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Murder increase Chicago Murder City USA

Holy Toledo, Batman! Rahm Emanuel’s gun control paradise gets the blame for almost half of America’s increase in urban murders. The Huffington Post, hardly a bastion of conservatism or law-and-order advocacy, dropped that news nugget in their story “The Murder Rate Jumped Again In 2016. A Handful Of Cities Are Largely Responsible.

WASHINGTON ― The national murder rate rose again last year, with much of the deadly spike concentrated in just a handful of U.S. cities, according to a report released Tuesday.

A new report from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law says Americans are “safer today than they have been at almost any time” in the past quarter-century, but projected an 8 percent increase in the nationwide murder rate.

The report finds that just a few U.S. cities played an outsized role in the nationwide uptick in the murder rate in recent years and had a distorting effect on the overall murder rate. Three cities ― Baltimore, Chicago and Houston ― “account for around half of the increase in murder in major cities between 2014 and 2016,” the report says.

In the 30 largest cities in the country, the murder rate increased by about 14 percent from 2015 to 2016, but Chicago alone “was responsible for 43.7 percent of the rise in urban murders in 2016,” according to the report. (There were more than 700 murders in Chicago last year, making it the deadliest year the city had seen since 1996.) The murder rate jump in certain cities, such as Chicago, is “indicative of localized problems in some cities, but not evidence of a national crime wave,” the report states.

Chicago’s residents have for generations been conditioned away from gun ownership. In fact, it took the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, approved in 2013, to begin to relax decades of local red tape and gun bans endured by the locals. A process that the city’s powers that be have fought tooth and nail ever since.

But slowly, more and more Windy City residents have made their way off the gun control plantation. In fact, last year, applications jumped 50% over 2015 for concealed carry licenses, and gun license (FOID card) applications ticked up 63%.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Chicago’s residents have no means with which to fight back against the gangsters roaming their neighborhoods. Until that changes, and unless local prosecutors and judges get serious about sending violent predators to prison, nothing much will change.

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  1. Between Obama’s beatification of Thuglife and his opening the Nation’s borders to everyone on the planet, it’s a miracle we haven’t descended into utter chaos on the scale of Baghdad. We have a very tough clean up looming and it’s going to get very messy, in all likelihood.

    • Probably the Ferguson effect has alot to do with the increase as well. With the cops backing off of active policing, so they won’t get accused of being “racist”, the bad guys can run wild.

      • Adding to the reasons for “un-policing” in black neighborhoods, Illinois passed a law a couple of years ago that requires that police provide a form with their name and badge number to the person contacted when conducting a “Terry stop” (going up to an individual on the street to talk to them, without ‘probable cause’, because the policeman thinks something doesn’t look right, or the individual is a known gang member, etc.). The policeman then has to turn in copies of all of these forms to the station when he ends his shift, plus a report on each one. This is seen by the police as a massive paperwork pain in the butt, plus an invitation for the ACLU or whoever to sue them. So they have stopped any proactive policing in Chicago and other big cities. Why give themselves grief to comply with an idiotic leftist law? Result: massive increase in crimes. Who’da thunk?

  2. Something to be proud of… Nice going Rahm, you useless piece of crap. For the love of god can they please send in the marines?

    • Eh, most of the murder victims are gang members. What does bother me are the few innocents caught in the cross-fire.

      • Yep. And how many are in self defense? If a gang member shots another member in self defense is it really murder?

        • Yep. Because both gang members chose to start a confrontation. I think we should rent Oakland-Alameda County Colisseum for an all-comers shootout, and then imprison the survivors.

  3. This trend is on a continuing upward trajectory that will be assisted by the current political party that seems to have a stranglehold on large urban cities.

  4. “Cut GUN Death Rate – Nuke Chicago!”

    I’m not sure I would have a problem with declaring martial law in Chicago, or creating a special unit to go in and simply eliminate the gangs. Gangs like MS-13 are so entrenched everywhere that there is only one way to end their activities. The legal system can’t do it. Only a response with extreme prejudice can bring that about.

