Minneapolis Police riot mostly peaceful
(AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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“We don’t want no mo’ police.”

“No Justice, No Peace.”

“Mostly Peaceful Protests.”

“Gun Control is a crisis of Public Health.”

Just to remind us: the same people are making all four points. Completely without noticing how they interact. I don’t know how that is accomplished.

Together it reads:

We are going to let you know that we will attack you (“no justice no peace”), that we want the police who would protect you abolished (no more police), and our press will cover it up (“mostly peaceful protests”) while we make self-defense a mental illness.

I’ve previously been for some sensible gun control and I don’t even understand this at all. There is simply no way to make all these arguments and not notice that the totality of them demands people live in a state of *total* physical vulnerability without even a press to report.

— Eric Weinstein at Twitter


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  1. We would like to welcome all of you former moderate leftists to he right wing, which is also the correct wing. Enjoy your freedom, and don’t forget to vote for and support more freedom.

    • I would argue that recognizing that the Dem/liberal/progressive/left is batshite crazy, doesn’t make one a right winger. There don’t seem to be a lot of them, but some genuine liberals are moving to our side on this issue. They are still liberals, but they understand that their supposedly liberal party has abandoned them. Instead of welcoming them to the right, let’s just welcome them to the light of day. If/when the Dems ever abandon their current identity politics and divisive policies, we can expect that liberals may go back to the party. And, I need to stress that “if/when”.

      • “Instead of welcoming them to the right, let’s just welcome them to the light of day.”

        The problem is, they will not vote to support gun rights.

        A Leftist is, above *all* else, is a Leftist that goose-steps blissfully along to whatever their Leftist leaders tell them to, and that means they will vote for “Common-sense gun safety” that has zero interest in allowing the ‘little people’ the constitutional right to own and bear guns for self-defense.

        Until they prove otherwise, I am unable to support that…

      • A classical liberal is about as right-wing as the rest of us. Many people get caught up in semantics and newspeak. Our Founding Fathers would have all self-identified as liberal, as it was more self-evident at the time that it referred to freedom from tyranny and self-agency.

        • 50 or 60 years ago most classic liberals at least showed a front of being patriotic and honored the flag. But, you should recognize that the democrat party adopted most all of the platform of the communist party by the 1940s.

          I know back then a lot of people voted the same party their parents did without thinking about. That is no longer an excuse with democrats openly saying on TV that the Constitution is outdated and no longer applies. They support violence and destruction (BLM, AntiFa…) and don’t prosecute violent ciminals. The people in control of the party are dedicated to the destruction of America and they are getting close to their goal.

          Today anyone who votes for democrats at any level should be viewed with suspicion and kept at arms length.

          And…. Be Prepared !!! for what they have planned for our future.

  2. Eric himself claims he’s not all that smart, just an “entertainer”.
    But he’s good with money… So I’d say he is a very gifted accountant but certainly no spiritual guide.

    “Eight years passed until Weinstein released a draft paper of Geometric Unity on April 1, 2021. The paper qualifies that the author “is not a physicist” but an “entertainer”, and it has received strong criticism from the scientific community, including having “no visible impact” and having “gaps both mathematical and physical in origin that jeopardize Geometric Unity as a well-defined theory, much less one that is a candidate for a theory of everything.”

    Of course, all original thought begins as heresy so who knows?

    • Being that I’m a non-binary practicing child-rapist on the autism spectrum you should take my above comment with a grain of salt.

      • “I’m a non-binary practicing child-rapist on the autism spectrum“

        That is quite a queen, have you any evidence to support your assertion?

        And attempting to make an insult out of an individual having autism is pretty reprehensible, but not surprising coming from a sad, confused person.

        • “…always denigrate people with autism on this site.”

          You mad, bro?

          Wrong, only *you*.

