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“It’s so foreign to me, wanting to own a gun, especially the kind you’d use in a war. I don’t know why, but shooting just doesn’t appeal to me. I did it that one time with Lisa, and don’t feel the need to ever do it again. People on YouTube blow away bowling balls and old toaster ovens in their back yards, and I just don’t get it.

“I’ve never thought to stalk and kill my own food. I don’t worry that a race war is coming and I need to arm myself in advance of it. Nor am I concerned that an escaped psychopath is going to break down my front door in the middle of the night. Things like that clearly happen, but I’d just as soon prepare by having a back door.

“Where I live now, in the U.K., it’s hard to get a rifle and next to impossible to secure a handgun. Yet somehow, against all odds, British people feel free. Is it that they don’t know what they’re missing? Or is the freedom they feel the freedom of not being shot to death in a classroom or a shopping mall or a movie theatre?” – David Sedaris in Active Shooter [via newyorker.com]

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  1. Feeling free and being free… these are different verbs for a reason. And I guess everybody without a backdoor just kinda deserves it. Skirt was too short; dwelling had too few exits.

    • This highlights a fundamental difference in thinking: He sees fleeing as a primary response to a threat, even abandoning his home (and loved ones?) rather than confronting it. Fighting, even for his home, for the actual freedom of options, of effectiveness and perhaps even the triumph of good over evil isn’t even a consideration.

      At best, he makes a weak argument that one may not need an effective weapon vis a vie a home invasion…he makes no argument that one shouldn’t, and certainly not that one shouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to.

      One wonders if he is aware of Kantian “Greater Good” philosophy? Has he considered the effect on society if everyone practiced his plan for dealing with threats…if we all simply run away when our homes are invaded, presumably only the aggressive (and criminal) would have claim to a home. That is, everyone else would merely be squatting until someone decided to run them out. That this isn’t a basis for a stable society is an understatement. Someone like him could only exist in a society created and maintained by people made of sterner stuff. Lots of people are afforded their existence by the protection of others, and that’s ok. What isn’t ok is when the protected insist the protectors are somehow immoral for the very fact of providing said protections.

      Cowardly, ungrateful, selfish and short sighted…these used to be considered vices, not morally superior possitions from which to lecture one’s betters.

      • Well said, I applaud your statement. I only add if his feelings are shared with his fellow countrymen, what dose that say to British resolve to NATO? Are we looking at a social change in Europe towards defense?

        • This limp-wrister is actually an American (by citizenship, not in spirit). Made his fortune in the US, and then moved to the UK.

          Most classrooms don’t have back doors for the kids to run through. But Sedaris has his back door, and that’s what really matters.

        • This is why they are all worked up because Trump expects the rest of the NATO allies to start pulling their weight. They are used to Uncle Sam spending all our dollars on their defense, so they can build and maintain their infrastructure while we drive around dodging potholes.

      • Incredibly well put Ardent! Exactly my thoughts on the issue. Well done on putting this so eloquently.

      • Very well said Ardent. The very reason that he even is allowed to have the opinions that he has is because people living before him were willing to fight and if necessary die to preserve what he takes for granted and dismisses with barely a thought. Shakespeare defined a cynic as “Someone who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing” and he fits into that category.

      • All I can add to your statement Ardent is, this mentality was probably rampant in the Revolutionary War & has become the prominent ideology with the Brits now…not saying all are that way but in my opinion, it kind of demonstrates WHY they quit in 1783. God bless America!

      • Ardent,
        That was very well spoken and was very to the point , accurate in a civil way.
        I really appreciated the way you voiced a strong , American opinion without being harsh or abrasive.
        Freedom is NOT FREE….Just like Respect is NOT FREE , but earned.

        There were plenty of back doors around at Pearl Harbor , Hawaii when the Japanese attacked our country Dec 7 , 1941…But the women and children didn’t have a chance to use them….Not to mention the thousands of service men/women……..Then months , months later we had to bail out England from the Germans.

