Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver Jordan Edwards Murder
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“A Dallas County jury has found ex-Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver guilty of murder in the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, an African-American youth who was unarmed when Oliver shot him in April 2017. The jury deliberated for about 12 hours over a period of two days before reaching its verdict. The courtroom erupted in cries and cheers from Edwards’ family afterward as they clapped and hugged each other.” That’s from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram.

Oliver was on trial after shooting into a car full of teenagers leaving a party in April of 2017.

Oliver shot into the back of a 2004 black Impala where Edwards was a passenger on April 29 last year. The then-officer claimed the car was about to run over his partner, Officer Tyler Gross, but several witnesses and video taken from the officer’s body camera show the car was moving away from Gross.

When Oliver was indicted on murder charges last year, Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said the indictment was hopefully a message to bad police officers that “if you do wrong, we will prosecute you.” …
Until Oliver’s conviction, it had been more than 40 years since an on-duty officer had been convicted of killing someone in a shooting.

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      • I hear a lot of people say something similar to, “if you run, cops should use their gun.” They feel if you don’t want to get shot, you shouldn’t flee.

        • Was Charles Kinsey “running” when he was shot by the North Miami PD while lying on his back with his hands in the air?

        • Only problem was, the driver wasn’t fleeing from LE.
          And of course the dead kid in the back seat wasn’t doing a damn thing.

        • Hmm, I don’t remember this version of the story, but it tends to conflict with what I claimed above, so I’m quoting it in the interest of fairness and balance:

          While talking to the party’s host inside the house, gunshots rang out. The shots were later discovered to have been fired from a nearby nursing home.

          The officers ran from the house — Oliver to get his patrol rifle — and toward the nursing home. Within 54 seconds, Jordan was dead.

          Gross was trying to stop the Chevrolet Impala that Jordan, his brothers and friends were in when Oliver fired into the car. Oliver said he thought the car was going to hit his partner. But witnesses testified the car was trying to avoid hitting the officer, which explains why Gross wasn’t fearing for his life.

      • They were drinking underage and attempting to flee without getting ticketed at the party that the officers had just broken up.

        That doesn’t change the facts of the shooting, of course, which, if anything, is all the more reason not to sugarcoat (read: lie) about what they were doing by characterizing it as “just leaving a party.”

        Drinking underage is dangerous. Some might even call it a stupid game. Don’t play it.

        • As I understand it, the cops broke up the party, talked amiably with them, and instructed them to leave. That’s not fleeing from a minor in possession ticket.

          Then shots were heard from a nearby nursing home and things got strange.

        • And the dead kid had zero intoxicants in his system.
          Probably a major reason why the jury didn’t go all copsucker on this one.

          He killed an adolescent, not yet old enough to drive, who could be accused of doing absolutely nothing wrong.

          So instead of ‘should we ruin a cop’s life over this criminal?’, the question the jury asked themselves was ‘should this innocent kid lose his life because this cop’s a criminal?’

    • It just breaks my heart.
      He was booked into jail at 7:32 PM 8/28/2018

      He was born Sept 9th Looks like he can spend his 39th birthday in jail.
      Let’s all send him a birthday card!!

  1. Yeah in Chiraq they’re trying to claim a15 year old black yout killed himself after being chased by the po-leece. NO ONE believes that line of BS…in this day and age with camera’s and witnesses everywhere youda’ thunk they could think of a better line…

        • I have never liked the death penalty. It makes it all too easy for crooked cops and prosecutors to solve a case with no chance of being re-opened. Illinois governor commuted all death sentences to life without parole because while 12 prisoners were executed one year, 13 were exonerated due to forged evidence and other perjury. (I don’t remember the exact numbers, only that there were more perjury victims than executed prisoners.)

          Cops have a reputation for dropping untraceable guns and otherwise framing suspects, beating people up, shooting them. Of course it’s only a small minority giving the rest the bad rep, but you cannot convince me that the “good” cops didn’t know what was going on. As far as I’m concerned, those so-called good cops are going to have to come out of the closet and start turning in the bad cops if they want to earn a better reputation.

