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Come join us in Atlanta at the NRA Annual Meetings for an awesome Q&A panel with some of the web’s best firearms content creators (plus me). The first 350 people will nab a big ol’ bag o’ swag, and everything from high-end firearms to suppressors to ammo to optics, gear, and much much more will be given away during the event . . .

In attendance will be The Gun Collective, Military Arms Channel, IraqVeteran8888, 22 Plinkster, Mr Guns n’ Gear, We Like Shooting, Four Guys Guns, and The Truth About Guns (Jeremy). Set up as a discussion panel, we’ll be taking all manner of questions and chatting about everything and anything gun-related and much more.

Last year’s event was great, but this year will be bigger and better! Quite possibly much bigger, as the NRA is officially presenting it and it’s being held right inside the same conference center. There’s room for about 600 attendees there, and expect it to be live-streamed on most of the panelists’ Facebook pages (FB Live viewers can ask questions, too).

I hope to see you there! Come to win a Hudson H9, a Daniel Defense DDM4v7, a Haus of Arms T/C Encore Rifle in .460 S&W with Bowers suppressor, an integrally suppressed Savage Mk2, 5000 rounds of Gemtech 22 lr, and a TON of holsters. In total, there are prizes from at least 25 companies from Nikon to Faxon.

Most of all, come to lob some softball questions at me!

When? Saturday, April 29th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Where? Georgia World Congress Center, 3rd floor in rooms B304/305
Ticket? Nope, it’s open admission! Entrance to the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is free with your NRA membership (register ahead of time, though, to skip the line).

If you can’t attend, check here and on TTAG’s Facebook page leading up to the 1:00 PM start for a link to the live stream.

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  1. Don’t have a facebook, but how about this one

    “I have a meeting with my congressman on the 8th of May about introducing legislation to repeal the NFA. What should I tell him? Does everyone here endorse such legislation?”

  2. I’ll be playing baseball in Cool Ray Field in a senior men’s baseball league tournament or else I would love to come. My NRA membership expired anyway.

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