Teacher Training Shootings
Cindy Bullock, Timpanogos Academy secretary, participates in shooting drills at the Utah County Sheriff's Office shooting range during the teacher's academy training, in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. About 30 teachers in Utah are spending their summer learning how to stuff wounds and shoot guns as part of a training held by police to prepare educators for an active shooter scenario in their schools. (AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer)
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By Rob Morse

While it may be hard to believe for readers here, a lot of people aren’t gun owners. They don’t share a home with someone who owns a firearm. Most people also believe what they’re told in the news. Put those few facts together and you see another reason I’m passionate about arming school staff to defend our children.

We know that the politicians who serve anti-gun billionaires will push for more gun control after the next attack on a school. That makes gun control sound inevitable, but it isn’t. There are important factors at work. Most parents want their children protected, and armed defense works. That means you are the person who will save our right to bear arms. The future is in your hands.

We’ve seen this story before. Well-paid Democrat politicians have legislation ready to go, designed disarm honest law-abiding citizens. An attack on innocent children provides just the kind of “crisis” they need.

To quote the famous Democrat (and failed mayor) Rahm Emanuel, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” The lie that honest gun owners are somehow the problem will be spread from coast to coast before the truth finishes its first cup of coffee.

That isn’t theory, it’s history. We saw new laws passed in New York after the attacks there. We saw the same thing happen again in California. The sad truth is that too many of us are one school attack away from losing our right to bear arms. The corporate media and Democrat politicians are all too eager to exploit these tragedies and ignore the hundreds of thousands of people and lives that gun owners save every day.

The good news is that you’re the antidote to all of the gun control misinformation. Your voice matters…but only if you use it. Local politicians get their courage from you and the questions you ask. Your voice might save both children in your schools and adults in your community.

Ask your local school board if they have a safety plan. Ask when they had their last safety audit. Which school in the district has gone the longest without performing a combined exercise with law enforcement, emergency medical providers, and the school safety team. Does the school board have armed volunteer staff in every school? Is any deficiency due to a policy decision or from a lack of volunteers? If they say that School Resource Officers are enough, then ask if children are ever at school when an SRO isn’t on premises and on duty.

Every parent deserves to know about the safety plans in their schools, even though the board may be reluctant to give you answers. Asking the question puts the board on record as to the extent to which they have addressed school safety. And they need to be on record if they’re ignoring the best practices to protect our children.

As a matter of record, there has never been an attack at a school that had a public policy of arming volunteer school staff members. Rather than leave their children unprotected, more parents want their children protected at school by armed staff or armed law enforcement.


Your involvement might not save every child. There are some school boards who will put politics ahead of children’s safety. As an engaged citizen, it’s up to us to help voters get the safety they want. I know there are a million excuses for us to stay home. You already know the reasons you should get involved.

Those who don’t believe that evil men might hunt their children will act shocked and mystified if violence ever comes to their school. The deluded idealism of gun control is often the fig leaf used to hide willful negligence. Hindsight is a bitter pill for them to swallow, but foresight can be, too. Anti-gun lobbyists tell us that guns don’t belong in schools…until someone hears gunshots in the hallway. I’d rather have that argument now so we might avoid trauma care later.

Working to protect our children isn’t too much to ask. We simply want the kids returned to us in the same good health they had when we dropped them off at school each the morning. We can’t wait for an attack in our school district because the truth about how to keep them safe is obvious, time and time again. Ask your school board about their safety plans and protocols. It’s important for both our children’s safety today, and for everyone’s safety tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do.


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. The title of this article:

    How to Meet New People, Preserve Gun Rights, and Save Lives

    I can tell you what will NOT work well in regards to the above: start calling people awful names and hurl obscene insults at them if they have a different opinion from yours.

    Being nasty and obscene is NOT the way to win hearts and minds.

    • They have *zero* interest in considering you to be human, so why should I do for them what they would never willingly do to me?

      It it was late at night and I happened across a fresh single-vehicle accident and saw a bumper-sticker that indicated they bent to the left, in no way would I feel guilty about just driving on by and forgetting I ever saw them… 🙂

      • Geoff PR,

        There is no doubt that there are scumbags among us. The only distinctions which may be of interest is whether said scumbags quietly support, vocally support, or directly help carry-out the most heinous of actions.

        My “formula” in terms of how to respond to scumbags is quite simple. Note that this formula is in order of escalating threat from a scumbag:
        — If they lob an insult, I ignore them.
        — If they lob lots of insults often, I call them out on their awful behavior.
        — If they move to mild and/or implied threats, I caution them.
        — If they move to serious threats, I try to capture it on video for prosecution and ensure them that I am not phased.
        — If they initiate direct threatening action, I respond in self-defense.