        We ran out of the back door of Europe ie ; (British Empire) hundreds of years ago to get our freedom…Then we had to use guns , etc to make them understand , We Want to Be the “Land Of Freedom”….
        After saying all of this….I find it QUITE IRONIC that someone from the UK “just doesn’t understand” the need for a firearm , for protection , etc….Its almost Humorous that someone from the UK would say this , when his country is the very entity that WE , being Americans had to fight for our freedom from the very country he lives in…Well….He made his choice and we made ours…We chose freedom…He can keep running out the back door!

      • Right!! Does he advocate the “run away” plan for his taxpayer funded law enforcement? “A guy ran in my front door and spoke sternly to me, so I left! Come and get him!” “Yes, sir, just as soon as you remove him from your house and handcuff him. Otherwise we might find ourselves in an unpleasant situation!”

      • This is why the British are SUBJECTS–NOT “FREE MEN”…
        There have been instances where home dwellers have been charged and prosecuted for “using too much force” against intruders, and even given stiffer sentences than the criminal, quite often the home dweller being transported in the same vehicle as the intruder. Although there are some American states who follow in the same mold (New Jersey, Massachusetts, and others) thankfully they are few.
        The right to defend oneself and others against “bad guys”, whether they be individuals, groups, or even governments, is a basic God-given right…PERIOD!
        I guess the British and other European wimps don’t understand that…

    • His position is one of supreme narcissism: “I don’t believe I need a gun, therefore I believe no one else needs one either”.
      Pity it was posted in the New Yorker, which means we can’t go comment to the rest of his audience on his selfish ignorance and bigotry.

    • This is the difference between the old world and the new world. In the old world, the struggle for liberty was between parliament and the crown. Parliament won in England in 1689 and in France a century later. In the new world the struggle was between parliament and individual liberty; individual liberty won. Now the “subjects” of the crown think they have liberty, because Queen Elizabeth isn’t bossing them around and shouting “off with his head.” Its just different history.

  2. British subjects haven’t really changed that much in nearly 300 years. Freedom in Britain? He hasn’t been paying attention has he? Or maybe he really does not know what freedom is and thinks freedom of speech is not important. Who knows.

    • Brits talking about freedom is like me talking about the experience of childbirth or my wife talking about turning off lights.

      No experience in the matters. Uninformed viewpoint. We can all have opinions on the matter, but they are backed by a fundamental lack of understanding on the issue.

  3. I get it. I don’t understand why you Brits have to drink tea all the time and love your cellar temperature beer. I just don’t feel a need to insist y”all drink coffee and ice cold beer. Whereas some of you feel it’s a major accomplishment to hit a golf ball 400 yards, I will be satisfied hitting a golf ball AT 400 yards.

  4. I clicked on the New Yorker link & read the entire article. Big mistake. What a load of babbling BS.

    • As did I. Seems that his sister was the one who received the testicles in that family.

      It wasn’t clear, but it sounds like this guy is an American, who willfully chooses to live the life of a dis-armed expatriate.


      • Good more libtards should follow his example and leave. The less baggage voting for antigun morons the better.

  5. So what he’s saying is he’s content to be prey rather than take the effort to be predator. Probably wishes the national language was German too…..so much easier than putting up a fight.

      • It’s Urdu that will become the UK national language. They’re overrun by Pakis, one of which is mayor of London and deciding who may or may not be allowed to visit Britain.

        Brits are toast & care only about lecturing us Yanks about our supposed lax gun laws, like how do our laws affect them?

        • Do a search for rotherham. If you can still stomach it continue searching for other cities in England with the same disgusting theme. No citizen of any country that allows this to happen to their children has any moral authority to lecture the US.

        • Well, they still have to learn Arabic to study and absorb the psychotic teachings of the Koran.

  6. Yes, that must explain why they are scared we will withdraw troops from Europe. Because they are free.

    More like well cared for pets, and they like it that way.