          Do you have any clue whatsoever as to how your little temper-tantrums are literally one of the best parts of my day? I literally giggle when I see your pathetic demonstrations of your mental illness 😉 😉 😉 ;)…

    • You went all the way to his Wikipedia page to and find a criticism from that tower of journalistic integrity Vice about him and his theory Geometric Unity to try to discredit his observation on something unrelated. Sounds like you are saying that he doesn’t have the credentials to make the observation and thus it need not be judged on it’s own merits. You on the other hand are much better credentialed and don’t need your assertions to stand on their own?

    • And your incoherent word salad meant WHAT, exactly, Minor IQ??

      The you don’t like Eric Weinstein? Who cares (FWIW, I don’t like the soibois t*** much, either – but I knew who he was before this).

      A self-identified “progressive” writes that he has trouble with the internal inconsistencies of the “logic” of the Leftist position (I’m sorry, the “Minor IQ” position) on gun control, and your response is a lame-@$$ attempt at character assassination.

      And thank you for proving our point – and your own intellectual inadequacy – once again, you gormless, nutless imbecile.

        • I was talking about his intro paragraph, but . . . yeah, the quote is pretty much word salad, too.

    • Why do you bother to take the time to cut and paste stuff here? Does this weak ad hominem you tried to set up give you some sort of satisfaction? Unless you are being paid there is no reasonable explanation for you posting here. Anyone who has been a long-time TTAG reader knows what you are.

    • Why the Fuck has this once seemingly dedicated to some very important liberty values, at least in theory if not in pragmatic application, TTAG forum gradually cast itself into the dark depths of a degenerative and inane Facebook caricature for midget mentalities to get off on their dueling mental masturbation contests?

      It can’t be for lack of target opportunities when Government agents and police are criminally violating their oath and our civil rights (USCC 18 241-242 and 34 USC 12601) by hotly pursuing illegal gun control laws such as the incorrect definition of a firearm (recently confirmed by a judge) thereby precedenting a nullification of the definition as a firearm in the case of ARs if the upper or Lower is separated from the other and when it comes to AR’s and 80% receivers being ‘imagined’ to be even close to defining a firearm By current legal definition!

      And in furtherance of their ‘Deprivation of Constitutional Rights crimes, They are now performing highly destructive and damaging 4th/A violating Swat Raids on legitimate manufacturers Like Polymer 80 of Non-gun Absolutely LEGAL items or parts like the wall hanger incident and then the auto key card debacle where the claimed that Kristopher Justin Erwin from Florida was ‘Selling an image of a part on a novelty card’ that was ‘classified’ as a Machine Gun by the agency, AND after they raided his home, confiscated all his business assets Including his bank account, and threw him in federal holding without bond, and because one of the online channel creators and merch retailers was sponsored by Erwin to sell his novelty card product, Matt from CRS Firearms was distressed by the conduct of government agents and police that he set up a Go Fund Me for Erwin after they literally instantly killed his due process by literally bankrupting him so couldn’t retain a lawyer, and they could then ‘Win a case for their confisction agenda’ by wearing him out until he agreed to cop a plea, they got so pissed at CRS Firearms for helping him fund an attorney, they decided to do a surprise visit on Matt’s wife at his home to issue her a grand jury in-person subpeona in this Erwin Auto Key case. So as this is being written, they are forced into traveling across the country with a nursing infant in diapers through a potentially bad Storm front for the G.J. hearing in Florida, tomorrow, the 8th of July.

      This case, of course, is a ‘Must Win’ for the G. Because if they do go to a trial, as Erwin had asked for, they can lose if the jury does NOT agree with the government that picture of a part on a novelty card that was never advertised as a conversion part amounts to a machine gun that at least should qualify as a ‘firearm’ in the first place, ya think? The government then cannot send their agents around to organized raids and seizures of anybody (tens of thousands) who ever purchased these things Which is something they seriously ‘NEED’ to confirm to facilitate eventual ultimate confiscation or voluntary firearms turn-ins by threats and intimidation to make all in possession of such items felons and the formation of fusion center type informant-for-reward programs in continuation of their in-progress ‘Deprivation of our Rights’ criminal acts.

