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We noticed something important at last year’s Texas Firearms Festival: new shooters. Ticket holders who’d never shot a gun before. To their credit, kind-hearted reps from mainstream manufacturers took the time to introduce newbies to the joys of shooting. Unfortunately, it was a fairly slow process. Thanks to the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) and UTM, we’re dedicating the entire Best of the West outdoor pistol range to “learn to shoot”instruction, available to both Shooter and Non-Shooter ticket holders. On November 14 and 15, expert instructors will teach . . .

handgun basics: grip, stance, sight picture, breathing, trigger press and follow through. New shooters will emerge from the experience with the attitude and technique they need to begin a lifetime of pleasure enjoying in the shooting sports, and the foundational mindset and skills they need for armed self-defense.

But before all that, new shooters will be taught firearms safety. Always safety. As we pointed out in a previous post, safety is the Texas Firearms Festival’s first and highest priority. The TSRA – protecting the rights of the law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms – wants to make sure that it’s new shooters first and highest priority, too.


The TSRA’s partnership with UTM plays an important role in the Texas Firearms Festival’s New Shooter Pistol Range. For those of you unfamiliar with UTM, the company is known for its “man marker” cartridges: non-lethal training rounds that contain a small amount of non-toxic, washable ink for “marking” hits. They’re rounds fired from modified but “normal” firearms, used in force-on-force training.

Don’t worry! New shooters won’t be shooting at anything other than targets! They’ll be using UTM’s 9mm Target Bullet Rounds (TBR): non-lethal rounds that shoot and feel exactly the same as “normal” bullets. TBRs offer new shooters – and their instructors – an extra level of safety and peace of mind.

The TSRA New Shooters Pistol Range at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival encourages Shooter and VIP ticket holders to bring newbies to the event – who can also enjoy The Range at Austin Retail Village and Austin’s finest food truck cuisine.

Are you encouraged? Click here to buy your Non-Shooter, Shooter and/or VIP tickets to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival. As we’ve pointed out many times, ticket sales are strictly limited to assure minimal line length. Once the shooting tickets are gone, that’s it. No more. We’ve already sold a thousand of the three thousand tickets available to the general public. So don’t delay. Buy yours today!

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  1. Will there be anyone at the festival who has experience working with disabled shooters? I’m bringing my brother and his left arm was amputated at the elbow.

    We’re hoping to use this as a means to find a pistol type that will work for him.

    • An AR pistol with an SB-Tactical brace is the way to go! And guess what? SB-Tatical is sponsoring the Rifle Range.

      Ping me at [email protected] and I’ll hook you up with them, so your brother can get some personal attention. And by that I mean trigger time!

  2. Will they be willing to work with the under-12 crowd at all? What an incredible opportunity to bring kids in with some professional instruction, though I understand that it may be outside of the comfort zone since kids need a lot of direct attention and a special mindset on the part of the instructor.

  3. RF, this concept absolutely ROCKS! No newbies in my family, but we’ll be sure to check in and see this. Could be a big seller for future TIFFs.

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