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The NRA YouTube video promoting national concealed carry reciprocity garnered a paltry 1,065 views at the time of posting. This despite the fact that both the House and Senate legislators have introduced bills for national reciprocity. Can you say back burner? That said, both sides of the gun rights issue need this “debate,” for different reasons . . .

Now that Hillary Clinton has been shuffled off to Buffalo, the pro-gun rights side needs a battle — some battle, any battle –to rally their base. ‘Cause that’s how the NRA, NAGR, SAF, etc. roll. (The cynical amongst you might suggest that the NRA et al. need an enemy to stoke the fires of their fundraising machines, but I couldn’t possibly comment.)

And now that Hillary Clinton has been shuffled off to Buffalo, anti-gun rights side need something to regain the political momentum for federal gun control. While the spread of Extreme Risk Protection Orders and “universal background checks” has kept the antis busy, they know the rise of Constitutional and Campus Carry has eroded their grassroots support (such as it isn’t).

Basically, we’re looking at the gun rights equivalent of The Phoney War (a.k.a., sitzkreig). Nothing will happen to national reciprocity legislation for the time being — until and unless President Trump scores some legislative victories re: his main campaign promises. And/or when the former real estate typhoon [sic] is facing re-election and once again needs the pro-gun vote. What are the odds?

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  1. If I were to be strategic about it, I would wait until the Peruta case gets settled in the Supreme Court.
    This would put the whole second amendment topic to rest.
    That way h.r 38 would have a better chance.
    The law of the land is the law of the land.

  2. I’d rather see them take their time on it and get it right.

    There are things we can do to make it more palatable, like throw them a bone with a universal training requirement, but the main opposition on that will come from our side, not theirs.

    If we get some good news this year with an additional new SCOTUS justice, that will go a long way in our favor towards judicial challenges the Left will try and bury us in…

    • “There are things we can do to make it more palatable, like throw them a bone with a universal training requirement, but the main opposition on that will come from our side, not theirs.”

      If that would get the House version passed, I’d be all for it, but that wouldn’t even be enough to get the weak-sauce Senate version passed. So pissed at Senator Cornyn who is the sponsor.

  3. Its an issue that will work itself out in what is appearing to be a short order.

    The left is becoming desperate, because they keep losing at the polls and on the streets. Look for an escalation on their part in short order. he drubbing they took at the second battle of Berkley will not be taken lightly. SJW’s always double down.

    The civil war has started, helicopter rides will be forthcoming.

  4. While I really want to get CCW Reciprocity and NFA fixes (prefer to remove the whole thing), the main benefit of Trump is the repair of the Court. The entire federal court system has been overrun with leftist appointments, many of which date back to Clinton. If he gets off his backside and fills all the vacant slots and any new ones that come open in the next couple of years, he will have appointed almost 40% of the federal bench! This is huge, huge!

    The rumors of a retirement from SCOTUS this Summer mean that he will likely get to replace Kennedy with a real conservative, but the real fix for the Court would be to replace Ginsburg or Breyer. We can only hope!

  5. “Silence” from their constituents is often construed as “consent” (to them doing nothing).”This is not so however. Silence can as easily, and perhaps even more readily, indicate equal incredulity. And in their silence, in an effort to shade mounting answer to the perceived threat; individuals are drawing swords.
    Silence, you will remember, is what you receive a little of, from the firing squad, before
    you receive an eternity of it.” (J.M. Thomas, R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 45.)

    Silence from the U.S. Representatives constituents on the matter (R or D) of Concealed Reciprocity should be construed as “we think you’re handling it”. This is an easy one, you’ve been fluffing and phoning it in for the last 8 years. Move your butts.

  6. The general rule with legislation is to count the number of co-sponsors. Legislation with the most backers usually takes priority and gets pushed to the front.

  7. Robert Farago your site appears to really hate my VPN. Tried with Firefox and Chrome under Android and Win10 and I was only able to edit a post without the dreaded – your post has been marked as spam – after I exited my VPN connection. Likely this is a problem with WordPress and out of your hands, but I thought you should know.