  7. That’s a pretty Orwellian line right there. They’ve truly succeeded in making them feel like “Freedom is Slavery”.

  8. Our tomcat feels free, even after we took his balls. But as long as his bowl is full and he’s got a warm place to nap he’s happy. He has no desire to go outside and live among the chipmunks.

  9. My first thought is that These sheeple must be willfully blind to the violence all around them- from London to rural France violent attacks are happening with a frightening regularity.

    My second thought is “so what”?!? Even in America people are free not to exercise a right. I could easily say that I see no need to revere a monarchy- indeed I find the concept offensive- Does that mean this British coward must give up having a queen bcz I, a US citizen, find it offensive?

    A phantom solution (back door retreat) isn’t always available. Car jacking, robbery, civil unrest and now the democrat party inciting violence first against police but now against political “enemies”. While the left calls Trump a hitler the democrat leadership has unleashed their own brown shirts against the US population- including children- to force conformity to their socialist anti-American dogma. Now more than ever, freedom loving Americans need to bear arms in defense of their persons and freedoms.

    • Still some of the funniest stories I’ve ever read. His readings of them are simply the best regardless of his feelings on guns. It’s basically an annual christmas tradition now. He’s an insightful and emotional writer who would be the first to say is not in any way a confrontational type of person. Zero physical fight in him and this opinion of his just stands to reason given his nature.

  10. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    ― Samuel Adams

    And may I add, when your children are starving and you cannot hunt; when those who wish to hurt you for the color of your skins are near; when the psychopath is at your door; remember that you chose this. I wish you well but cannot protect you from the consequences of your own decisions. Nor, given your condescension and scorn, would I wish to if I could.

  11. Blowing away a toaster may not appeal to him, but having protection from home intruders bashing his or a family members skull would appeal very much if the time came and he could not get to the back door. He really just thinks it will never happen to him, until it does.

  12. Yet somehow, against all odds, British people feel free.
    Yeah, they really feel free in Khan’s London with all the Fuzzy Muzzy attacks going on there. I see that along with the loss of Gun rights has gone Free Speech and Due Process.
    I have noticed that they have had some demonstrations against the Free Feeling provided by the INGSOC regime that is in power there.

  13. “I’ve never thought to stalk and kill my own food.“

    You should try it. It will make you appreciate life more. It’s quite humbling to have looked your supper in the eye.

    I never quite understood the gravity of praying over food, even growing up in the church with a super religious mother, until I killed and harvested my first animal.

    • For him, the food comes pre-packaged, laying on the ground, ready to eat.
      Of course, you have the Vegans who say they don’t kill animals, but how many animals have I killed to defend the food crops which were being grown?

      • Don’t get me started on vegans…

        I’m sick of hearing “humans are not supposed to eat meat.”

        The earliest homo sapiens (modern humans) we have on record where cooked meat eater. And even earlier species of human, which predate modern human (homo ergaster, homo erectus, Neanderthal, etc) by hundreds of thousand of years were cooked meat eaters.

        Tell an Palo-Anthropologists that humans aren’t meat eaters and they’ll laugh at you like you just said the earth is the center of the universe and camera steal your soul.

      • i haven’t eaten meat in 25 years. I have a vegetable garden.
        I shot 5 squirrels in my garden just yesterday morning.
        There is something very strange that goes on in your head when you start providing food for yourself. You work hard, you cut up your hands, you get dirty, you invest your energy and hours/days of your life into making something for yourself so that you can live well and healthy. And all that hard work you put in can be ruined because one little squirrel comes down from the trees and chews a couple of stems. You get angry.
        I tried yelling. I tried chasing. I tried tossing pebbles. The squirrels will run to the trees, but they always come back. There are so many of them. I have a life to lead; I can’t sit in the garden and watch for them all day, every day. Yes, I can replant, but I only have so much time to spare and there are only so many months you can grow things in Michigan. Every time a plant is chewed up, I lose some of that time. My time. Little bits of my life time – that’s what the squirrels are stealing. And they’re stealing the food I would have grown to feed my family with, as well as the money I have to spend to buy lower quality food from the store.
        How much of your life, time, energy, and resources are you willing to give away before you stand up for what’s yours?
        This is all true, but it’s also a metaphor. While I don’t know what it’s like to kill a person in self defense, I have become very aware of what is like to be pushed back further and further until there is no choice but to look over your gun’s sights at another human and give them one last warning to stop their advances, assaults, and attacks before you have to save your own life at the cost of theirs.

