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One of my friends recently stumbled across this website, where the proprietors are looking to introduce a unique and interesting new firearm — a double-GLOCK SBR. The patent pending concept is to shove two plastic wunderguns into the same housing so that if one gun runs dry, you still have a second one at your disposal while you reload the first. I suppose there could be some utility there, but all I could think of was . . .


I do have one question, though.

If you add a stock to a GLOCK, it instantly becomes a “short barreled rifle” and requires registration under the National Firearms Act. If you already have one GLOCK registered as an SBR and you add another one to this contraption, does that second receiver need to be registered, too? I’m not entirely sure myself, but I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.

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    • Oh no! they are going down the road that Gillette went down with razors. The double barreled AR-15 is bad enough. Please stop this insanity, before we get the Glock star with five ten round Glocks attached to each other.

  1. To be fair, from their website the idea is to allow the weapon to still be ‘ready to fire’ while the user is clearing a jam or other malfunction from one of the two fire-systems.

    Not necessarily a horrible idea, but one that can be more easily solved with a backup weapon.

    • It’s the same logic that led Blackbeard to carry a half-dozen flint-lock pistols at a time, Billy the Kid to carry two revolvers, and… someone smarter to invent removable magazines.

      If you’re in so much trouble that you have a spare mag, but you don’t have time to run toward cover and reload, having a second GLOCK brand GLOCK probably won’t help much.

  2. Couldn’t you just take the stock off and add a single point sling so you wouldn’t have to register either and still rock 2 Glocks at once?

    • Instead of a one-point sling, why not hook the ends of the sling together and make a belt? Then hang Glocks on it every few inches. Is having belt-fed Glocks illegal?

    • Looking at their products page I realised that fugly contraption is a carbine kit and a pistol kit combined. Im guessing they us the rail on the pistol kit to attach it to the the bottom of the carbine kit.

  3. It’s like this:

    THEM: “Wow, we have this GREAT idea!, It’s not like we ever learned much of anything about guns or whatever-n-stuff, but it’s a GREAT idea”

    YOU: “Seriously? What is the practical benefit of …”

    THEM: “You never run out of bullets! COOL idea, GREAT right?”

    YOU: “Errr … why not just shoot two handguns?”

    THEM: “This is a rifle”

    YOU: “It shoots a pistol caliber cartridge, so …”

    THEM: “Exactly, EVERYONE knows rifles are more powerful than handguns!”

    YOU: “That’s not exactly true. You’re shooting a pistol caliber so … ”

    THEM: “Well we read it in a book”

    • While I think that the idea for this weapon system is a silly one, you’re wrong on two points. First of all, pistol calibers out of longer barrels generally means more velocity. How much more will vary, but it’s almost always “more power”. Maybe that’s just semantics, but it’s technically a fact. It’s unclear whether this thing actually allows for a longer barrel to be installed, so that may be a moot point in this case, but pistol caliber carbines do, as a general rule, have “more power” (if the barrel is longer).

      Secondly, a rifle is inherently more accurate, because it’s longer, meaning more mass, and therefore subject to Newton’s first law, keeping the mass ‘at rest’; has a longer sight radius; and has 4 points of contact (cheek, shoulder, two hands) vs the two that you get from just two hands.

      Rifles are ALWAYS a better fighting tool than a pistol–unless, maybe, you’re rolling around in the dirt with an opponent–even if they’re firing the exact same round as an alternative pistol.

    • I saw that as well. Which makes the use of the Xzibit meme even more apropos, But hey, at least they acknowledge it on their webpage.

  4. Double glock? Now I’m going to have Bone Thugs-n-Harmony stuck in my head the rest of the day! Ah my misspent youth. Need to listen to E. 1999 Eternal when I get home!

  5. You could put 16″ barrels on the two glocks to avoid the SBR issue. But then there could by cycling issues.

    • Well that was 15 minutes of my life that I thoroughly enjoyed.

      Pisses me off that Glock 18s are only $570… for law enforcement.

  6. We need a 3 glock version. 2 pointing forward as now and a 3rd pointing to the rear. With a little rear view mirror so the operator as phuck guy operating operationally can cover his own 6. And see how cool he looks doing it.

    • Unless the 6 ‘o clock barrel points to his face while the 12 ‘o clock barrels point towards the tangos, and the stock is engraved ‘Darwin Awards 2014, I ain’t interested.

      • It should be one pointing straight forward and the other two pointing 45 degrees off-center. That way, you’ve duplicated the Wide Cannon from Bionic Commando!

  7. See, this is the problem with readily available design software – everybody thinks they can design.

  8. I want one.
    It’s the perfect excuse to buy another Glock.

    .. and it’s not adding a stock to a Glock. It’s adding two Glocks to a stock.

    • So, if it was tied to one’s “unit”, would it be adding two glocks on a stock to your c@ck? Ind if you did the same dressed as an artist, would it be adding two glocks, on a stock, to your c@ock, in a smock? How about carrying this device while fishing from a dock, wearing only one sock?

      • This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a bit. Well done, sir. If there was a Dr Suess for adults, he’d be proud.

        • Heck, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in forever! I’m worn out from laughing, I’m afraid to read any farther down the thread just now…

  9. So the REAL question is…..When is Glock going to turn on their brain and make a folding polymer carbine and make a boat load of money?

    • As long as it took Glock to make a US-importable .380, I wouldn’t hold my breath on a carbine.

  10. Now if you could insert 6 Glocks into a bumpfire stock, you might have something.

    Probably a disaster.

    Cool YouTube video though.

  11. Wow!…And here I was thinking that the double 1911 or double AR15 were the stupidest firearm concepts I would ever see.

      • The good thing about the Breda 30 was it was expected to be used by our enemies in that war. Wonder how many allied soldiers are alive because the Italians had that pieco o’ sh!t?

  12. Meh. I’m holding out for a movie gun, you know the revolver that only needs to be reloaded every hundred rounds?

    • Actually, as I understand it, they can be fired indefinitely. They only have to be reloaded when the plot necessitates it.

  13. Now all I can think is they should sell these stocks in a pack of 10 made from plaster with metal pins for support.

    When the cops show up and say “Is that a double SBR?!”, throw it on the ground and say “Not anymore!”.

  14. What?!?! It’s 2014 and that thing doesn’t have a folding or collapsable stock? That thing is so Clinton era. If you’re gong to go “EBR” go full in with all the scary features that put the “E” in “EBR.”

    And I think it needs a thingy that goes up for a proper three-hand hold, and extre “E”.

  15. The proverbial solution in search of a problem.

    But if they could find a way to make the rear Glock attached to a 16″ barrel, only one Glock would have to be registered as an SBR.

  16. Another interesting product on that website is their “pistol kit,” whose primary purpose is apparently to add extra bulk to your Glock.

  17. Or…you could just use a thirty round mag in your AR.

    I know, I know. No Glock cool factor.

    This is a solution in search of a problem.

  18. My question is, how many liberals could Gaston Glock shock, mock, and gawk if Glock bought the stock so he could chock glocks full into his glock stock so he’s safe from any threat in a city block? Soon everyone will want a double glock stock and the stores will have to restock…

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