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bataclan bodies after muslim attack crop

Rob Morse writes [via]

The French interior minister spoke this week. He said the ministry had learned important lessons. The ministry now understands the recent violent Muslim attacks in both Paris and Brussels. After much discussion, the ministry now guarantees that police and military anti-terrorism units will respond to any terrorist attack in 20 minutes or less. Civilians will have seconds to respond, yet the French interior ministers promises help in 20 minutes . . .

Twenty minutes is long enough for a terrorist group to take hostages and take control of a concert hall . . . again. Twenty minutes gives terrorists time to plant bombs in a soccer stadium or a major hotel .. again. A few Muslim terrorists could kill hundreds of people in an airport in 20 minutes . . . again. It seems the French interior minister didn’t learn his lessons at all.

The lesson for the French people is painfully clear: the death of French citizens is politically acceptable no matter how many are killed. That is a bitter pill to swallow. My readers in the United States are shocked at the French government’s indifference to dead french civilians. Please consider this next news story before we Yanks feel superior.

Nooga TN windows on the soul

Senior US military leaders spoke earlier this month. They said that US troops should stay disarmed on US bases. Our soldiers should call for help when they are attacked. We’ve already seen how poorly that solution works.  We’ve seen our soldiers killed at home. We’ve had Muslims murder US servicemen at Fort Hood and recruiting centers in Chattanooga. Waiting for help to arrive left many servicemen dead.

It is clear that senior US military leaders will allow soldiers to be killed and wounded . . . again. As with French citizens, dead US soldiers are viewed as acceptable domestic casualties so that senior government officials can serve their political masters.

It makes me sick that US military leaders are so politically correct and personally pliable. I don’t feel much better about the French Interior Minister. In both countries, the central government asks innocent civilians to wait and die until government forces arrive.

Both governments are ready, willing and able to disarm innocent citizens, leaving them as vulnerable targets. Presenting disarmed citizens as bait for terrorists is a horrible idea. Almost any other solution would invite fewer terrorist attacks.

In most of the United States, as in Switzerland and Israel, armed citizens are the distributed defense that is always at the scene of mass public violence. We’ve seen armed civilians stop mass murder time after time.

Unfortunately, that solution fails the big government political test. Armed citizens don’t increase government funding. There isn’t a government bureau of the armed civilian with a multi-billion-dollar budget and huge contracts with political kickbacks. Instead, interior ministers and military leaders stay stuck on stupid with their politically correct ideas. I wish they would consider something other than staying trapped inside the politically correct box.

Instead, we get more of the politically correct status quo. We should expect the same old dead bodies if we provide the same old bad solutions. Sadly, that solution works for big government politicians.

There is a lesson here for all of us. Big government can only think in terms of big government solutions. Big government politicians don’t benefit from small solutions that actually work. Small distributed solutions don’t provide concentrated political profits for politicians. We’re asking an elephant to dance. It can’t.

Shame on us for asking our government to again fix a problem of personal protection. The last time we asked the government for help with personal protection we got the Transportation Safety Administration. I’m tired of having government employees grab my ass. It is time we learned.

We already have a solution at hand.  It is available in seconds rather than minutes.  Now we need to get government out of the way. Pants on, Gun on. It worked before. It will work again.


Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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  1. Obviously, they don’t want to arrive too early. Their weapons would get all scuffed up when they drop them on the deck and run in terror.

    • It’s got nothing to do with whether or not they want us to be able to protect ourselves, or that they think state security services are more capable or anything like that.

      The elites and leaders know only this; that for us to be able to protect ourselves we need to be armed, and they do not want us to be armed. They don’t care because they all have constant armed bodyguards, so it’s not a problem for them. Us being armed however is a potential problem for them and they cannot abide that situation.

      Which leads to the inevitable question; what exactly is it they have planned that an armed populace makes problematic? I don’t care to find out, and neither should you.

      Isn’t it telling that this very problem is basically the same thing that lead to the American revolution in the first place (not to mention taxes of course)? Huh, this is what the second amendment is about.

      This is a badness from all directions, no other way to look at is. We mustn’t misunderestimate it.

  2. There are two problems – Islam and political correctness. Don’t let those bound by their ‘holy book’ to destroy Western Civilization into your country. Don’t let them congregate in any numbers.

    They are invading Europe, nothing less.

        • “The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border”

          Shit…that’s well within Paladin range….lets do this old school.

        • You’re assuming people at the top of the ladder want to stop the threat. Sometimes, I’m not so sure.

    • It’s clear how all this will shake out over the next few centuries, and the only question will be what countries elect to save themselves from the horde.

      Some countries will do some good-old-time culture cleansing.

      Whether that will do any good or not is debatable. The knowledge genie won’t go quietly back in the bottle, and face it, the tools to destroy civilization are on-line and ready to party.