        One of these days I’ll start writing a few full page posts and submit them to a blog/site for publishing… until then I’ll just keep posting anonymously with disposable email addresses

        • Squirrels are nothing, wait until you get to play with hordes of rabbits, racoons, and groundhogs. These guys clear acres of crops.

      • Nevermind the fact that ethical hunting is way more humane than the meatpacking industry. Not trying to preach against packaged meat (I eat it too) it’s just not something to brag about. But in this guy’s mind hunting is something only wild, icky, dirty, uncivilized people would do. Hunting is for savages in the mind of this highly civilized Brit.

        • He isn’t British. He’s an American traitor. Glad the libtard found his slavery so he doesn’t have to push it on us!

  14. I read one of his books (“Me talk pretty one day”) and had heard him on NPR many times before I couldn’t stand the network even for their Saturday comedy programs any longer. He has made a career out of being the beta’s beta. He is the type that leads to gays being called pansies. I thought he still lived in France but apparently his husband decided that they should move.

  15. Sadly most of the “flower” of Britain was lost in WW1 & II. We see what’s left. Woosy boy’s😬

  16. You don’t want a gun? Shooting doesn’t appeal to you? I understand that completely and I accept it.

    But, admittedly, you don’t understand why people do want guns and shooting does appeal to them. So, you should shut the fuck up and listen more. Or at least accept their choice and their freedom to make it, since it doesn’t affect you in any way.

  17. Can we finally just call these articles what they are? They’re a paycheck. They’re not personal manifestos. If someone submits a pro-gun article to the New Yorker, it will never be published and they won’t be paid. These writers come from academia and are well-versed in abandoning ideals and, instead, writing a paper based on something the professor will agree with ideologically. That way, they are assured of a good grade. I’m not saying Sedaris isn’t an anti-. However, I’d be willing to bet that he’s more pro-paycheck than anti-gun. And, when your fame is not what it once was, you’re much more likely to sell out.

  18. Is it that they don’t know what they’re missing?

    Given that police in the UK are now trolling your social media, looking for thoughtcrimes, and literally brag about removing safety scissors (like kindergartners use) from the community, the answer is “yes.” The British will openly talk about their police searching and arresting people for very frivolous reasons, and they see nothing wrong with it. They’ve never known anything better.

    • This. Post wrong think on social media and a U.K. subject faces months of prison time. Their version of freedom is so crooked it is unrecognizable in the U.S. The UK is much closer to Saudi Arabia or Iran now with special police enforcing purity laws. Canada is getting that way too. Very sad.

  19. Ask that guy on yesterday’s ttag who had his house broken into how “free” he feels. As usual it’s not about facts it’s about feelings.

  20. “I don’t worry that a race war is coming and I need to arm myself in advance of it.”

    Because Islam isn’t a race? The war is right outside their door, and they’re ignoring the threat

    • Islam isn’t a race…..

      Arabs, Persians, Pakistanis, Indonesians, etc. are different races but all mostly have significant populations of Muslims.

      Islam is barely a religion more like a suicide cult.

  21. The more the government curtails the rights of the individual, the freer Mr Sedaris feels.
    Such a deep thinker.

    • Always it has been thus. Samuel Adams said: “If ye love… the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace… Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you…”, etc.
      Always there have been many who prefer to be subjects rather than free men. Liberty is scary to the sheeple. They would rather fight to remain a master’s property, than to fight for their liberty. Pretty sad, but there it is. ‘People’ such as Mr. Sedaris are what have allowed, and indeed encouraged, slavery and genocide for lo these many sad centuries of human history. One wonders when those who are not sheep will wake up and cease to allow such idiocy to come upon them, time and time again.
      Don’t bother to wonder when the sheep will wake up and smell the coffee. It will never happen.