      Yet, here we are, Mud wrestling in the stupid fucking nonsense of whether or not ‘all original thought was heresy’, when, when no one even knows if there is such a thing as ‘an original thought in the first place!

      So far I’m down to three possible causes for our pathetic apathy toward this in-your-face tyranny. Intentionally agenda-based psychopathic obsessive re-direct of important pro-gun efforts by too many anti-Liberty gun hating commentators here, too much exposure to chemtrail dementia by the aluminum-barium aerosol spraying, or the secret mind-altering genetic behavior-modifying nano ‘ingredients’ planted in the obviously insidious vaccination efforts?

  3. Sounds like Eric hasn’t yet accepted that his role as a white man in securing America’s equitable future is merely to die.

    Don’t read their statements and wonder why they don’t make any sense. Rather, read their statements and understand they make perfect sense.

  4. “Gun Control is a Crisis of Public Health.” Even though Violence was probably meant to be said…Unarmed Jews rounded up and put on freezing trains headed to concentration camps in Nazi Germany would certainly agree with Gun Control is a Crisis of Public Health as would those everywhere else Gun Control has left people defenseless.

    It comes everyday from the democRat Party and I call it, “Gun Control Flatulence.” You really cannot smell it but you can sense it rising like heat waves from the heads of history illiterates who assume Gun Control was heaven sent when in fact history confirms Gun Control came straight from the Pits of Hell. Sneaky ratbassturds trying to attach “sensible” to Gun Control is along the lines of sugarcoating poo and serving it for desert.

    Bottom line…Nothing symbolizes nooses, slave shacks, burning crosses, concentration camps and gas chambers better than Gun Control.

  5. Harvard does not produce ‘intellectual honesty’. I’m skeptical that it ever did. These places see themselves as king makers. While the left tells us that it’s their responsibility to rule over us. It’s what they are taught from an early age.

    The 2nd Amendment IS sensible common sense gun control. Anything outside of that makes no sense and is not only anti-American but is void of logic.

    A large portion of the American population has had their history, knowledge, and sense of value and self-worth stolen from them. Guns and freedom become things they must re-learn. Some do. Others never will.

    Liberalism is the path to socialism. With the right leaders, it doesn’t take much at that point to turn it all into communism. The country used to understand that. We are in the unholy mess in the first place because of America hating indoctrination. This cannot be fixed without taking back our education system.

  6. “Our press”

    -Weinstein. Hmm. Who control the press? Even this blog? As a gentile- I feel excluded from the conversation. I do appreciate Mr. Weinstein’s honestly and Mr. Zimmerman’s fun blog.

    • “As a gentile- I feel excluded from the conversation”

      that’s intentional. to them, you aren’t capable of conversation, only they are.

      • And ant7, I’m not surprised to see you chiming in with some bigotry. I guess y’all burn Stars of David instead of crossed, eh?

        Burn in h***, along with your buddy YOUNGMONAYRAPPER LIL PUMP F SleepyJoe (I guess that’s a handle – looks like his life story, to me).

    • Anti-Semitism, much???

      I guess it’s OK if “you folks” do it, amirite???

      You are a disgusting POS. Take your bigotry elsewhere.

  7. While I have some degrees, looking up the definition has never seemed to require much intellect.
    in·fringe·ment /inˈfrinjmənt/ noun
    1.the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation.
    2.the action of limiting or undermining
    Thanks Merriam-Webster!

  8. *”I’ve previously been for some sensible gun control and I don’t even understand this at all.”*

    You and the rest of the like thinking Americans are the reason why we’re in the hot mess our country is in right now. You’re a bit late for the party IMO. Better late than never I suppose.

    • “You’re a bit late for the party IMO. Better late than never I suppose.”

      Weinstein isn’t coming to our “party”. He remains firmly in his party, but troubled that illogic taints arguments for gun control. Making it more difficult to push the proposition.