        Note my response above to repeated and frequent insults. (I no longer ignore them and, instead, call them out on their awful behavior.) That is purposeful since repeated and frequent insults signals that the scumbag has ZERO regard for you and is now “testing the waters” to determine if you are passive enough for that scumbag to initiate threats and even attacks. Pushing back and nipping that in the bud signals that you will NOT be a victim and will usually dissuade them from continuing.

        • “testing the waters”

          Or it’s the only thing they know to do (defense mechanism) when they feel like their ego has been threatened. It’s often a sign of low self-esteem. Also see narcissistic rage.

    • Uncommon, you might want to tell that to our Leftist control freaks, who have taken up residence here?

    • commonbozo…You berating my efforts which extends to berating the efforts of others to educate the public about the History of Gun Control was not exactly friendly. In fact it was darn right “tribal” to use your word. If you want respect you prissy mealy mouth ivory tower busy body two bit preacher then you show respect.

      • No, Debbie Dimwit, the “bad people” here do NOT ‘attack you’ for ‘trying to educate them’ – we have ALL known all this sh*t for YEARS; you are telling us nothing new, and your presentation is simplistic, boring, repetitive (and ususually ungrammatical). We aren’t “afraid” of your “knowledge”; we’re bored to freakin’ tears by your one-note mantra.

        Give us a similar diatribe about “keep your booger hook off the bang switch”. Guess what? That’s “true” too . . . and we all already know it, and your presentation would add NOTHING to our knowledge, and would bore the crap out of us. Get the picture?????

        No. No, I didn’t think you would. Get the hint, Debbie Dimwit, before EVERYONE on this blog decides you belong in the same category as MajorLiar and dacian the demented. You are quickly wearing out our tolerance of your bullsh*t. Don’t go away mad, Debbie Dimwit, just . . . go away.

      • “If you want respect you prissy mealy mouth ivory tower busy body two bit preacher then you show respect.”


        Try practicing what you preach.

        Start by sincerely apologizing for your very un-ladylike behavior to LKB… 🙁

        • Funny she said that right after uncommon said this…”I can tell you what will NOT work well in regards to the above: start calling people awful names and hurl obscene insults at them if they have a different opinion from yours.”

          What the heck Debbie? You’ve been coming down on everyone lately. Lighten up.

    • well,..based on what just happened…it looks like locking the doors finally worked….

  2. I am all for arming teachers, except for the depraved, p0rn0-pushing, trahny-trophing, peh-doh-fiic, satahn-worshipping low-life that are infesting the public and private schools. They prey on students, so, let’s arm against them.

  3. I think due to the fact that Federal Law enforcement has been totally corrupted with the possible exception of the Border Patrol who has to fight to be able to do their job, Communities need to establish their own Home Guard Self Defense Organizations to push back on unconstitutional searches and seizures including Red Flag Laws which do not follow due process procedures. When the Federal Government feels compelled to send 20 armed ATF and IRS agents to a law-abiding citizen’s gun shop when a phone call and normal visit would suffice without the guns and battle armor you know that they are trying to intimidate everyone. Perhaps if they were met by 100 community residents asking to see the nature of the warrant before entering an establishment and having the victim ask for an explanation of the charges and by whom they might think twice about overreach and exceeding their authority. Everyone is entitled to due process and being innocent until proven guilty. Federal law enforcement makes up reasons to get at people including our former President Donald Trump. If they can do that to a former President what makes anyone think they cannot do that to anyone in this Country. Unless people want to be slaves, they better wake up and start banding together for their own self-protection. Self Defense are the two key words. Protective yourself against unconstitutional acts by any law enforcement.

    • “Perhaps if they were met by 100 community residents asking to see the nature of the warrant before entering an establishment and having the victim ask for an explanation of the charges and by whom they might think twice about overreach and exceeding their authority.”

      This dprato!

      It would be a sight to see. Unfortunately people weigh their freedom versus activism. That needs to change before our freedoms are gone forever.

  4. I have it on good authority that in Texas, at least, annuities are being offered to the survivors of perpetrators of mass shootings in return for committing the crime in the Hamas model in the middle east. What I don’t know is what group has decided the crises aren’t coming fast enough so they are creating them. Democrats? Gun controllers? Communists? Your call!

  5. I’ll pass supporting public schools. Happy my granddaughters are homeschooled! Also happy my 4 son’s are long past that stage…oh & Tiny Dancer© didn’t fail in Chiraq. Rahm accomplished what he set out to do. Further the total Dim control…

    • I home schooled my children until they reached middle school. Then they attended private Christian school. Then they continued to live in my home after I divorced their mother. So there’s that. They are inoculated against the left. Both own firearms and vote.

    • walker,

      I’m no fan of public schools, either, but they are a reality. Some people, living paycheck-to-paycheck, really don’t HAVE a viable option. Group schools and ‘school pods’ can help, but public schools are always going to be here.