    • They “oppress” 1/3 of the people of Ulster. The other 2/3 like things the way they are. The Provos were Communists receiving support from the Soviet Union through East Germany. The Provos returned the favor by teaching the PLO IED tactics. The PLO proliferated that knowledge across the region. You can say the Provos had a hand in killing and maiming thousands of Ameticans.
      The Provos are probably more despised in the Republic than by the Protestant majority. They give Irishmen a bad name.

      • Loyalist scum, I’m proud to have helped the cause. Fuck the crown!
        PIRA were true fighters for freedom. Prots were Provos too. It was American support that brought the crown to the table. Mainly the AR-180 “The Widow Maker.”

        • TDI, people who would kill each other over superstitious nonsense need to just die. They will never be missed, and they are too stupid to live.

  22. Yet somehow, against all odds, British people feel free.

    Sure, just don’t teach your pug dog to do a Nazi salute, criticize Islam, try to publicize the trials of Muslim rape gangs, or defend yourself against burglars entering your home.

    Is it that they don’t know what they’re missing?


  23. 2017 – West Minster Attack. Islamist vehical/knife attack. 6 dead, 49 injured.
    2017 – Manchester Bombing. Islamist terror attack/suicide attack. 23 dead, 400+ injured.
    2017 – London Bridge Attack. Islamist vehical/knife attack. 8 dead, 48 injured.
    2018 – The Telegraph Headline: 300 extra police deployed on streets to tackle spike in knife crime.

    The spate of knife crime has meant the number of suspected murders in London in March was higher than that of New York.

    Maybe guns aren’t your problem, Sedaris. Just sayin’.

  24. “..Yet somehow, against all odds, British people feel free.”

    What about firearms do you think makes us NOT feel free?

  25. I also have a back door. And between my front door and back door there is me. And my firearms. I may leave by the back door. But it will be after the fight.

  26. If he put a condensed form of his statment in a meme, it would soon be banned in Great Britain. That tells me they are not free and such willing sheeple that they either don’t know they aren’t free or they don’t care

  27. There’s a reason kids these days refer to Britain as “Cuck Island”.

    The gun laws don’t seem to prevent London from having a higher murder rate than New York. And as far as an impending race war well the British are handing their island over to the Muslims without a fight.

  28. ” I don’t worry that a race war is coming and I need to arm myself in advance of it.”


  29. Um, what if there’s also an intruder coming in through the back door?

    What’s your plan now smarty pants?

  30. There’s a great line in one of the final episodes of the first season of “Taboo”: it goes something like: “You’re not cut out for freedom. You wouldn’t know what to do with it”

  31. I seem to remember a program leading up to WW1 or WW2 where Americans were asked to send extra guns to England’s citizens because they were unarmed and danger was near.

    I guess history might just repeat itself some day.

    • At this point screw them. If they haven’t learned this lesson after the second time then it’s on them. They should not have been so shortsighted and threw all their guns away cause “muh mass shootings” and “nothing bad can ever happen to us again”.

      Too many morons think WW2 is the end of history and minus the Cold War nothing bad could ever happen again. Now history is repeating itself and Islam is accomplishing n without guns what they have been trying to do for centuries.

      This time they are now literally on their own. Bet they wish they didn’t call us a bunch of gun-loving hicks. We still have our dignity and our children, to put it in their language, unbuggered (see Rotheram)!

    • That history will never be repeated. All the guns that Americans loaned to the British Home Guard were not only never returned, but were all destroyed. The government didn’t want a repeat of WWI when British veterans brought home thousands of souvenir rifles and pistols and the elites thought revolution was in the air. Citizens with guns are a danger to society, is the official view then and now.