  9. gun grabbers only come to see the light once theyve done the minimum amount of work required to remove the amount of control that their cluster b personality disorder has over their lives and those around them

    good for him

  10. Congratulations! You (Eric Weinstein) have overcome your cognitive dissonance.

    I suspect extremists and totalitarians have an uncontrollable propensity to dig their own graves. Eventually, no matter how hard they push, the pawns no longer are willing to drink the Kool-Aid. They resist in whatever way they can.

    BLM and Antifa might have brought the shovel but the mostly peaceful Progressives and Democrats began to dig in earnest. The vast majority who, heretofore, felt relatively safe must now confront the stark evidence that:

    – the cavalry can’t get here in time
    – the cavalry might not come at all
    – if they come, they might not do much to mitigate the problem
    – the commanding officers aren’t interested in saving me
    – the commanding officers are letting the assailants “off the reservation”
    – the commanding officers are importing assailants from other nations.

    When all that soaks in it outweighs ethical concerns for the faults of society in creating the assailants’ grievances.

    It’s essential for us to recognize the “Overton Window” interpretation of these phenomena. Eric Weinstein, the OP, is a rare individual who can leap multiple levels of sentiment in a single bound; e.g., in the spectrum:


    he went from: gun-control ought to be “Policy”; to wondering whether it is merely “Acceptable”; or, whether gun-RIGHTS ought to be an “Acceptable” viewpoint. He is now just two levels away from regarding gun-CONTROL as “Unthinkable”.

    There are vastly more voters who regard gun-control to be “Acceptable” who might be amenable to considering whether it’s “Radical”. Once such an individual begins to contemplate: ‘Maybe I should buy a gun’ s/he is at this tipping point. S/he’s really beginning to think seriously about whether s/he’s eager to surrender her/his 2A rights.

    When the Senate is divided 50:50, it only takes a small fraction of voters to shift their sentiments from “Acceptable” to “Radical” to push gun-control legislation off-the-table.

    • “Congratulations! You (Eric Weinstein) have overcome your cognitive dissonance.”

      Hasn’t overcome it, only admitting that the dissonance damages the push for gun control.

  11. Oxymoron? “Intellectually Honest Gun Control Supporter”

    I’m sure such a creature exists, somewhere.

    Meanwhile we get stuck with choades like Miner49, a sad, miserable dolt that spends his limited time in life trying to troll people he doesn’t have the capacity to understand.

    • Now, now, Big E, that wasn’t nice, calling Minor IQ a choad – a choad is potentially useful; Minor Annoyance will never be. My favorite part is where he purports to be scholarly . . . until you challenge him. Then he runs away and hides like the little beotch that he is. As soon as you roll out the citations to the Constitution, the BoR, the DoI, and the Federalist Papers, he is gone like the wind.

  12. “There is simply no way to make all these arguments and not notice that the totality of them demands people live in a state of *total* physical vulnerability without even a press to report.”

    that’s exactly what they want (for you).

    really. that’s exactly what they want (for you).


    no, you. in their minds they are people and you are not, you’re a talking animal put here by god to serve them, to be eliminated if you don’t. so they treat you like any other animal is treated – you are disarmed, while they reserve the right to punish or kill you as they see fit.

    until you grasp this, then it all seems an insane mystery. once you grasp it, you see it for what it is – ordinary genocidal ethnic cleansing slaver tribal warfare. and you’d best start fighting back.

  13. This guy is the rightest equivalent to the “former gun owners and hunters” who write an article on huffington post about how they’ve seen the light

    It’s not intellectual honesty. It’s pagentry.

  14. “Intellectually Honest Gun Control Supporter” is an oxymoron, like “Journalistic Integrity.”

  15. He didn’t understand then and he doesn’t understand now. People did racist things before. I don’t think this will end well. I do not support Bidens gun control, taxes nor infrastructure spending. He needs to go.

    • “I do not support Bidens gun control, taxes nor infrastructure spending. He needs to go.”

      He will be propped up until he has two years and a day in office.

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