ARs capable of functioning much like a machine gun. Didn’t some politician recently say that they turned ARs into fully automatics when used? It’s a simple ATF letter away.

        • Sorry SouthAl… I dont don’t if you forgot to put a “/s” sarcastic note on that comment or if you believe that nonsense. A little clarification please.

      • They did it when they made marijuana and later cocaine illegal
        Probably every house in America had some medicinal marijuana and cocaine in the medicine chest when those laws were passed
        No one even considered a government buyback or compensation
        The property was legal to own one day and contraband the next
        The only recourse was to use it up or throw it away
        It’s a long established legal principle that they can declare something illegal and you have to get rid of it without compensation

      • “And what about the “ex post facto” concept? Can the government legally make an object you already legally own illegal and subject to confiscation?”

        “Ex Post Facto” doesn’t preclude government from declaring illegal to day that which was legal yesterday. The concept does prevent government from charging you for prior legal activity that is illegal today. For instance, widgets were private property yesterday, but are contraband today. If you hold widgets in possession today, you can be charged for holding a contraband (illegal) widgets today (or after). You cannot be charged for holding a widget yesterday (one day prior to widgets being illegal).

  4. Cant stop the signal, look at ProtonVPN, the have dedicated peer to peer vpns, i can see all kinds of cnc and 3D printed stuff files pouring into the world delivering freedom to all

    • Exactly. Once a new technology is invented it can and will be used—-somewhere or everythere—-regardless of efforts of government to control it. New technologies have the capacity to alter critical social relationships (See: Thomas Kuhn, “The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions”). Kuhn called this paradigm change. You can’t stop the signal. But you also can’t predict what changes the signal will cause.

      • Well you CAN actually stop the signal. It’s called and EMP….but that would lose a lot of power to those who crave it as well.

        After and EMP, all our “dumb” guns will still work.

        And if somehow “they” managed to round up ALL the guns, we would start developing the NEW! Sharp Rock 2.0, and the Pointed Stick 2020. (As Seen On TV)

  5. Let me go down in the basement and fire up my none existent 3D printer. That everyone who owns a computer has.
    What that you say???? Not everyone has a 3D printer. BLASPHEMY I SAY.
    What are these politicians screaming for anyway for.

    • I’m still waiting for the the 3D barrel printer.

      Springs would be nice as well. (I mean real springs)

      • “I’m still waiting for the the 3D barrel printer.”

        It’s been available for about 6 years by now, and was printed via the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) method.

        Here’s a pic of the 1911 .45 ACP barrel that was printed, and they were kind enough to print “I WAS 3-D PRINTED” on the *inside* of the barrel :


        The printer cost about a half a million dollars back then, but prices will drop substantially as the technology is refined…


        What we are going to have to do is lock down the right to home-build firearms, while we still can. Regions where it has been outlawed already need to file challenges and get them in the lawsuit ‘pipeline’ so SCOTUS can take a crack at them.

        It’s on their radar. They want to outlaw home-built guns nation-wide, not just the 80 percent ones…

      • The only issues currently with MOST of the 3D printed guns is the plastic chamber and barrel, and the plastic springs.

        All of those things can be remedied by a quick trip to Home Depot, so long as the builder is not intending to try to get the finished product past a metal detector.

        There is no technical reason why a rudimentary steel pipe cannot be inserted into the pistol as a barrel and the plastic springs replaced by actual springs.

        The Liberator pistols are commonly shown in videos as experiencing catastrophic failures in order to scare people into not printing them, but those failures are ALWAYS related to high power ammunition in a plastic barrel.

        • A serviceable metal barrel can be made with maybe 200 dollars in tooling, a deep drill and a chamber reamer. The most critical being the chamber reamer. ‘Button’ rifiling is not overly complicated.

          If you’re *really* good with a jeweler’s lathe, you can probably make the chamber reamer…

        • Making a chamber reamer that works is easy. Making a chamber reamer that cuts more than one chamber, quickly, without chattering or needing to slow way down to prevent heating? A bit harder.

          Want to make a chamber reamer that works OK, but isn’t suited for production chambering? Get some drill rod that is larger than the largest diameter chamber you want to cut. Get a lathe. It needn’t be anything special. Which drill rod? If you treat it correctly, just about any drill rod will work. D2 or M2 would be optimal. O1 will work.

          Turn the drill rod between centers to have the profile of the chamber you want, taking care to leave the pilot of your reamer to a size only 0.001″ under the land-to-land diemter of the barrel you want to ream.