  8. The only form of national reciprocity that might pass is a watered down version that merely provides some small convenience for people who can already carry in their home state. It does nothing to liberate shall-issue ‘stans like Los Angeles, NYC, MD, or New Jersey. Please don’t try to sell people the hogwash that Legislators in MD or NJ will somehow be shamed when they see Texan’s carrying. Democratic legislators have no shame, first. Nor do they care about your personal safety. They will re-elected no matter what. This kind of reciprocity has done nothing for NY, CA, or PA, which already have effective shall-issue in many rural counties. Meaningful reciprocity first forces states to recognize the right to carry in some form. Sorry to all you states right people, we crossed that bridge with the 14th Amendment. RKBA is one of the privileges and immunities Congress can regulate.

    I predict Republicans will fight amongst themselves over states rights vs meaningfully reform. We will either get a watered down “meh” bill that caters to states rights ideologues – but will be not meaningfully better than nothing at all – or we will get nothing at all. At least with “nothing” we know what it is, and there will not be any horsecrap from the NRA-ILA about a “Win”. Without a nationally recognized right to carry (shall issue), reciprocity is pointless.

    It’ll be like the GA 6th… 11 republicans fight each other instead of the the Democrat, and the Dem will nearly win.

    The GOP will lose seats during the mid-term, as the Presidential incumbent’s party nearly always does. So if nothing happens soon, it probably won’t

    • While I don’t disagree with your thoughts on national reciprocity, I think you are wrong about 2018. The math for the Senate brings 8 Republican seats up for reelection vs 25 for the Democrats. A lot of those Democrat seats are in safe states for them, but not all so I am expecting the Republicans to pick up a couple of seats there. I am really expecting to see movement on the HPA sometime in the next six to eight months because it is low hanging fruit and the Republicans need to be able to show Gun Owners that they can get something done for them.

      • Presidential incumbents party has lost ground during mid terms every year since the 1920s, except twice (2002 was one year). People like checks and balances. Mid terms are low turnout affairs, so motivatiin (hatred?) matters too. The way the GOP is infighting, they will not be popular. Who knows, Trump might even campaign against the Do-Nothing Congress. He used to be a Democrat and he’s already pledged to make deals with them.

        It is far more than a possibility IMO.

        • Yes, but keep in mind, every election related tradition has been blown out of the water with Trumps victory. Love him or hate him It’s a new era in American politics. Short of nuclear war, Trump will continue to defy expectations in 2018 and 2020, simply because all his opponents STILL do not understand him, and definetky do not understand the fly over states. Many of those states will never be in democratic hands ever again.

    • I wouldn’t be so down trodden. Many of the mid term election seats for the senate are in states Trump won. And I really don’t see the house flipping democrat any time in the next decade.

  9. Reciprocity can go absolutely nowhere while the Dims control cloture-proof numbers. There won’t be more than 55 votes for reciprocity (at best), so kiss it goodbye.

    Plus I’m getting a little bored with all the Trump hate from TTAG. Guys, put a sock in it, okay? You’ve already made it painfully obvious where you stand.

    • Agreed. It’s like they actually believe CNN or something. I’d honestly trust the onion over them.

    • So why do we bother voting for the GOP if they won’t do anything legislatively we want them to EXCEPT whine about how we need to keep voting for them again?

      I’m tired of hearing crybaby excuses about what the democrats will do so the republicans can avoid doing anything themselves. Get up there and make the democrats filibuster it.

      • And then what? The Dims invoke the 60-vote rule, the bill goes to the floor and is defeated, and we go home losers.

        Great plan!

        • How is it better not to try at all? We have precious few chances to go on the attack, and I have a hard time seeing how it would hurt to try pushing this through even if it fails in the end.