      Britain’s done; stick a fork in it.

  32. Thinking like this led to the fall of the British Empire, and Britain needing to be bailed out of WWI and WWII.

  33. Having lived in England for a few years myself, I would say the answer to the question “Is it that they don’t know what they’re missing?” Is absolutely yes.
    I also get annoyed with the argument that he doesn’t care to own a gun for any reason, so you should be fine with guns being effectively banned. I don’t use my right to write stupid arguments in articles very often, but I still support his right to do so. That’s the spirit of freedom he just doesn’t get.

  34. “Or is the freedom they feel the freedom(?Sic…? of not being shot to death in a classroom or a shopping mall or a movie theatre?””
    A: None of those. Its the cognitive dissonance of not knowing those things because you’re woefully uninformed.
    In England, under “massacres”: 37 dead, 500 injured, in 2017 alone. It takes no more than a wiki page to find that much out. Mr. Sedaris is clearly not a researcher. Nor even an informed layperson. More likely a TV addict. A sheeple who only believes in what he sees on the BBC(or perhaps CNN).

  35. “Or is the freedom they feel the freedom of not being shot to death in a classroom or a shopping mall or a movie theatre?”

    But the fear of gas attack, bombings, knife attacks, hammer attacks, et al are very real. “Freedom” from a particular weapon is not freedom from violence and evil. Just follow British crime a while and its not the rosy picture Americans read about in our media.

  36. Headline from The Daily Snooze:

    “England fans smash up IKEA, bus stop after win against Sweden”

    No wonder Sedaris feels so safe and secure. He buys all his furniture second-hand and takes the Underground.

    Oh, and when he talks about his back door, do ya think he’s actually talking about a door?

  37. Well, there’s no accounting for taste.

    Doesn’t understand shooting, so … wont’ shut up about it? I get so confused.

  38. Irrelevant opinion is irrelevant. Ultimately as long as the British can watch their footie at the pub that’s all they need.

  39. Britain, 1940

    “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…”

    Britain, 2018:


  40. i completely understand where you guys come from. i cant fathom the ignorance of people like him or a good many australians who have similar attitudes. wish we could just deport them all to some moslem 3rd world shithole. they would be happier there and we would have a lot more peace and security

  41. I don’t hunt, am not prepping for a race war (or even a civil war, which is more likely and still very unlikely), and I’m not overly concerned about a midnight intruder, although having the means to protect myself and my family in the highly unlikely possibility of that happening is a greater comfort to me than knowing I have a back door.

    And yet, target and trap shooting are a very important part of my life. Not to wax all psychoanalysis, but it has been and continues to be “therapy” for me. Getting in to shooting has kept me out of other things and helped me get out of a very dark period of my life. The details of which are not anyone on the internet’s business, but please take my word for it, it was bad.

    So, with all due respect to your choices, fuck you. And stay out of my business.

  42. Wow! What a P! I hope his family feels the same way. I would be ashamed if my dad was not willing to fight for me.

  43. “It’s so foreign to me, wanting to own a gun, especially the kind you’d use in a war. I don’t know why, but shooting just doesn’t appeal to me. I did it that one time with Lisa, and don’t feel the need to ever do it again. People on YouTube blow away bowling balls and old toaster ovens in their back yards, and I just don’t get it.”

    Not for you so its not for me got it European overlord 🙂

  44. It’s so foreign to me, drinking IPA, especially the American kind with a high ABV and a IBU over 50. I don’t know why, but drinking it doesn’t appeal to me. I did it one time with my friend’s girlfriend and don’t “feel” the need to ever do it again. People on You Tube drink it away in pint glasses, bottles and cans and in their backyards too, and I just don’t get it.

  45. Fortunately for The New Yorker, it doesn’t allow for comments.

    Many years ago an article written in it predicted that the gun companies would go down like the tobacco companies.