          Take the reamer over to your mill. Mill away just under half of the diameter of the reamer profile. Put a grinding stone onto an arbor and spin that up in the mill. Grind the reamer to exactly 1/2 the diameter. Heat to red, quench, then temper at 450 degrees or so. Hone with a fine stone if you really want to be successful.

          Hog out most of the chamber you’re going to make. You can use a twist drill that’s 0.015″ under shoulder diameter to remove most of the material for the large part of the cartridge case, and then use a boring rod to make the hole true on-center. Then load up the D-reamer, lube the hell out of it with some heavy cutting oil, lower your lathe RPM to 60 or so, and put in the reamer, using heavy pressure. Cut a little bit, then clean out the chips, clean the bore, and keep going in with the reamer.

          A D-reamer works, but they won’t work fast.

          This ain’t rocket surgery, folks.

      • While 3D printing barrels is impractically expensive, 3D printing is ideal for making forms for electro chemical rifling

  6. Those that seek to usurp, undermine or ignore the Supreme Law of the land should be designated as domestic terrorists and face Treason Tribunals with death penalty implications.

  7. It’s not like DD is the only group in the world that can make and design 3D weapons?!?!?! At least it’s out in the open so you know what to look for but when its on the darkweb you have no awareness.

    • Not convicted; somehow his “cut and dry” trial is going really slowly. Dunno if he is stalling, or the state.

      • It really is in his best interest at this point to drag it out as long as he can, considering the possible prison sentence duration…

  8. Does Linsky now that a 50 barrelled shotgun can be made from common materials available at Home Depot ? No printer required. Once he finds out, he will want to ban tool possession and home workshops.

  9. The Genie is out, but not via 3D printing. I really wish ignorant media –to include much of the gun media, frankly– would stop following the “3D printer” red herring.

    “Legislator @RepDavidLinsky wants to ban 3D-printed guns. “You shouldn’t be able to make a gun in your own basement,” he says.”

    That statement has NOTHING to do with 3D printing and EVERYTHING to do with personal fabrication of firearms without government permission, as well as free transmission of technical data. That’s what scares Linsky, that’s what we need to be debating on. A 3D printer is like any other machine tool, only shittier; they are not what is important or at stake here. They are trying to deny us access to personal gunsmithing and +100 year old technical information so as the squeeze the gun making tradition out of existence.

  10. “Most shocking news of today: a Massachusetts legislator is opining on something about which he knows absolutely nothing.”

    In others words, same shit, different day…

    Ask him if he’s got any pics of his wife, when he says “no”, show him some…once it’s on the Internet, it’s there FOREVER…

  11. “I Dream of Jeannie” great show….and Tony went on to become J.R. Ewing. Shot by his sister-in-law. What gun did she use? I have no idea.

    • “Great” is perhaps a bit of an overstatement. But she was hot compared to the stuff they allowed on TV back then.

  12. Yep and I consider my 65 year old self to be fairly hep er hip…anyone watching banned Youtube video’s on GunStreamer? My only problem is I hate using my laptop for that. So much easier watching gunstuff on my smart TV…golly whut’s on the dark web?!?😄

  13. Think about how guns were made 150 years ago. They are remarkable in their construction and still function today. No electricity even.
    And yet they still think they control the manufacture of arms.

  14. Millions of copies of 3D gun files exist on millions of computers. They exist legally on countless servers and download sites and are shared as Torrent peer to peer downloads.

    It is not merely that the genie is out of the bottle, the genie itself has been duplicated, the bottle has been duplicated and they are all partying merrily in large and unknowable numbers.

    Not one genie has ever been put back in the bottle nor one Pandora’s box of our real world ever been shut. The notion that any of that can be contained is a thing for fictional tales written to entertain children ….. and politicians too! 🙂

  15. Politicians make entire careers out of putting genie back in the bottle.

    Other than entertainment, what point is a 3-d printed gun if you can be arrested for using/possessing it?

    Just a thought…you are involved in a DGU, in a locale where authorities are rabid anti-gun. Because you used a firearm, cops have probable cause that you also have a “ghost gun”. You get charged with firearms violations (noise, attractive nuisance, discharge in jurisdiction, homicide, reckless endangerment, depraved indifference, unjustified use of deadly force, possession of a “ghost gun”, or “constructive possession” of a “ghost gun” (3-d printer, and plastic gun files on your computer – better yet, ISP forced to turn-over evidence you downloaded the files).