        • Generally I agree with the “try” argument. Even if the bill goes nowhere, it becomes a campaign issue in 2018. “Your Senator voted with the Dems and against gun rights”…

        • That’s not how it should work. The way things are, there isn’t any major bill the Democrats won’t filibuster. So what the Republicans should do is get together on everything that can be agreed on by 50 Senators and a majority of the House. Put it all in one bill. Pass it in the House. Schedule a legislative day that lasts a hundred calendar days (or however many/few as are necessary). The executive session would continue during the day, so other business would be getting done. At night the Democrats would have to hold the floor continuously. Each Senator only gets two speeches in a legislative day. Once they “give up” the floor, their speech is over. There are procedural shenanigans that would force a Senator to “give up” the floor to the point where the Democrats would have a minimum of two speeches a calendar day. After all the speeches, debate is over and an up or down vote is held. This is how the Civil Rights Act finally passed over Democrat filibusters.

          This is how the filibuster works under the current rules of the Senate. The filibuster is only an excuse as to how much the Republicans can pass. It is not an excuse to not pass anything.

  10. 1999… new era for stock market valuation
    2006.. new era for home price valuation
    2017… new era for politics?

    Complacency and arrogance are the enemy. Just ask “got it in the bag” Hillary. GOP needs to act like they are 5 points behind, becauae they are.

  11. More self-defeatist pessimism. Yeah let’s all just give up. That’s how we won this election. By staying home. Really, give up on Florida open carry. Give up on HPA. Give up on National Reciprocity. Fuck that weak ass shit. Pressure the bastards and keep up the momentum. It’s time that we’re the ones to ram some hardcore shit through congress. If they fail then we make them pay in the primaries. You can’t say we don’t make a difference in congress or the NRA wouldn’t be as powerful as it is. The GOP simply thinks they can sweet talk us then think we’ll be happy with status quo. We need to re teach them the lessons we did with the tea party.

  12. Could TTAG evolve into more than just a news site, but an actual rallying point for gun rights?

    Your model changed dramatically from an anti in office to a “pro” in office. If you actually engage activists, and help set up a map of people to lobby, numbers, campaigns, etc. you can actually do something to help us AND get hardcore rabid grassroots activists here to plug the site as an asset and a rallying point, which will undoubtedly increase your clicks and revenue.

    Something to consider. I’m not an expert, but I’m champing at the bit and trying to set up my own local campaigns. If a platform like TTAG wanted to help, we could get a hell of a lot done, and cement your site as the bleeding edge of gun rights. Feel free to send an email, there’s a few campaigns I’d imagine mirroring.

  13. “And/or when the former real estate typhoon [sic] is facing re-election and once again needs the pro-gun vote.”

    At which time he still needn’t do anything. Just promise. Again.

    Most of us will never learn, and them boys at the NRA are already bought.

    • Vote us into the majority of the legislature, we’ll pass laws X, Y, Z…
      (years later)
      Well… vote us into the presidency AND the legislature, we’ll pass laws X, Y, Z…
      (years later)
      Uh…. vote MORE of us into the legislature! That’s the ticket!

      When I see the GOP race to blow up consumer protections first thing while ignoring the issues they ran on, I think things are pretty clear. I was pretty much a single-issue voter the past couple cycles- they’ve lost my vote if they don’t do something before asking for it again.

      • Who else is there to vote for, though? I’d love not to vote for a Republican, but third-party votes go nowhere. And after Barry O’s second term, I’ll be goddamned if I ever vote for anyone with a D next to their name again.

    • Just got a survey from Trump, asking me to rank his top 12 priorities and comment on a few more. Nothing related to firearms or Second Amendment on the whole list. I expect nothing from him.

  14. ALL of the pro-gun groups need to fly a single banner together as a cohesive force to start pushing back against the well heeled anti’s, AND to start dismantling the states legal overreach into the 2nd Amendment. Start sending out emails about pushing back against the left’s destruction of our civil rights, the 2nd being essential. No convenient case to test your new powers on? So start one, all of the pro-gun groups need to file a suit against any of the gun control bastions, CA, NY, etc… 31 flavors of gun control, pick you poison, and start the email chutes. Fire up the base the way the left does by creating it out of whole cloth, the difference on our side is that our basis would be on an actual REAL concern. What gain we make now can be attacked when the political pendulum swings back in 8 years, so WHY NOT work to make MASSIVE strides for the American people’s piece of mind?

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