      My beef is that I am funding them. If they are being funded with MY tax money, they need to teach readin’, ‘ritin’, and ‘rithmetic. There is NO reason the average taxpayer should be obligated, at gunpoint (and let’s be honest; that’s what taxation is) to fund ‘critical race theory’, or ‘gender studies’ or anything of the sort. You get the kids back to the point where 80% or better are reading at grade level, and we can talk about how you might want to expand the curriculum, but not until then. As long as I own property, I am funding public schools, and I have a right to know what my money is going for, and NOT have it spent for ‘woke’ nonsense that contributes NOTHING to any real education.


    • NTexas, You are the only person I know who thinks that inanimate objects can do bad things, for that matter on theirs own.

  7. quote————Most parents want their children protected, and armed defense works. That means you are the person who will save our right to bear arms. The future is in your hands.——–quote

    Falsehood. Studies show when there is gun in the home you are 3 more times likely to be a victim of either an accident or a homicide. Most of the women homicides are committed by their husbands and the husbands often kill the children as well. Each year 1,300 or more children die from gun accidents in the home.

    quote———– Does the school board have armed volunteer staff in every school?———quote

    Poorer districts do not even have enough money for adequate school supplies or adequate teacher salaries so where in the hell do you think they could come up with enough money to hire armed guards and harden and turn the building into an armed fortress. Its laughable because they are public buildings and sealing them off is neither practical or affordable for most of the 115,576 schools in the U.S.

    Armed teachers are a bad idea as well as most teachers are not skilled in the use of firearms and would be more a danger to themselves and the children than they would be in a firefight with a maniac with a bullet proof vest and a high power assault rifle.

    Most teachers respect human life and would hesitate to shoot while the armed nut case would not hesitate to shoot.

    When you let any nut case or criminal buy all the second hand unvetted guns they want you have rivers of blood flowing in the schools and in the streets. Even a 5th grader could understand that.

    The gun laws of other countries have proven to work and work far better than our complete lack of any sane gun laws which would indeed reduce vastly the number of guns in the wrong hands.

    Sane gun laws restrict or totally outlaw weapons of mass destruction. Britain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, just to name a few, all passed very restrictive gun laws after they had mass shootings and the laws worked.

    The above countries including Japan all have Safe Storage Laws, Red Flag Laws, Mental evaluations for prospective gun buyers, restrictions or outlawing of assault rifles and pistols, waiting periods, Universal Background Checks, Registration, and in depth criminal background checks just to name a few of the laws.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD So parents don’t want their children protected? Are you out of your mind? Where did you get that statistic from? The back of your empty head? Children get hurt all the time. It’s called childhood? And most of the mishaps have nothing to do with firearms.
      For your further edification, most school districts can get grant money from their own state or the Federal Government to fund arming teachers or having off duty police to provide security. the School District I live in is not rich and we have retired police and corrections officers manning the “ramparts.” And you know we haven’t had one single “mass shooter” incident. You see when the bad guy (your buddies) know there is a good possibility that their is armed personnel, they choose someplace else. You must spend all your free times thinking up this nonsense.
      Arming a teacher is a great idea. Again, if the bad guy thinks there is armed people on the premises they go elsewhere. But then that thought kind of escaped your reasoning. Your right about one thing, Most teachers respect human life, that is why they want to protect it from your friends, the criminal element.
      Those gun laws you talk about in other “civilized (sic)” countries work real good. Instead of guns the criminals use knives, etc. Oh yeah, “real civilized”. didn’t New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Sweden have “mass shooting” incidents?
      Your “safe storage laws” are another misnomer. What good is your self defense firearm if it is locked in a safe unloaded? For your information, my self defense GLOCK is ALWAYS loaded in a biometric gun box. Guess why?
      Again, Lefty, “Red Flag Laws” are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why? I know we have gone through this before, but here we go again, Your “Red Flag Laws” are a denial of a person’s 14th Amendment right to due process. The Constitution says, that a person may NOT be deprived of any personal property without due process.
      here we go again, with that “assault rifle” (and now you have added pistols). What you control freaks call an “assault rifle” is nothing more than a semi-automatic firearm. do I have to give you the definition of semiautomatic? We already have waiting periods. they don’t work if someone is bound and determined to kill. “Universal Background Checks”? Another sick joke. Do you know any criminal who goes to the gun store to buy a gun? Registration? So you can have a list of the people who own guns that you can confiscate? Every country that has pulled that trick has confiscated guns. “IN depth background checks”? Now that is a new one. Again, what criminal is going to go to the go through them?
      You have a won track mind and it’s on the wrong track. Try a bit of common sense?

      • too many “theoreticals” and false assumptions there….there has never been a school shooting in a building where at least some of the staff are armed

    • Dacian: 1300? Where in the world did you get the figure? If you are talking about the USA, that is TEN TIMES the number that even anti-gun organizations like The Trace claim. The total number of accidental deaths for ALL age groups was under 500 in 2019. Out of roughly 50 million gun-owning households in the USA.

      That means roughly ONE in 10,000 gun-owning households experiences an accidental gun death of ANY age.

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