    Intimidation can be a very effective control.

    • *Why* it’s critical to get home-built firearms declared expressly constitutional by SCOTUS.

      Is anyone yet challenging a ‘Ghost Gun’ ban anywhere?

    • “Just a thought…you are involved in a DGU, in a locale where authorities are rabid anti-gun.”

      I think there are certain circumstances where we just have to admit that the ability to tell the judge/jury your side of the story and hope they understand it is the best case the person in question can hope for.

      In some cases that’s because the law is poorly written or intentionally written to screw people. Other times it’s just that the law cannot cover all possible circumstances.

      Something that occurred to me when I got out of the hospital late last year was that carrying a gun when you take certain medications can put you in a no-win situation. What you’re doing isn’t illegal but the cops don’t really have the ability to determine that on-the-spot unless they’re seriously willing to listen to you and think about what you’re saying. If their attitude is “tell it to the judge” then we have a situation where you could have a legitimate argument for a DGU against an on-duty police officer(s) who are actually doing their duty that would, under most circumstances, look like the callous killing of LEOs for no particular reason but in this very specific incident could rationally be considered a DGU that the cops didn’t even realize they were causing to occur until they got shot.

      There really isn’t a way for the law to cover such a situation.

      • “There really isn’t a way for the law to cover such a situation.”

        Agree on that. Thinking is some laws are designed to work purely through intimidation as the effective factor. Also, government is particularly fond of creating conflicting regulations so that you can be held responsible for either option. Hence my query about value of “ghost guns” beyond entertainment of construction, under proposed anti-ghost gun laws. Just another way to ensnare lawful gun owners.

        • Personally, other than as something to have or a conversation piece or a hobby thing I don’t see the point in a ghost gun.

          Do I think you have the unalienable right to make and possess them? Goddamn right I do. I might even make one at some point just for funzies.

          As a truly useful item to carry around I think they may pose a legal hazard where a “regular” gun might not and are therefore not worth the risk. As for being “untraceable”… if the government cares enough they’ll find out who has them. Every person on this site who talks “OPSEC” is just talking. If they really believed in “OPSEC” they wouldn’t be on this site in the first place, never mind commenting on a story. With the NSA’s current capabilities, unless you were trained by an intelligence agency there’s basically no way you could build a ghost gun and not leave a trail that a government agent could find.

          If you really want a “ghost gun” you buy one out of the trunk of a car knowing damn right well that the “ghost” property comes from the fact that it’s stolen. You also accept the risk of what happens if you get caught with a stolen gun.

  16. Massachusetts legislator David Linsky is a would be petty tyrant,who hasn’t a Effing clue that he or any of his other comrades are not going to stop the Constitution,free speech or the baring of arms.

  17. You would think that a smart politician would forego the 3d genie and focus on tightening the restrictions on manufactured guns. Like how a person can do an untraceable private sale in certain states. Frankly, these idiots obsession with 3d is welcome. I love misdirection plays.

  18. David Linsky clearly doesn’t understand the metaphor.

    The genie is more powerful than you. You can’t make it do anything. All you can do is deal with the fact that it exists. And Linsky is doing a very, very poor job of dealing.

  19. The Left is always focused on 3-D printed guns because they have never had a real job where they’ve ever produced anything in their lives.
    The idea that a person would have craftsman type skills and could buy raw materials and fashion them together to produce a real world functioning gun is beyond their comprehension.
    These are people who have to pay someone else to even make a cup of coffee for them.
    Please do not let them know that anyone can go down to Home Depot buy a pipe, nails, and couple miscellaneous items and make a fully functioning submachine gun.

    • Bingo. This is the issue: These morons, who have never built anything in their lives, can suddenly see themselves pushing a few buttons on a keyboard and obtaining a gun as a result. NOW it’s an issue.

      The fact that skilled craftsmen have been able to make guns for hundreds of years with little more than a hand file? That’s beyond the ken of idiots in legislatures, so they believe it cannot be done.

      • Pushing a few buttons to make a machine run a program that these people don’t even have the first clue how to write or edit. Not only can’t they make a cup of coffee but they can’t even begin to understand getting the beans out of the bag and into a grinder.

  20. This guy would piss himself if he knew how many guns I’ve built in my basement and garage. He is also a moron, but that is par for the course for elected commies in MA.

  21. Dumb dude says dumb stuff to garner the votes of dumb people. Simple, effective and in no way novel.

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