        • Yup, the cops must have cornered him, handcuffed him, put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger because they had a bet to see how far his brains would blow. Who doesn’t love doing that kind of paperwork instead of, you know, just locking someone up?

          Or… maybe the same idiots that believed the Michael Brown “hands up” narrative will believe anything that falls into their dindu versus cop narrative, no matter how stupid it sounds.

    • Don’t bet on it.

      The union is still claiming that Jonathan Aledda of the North Miami PD was justified in shooting unarmed mental health worker Charles Kinsey while he lay on his back, his hands in the air.

      They claim he was trying to “protect” Kinsey from an autistic young man holding a toy truck. The funny thing is Aledda HANDCUFFED the person he was supposedly “protecting”, AFTER SHOOTING HIM to the point where it cut off circulation to his hands.

      There’s no such thing as a “bad shooting”, just one that the union hasn’t found a way to justify… YET.

      There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Black Lives Matter and any police union. They’re just advocacy groups for violent sociopaths.

  2. Not mentioned in this article were the multiple accounts of ‘Super Cop’ Roy Oliver being a hot head and pulling a gun for jo good reason on and off duty, these came to light after the killing of Jordan Edwards.

    • If Oliver had a history of pulling his gun for no reason on and off duty he should have been fired before tis happened.

      • I think a lot of Californian cops that pulled their guns for ridiculous reasons are still working as police. Like that Mentos incident.

        • Generally I am against policies that restrict the readying of a firearm because it costs lives (as in: it has cost lives in the past). HOWEVER. There is always that nitwit (i.e. mentos man) that takes my benefit of the doubt and stomps it.

      • Google “Gerald Callahan, Chicago Police Department”.

        As with “known wolf” terrorists, bad cops almost ALWAYS have a history which was never dealt with by those responsible for doing so.

        As with the molestation scandal in the Catholic Church, deviant characters in police departments are allowed to act with impunity. They are then promoted to positions where they can in turn hire and promote those like them. Eventually, the organization operates by, of and for the deviants, whether they molest little boys or try to stomp barmaids to death.

  3. Is this the one where something sounded like gunshots, then a car was seen fleeing from the area where the gunshots were heard (hey, what are we supposed to do when we encounter deadly violence, run away, right?).
    And a cop opened fire on the fleeing car, assuming that he was shooting a carload of drive by shooters with no solid evidence that they had actually been involved in any crime?

    If that’s the one, then yep, causing death by felonious assault was my original interpretation of the officer involved part of the shooting. I’m still surprised they got murder instead of manslaughter.

    An expert in the use of force also testified that Oliver was not justified in shooting Edwards.
    Does anybody know if the expert witness was the Force Science Institute? If it was, it’d be the first time I’d heard of him not supporting use of force.

    • The use of force expert used by prosecutors in the Oliver case was Dr. Philip Hayden, not Bill Lewinski AKA Force Science Institute.

  4. #ShouldHaveBeenDGU: if an armed gang of thugs shoot into a car? you best defend yourself.

    this monkey shit govt terrorist faggot is getting off easy.

    Utah Option, conviction would be cheaper for this waste of space.

    stupid fuck murders an innocent kid, and taxpayers have to have their wealth stolen, to pay to house, feed, and medically take care of however long this waste of space cuntfuck’s gonna be inside the cage??

    FUCK that.

    whuat a waste of resources: let him feed on his own shit, and drink his urine, until he runs out. whatever happens thereafter?

    play stupid games. win stupid prizes.

    #KARMA, ya govt terrorist motherfucker.


  5. So when does this pig get turned into bacon? What are the odds he offs himself before he gets sent to the anal rape state penitentiary?

  6. About time. Still doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of murderous cops (who are in turn a small minority, yes, I know) get off scot free, but this is a step in the right direction!

    And he will either be murdered within a week or he’ll check himself into the hole and spend decades in solitary, which will obliterate his mind. Either way, I’d call that justice


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