    • “Sedaris currently lives in Horsham, West Sussex, England, with his boyfriend Hugh Hamrick, whom Sedaris mentions in a number of his stories. Sedaris describes them as the “sort of couple who wouldn’t get married”. He enjoys collecting litter in the local area, where he is known as “Pig Pen”, and has a garbage truck named after him.”

      Clearly an expert on everything.

  46. He might want to wake up and take a look at what England is turning into. Between the Islamic invasion, the lawless youth, hapless law enforcement and overbearing government he’s likely to be collateral damage.

  47. That’s why in America we’re Citizens, while in Britain you’r Subjects. 1). Guns in America are to protect against Tyranny in government. 2). Hunting, Sport shooting. 3). Protection from criminals terrorists etc.

  48. To the British gentleman featured at the beginning.

    Once upon a time, it was many years ago, we lived for a while in London. For the most part, our stay there was pleasant, except for the lack of central heating, to some extent I believe since remedied. In any event, while I did see a couple of nasty bar room brawls, there was no gun fire. This goes back to 1970. If I have not been ill informed, the situation is somewhat different these days.

    I have, over the years, traveled through, and or lived in many parts of the U.S., where individual ownership of firearms is not all that unusual. With a single exception, that being a roadside saloon in Louisania back in the late 1950’s, I never witnessed the improper or illegal discharge of any sort of firearms, firearms ownership by individuals not being especially unusual in many parts of the U.S., as above noted. So knowing nothing of the British gentleman appearing at the beginning of this article, one can reasonably draw the following conclusion. Different strokes for different folks, or To each their own.

  49. Sedaris says British people feel free. But are they really free? A man in Scotland was arrested, prosecuted and jailed for years because he hought it would be funny to teach his Pug dog to raise his right leg when it was told heil Hitler. That’s not a free people.

    An older English gentleman was arrested, prosecuted and jailed for years because he detested Orwellian Big Brother traffic cams and had a picture taken of him angrily giving the finger….to a traffic cam!

    Millions of British people are livng in fear of being arrested, prosecuted and jailed because they are opposed to the PC Leftists protection of All Things Moslem. To the Brit Left, it’s okay for Filthy Mohammedan Savages to terrorize, murder and gang rape. But anyone speaking out against it must be put under the jail

    Thank God that He gave America’s Founding Fathers their courage, wisdom and brilliance in fighting the tyrrany of the British.

  50. This Morally Superior British Sissyfag lives in the CuntReside not in Londonistan. After his wife is Raped by Scuzlimz he will defend Rapeugees to the Death because he has No Testicles. Give me a British Soccer Hooligan & I’ll show you a Real British Man!

  51. What he is saying is this. I won’t defend my property or my home. Nor will I rise up to defend my country. Other countries to go to. My wife and children are on their own. I am safe as I can outrun them. This is not a man. A man rises up for his family, his country and his beliefs. You couldn’t count on him to feed you if you were hungry, help you find your way if you were lost, or offer you shelter from the cold. He is pathetic.

  52. I live in Britain and I don’t have a back door. Most of us don’t (we live in flats in London mostly). I think he’s trying to say we just don’t worry about being shot. To be fair we don’t worry about being shot in most of Europe (I am from mainland Europe). Most of our nations are younger than the US (20th century creations). So I don’t think it’s as some here have said because people protected us and we are ungrateful they fought. I mean we know and are reminded throw a lot. Many of our parents lost loved ones (or we lost grandparents) in conflict.

    I just think it’s that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get shot at as there are few guns here. It’s just unlikely. So it just doesn’t cross our minds. I have just never felt like I’ve needed one. I always wonder why Americans feel they need guns? It is an alien concept to us over here. What is it that means you’d want to keep access to them even though you know there is a risk of innocents getting shot at school for instance? It’s just a really interesting standpoint because it’s so different to how we live here. I can’t imagine what it must be like knowing random people can just have access to a weapon and might shoot you. It seems bizarre, or like what you’d find in a war torn country or something.


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