      A nuclear physics degree will give someone the base knowledge to cobble-up a several kiloton yield fission firecracker, while a university degree chemist can whip up all kinds of very deadly compounds (like organic phosphates).

      Welcome to the new world…

      • They already have computer hackers, though thankfully they aren’t as skilled (or numerous) as the Chinese have. Yet.

        The small device is a scary scenario, especially since I’m pretty sure the route to getting one is going to be purchase. I’m sure they have some nuclear physicist who is off his rocker for Allah, but it’s a lot of infrastructure to put together a dirty bomb, let alone a fission device. Unless you get the materials in finished form of course.

        Either buying outright from N. Korea who desperately needs hard currency, or some shifty General who decides 50MM Euros in the bank is better than one of Russia’s unaccounted for nukes that he keeps in the basement of his dacha as retirement insurance.

        • Yeah, and ISIS has a few hundred million in gold they looted from a Iraqi bank to pay for it.

          Gives one a warm-and-fuzzy feeling all over, doesn’t it?

        • The Pak’s have a working nuke design, scientists and engineers who know how to make a single stage nuke, and they’re all Muslim.

          The Pak ISI has backed terrorists before, and they will again.

          That’s my bet how the Dirka-Dirka-Dirka-Mohammad-Jihad boys get their hands on a nuke.

        • DG, Yes that is also true. Personally I like the Saudis, having committed Billions to their particularly accurate adherence to Islam (for the poors anyway). I’m sure one of their ‘believers’ would have no problem with bringing on the end of the world, since it means he finally gets laid without sticking his filthy dick in a goat or a prepubescent boy. Or so says the idiotic mythology he believes anyway.

          The ME is an open pit of raw sewage, pretending to be human.

  3. Fantastic, very well stated and I agree completely. When another attack here in the US happens, I’m sure President Hilarious will bloviate about the items used by the attackers instead of the attackers themselves.

    • And not mention that the terrorists were simply emulating the actions of their “last Prophet of Allah” , the actions that are by any estimation, that of a mass murdering religious psychopath.

      • Don’t forget a lot of humping. I mean a lot. Muhammad was one horny warlord. It’s amazing how many times god spoke to him about a new rule that allowed him to bang some relatives wife or such. Not to mention raping his way through the wives of the vanquished.

        The Quran could be re-titled How Muhammed Got His Wick Dipped.

        • Yep. Addendum, (a raping, pillaging and plundering,) mass murdering religious psychopath.

          It’s like a billion people worshiping Atila the Hun or Genghis Khan as the perfect example of how a spiritually advanced person was supposed to act.

        • Take heart. The vast majority of Muslims are illiterate, and have no idea what it actually in the Quran.

  4. Not that 20 minutes isn’t a long time because it is a HELL OF A LONG TIME but the timeline of the attacks in France puts the raid on the nightclub occurring nealy 2.5 hours after attackers went inside.

    How are they going to cut that 2.5 hours down to 20 minutes? Or is it just 20 minutes to get on scene and then however long they need to act?

    I can see them now rushing to the parking lot then waiting like for microwave popcorn for all the popping to slow or stop before opening the door.

    So much worse in the linked article:

    The measures will ensure a minimum 20-minute response to attacks on population centers anywhere in France, he said.

    MINIMUM 20 minutes.

    • On the general issue of “how long,” we are reminded of the Arapaho, CO school shooting where the entire incident was over in LESS THAN TWO (2, not 20) MINUTES.

      “The entire incident lasted less than two minutes”

      And, we also emphasize that it was limited in scope because an armed Good Guy was on the scene, not responding from the donut shop or the SWAT Tacticool Office.

      The things these nimrods say just boggle the mind; how can a human being be THAT stupid? One really has to wonder if they believe the diarrhea that spews from their mouths.

      20 minute response times for terrorists that are able to empty a 30 round clipazine in half a second equals, what, 2400 potential victims before the cops get there to save the day?

    • Its 20 minutes to get on-site and look like you are doing something, and then 2 hours more to actually do something.

    • They’ll likely plan for having “someone” on site within 20 minutes. But unless the entire French Police spends 24/365 on high alert at the station, that “someone” will just start coming to grips with the situation, and figure out how many more may be needed to actually deal with it.

      The Navy Seals, or even the IDF, couldn’t commence a massive, armed operation in the middle of a crowded city within 20 minutes of hearing of “something happening somewhere, we have no idea what, how many, where, who, why…..” it’s impossible. The French have a reputation for having a very effective police force compared to most countries. But that doesn’t make them omnipotent.

      The only “force” with any likelihood of showing up before it’s too late, is the one you carry in your holster. He may not be a Navy Seal, but a bird in the hand and all that…….

  5. (Void at Dyess AFB)

    We can’t carry concealed in our buildings, but we can carry to/from work and up until the moment we exit our vehicles on base. That addresses the most pressing threat: an attacker off base or while waiting to enter the gate. It’s far better than our previous policy.