    Things got so bad in the mid 60s, with thieves, pickpockets, and purse snatchers in Panama that the police were given orders to shoot anyone observed committing a crime. The word was put out to military and their dependents… if you are shopping and you hear anyone yell “ALTO”… GET DOWN! for that command will likely be followed by the sound of a 1911 .45 discharging. Stealing an apple from a cart was considered serious enough for deadly force. Age was not a factor since there were gangs of children living on the streets. It didn’t end crimes, but it did get some control back in the hands of the authorities.

  5. See? It’s all the fault of those Concealed Carry Killers and the courts that threw out Illinois’ Sensible Gun Laws.

    (for the benefit of those with defective sarcasm detectors, /sarc)

    • Fact is, you could draw a graph showing the number of Concealed Carry Licenses in Chicago, along with the violent crime rate, over the past several years and see a pretty strong correlation (both increasing steadily over time).

      Which is why Boch’s insistence on posting this “news” on a gun rights blog is stupid. There are plenty of big cities in the U.S. with more restrictive gun laws but less crime. It actually fits the gun-grabbers’ narrative fairly well.

      The absolute failure of civilization known as Chicago is not about gun rights. It has many contributing factors including a revolving door justice system.

      • ” There are plenty of big cities in the U.S. with more restrictive gun laws but less crime.”
        True. However, that points something out the antis don’t want pointed out, namely that it demonstrates that gun control isn’t the deciding factor.
        IOW, gun control doesn’t work, and we can prove it.

      • However, if it’s not the concealed carry license holders committing the murders (hint, it’s not!) then the fact that now there are legal concealed carriers is 100% irrelevant to the fact that the Chicago homicide rate is rising.

        It’s that pesky correlation v. causation thing!

    • Pretty much what I was going to say. I’m surprised the anti-freedom shills haven’t started the blame game yet. But give them time, they’ll get there.

  6. Remember the movies “Escape from New York” and “Escape from LA”?

    How about turning Chicago into a prison and progressive safe haven? It really couldn’t get any worse.

  7. After many years of watching the Chicago problem from afar I have come to the conclusion that Chicago wants to be a real life Gotham City. They have the political corruption, the emasculated police department, all powerful Organized crime, and the insane street gangs. Now all they need is costumes.

    • don’t forgot some kid with some serious emotional issues due to being a victim of a gangland robbery who also inherits an insane amount of money and decides that the aforementioned problems you describe are a reason to pursue his own type of vigilante justice…while dressed in an armored bat-like costume.

    • Because their aim sucks, they use FMJ ammo that overpenetrates, and innocents get killed too.

      Even in the worst neighborhoods, the percent of the population actively involved in the gangs is small. But they terrorize and control the neighborhoods while the rest of the population lives in fear.

  8. Let’s stop being the party of morons.

    Chicago’s violence has nothing to do with gun laws, whether you’re of the perspective that they’re too loose or too strict. Its literally irrelevant. Regardless of the gun laws that Chicago has, you can get all guns that are relevant to self defense. You can own any handgun of any ammo capacity. You can own rifles with up to 10 rounds capacity. There is debate over whether Chicago legally bans “assault weapons”, there is a law on the books, its never once been enforced, but regardless, guns that fit their definition of “assault weapons” are irrelevant to 99% of cases of legitimate DGUs.

    I am a gun owner in Chicago and the single worst aspect has nothing to do with the government gun laws, it has to do with the fact that the larger online ammo retailers for some reason are all conspiring to not ship ammo to Chicago even though its completely legal and even though many smaller ammo retailers will ship. I don’t know if they are trying to “take a stand against Chicago” or whatever it is they think they’re doing, but at the end of the day, the worst thing about being a gun owner in Chicago is being created by private businesses and not by the government.

    Chicago’s violence has only to do with socioeconomic issues. In the bad neighborhoods, there has been a complete breakdown of the family unit and simultaneous economic blight. These are kids who are not being socialized properly to be functional members of society or even minimally civilized people because they don’t have dads and their moms are working multiple part time service industry jobs and are never around AT BEST, in many cases the moms are on drugs and an even worse example. So they aren’t learning how to function in civilized society and all they know is kill or be killed.

    Stop humoring the moronic idea that if only they had more guns there would be less violence. Giving crack whores and un-parented 16 year olds more guns will not do anything positive. Whether it would do anything to make it worse, that’s hard to imagine, but its obviously not the solution. All you’re engaging in is race-baiting and racial trolling.


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