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“While gun rights advocates wrangled with the Secret Service over firearms at the Republican National Convention,” reports, “the Texas GOP confirmed it will allow both open and concealed carry at its convention in Dallas in May.” Although permitted open carry only became law in The Lone Star State last January, the pro-pistol policy is not new. Legally carried guns have been welcome since Texans reclaimed their concealed carry rights from post-bellum racism. Open Carry Texas leader C.J. Grisham put the “debate” over guns ‘n pols into its proper perspective . . .

Open Carry Texas leader C.J. Grisham said he will carry a gun when he attends the Texas GOP convention because “there’s no such thing as a safe place.”

“The bottom line is there is no place where you cannot be the target of criminal activity,” Grisham said. “Since there’s no such thing to a safe place, there should be no place where you don’t have a right to a self-defense.”

Grisham said Monday that blame for the fallout over the national convention wasn’t on the party, since the Secret Service made the decision to ban guns. But he said if Republican lawmakers were really pro-gun, they should pass laws preventing the Secret Service from creating gun-free zones.

“It is really kind of sad to say you have to pass laws that say you have to obey the Constitution,” Grisham said. “These are our rights. Our rights should not end just because any individual person wanders into an area.”


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  1. I think this is awesome. It’s true that gun owners and rights supporters have to put our money where our mouth is. All this will do is provide more evidence that guns != violence. Now they cannot accuse gun rights supporters of being hypocrites.

      • Just like in biology, where the rule of thumb is “if it bites, it’s most likely female”, if it’s an act of gun violence, it’s likely a Progressive is committing it…

  2. Gosh, haven’t seen nor heard about demonstrations from Ms. Moms demand action minions lately? Wonder if Moyer Bloomers cut her funding due to lack of results he wants?

  3. So long as you can keep the Secret Service away from the strippers and the prostitutes they should be safe. Everyone else attending the convention is on their own. By the way, what is the GSA ordering number for condoms and how do the aforementioned SS members get reimbursed for prophylactics on their expense report? If the president asks his protective detail for a rubber, how does that get worked out? I’m sure all of my rhetorical questions are state secrets.

  4. I hope nothing stupid happens. Im all for 2A , but this looks like a setup to me. I trust Texan republicans with guns, I dont trust democrat instigators with guns. The yahall test needs to be implemented. Democrats cant say yahall

  5. I’m sure the dems will predict blood in the streets again, like they always do. Once again they will be wrong.

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