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“The tragedy at the Santa Fe school south of Houston changed few opinions among Texas voters about gun control. Support for gun control in general is down slightly, while support for background checks for all gun buyers is virtually unchanged.” – Quinnipiac Poll assistant director Peter Brown in Santa Fe shooting likely didn’t change Texans’ views on gun control, polling shows [via]

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  1. Forget that!
    I want to see the “15 amazing women who actually exist”, or the “one new rule that leaves drivers fuming”.

  2. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas did a radio ad to promote armed teachers in schools and blames the school shooting trend to taking God out of our culture and out of our schools, the breaking up of the nuclear family and the culture of murdering unborn children as devaluing life, among some other factors.

    I agree.

    • Absolutely! We need to get back to the basics of life and accept that our nation was founded by Christians and the government was designed on Judeo-Christian principles. Only by turning back to Jesus Christ will we end this chaos and madness. Satanists will hate on this comment but I don’t care. I am called to speak the truth of Jesus and Him crucified and risen.

      • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

        Could they spell it out any clearer that this is NOT a specifically Christian nation?

        • Yeah, it’s that “or prohibiting the free exercise part” that seems to have been neutered. Courts, local and state laws, Oregon anyone? have effective renewed it a dead letter. Oh and your part about “any clearer that this is not a Christian nation? Nope the founders SPECIFICALLY said we were. Might try reading some accurate history books. Maybe the one published before say 1960. Your post is thus invalid.

      • Designed on Judeo-Christian principles? And how many of the 10 commandments were ever laws? 2? 3 in certain situations? And lets not even get into the other wacky stuff in the bible…

        • Nice try troll. No picture, no link to your alleged existence. “wacky stuff” in the Bible? Yup it won’t seem so wacky when you stand before Him for judgement. Keep in mind that from His judgement there is NO appeal. Good luck with that.

        • Even if I did believe I could never honestly worship someone who threatens to torture people for eternity for the crime of not being convinced if his existence.

        • I thought about that JR and it is good question. Why would a just God have people burn in hell for eternity because they deny his existence? But you and people like you answer that question; for in the end, if people like yourself that deny God inevidably leads you to embrace the murder of millions upon millions of unborn children as a “right”, then why would not a just God send people that believe like this to burn in hell for eternity?

  3. Not sure what taking god out of schools has to do with it. Are people really *that* close to committing some unspeakable act if not for their belief in some higher being? If that’s the case, I’m more worried about those people than I am about the potential for some run of the mill crazy to come up to me.

    • God is where we derive our moals from, without God all morality is relitive. It’s the “I’m right because it’s right for me” view point. People become their own little god’s.

      • And how do you know what god says is moral? The bible sure as hell isn’t a good guide. Have you read that thing?!

        • Well JR. It is obvious you have not read the Bible. It is obvious you have taken a few things out of context to support your very uninformed and biased view. Otherwise you would not say so dismissively that God is not a moral and just God.

    • Morals come from somewhere. If not a higher power, then from people. If from people, then we get the “if it feels good, do it.” Perhaps we may get a little of “as long as it’s not hurting others,” but that is short lived before we get a deprived society stealing from others and not caring about the consequences.

    • No I just think regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof we can all see the movement of society away from traditional values that were often linked to belief in god (not mutually exclusive of course) has caused some major issues in our country. I think the following of god helps a lot of people with values but no it’s not the only way to have them nor is it a guarantee that someone will. Just one of those “it definitely don’t hurt” things.

      • What you say is true, but you’re also falsely supposing that all Gods & religious cultures are the same. It may be a bitter pill, but Enlightenment Christianity (a spectrum from classical Germanic Protestantism to agnostic deism) has proven to be a highly successful means of organizing a healthy society. Hard work, common interest & representation in government, pride in excellence, education, charity/service, independence, shame for failing in these areas, and a means of keeping these morals fixed across multiple generations.

    • Ahh SAMR. What you and people that believe like you don’t really understand is that history has had many examples of people and cultures who have lost a belief in a higher power. And when that happens, that society, inevitably, collapses into chaos, death and destruction.