    Security Forces randomly stops vehicles for screening. I’ve been stopped a couple times since this policy took effect and SF asked if I had any firearms in the vehicle. I said yes, they asked to see my CHL/LTC, and that was that. No harassment, no request to see the firearm, absolute professionalism. I’ve been impressed.

    Leadership, take note.

    • I agree about dyess. That’s my son’s base and he is SF. So I know he is armed. Unfortunatly MY base is way behind and is probably a bigger target lol go figure.

  6. The bigger lesson in this is that government is not on your side. Government only cares about you when government wants your money, the more the better in government’s eyes. Everything else, you are expendable/disposable to government in the end.

    Why would anyone person want more of it, unless it is that person’s only way to pull everyone down to that person’s level.

  7. “Armed citizens don’t increase government funding.”

    It’s not about funding, it’s about power. Oh, how I wish it was about money, so we could just give them some money to leave us alone. Government cannot abide sharing power, not even with the people it ostensibly serves. “Allowing” you to take responsibility for your own well-being (whether physically or financially) reduces the power of the government to influence and control your life, which is an unacceptable concept to the statists.

  8. It’s called “subsidiarity”. The best control ( influence, impact, effectiveness ) is local control.

  9. “In most of the United States, as in Switzerland and Israel, armed citizens…”

    Israeli citizens are not armed. Pictures that surface on the web of “armed citizens” are just their conscripted citizens in their defense and police forces. They are carrying government firearms.

    • Indeed, they’re also only allowed something like 50 rounds, that must be registered. At least that’s what I’ve consistently read.

  10. As a retired enlisted man, I do think that the Officer corps doesn’t trust the enlisted man enough to allow him to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights on base.
    As far as the French go….I gave up on them a long time ago


    • True that. And Unfortunatly I’ve seen just the opposit. I’d be more afraid with a lot more officers carrying than enlisted.

  11. Historical events often leave impressions on people. The impression people need to learn from these recent ones with Daesh, was seen quite clearly around the world after Charlie Hedbo. When everyone clearly saw, an unarmed, wounded, French police officer, laying on the ground begging for his life, while the Daesh stood above him with an AK and put a round through his head. I personally, will never forget that image.

  12. American servicemen should call for help. Just like they did in Benghazi and the Administration didn’t lift a finger.

  13. Very well stated! I have felt like “Mr. Negative” by previously posting comments trying to get people who read and comment on TTAG to fully grasp that the contemporary Socialist, Progressive State (including those in Europe and the U.S.) and its “Leaders” regards its Citizens as completely expendable. No person of any worthwhile intellectual capacity can deny/ignore the fact that the timeline for the execution of extreme lethal violence is seconds, not minutes, and certainly not tens of minutes. For the Politicians and Bureaucrats who make policies that affect the Citizens they rule to deny/ignore this hard fact in their decisions amounts to callously condemning people to violent deaths at the whim of terrorists and criminals. As an individual, your life has no value to these States, despite whatever lip-service to the contrary is given by those in power over you.

    The decision by the French Government reported in this piece, the ongoing attempt to disarm you by the “gun control” lobbies in the U.S., the anti-Second Amendment rhetoric by Hilarhag Clinton and other American “Progressives” demonstrates how easy it is to condemn ordinary people to death by those who live securely, protected by the Armed Guards your Tax dollars provide for them.

  14. “[Senior US military leaders] said that US troops should stay disarmed on US bases.”

    And yet multiple politicians and bureaucrats (including United States President/s) have stated that we are at war with Islamic terrorists. If we are at war with Islamic terrorists, and said Islamic terrorists have attacked and killed U.S. service personnel at military bases and recruiting centers, it seems very clear to me that any U.S. military leaders who disarm our service personnel are providing aid and comfort to our enemies. Last time I checked, that was TREASON.

    Where is Congress? Why are they not prosecuting these U.S. military leaders for TREASON?

  15. 20 minute response time, huh? How nice.

    So what happens if the police take longer than 20 minutes to respond? Do you get your terrorist attack free?

  16. Twenty minutes is not an unreasonable response time for the police and for the individual it is irrelevant. What is relevant is the individuals ability to defend with equal force.

    Anyone supporting gun control supports the sacrifice of the individual life to increase state control over all the individuals. That is not freedom.

    If the French want to sacrifice their lives let them.

  17. *shrug* Probably the result of a statistical risk assessment — increase in casualties caused by increase of available guns vs. casualties of rare terrorist events over time. Bureaucracy at its finest.

  18. those people sure seemed to all die in some comfortable positions! most of them even died with their heads resting comfortable on their arm! the victims wearing white also have no blood on their clothing and neither does anyone else, nor does anyone have blood on their skin. Weren’t hand grenades supposedly used in that concert hall? I lf so, I see no indication. Why does the blood look like it was spread with a pushing broom? Hmmmm


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