      The Bible is a history of what happens when a people turn away from the belief in this higher power and it is 6000 years of examples, over and over and over again, that when this happens, that culture, that Society, will collapse.
      This is another reason, among many, that I am a Christian. Because this is exactly what we are seeing today; the Bible predicts, when people turn away from the truth of what God has revealed to us; that what was once right is now wrong, the children will start dictating to parents, as we see these “children” in colleges dictate to the professors what is and is not acceptable behavior. The refusal of people to marry, with the destruction of the family, and the murder of children becomes the norm.

      You can deny history, fact, and example, but history and the lessons of History can only be ignored and denied at our peril, and ultimately, our destruction.

      Atheism, and societies that are built on a belief in no God, show what happens, in history and within the life times of those living today; Massive death tolls as we saw in Russia, in China, in Cambodia, and in our own country, with 50 million of our children murdered before they were even born.

      In the end, people will look back upon this time of atheism and it’s denial of this higher power and they will see, again, a history of death and murder and tyranny and they will say, “when will people ever learn”?

    • SAMR, it’s more of a gradual slide into immorality. Since the early 60’s people have taken God, the Bible and prayer out of the public sphere. Since then our morals have decayed and now we get to have school shootings and other horrendous phenomena. I’d recommend the video, America’s Godly Heritage by David Barton, which shows evidence of what has happened in America. It’s on youtube. It also features some great historical facts that have been deleted from the history books. Have a great life!

      • In the end Texican, facts, example, and history is on my side. Just the fact that atheists as a group, by the demographics, are simply not having enough offspring to replace themselves. Since atheists generally only see human beings as simply just another species of animal, even they have to acknowledge that if those Human “animals” aren’t having enough offspring to replace themselves, they will go extinct. Mostly the only group of these Human “animals” in the western world that are actually having enough human offspring to replace themselves and also grow as a species are Evangelical Christians, Mormons, Amish, and Muslims.

        This is why, in the end, those that believe in a higher power will be the ones to survive and prosper, and those that don’t like, these atheists, will simply die out and become a footnote in history as another extinct species.

        • Lol! That was a good one JR! But in the end, go tell the large families of the Mormons, the large families of the Evangelical Christians, the large families of the Asians, that they could be members in the movie like “Idiocracy”.

          The members of these groups has some of the highest levels of Education, entrepreneurship and wealth of any demographic. It is those who are progressive, the single mothers and the broken families that choose either not to have children or they choose abortion. This is why the black population has actually shrunk in this country. This is why the overall white population that are atheist are shrinking as a demographic.

          You JR, and people that think like you, will again, simply be another footnote in history as an extinct branch of the human race.

    • Well, there haven’t been any spree shootings at Catholic schools or other religious oriented schools by their own students, that I recall. Neither can I think of any homeschooled kids who’ve gone on a spree shooting at their schools.

    • Where do people come up with this “taking God out of schools” stuff? Which state legislature passed a law outlawing private religious schools? Which governor signed it?

      • A quick google search will provide several examples of court rulings that removed God from public (government run) schools.

      • At least you make the distinction that nowadays, only private religious schools can talk about God. In public schools, Nowadays, there is no talk about God. But for most of the United States history, God was very much freely talked about, along with prayers would be made in public schools. But over the last 50 to 60 years, laws were made against such expression of our Christian Heritage in Public Schools. And the end result, can be seen. Now, in many public schools, it’s like Lord of the Flies. Where the kids run the schools, to the threat of, as well as actual violence on a daily basis to the teachers.
        It was about this time that the Amish took their kids out of public schools and started teaching their kids in their own private religious christian-based schools.

    • it’s more the rejection of the idea of moral absolutes. If all morals are subjective to peoples and cultures with no outside or absolute standards they you can basically do anything you want and justify it. Granted, laws are still laws, but the argument is that they are simply cultural values and norms codified. Therefore, one can do whatever they want.

      • Yes, Christians have their biblically based moral absolutes to brag about but how many godly people toss those standards in the trash whenever they feel like it ? No worries, just ask for forgiveness !! ( AKA, “GET OUT OF HELL FREE CARD” )

  4. Isn’t hog hunting legal without a permit in Texas? That’s one brave sow in the picture!

    • “Feral hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals. Therefore, they may be taken by any means or methods at any time of year. There are no seasons or bag limits, however a hunting license and landowner permission are required to hunt them.”

      — Texas Parks and Wildlife

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